Tears, A MARS Fanfiction

Oil paintings and the big window gave the white room a bright and spacious feeling. It was the room where Kira's paintings were displayed, and the place Kira loved most in the house. The rest of the rooms were just as wonderful though. There was a bedroom with a beautiful balcony, a kitchen, and a large living room with comfortable leather sofas and armchairs and state of the art everything. Of course Rei and Kira couldn't afford to pay for it all, so Mr. Kashino had payed for a huge amount.

Kira smiled as she remembered the stubborn look Rei had on his face when his father had offered to pay, and how he finally gave in after realizing there was a huge glass display case for all of the trophies and ribbons he won from racing, and the big plasma screen television.

It had been two years after their marriage, two years of continuous love and support. They had both decided to pursue their dreams, for Rei it was racing, and for Kira, being an artist.

Kira had everything she could possibly want, and felt as if she were floating on the top of the world. Love, friends, and even a career she loved. Nothing could get better.

The images in her mind blurred as she took another sip.

That damn Kira.


She stole him away from me.


Now they're happily married.

She was about to take another sip when she realized her cup was empty.

She slammed it down on the bar counter in frustration.

And where does that leave me?

If only Kira were dead.

Then Rei would have loved me instead.

Then I could have been happy.

Revenge is what I need...

"Are you okay miss?" a voice asked.

"Oh I'm fine" Shiori said.

.......but soon Kira won't

Kira felt a vibration in the pocket of her jeans and flicked open her phone. The screen read "Incoming call."

She picked up.


"Kira, finally you pick up!"

Kira immediatly recognized Hatsumi's cheerful voice.

"Tatsuya and I have been trying to contact you and Rei all day! We have something important to tell you guys!!"

Hatsumi's voice sounded even happier than usual.

"Let's meet and at 7 tonight, usual place? Tell Rei too!"

"Sure Hatsumi. We'll see you at 7!