Chapter 1 -

So many things still felt so strange to me, it's hard to explain. You know, finding the one person who completes your being but then having your soul torn in half by that some person? Charlie thinks it's just young love and says I'll get over it before I know it. I wish he was right. I wish I could tell him everything instead of just half truths. He knows about the fight. He knows that Edward hurt me and that we've not spoken for months but he has no idea why.........

Two months earlier:

"Edward listen me!! I want you to look at me as an equal not just your fragile little human!" I yelled so hard my voice cracked with the last word.

"Bella you ARE fragile! You're impossible to keep safe and you're showing your age by acting this way. If you could see yourself stomping your feet and yelling like a child you'd see why I treat you like this. It's not only wearing thin for you, ya know? Have you no reguard for how this has changed my life?" Edward fumed back at me.

I spoke before I thought. "I'm sorry, ok? I'll change or do whatever you want!"

He actually snorted back to me, "Why would I ever want such a weak creature in my life? You think I find your groveling attractive? If I would cry in frustration if I could Bella! You've made the last six months seem like six centuries. I'll never forgive myself for lowering my standards. I don't want to be with you anymore."

I was shocked. Our first fight and he was holding nothing back. I could feel my tears welling up but fought them back with all my might. I took a deep breath and slowly said, "You're doing me a favor and all I can say is thanks because weak as I seem to you, I'm strong enough to be able to walk away Edward. And don't worry about your little family secret. It's safe."

And that was it. The next morning he'd placed a box of things I'd left at his house on my front door step. That's how Charlie found out. I tried to be as vague as possible. It's not easy telling your dad about a break-up, never mind a terribly bitter one with your century old Vampire boyfriend.

Edward never went to school anymore but his family did. Alice was sweet and though I know she saw the fight coming she still acts like the doting best friend. I fully expected Rosalie to laugh or be happy that we broke up but she was wonderfully supportive. In fact she hugged me for the first time since I'd known her. I was shocked at her sincerity and before I knew it was a crying mess right there in her arms.

Ever since then I find myself strangely drawn to Rosalie. At first I thought I was just replacing Edward with another beautiful Vampire but I soon found out that that was not the case at all. I feel like I'm addicted to everything about her. More than friendly but less than sexually. She has this way of making me feel like I belong to her but she never makes me feel like a lesser being, so to speak.

Friday after school I was hanging out by my truck pretending not to be waiting for Rosalie to walk over to her car. Damn she caught me staring again.

"Bella you're looking at me like you're in heat or something. Are you all right?" She asked with an arched eyebrow.

"Oh that's gross Rose!" I covered clumsily.

She leaned in and whispered "It's not gross Bella. It's perfectly natural and understandable."

I couldn't tell if she was being serious or not so I thought I'd test her. "Oh Rose you know I just can't stop thinking about jumping your bones."

She took a step back and awicked grin spread across her lips. She sighed out, "I know Bella, I know." And with a wink she ran to her car and drove off.

I watched her car go out of sight before I let my knees buckle. That had to have been the most sexually charged conversation I'd ever had with anyone in my life! I should have been pissing myself with fear but instead I felt cocky and confident.

When I got home I went straight to my room and turned on my computer. As it loaded I couldn't help recall how Rosalie had smelled when she leaned in to whisper to me. It was amazing whatever it was!

Since I was so shocked by my reaction to Rosalie I thought I would do some online research and maybe get a grip on my sexually. I couldn't find anything that outright stated I was some sort of freak so I decided to call it a night on that note. After the computer shut down I sat staring at the monitor until I thought I saw something in the reflection. It couldn't be. Edward used to come and go as he pleased but that was over months ago. Maybe just wishful thinking.

There it was again. My heart rate instantly tripled in speed. I took my eyes off the window only long enough to search for something throw. When I looked back I couldn't believe my eyes. Rosalie was sitting on my window sill and acting like there was no other place she wanted to be.

"Rosalie what the hell? You scared the shit outta me!" I blurted.

She rolled her eyes and said, "Relax Bella. I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you. I was out for a walk and wanted to see if you were up."

I jumped to my fee. "Well I'm definitely up for you." I spoke without thinking again.

"You really are quite the little flirt aren't you Bella? I mean, your body language does all talking with you, doesn't it?" She was direct; I loved it and hated it at the same time.

"I can't help it. I flirt when I get nervous and you make me so nervous Rosalie. You're like a predator or something. It's intimidating." I was feeling braver now.

"I am a predator Bella. You know this. I get the feeling you'd enjoy being my prey though, wouldn't you?" She whispered.

By now she was standing less than an inch from me and I wasn't the least bit scared. In fact, I was getting more turned on by the minute. The only thing I regretted was having nothing on except my sleep boxers and a tank. As if she read my mind she looked down at what I was wearing.

"Oh, I'm over dressed aren't I? Would you feel better if I shed a few layers?" she asked innocently.

I stammered, "I..I...don't know. You're making me feel like we're reading the same book but I'm a few chapters behind. Catch me up please?"

Rosalie put one of her perfectly cool fingers on my bottom lip and slowly dragged it down my chin and neck until she stopped at the edge of my shirt. Then she ran her finger up the neckline and stopped at my shoulder where she replaced her finger with her lips. Her kiss was the softest thing I'd ever felt. There was a sudden surge of fire through my body. I gasped with pleasure.

"Are we sufficiently caught up?" She purred.