A Furry Situation = Chapter 5

The Plot Thickens

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Remus made his way to his room opened the door and flopped down on his bed. 'Come on Moony, settle down, he's young, inexperienced. We need to take things slow.' He told himself. The wolf inside him began to settle down, but it was slow.

Harry sprawled out on the couch and picked up Animagi, how and why? and started reading where he left off. He knew becoming an animagus would be dangerous, well, more the learning than actually mastering it part.

Harry wanted to be able to run with Remus during the full moon, be able to watch over him. At the same time as he was reading up on how to transform himself into an Animagus, Harry was also thinking of ways to seduce Remus.

Harry had little to no experience with any of this. He had a girl he had gone out with before… okay… 2 if you count Cho, but regardless, Harry had only ever shared maximum 3 kisses with anyone that wasn't Remus.

Harry began to think of things that he could do to Remus to make things move quicker between them. Harry's inner self seemed to pull him towards Remus, wanted them to connect, to bond, to be claimed by Remus in the most intimate of ways. Harry was starting to get confused.

He didn't understand why he felt like this, but he needed Remus and he had to have him soon. Harry tried to concentrate on the book he was holding but his mind kept wandering to inappropriate thoughts of him and Remus.

Harry felt the blood rush to his groin and he let out a groan. He had to have Remus soon, he didn't know why, but something pulled beneath the surface to the elder man. Harry groaned again when he felt his erection steadily get bigger.

Remus heard Harry groan downstairs and began to wonder if he was alright. His inner wolf was alert, he was concerned if his mate was in trouble and was extremely protective of his one and only mate. He swung his legs off of the bed and made his was to the stairs.

That's when he heard it again, Harry's groan. Remus poked his head over the railing to see that Harry was frustrated with something. Moony had already picked up what was wrong, Harry was sexually frustrated and the wolf took over.

'Harry.' Remus said huskily. His voice was low and rough, and full of want. Harry looked up from his book and turned his head so that he could see Remus. 'Y-yes?' Harry asked stuttering a bit when he noticed Remus' eyes were darker than he'd seen them before.

'Come here.' He ordered, and Harry felt something inside him react and he immediately responded to Remus' tone of voice. It was commanding and full of want and need. Harry moved off of the couch immediately and walked towards the stair case.

Remus held out a had to Harry and he took it without a word. Remus led Harry up stairs into his room. Harry didn't question what Remus was doing, something inside of him knew he was going to be claimed that their souls were going to bind, to entwine, they were going to become one.

Harry smiled to himself, it seemed that he didn't have to do anything to seduce Remus, Moony had done it all by himself. They reached the top of the stairs and Remus turned around quickly and picked Harry up and whisked him off to his bed.

Remus looked down at the teen, he didn't look surprised or shocked, he looked, satisfied, and ready. Remus was happy, and looked into Harry's eyes, they were filled with lust and want. Remus smiled and followed Harry onto his bed.

Harry circled his arms around Remus' neck and pulled his face to Remus' and kissed him full on the lips. Remus wasn't shocked by this because he knew Moony would want to take things further. He also knew that Harry wanted this, his wolf could feel the submissiveness of Harry's soul.

Harry wanted to please Remus in anyway he could and he would obey everything and anything Remus asked of him or commanded him to do without argument. Harry felt himself being drawn to Remus, he wanted more than just kissing, he wanted much more and could feel that Remus wanted it just as much if not more than Harry did.

Remus pushed himself towards Harry, his hands beside Harry's head that was now on one of his many pillows. Harry ran his hands over Remus' bare chest and over his hardened buds. Harry was happy with the reaction he got out of the older man.

Remus groaned at Harry's action. He had never felt this way and he was sure that Harry hadn't either. Remus pushed himself back so he was on his knees. 'Harry, you are wearing far to many cloths.' He growled at the younger man beneath him.

Harry smirked as Remus pulled at his oversized t-shirt and Harry gladly rid himself of it. Remus' eyes ran all over Harry's shirtless form. Harry blushed slightly. Remus smiled and bent his head down and his mouth engulfed a perked nipple.

Harry immediately moaned. 'R-Remus, that feels so good.' Harry bucked his hips upwards to Remus' groin and he growled into Harry's chest. Harry moaned more fiercely at this. The vibrations from his mate's growl felt good against his nipple.

Harry thrust his hips against Remus' groin once more in an attempt to gain some kind of friction in his own groin. Remus growled again but this time nipped harshly at the bud in his mouth. Harry yelped slightly.

'You must wait pup. I am trying to contain myself, if you continue to do that, I will let go of any restraint I have left. I want you, and it is taking everything I have to not take you right now. I want to claim you as my own, but I want this to be slow, I want you to enjoy your first time, not rush it. So be good pup.' He growled after letting go of the hardened bud.

Remus began teasing Harry's other bud with his tongue and the other with his fingers. Harry moaned, his face going red from being teased like this. 'P-please R-Remus, I need more, please.' Harry begged and Remus gladly obliged.

Remus ran his tongue down Harry's chest and it dipped into his navel and stopped at his pant line. Remus grabbed Harry's P.J pants with his teeth and began yanking them down slowly. When Remus got to Harry's groin, his teeth left the pants and began teasing Harry through his black boxers. They were already a little wet. Harry's erection strained against the tight fabric and begged to be let free.

Remus left it as he began yanking down Harry's pants once again. This time he got them off of Harry and he ground his hips against Harry's groin. Harry cried out and thrust his hips up to meet Remus' member. Remus grunted and pushed down.

Remus backed away from Harry and yanked off Harry's boxers in one swift movement. Harry blushed and attempted to cover himself. Remus pulled Harry's hands away and kissed him gently on the lips. 'It's okay Harry, you're beautiful. No need to hide your beauty my pup.' Remus purred into his ear.

Remus began to lick and nip Harry's ear blowing into it occasionally. He ran his tongue along the rim of Harry's ear and he shuddered moving his hands along Remus' torso, slowly going down farther until he found what he was looking for.

Harry grasped Remus' member and Remus let go of Harry's ear and thrust himself towards Harry's awaiting hands. "Harry…" Remus warned. He was close to completely losing himself to Moony and even closer to taking Harry right then and there. However regardless of the warning Remus gave, Harry repeated his actions, and this time he slid his hand down Remus' P.J pants and into his boxers.

Remus moaned. It was the first time Harry had heard this sound come from his mate and Harry began running his hand up and down Remus' hardened member. Remus moaned again and thrust his hips into Harry's hands.

Remus was lost in ecstasy. He was loving what Harry was doing, he couldn't believe what his smooth hands were doing to him. Harry rubbed faster and harder, and Remus gripped onto the sheets and thrust his hips upward.

Remus felt himself coming close to the edge, and wanted desperately to let go, but Moony wanted to claim his mate, and he wasn't about to get in the way of his inner wolf. Remus pushed Harry back onto the bed and startled his hips and began his ministrations on Harry.

Harry mewled in pleasure at what Remus' hands were doing. Harry wanted to feel more and thrust his lower half up to Remus and he gladly obliged. He moved down Harry and moved his head over top of Harry's nether region.

Harry moaned loudly when Remus took him full into his mouth. Harry couldn't believe the pleasure that was ripping though him. He surely would've thrust upwards farther into Remus' mouth if the elder man's hands weren't pinning his hips down.

'Ahhh!' Harry cried out when Remus sucked harder and moved his tongue along Harry's length. He mewled in pleasure when Remus' hand joined his mouth in the sensual dance. 'R-Remus! P-please! I need you! P-please!' Harry cried out while Remus deep throated him.

Remus gladly obliged. His inner wolf howled to the moon at those few words, and now Remus was going to make Harry howl to the moon. 'Alright pup. But be warned, this will hurt.' he said huskily whilst stroking Harry's cheek with his free hand.

Harry nodded and Remus took this as an okay to go ahead. Moony was impatient with how slow Remus was going but he wanted Harry's first time to be slow and loving, not quick and hard. Well, okay, maybe hard, but that was near the end.

Remus rid himself of his confines and proceeded to flip Harry over onto his hands and knees. Remus had in his hands a tube with magical lubricant that helped ease the pain that Harry would surely feel in a few moments.

Remus spread it over his fingers and drew circles around Harry's entrance and after a few stimulating rotations, he slid one slick digit into Harry's entrance. And began to slowly probe his finger in and out of Harry slowly.

Harry flinched when Remus inserted his finger, but after a few slow thrusts he was left wanting more, much more. Harry pushed back onto Remus' finger and moaned at the contact of his prostate.

Remus took this as the signal to add another slick digit into the teen. He slid his second finger into the boy and began a scissoring motion with his fingers while probing in and out. Harry moaned at the contact of Remus' fingers against his prostate.

'Remus, please, I need you, now.' Harry mewled wanting more than just these now small fingers inside of him. Remus gladly obliged. He took out the lube once again and lubed up his erection and placed it at Harry's entrance, reapplying the lube there once again as to reduce his pain.

Harry pushed back slightly and Remus took that as a sign to continue. Remus pushed in nice and slowly Harry gasped at the intrusion. This one felt a tad bit more painful than the prior digits that were inside of him just moments ago. Remus was more than big, he was massive. 'Shh, I know my pup, I know it hurts. If you want me to stop, you need only say it. I will go slowly for you pup.' Remus soothed while his free hand stroked Harry's back and rump to get him to loosen up more.

Harry began to get used to the feel of Remus and pushed back a little more. Remus pushed in slowly and heard Harry's moans of pleasure. Remus pushed all the way to the hilt and Harry gasped when Remus' erection hit his prostate.

Remus pulled out slowly and pushed back inside of Harry slowly. He did this a few more times until he heard the sound of Harry growl. Apparently he wanted Remus to move faster. Remus complied happily and sped up his movements.

Harry felt amazing. He couldn't even begin to describe just how amazing he was feeling. He never wanted Remus to stop. He wanted it harder and faster and thrust himself back against Remus, impaling himself on Remus' hardened cock.

Harry and Remus cried out together, the sensations were amazing. Remus could feel Harry's muscles constricting, his hot core pulsing with need. Remus reached underneath Harry and gripped his cock and began moving his hand up and down his length.

Harry couldn't believe what he was feeling. He moaned, mewled, gasped and bucked. Remus was more than satisfied with his mates' reactions. Moony was pleased to say the least and wanted Harry to cry his name to the moon.

Remus sped up his actions and Harry bucked more furiously. Harry felt the coil within his abdomen finally let go. Harry cried out Remus' name loudly. When Harry came into Remus' awaiting hand, he could feel Harry's muscles clench around his cock which sent him over the edge as he came inside of his mate, crying his name as he came.

Harry could feel Remus' hot seed inside of him and amazingly, came again. Harry shuttered and collapsed onto the bed. Remus fell over with Harry, pulling him closer to him and stroking his hair. 'I love you Harry.' Remus cooed. Harry was snoring softly, his breath was hot and shallow, still even though he was sleeping, was rattled by his orgasms.

Remus smiled into Harry's head, finally pulling out of the teen. His limp member falling beside him. He nuzzled Harry's neck and fell asleep with the sleeping teen in his arms, Moony content with the nights events, allowing him to sleep peacefully beside his one and only mate.


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