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Kaede hung her head low as the sound of her father's foot tapping against the ground kept her attention at it's peak as she waited for Inuyasha to lecture her. She glanced over to her mother who looked more worried than anything, with her hands folded neatly onto her lap. Inuyasha finally stood and took in a deep breath before he began ranting. "What were you thinking! Coming back to the feudal era while we still thought you were safe in modern times," His yelling faded off as she shrugged innocently while keeping her gaze away from his. He crossed his arms furiously and pouted, "You can be so thoughtless sometimes, you know that, Kaede." Kaede raised her eyes to face her father's while she thought in disbelief, 'I'm thoughtless?' She didn't seem to like that one bit.

"I'm thoughtless?! You're the one who made me a promise that you obviously couldn't keep since you changed your mind and told me at the very last moment! If anyone is thoughtless, it's you!" By this time, Kaede realized her fists were clenched and she had stood up restlessly.

"Don't you use that tone of voice with me, young la–" Inuyasha's words came to a jagged halt as Kagome so calmly recited the spell placed upon the rosary beads around his neck that brought him to his knees, literally! Inuyasha muttered some words under his breath as his face cratered the earth but Kagome figured it was nothing to begin an argument about. Kaede crossed her arms and planted herself in the grass with her annoyance slowly disappearing.

"What your father is trying to say, Kaede, is that it wasn't right for you to leave the modern era when we instructed that you stay there. You could have gotten injured, which I see you already have," at this point, Kaede pulled down her sleeve insecurely as her mother's lips twisted into an disappointed frown. Her face weakened, though, as she remembered from so long ago when her mate had told her that she and her daughter were seen dead in his vision. "We just thought you weren't strong enough to come with us to face Naraku. But I guess there's no sense in taking you back, now. I guess you'll help us destroy Naraku," Kagome announced as Inuyasha collected himself together and refused to give up without a fight, "She's still not strong enough to–"

"Sit!" Kaede screeched as her icy glare narrowed him down to size. His face, as well as the rest of his body, cratered the earth once more. Before he could object once again after getting up, Yukio, Yumi and Shippou came running towards the family. Kaede smiled at her friends but let Yumi deal with introductions since she seemed so keen on meeting her mother.

"You must be Kagome, Kaede's mother. I'm Yumi, a taijiya, this is Yukio, a bird demon, and you know Shippou." With this, Shippou hugged the youthful miko with a huge grin which turned to a befuddled expression as Kagome eyed him in disappointment. She hugged him back, though, and managed to whisper so that only he heard,
"You were supposed to make sure she didn't come back, Shippou." Shippou swallowed lightly then uttered his apologies. Kagome smiled softly to forgive him since she knew she couldn't stay angry with her adopted son. Especially since he was always so sensitive.

Meanwhile, Kaede watched suspiciously as Yumi seemed to cower in fear as Miroku and Sango came flying towards the group upon Kilala's back. As they landed, Miroku and Sango's eyes enlarged as they saw Yumi standing in the small crowd. "Yumi?! What are you doing here?!" Miroku shouted as Sango followed behind him with eyebrows leaning inwardly. Yumi stepped back innocently with her hands linked behind her back as her soft voice took to the air which grabbed the attention of everyone, "" Kaede stepped forward surging with anger.

"Nani? How is Miroku-sama your father?" her voice rattled; too much was ticking her off today.

"Because," Sango interjected as she stepped beside Miroku with her voice just as enraged – if not, more – than Kaede's, "I am her mother."

" lied to us," Yukio stated woefully as she seemed to look into his eyes with the most guilt. Kaede then explained the fictional story Yumi had played on them to the adults who had no clue. Sango cast her gaze from Kaede to her daughter who stared shamefully at her feet.

"Yumi is our second oldest child out of our seven children. Why didn't Soutaro keep you from leaving like we told him to?"

"Well," Yumi started as she brought her eyes to everyone's level, "I told him I was going to the next village to buy some made up food that I said you always used to make the twins sleep and he believed me and let me go. You know you really should consider leaving someone else in charge cause Soutaro is pretty dense. So anyways, I set off to find you both to help you kill Naraku. I didn't tell anyone the truth because I didn't want to blow my cover since somebody might have recognized me on our journey here so I needed some back up from my comrades."

"After we distinctly told you to stay and watch your brothers and sisters!"

"Oh, mother, I'm sure they're just fine." Yumi seemed to shrug off this thought with ease before another came forth.

"And to top it all off, you lied to your friends!" Yumi bit her lip as she stared around into the eyes of her comrades with much grief. She gazed down to her feet once more as she muttered sadly,

"I didn't...I didn't mean to. I just..." She was stopped, though, as Kaede stamped her foot onto the ground and began,"Alright, the reason I came back to the feudal era was to fight with everyone to defeat Naraku, not to fight with each other so, are we going or not?" She threw a quick glimpse in her father's direction to see him sitting to the side with his arms tucked in his sleeves, staring off absently. Then, he nodded and announced that they be on their way.

Yumi fell behind the group as discreetly as possible in order to meet beside the bird demon who lagged behind in order to watch everyone's backs in case of an attack. Inuyasha had insisted that it wasn't necessary but Kaede agreed he should since she knew the real reason he wished to stay behind the group was because he was still quite upset with being lied to by Yumi.

Once Yumi found themselves crossing through a field and saw that the group had made it's way into the forest in front, she stopped Yukio who refused to look at Yumi. She placed her hands against his chest and begged him to look at her. His slumped body straightened and he turned his head to her. He could see that her stunning, emerald-green eyes looked at a loss as he stared at her with no emotion. After much debating, Yumi realized how to handle the situation, "Look, Yukio. I'm sorry for lying. I know you probably think I'm just a fraud who probably steals, too." This gave her a light chuckle but only made Yukio doubt her more. Her laugh faded nervously as she noticed he was unimpressed. "...Ok, well joking around doesn't seem to be a tension breaker at the moment. I just want you to know, that I will never lie again. It sucks hurting the people you care about. Will you forgive me?" He looked at her for a moment, then blinked; still looking unimpressed. She groaned and clenched her fists while turning away in defeat. "What is it you want me to do, Yukio?! I apologized and made you a promise that I would never lie again so what more do you want? I'm sorry but I have no clue how I can make it up to–" A quiet gasp shot past her recently pursed lips which opened slightly in shock. She looked around nervously with her cheeks turned bright red when she found herself in Yukio's embrace.

"You can make it up to me this way." His rough, charming voice seemed to make her blush even more. She then tucked her arms under his and slid them to his back where she held him close to herself with a smile. "...I forgive you." After his words slipped gently into her ear, she realized she had held tighter onto him and whispered, "Thank you, Yukio."


Kagome gazed off to the setting sun anxiously. The group had been walking for quite long, now, and she agreed with herself that it was time she admit her aim for travelling so close to the mountains. "Well, we better hurry; it's getting dark," she announced as she clapped her hands together with a grin. Inuyasha cocked a brow in question and asked her what on earth she meant by 'hurrying' and to where. The nervy miko rubbed her head and let out quietly and calmly, "Uh, Inuyasha, we have to go somewhere I know you won't like, but we need all the help we can get." He narrowed his golden eyes at her then stood cautiously.

"And where might that be?" his bitter words were dragged from his mouth.

"Uh...Kouga's cave."

"WHAT!?" his voice echoed monstrously, alarming almost every living creature in the forest. All went still as the pebbles and twigs scattered round on the ground began to tremble as a rumbling rushed towards the group. As a whirlwind of dust swirled from afar, Kagome's voice trembled slightly as she stated with a sigh, "Or he could come to us." By the time everyone turned around to face the miniature tornado, they were faced with the arrogant wolf-demon leader, Kouga. Kouga raced over to Kagome and squeezed her tight while exclaiming, "My woman! I knew you'd come and find me! Just couldn't stand mutt-face over there, now, could ya." All of a sudden, Kouga's head turned on an angle from a slap to the head. Everyone glanced behind the wolf demon who rubbed his head to see the wolf demon Ayame.

Both hadn't aged much. Kouga's face looked more defined and his sky-blue eyes seemed a more deeper shade; as if in those ten years, his once eager, wondering eyes had absorbed all that he had done and seen. He had stubble on his face, too, and looked like a man who would invite a stranger into his home to share a bottle of sake. A man with whom you could reminisce with about stories of the past while constantly repeating, 'Yes, those were the days.' Kouga's bad-boy demeanor had shaped into a respected one.

As for Ayame, the curves to her body, that she once lacked, proportioned perfectly, now, and the teenage boldness that once adorned her was replaced by respectable modesty. Her rust coloured hair that used to be pulled back into two sections now flowed down her back freely, with the iris flower tucked above her ear. Her face had thinned out as well which made her look even more like a beautiful, respectable woman.

Ayame tugged on Kouga's pointed ear and spun him around to face her. She stuck out an accusing finger and waved it in his face. "Wolves mate for life! And if I'm not mistaken, I'd say Inuyasha and Kagome have mated for life, too. And there is there offspring," She scolded then by the end of her words pointed at Kaede. Kouga's eyes lit up as he observed Kaede. He broke free from his mate's pinch and rushed over to Kaede and placed one hand on her shoulder and pointed to her with his other hand.

"Hey! She's prefect for Kisho! Even if she is the mutt's daughter, she still has her mother's beautiful looks." Kouga pointed out to his companion which left Kaede and even Kagome with blushes.

"Just hold on there a minute, flea-man!" Inuyasha started as he stepped in between Kouga and his daughter and began poking a finger against his armoured chest, "Who says my daughter wants to go with your son?! And besides, even if she did, I wouldn't even let her go near your son!"

"Stop right there, mutt-face! How dare you insult my son like that you..."The two men continued to argue until a figure plummeted from another swirl of smoke that came out of nowhere. "Ah! Here he is now!" Kouga proclaimed with his arms thrown open into the air at the sight of his son. Kaede examined this wolf demon with the upmost interest.

He looked around the same age as her, maybe a couple of years older, and was about a half a head taller with a head of untamed black hair that spiked about. Poking out through his thick, sable locks at the sides of his head were two pointed ears and she noticed a brown wolf tail swaying about from his backside. His shoulders were padded with brown, fur armour like his father's but connected up behind his back and hung down over his shoulder-blades. He had identical chest armour as his father as well as the fur kilt but had small fur pelts overlapping around his ankles instead of whole shin. He also had black gloves that cut off half way up his fingers and what looked like a wristband of fur wrapped around the middle of his upper arm. What caught her attention the most, though, were his sharp, dreamy green eyes that seemed to make her knees weak when he even cast a mere glance at her. He had to be the most handsome guy she'd ever seen in her whole life.

She blushed as he shot her a quick wink when he had realized she had been staring at him. He faced his father then asked, "Introductions, father?" Kouga grinned then shook his son's shoulder as if to say, 'That's my boy!' which gave his son an alarmed look. Kaede blushed again; he had such a soothing, rough voice.

"This is Kagome, a powerful miko, good-for-nothing dog-turd, their daughter, a demon exterminator, a monk, you know Shippou, and the others I'm not sure," he explained lightly and his son gave him an unimpressed look then shrugged off his father and introduced himself,

"Well, I'm Kisho...Shippou! Long time no see!" Shippou grinned whole-heartedly and the both patted each other on the back in their chummy embrace. Kaede remembered how Shippou had explained in the past about Kisho: '...At the time, he had a son who was a year or two older than you whom he was training, too. I believe his name was Kisho...'

Kisho leapt back beside his father and mother as Kagome wondered as she had noted on both males' speeds, "So, Kouga, you don't have the jewel shards anymore so how do you and your son have amazing speed?" Both father and son cast quick glances at one another then stretched their legs out in front of themselves to be observed by the others. Everyone's faces lit up in awe at the sight of the single pieces of jewel dug into each of their legs that glowed passionately.

"It's called the 'Cave Stone'," explained Kisho, "My father searched for it for almost three years and when he found it, he split it into four shards and gave two to me. The good thing is, we can never take them out so we don't have to worry about enemies trying to steal them if we are ever injured." He looked up and his eyes locked with Kaede's which was followed by a captivating smile that made her beam...and glow red, of course. She couldn't believe how much she was blushing because of him. Someone must have thought she had a terrible sun burn and she was surprised no one had said anything yet until...

Kaede was shoved backwards into her mother's arms from a forceful arm and scowled when she saw it to be her father who began embarrassing her, "You, stay away from my daughter. I don't even want to see you looking at her! I know what you're up to, you're just like Kouga. But I'll make sure Kaede doesn't fall for your charms like Kagome stupidly did for your father." Kaede's tensed up with her mother and turned completely red with humiliation. Kisho even reddened from the comment. Kaede rocked her head back and forth, trying to wake up from this horrible, horrible nightmare. Then it occurred to her of how she could get back at her father. Kagome seemed to be on the same page, too, considering they both shouted the command simultaneously,


The beads around his neck forced him down into the ground. As he struggled to stand, he continued to rant about Kisho so Kaede continued a couple of more times, "SIT, SIT, SIT!" A few moments passed, and all but weak groans were heard. The young teen girl nodded to herself with a smile then signalled for Kouga to lead the way to the caves. He cast a sly smirk down at the hanyou he despised then led the way for the group.
Inuyasha finally collected himself together from the crushed rock and soil and staggered after the group muttering, "Stupid word. I'd be happy if I never heard the word ever again..."