A Furry Situation= Chapter 1

Living Arrangements

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The streets were filled with people attempting shelter themselves from the falling rain. A young boy with jet-black hair sat inside a café, well away from the falling rain on the other side of the glass. He sipped the contents in his white mug slowly, biding his time until he would have to go back out into the cold rain streaked city.

He stared at the letter he was reading,

Dear Harry,

I know that this is a hard time for you right now, and that you probably don't want to be living with your Aunt and Uncle, but believe me, I am doing all that is within my power to relieve you of them. Harry, I want you to come live with me. I know that it isn't like living with the Weasley's but it is something. How are you doing Harry? It has been quite a while since we've seen each other, I hope all is going well this summer. I hope to hear from you soon.


Harry couldn't help but stare at Remus' letter. It was all he could think of, was living with his Dad and Godfather's best friend, his old teacher and mentor. All he wanted was to run back to the Dursley's and write back to him. As Harry peered out of the window of the small café, he noticed that the rain had begun to let up and he decided to finish his tea and go home. He left a tip on the white circular table and tucked the letter from Remus into his coat pocket and left the café.

When he arrived home he wanted to pack right away, but he knew he needed to receive Remus' address in order to go anywhere. He rid himself of his black and white converse shoes before he began to go upstairs to his room.

As Harry began his way up at the stairs he noticed that there was no longer any light in front of him. He could only think of one thing, Dudley. Great, now there's him to deal with. All Harry wanted to do was go up to his room, and write to Remus.

'Not now Dudley, I'm really not in the mood to deal with you right now.' He said warningly. Dudley saw the look in his cousin's eyes and knew he wasn't kidding around, not that he ever did, but he was rarely in the mood to actually hurt Dudley.

He backed away from the stairs and headed back into his room and left Harry be. Harry was quite satisfied with what he had just accomplished. Though it had only been 2 days since he had left Hogwarts, he was excited that he had finished just below Hermione in his N.E.W.T.S. He was going to become an Auror… well, something to that effect anyways.

Harry quickly closed the door behind him quietly as to not attract any attention from his aunt or uncle. He grabbed a spare bit of parchment and his quill and began to write on his desk.

Dear Moony,

I would LOVE to come and live with you! You have no idea just how happy that makes me feel! I just want to get out of this place. I haven't been able to do ANY magic yet because I am still living with Muggles. I am doing well, how are you? You worry me you know. I am never quite sure as to where you are or what you are up to. I think of you every full moon, I just can't help it. I would love to live with you, and make arrangements right away, I am anxious to get out of this house! Please write to me soon!


Harry rolled up the parchment and tied it quickly to Hedwig's foot and told him to find Moony. 'Wait… did I just write that all down and send it!?' Harry couldn't believe that he just said all of that and then sent it to Remus. Those were HIS personal thoughts and he couldn't believe that he just let it all out and sent it to the one person who he DIDN'T want to read them.

A ways away from little Surry, in Godric's Hollow, a man with tawny-coloured hair and liquid amber eyes sat in an armchair by the fire place reading a book on magical spells and charms when all of a sudden, a white snowy owl flies onto the ledge of a closed window and pecks impatiently at the window.

Remus looked up quickly and jumped, his book tumbling to the floor as he went to go let Hedwig into his home. She hooted happily as Remus untied the parchment from her foot and gave her some Owl treats. She sat happily on the ledge hooting softly at Remus in thanks for the treats and attention.

Remus untied the parchment after giving Hedwig some water, and began to read Harry's letter. His face lit up with a deep blush at his words and his mind began to spin. 'Does Harry like me?' He thought, slightly shocked at Harry's letter but happy none the less.

'He wants to live with me!' he said excitedly and quickly wrote a letter to Harry in response to his choice of living arrangements. Once he was done he gave Hedwig another treat and sent her off. He ran upstairs quickly to clear out the spare room for Harry.

Harry sat in his room in the dark, silently poking at his dinner, mashed potatoes, corn, and chicken. He was constantly glancing out of his window in search for Hedwig. He finally got bored after 4 hours of waiting and began to read the Daily Prophet.

He suddenly heard the clinking of a beak on glass and opened his window for Hedwig as she flew in. He untied the note and let her into her cage where food and fresh water awaited her. He unrolled the note and began to read.

Dear Harry,

Thank Merlin! I was worried you wouldn't like the idea of staying with me, but I am glad you like it! I am well, Very well in fact after hearing of the wonderful news! Hang tight Harry, I will be there to get you first thing in the morning…. Lets see if we can wake the Dursley's from their beautiful sleep, I hope you don't mind the earliness. I am just so impatient to see you again! 5:30 am Sharp J


'Did Remus just draw a happy face?' he asked himself. He had to admit, it WAS comical.

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