Tears, A Mars Fanfiction

By ally1on

Chapter 2

The strong arouma of coffee overwhelmed Kira as she walked into the restaurant. Her watch read 6:48, they were early. "Man, I'm hungry…" Rei's loud voice called out. "I-I'm sorry Rei! I didn't think we were going to be so early!" "It's okay Kira. Aren't I always hungry?" Rei had a playful glint in his eyes. After two years, he was still the playboy everyone loved, and just as popular with the girls even though he was already happily married. They sat down across from each other. Rei grabbed Kira's small hands in his.

"Rei, what do you think Hatsumi and Tatsuya want to tell us?"

"Oooo, maybe he got her pregnant and now they're having a shotgun wedding."

(Obviously said by Rei.)

"B-but Tatsuya is responsible! He wouldn't get her p-pregnant!" Kira's face was red as she waved her hands in front of her, denying Rei's suggestion.

"Oh! Maybe they're getting married Rei!"

"…………EHH?? No, I thought Tatsuya was against young marriages."

"Rei, they aren't that young anymore. Besides, I think he was just against getting married at the age of 18 like you did."

"But it turned out well for us, right babe?"

"Yea…" Kira's smile showed her happiness.

" I'll betcha they aren't getting married!"

"Fine Rei, but loser has to dishes for a week!"

" It's on!"

"They're here Rei!"

"Hey!" Hatsumi sat down next to Kira, and Tatsuya next to Rei.

"What was it that you two were so excited to tell us?"

"WE"RE GETTING MARRIED!!!!" Hatsumi yelled.

Tatsuya gently elbowed her. "Oi, what happened to what you said about calmly telling them?"

" Yay! I win! You have to do the dishes for the next week Rei!" Rei poked her on the head.

"It was my turn anyway…"

"Those two are so lovey dovey," Hatsumi whispered to Tatsuya with a playful eye roll.

"Anyways, that's great you two! I'm so happy for you! Hatsumi, I'll help you pick out everything you need! We'll have so much fun!

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