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Chapter 3

Wednesday Afternoon

The afternoon at the clinic was passing very slowly for me, as it turned out that Jesse didn't actually need my help getting blood and tissue samples after all. I was beginning to think that perhaps this job was never going to pick up, when the phone suddenly rang. Immediately I answered it, as Joan, the receptionist was out for her lunch break.

"Good afternoon. Armstrong's Veterinary Clinic." I prattled off the standard telephone greeting.

"Is Jesse there? I r-really ne-ne-need to t-talk to him." A weak voice pleaded on the other end.

"Just one moment, please." I muffled the receiver with the palm of my hand, and called through the empty clinic for Jesse. It was only a matter of seconds before the big guy was right in front of me.

"Who is it Bruce?" He questioned softly.

"I don't know. She sounds either terrified or extremely cold." I stepped back in surprise as the receiver was pulled from my hands. I stepped back into the next room, feeling too curious to obey my normal behavior of giving others their privacy.

"Hello? Is everything alright?" He sounds so worried.

"Okay. I cannot leave until five o'clock, but- You cannot stay there right now, little one! Yes. Come directly here and we'll sort things out, alright? Love you. Bye."

I heard Jesse sigh heavily as he got off the phone. He quietly made his way to the back of the building, going into his office. What was all that about?

It was not long before I heard the tell-tale chime of the front door opening. There was not even a whisper of sound as a tiny girl rushed by me to get into the back office. I caught brief glimpse of icy blue hair peeping out from beneath an oversized-hooded sweater before the girl was gone in to see Jesse. So this is Jesse's little girl? He must be fairly liberal with her to allow hair dye already.

It was then that I felt my other half stirring lazily. What an odd feeling. I quickly checked my pulse monitor, noting that my heart rate was not even mildly elevated, let alone raging with the unmistakable transformation symptoms. Wait a second, I've felt like this before. Now what has caused this?

I was yet again jerked out of my thoughts by the door chiming open again. Joan was returning from lunch, and the two-thirty appointment was close on her heels, chatting amicably. The huge Rottweiler named Bongo was already showing aggressive behavior, a definite sign that this routine check-up would not be so routine.

Jesse came out of his office, and I reached for the leash after the customary briefing from Joan about the appointment. Before I could even get a decent grip on the leash the dog had turned toward me, snarling viciously. I could count its teeth if I were so inclined. The Rottweiler began to grow louder, snapping around when Jesse started to approach.

"Bongo! Cut that out this instant!" The horrified owner shrieked.

Suddenly I noticed a tiny hand reaching toward the enraged animal. The girl seemed utterly fearless as she continued her advance on the ferocious canine, emitting a sharp hiss once. The Rottweiler gave a half-hearted growly whine, before lying belly-up on the floor.

Needless to say I was not the only one left gaping at this sight. Joan squeaked, and the owner gawked, her jaw opening and closing without a coherent sound being produced. Jesse had the nerve to snicker.

"Establish dominance. Let the dog know that he is not the Alpha in the house or anywhere else. That's the number one rule from the Dog Whisperer." The tiny girl spoke softly as she walked into the exam room, Bongo trailing happily behind her. The need to follow her was overwhelming, and my other half was doing its best to move me in the girl's direction.

Establish dominance, huh? How can it be that this girl can tame even the wildest of beasts?

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