Hi, I'm megan, aka ForbiddenWords.

This is a D/s Bella/Edward fan fiction. Edward is human, and this is based in the 18th centry aka 1700s.

Edward is a Duke. Bella is not low low status, but not as high as him either. She is Ms. Swan.

She goes to work in his house, managing affairs, but she finds him with a girl, showing his Dominant side. She is intrigued and he asks her if she would like to be one, she's surprised and asks if it is wicked. His response. No.

Please enjoy. Note, not everything will be said in 1700s format. And I owe Stephanie Myers and also, a brilliant writer, Jo Beverly for my inspiring writting.
& of course, I own NOTHING :( accept some cute shoes i just bought :D

Chapter One, Asking.

Bella walked down the hall way of Lord Edward's estate. She wouldn't normally call someone that, but Edward had insisted upon it. Her eyes looked at the embroidery pile of tissues that Lord Edward's mother had made for him, which he never used, he said they were far too nice to wipe a nose on. Bella came of working for Lord Cullen, or Lord Edward, when she was 13. She was now almost 17, and Edward was now 21.

Edward was a handsome man, and he was tall. His rust-red and brown hair color made all the girls swoon. Also, his eyes, a wonderful emerald green, pierced through any girls heart. Especially Bella's. He addressed her as Isabella, and he always smiled crookedly at her. Lord Cullen was known as a very promiscuous person, he slept with a lot of whores, and did not mind admitting it freely. He said that he was a proper gentlemen to them, and did not do anything they didn't like. He would be arrogant sometimes to guests that judged him for his many encounters with women. Other than that, Lord Cullen was a delight to have around.

"Ms. Swan?" A maid called from the side of the hall, she curtsied and looked at her with a small smile.

"What is it, Jessica?" Bella asked, her eyes wide, she was alarmed by how very dismal Jessica looked, and usually, she was bubbly.

"Lord Cullen has a..." Jessica fought to find the right word, "lady friend in his room. I wouldn't interrupt with papers now, Miss." Jessica said, her cap slightly crooked on her head, Bella placed the many papers on the stand with embroidery tissues and fixed Jessica's cap.

"What do you mean a 'lady friend', 'tis two in the afternoon. He should me working. Damnation." Bella cursed as she had heard the comotion that Jessica was talking about, Jessica wore a slight blush on her face as Bella prused her lips in slight anger.

"Thank you, Miss, for fixing my cap." Jessica elaborated.

"And thank you, Jessica, for your incite, you may go about your business now." Bella said, that was one of the good things, she was treated like the Lady of the house, since Lord Cullen wasn't married, and he kept her around an awful lot. Edward had even given Bella a room and a staff of her own so that she may be at his disposal at any time.

She knew how that sounded, him providing for her, and her being in his house. They weren't sleeping with each other, though. No, Edward had too much respect for her to do such a thing. Bella clutched her heart and picked up the papers, clutching them there as well. Time to play the bad guy. Bella approached the room on the far end, his room. Bella took a deep breath and held it as she swung open the door to see Edward with a large whip in his hands, the girl tied to the four posts on his bed, she was naked, and her back was exposed, as was her lower places.

"My lord!" Bella said covering her eyes, Edward turned around, he was as naked as a blue-jay.

"Isabella, I always ask you to knock." Edward said calmly. Edward walked over and untied the girl, "get on your clothes and get out." Edward said menacingly. The girl scampered and got dressed, not even bothering to move her shift or her corset from falling off of her body. She ran out, passing Bella with a large blush.

"I'm sorry, Lord Cullen, I hadn't expected to walk into such a thing while it was two in the afternoon." Bella spat, Edward looked at her, a little taken aback.

"Does this intrigue you?" Edward asked, he was still naked. Only bothering to pull on his breeches loosely.

"Does what intrigue me, My Lord?" Bella said finally opening her eyes to still see Edward's naked member.

"You know very well what, Ms Swan." Edward said in a very annoyed voice. He fixed his breeches to fit him and his swollen member so that Isabella would look at him, instead of covering her eyes.

"I assure you I do not. Please read these, they're for the Voltera Estate. They're thinking of expanding, and think that you may be able to help in the renovations." Bella said shoving the many papers at him, Edward took them gruffly.

"No?" Edward said, she looked up at him, her brow furrowed in confusion.

"No what, My Lord?"

"No, you do not have any reconciliation of what I'm talking about?" Edward asked, Bella's eyes met his.


Edward sighed and his eyes stayed on Bella. "You'll be seventeen in two days." Edward acknowledged, Bella's eyes met his green eyes.

"Yes, My Lord." Bella gulped, uncomfortably.

"Your to be married soon?" Edward asked, Bella nodded her head, her father had Sir Jacob Black interested in her. Sir Jacob Black was a knight.

"Yes, my father would like me to marry Sir Jacob Black." Bella said, the Black's and the Cullen's didn't like each other. Something having to do with a duel that took place almost twenty years ago.

"What if I were to refuse you to see Black?" Edward asked, Bella's eyes shot up from her feet. She saw Edward placed at his desk, looking at the papers and talking to her as if the papers were of her.

"I suppose you'll have to speak to my father of that, My Lord." Bella said quietly.

"Stop with the My Lords and Lord Cullen. Edward, if you must label me label me Lord Edward." Edward grumbled in an aggravated voice, he sounded annoyed with her.

"I'm sorry Lord Edward." Bella said, she called him Edward in her mind, she called him darling in her mind, also. However, he was a Lord, a Duke whom attended Court and who always managed Estate affairs and many of his family bonds.

"Isabella, do you wish to marry?" Edward paused, "do you with to marry Sir Black?" He elaborated, his brow arched and he looked truly amused.

"I could grow to love, I suppose..."

"Not what I asked, I asked if you wanted to marry him, not if you would once love him." Edward said, Bella shifted.

"I'm getting older, My Lord. No one will want to marry me past the age of 18. I must marry."

"But do you want to marry Sir Black?" Edward said raising his voice, Bella's eyes filled with tears. Edward has reduced her to tears many times, and he would simply ignore the tears and talk to her as if she weren't crying. "It is a simple question, Isabella!" He bellowed in anger.

"NO! Okay, NO!" Bella said in a quivering voice, and her tears streamed down her hot red face. Edward looked up and smiled.

"Was that so hard?" Edward asked her as he set down the paper work, "no, I don't think it was." Edward said, he got up and walked up to Bella, he sighed and wiped away the tears.

"I'm sorry I raised my voice, Lord Edward." Bella apologized for her raised voice, it was improper of her to yell at him.

"I provoked you." Edward said simply as he touched her last tear that was right by her lips, he took the tear on his finger, and licked it. Bella never knew why he'd do that with the last tear, but he always wiped away the tears he's caused.

"Why do you care? About my marrying?"

"I always care about you, Isabella. Do I not take care of you? Buy you expensive things? Make sure you eat well?" Edward said in astonishment and in pain, he took it as if she weren't thankful.

"Of course! No, no, I did not mean it like that, My Lord." Bella paused containing her composure. "You are very well, and very kind attending to my needs, Lord Edward. I just mean, why are you concerning yourself with my marrage, surly you have enough to worry about rather my means to be a spinster." Bella said, Edward looked at her, his eyes green in anger.

"You are no spinster Isabella! You do not see yourself clearly!" Edward got up from his desk and took her shoulders hardly. "I will teach you how to love yourself. If you allow me..." Edward said cautiously.


"I would treat you as I treated that girl." Edward said, "she was my submissive, Bella." Edward called her what she had always asked him to call her.

"Would that life be wicked?"


"It seems it is." Bella said, not approving of Edward's life style.

"It will not be wicked of you if you are a mistress..." Edward said, Bella backed up, out of his grasp.

"MY LORD!" Bella scolded him, Edward walked forward, he was still shirtless, however, Bella was used to that type of dress for him.

"Bella, let me touch you." Edward commanded, it wasn't so much as a command, rather than a request. Bella trembled and she looked at Edward.

"I do not want to be another one of your whores."

"You would never be a whore, Isabella!" Edward scolded. "You are pure and you are a virgin and I will not take that away from you." Edward paused, yet again, "not with out your permission."

"You have it not!"

"Isabella, see reason! I've had you for almost four years as my secretary! Has it ever occurred to you why I've kept you!"

"Surely not to soil me!"

"NO! Never to soil!"

"Surely to keep records for you, then!" Bella argued.

"No! I've kept you to be my Countess!" Edward said in an exasperated voice.

"A wife?" Bella clarified, she was confused.

"No, I mean.." Edward stumbled apon his words. "We need to meet with Marcus." Edward said as he put on his shirt, Bella helped fassen his ties.

"Edward.." Bella mumbled.

"Excuse me?" Edward said, Bella's eyes fluttered.

"Lord Cullen."


Edward always liked to be called superior names when he had said something wrong, Bella always suffered. He'd punish her for making him say a truth which he didn't want to unlatch. Bella hated him not talking to her. He was very angry and he wouldn't even look at her. Isabella sat across from him in the small carriage, and he didn't even wait for the carriage to be warmed by the footmen. They were in it, in the middle of October, it was cold, and Bella was sure to get a cold.

"My Lord, if I might.." Bella tried to speak to him.

"I do not wish to talk. If I wanted a companion I would have asked my brother Emmett." Edward snapped, "I do not wish to speak, Ms Swan." Edward snapped.

It was even worse, he was mad at her for her saying no, for telling him she didn't want what he wanted to do with her. He was so angry, he was going to take it out on her. She couldn't help she didn't want to be another one of his harlots. He was notorious for doing exactly what he did an hour ago, throwing girls out of his room after he's soiled them. She did not want that. She would love to marry Edward, and if that were an actual offer, she would have taken it. It had to be a full moon, or something. Edward was acting strange.

Back at the Cullen Estate.

"A nice meal, tonight, please." Edward requested, "as tomorrow is Ms Swan's birthday, we have the normal ball." Edward said in a glum voice.

"You needn't throw me a ball every year of my birth, Lord Cullen." Bella said smiling, hoping he'd talk to her now.

"I'd think not after this afternoon." He grumbled.

"Excuse me?"

"You refused to let me touch you." Edward clarified, his eyes dark with power.

"I'm not one of your submissive, I am your secretary." Bella said arching an eyebrow.

"I do not care!"

Edward never threw this type of childish rant. Never. Especially not toward her. He was angry at her, telling her what to do, treating her like a submissive. He never rose his voice to her, and never acted so possessive over her in her whole entire life. It scared her, she wasn't sure if she could take it anymore. She wanted to keep him, he was so very close to her, and she didn't want to loose him. She said the first thing that came to mind.

"Tell me what to make it better then!" Bella said, "I hate you treating me like I'm a bitch! I do not have a tail, Lord Cullen, it may have escaped your notice, but I'm not a bitch!"

"Then submit to me!" His large fits slammed down on the table.

"Why does it matter so much?" Bella's voice raised, her eyes overflowing with tears.

"Because you deserve it! You deserve to feel what I can offer!" Edward said, he looked at her, in remorse, like he was sorry for making her cry for the second time in the day. It was only six after all.

"Will it make you treat me better?" Bella asked, her eyes down, and looking at the cherry wood table. Edward nodded his head.

"You will be treated like a Queen."

Bella's eyes still had tears, and her voice was shaking, and her body was trembling.

"I will submit."

"You will not regret it."

Would she regret it? He was forcing her into being a Sub. And she hadn't wanted to be, it was like rape. A great folly, but no one would believe her if she ran into the town screaming "DUKE OF SEATTLE TRIED TO RAPE ME". No, they would think her silly and probably half mad. She did truly, and secretly love Edward, she couldn't deny that, even if she were told to lie. She couldn't lie about that one thing, the only thing she's ever been sure of in her whole entire life.

Perhaps being his Sub wouldn't be such a bad thing, perhaps it'd have it ups, perhaps it wouldn't be such a horrible thing that she had thought it to be.

They ate in silence, and Bella's eye never looked up at him, they stayed on the plate. Edward's eyes, however, stayed on Bella, he was looking at her with a positively evil expression which worried Bella a lot. Bella's eyes then met his, and then, his expression changed, to caring.

"Are you scared?"

"Yes." Bella said in all truth, she was very scared.

"I'm sorry, love." Edward apologized, his eyes seemed sincere enough. "I'll go very easy on you, teach you everything." Edward promised, "I do..." Edward paused, not wanting to overstep himself. "I care for you." Edward mumbled, his green eyes on the table now, where his empty plate sat.

"I care for you, tis the only reason I've agreed." Bella said looking up at him, his eyes shot to her.

"I'll have to punish you, when you're bad, I mean." Edward said, Bella nodded her head, as if to agree to the statement.

"When?" Bella asked, "when will this start?"

"After your birthday, perhaps, All Hallows Eve." Edward paused, "it will be a night to remember. A night you'll want to remember." Edward said smiling, "and to celebrate it as a holiday at best."

Bella nodded, and Edward stood up from his seat in his dinning room. He smiled at Bella, and cocked an eye brow to show that he was waiting for a response.

"Sir?" Bella inquired, she wasn't sure what to make of such a look.

"Coming to bed? It's very late."

"Your bed?" Bella asked in an astonished voice.

"Just to sleep, not to make love." Edward said in a velvet soothing voice.

"I would like to sleep in my own quarters..." Bella said, her eyes down at her feet.

"Isabella... I'm not asking." Edward said, "I don't want you to get the wrong taste in your mouth..." Edward paused, "well, not yet." Edward said laughing, as if he said something cunningly funny, Bella didn't understand, but she followed him up.

He undressed her until she was in her shift, he took her hair down from the neat bun which she had tied it in, he ran his fingers through her mahogany hair, and smelled it, the fresh smell of strawberries and freeza. Edward then undressed himself until he was in his under breeches. He looked at Bella and gestured to the bed. She got in, and laid there for a second or two before he came in behind her, trying to spoon. She was stiff.

"I'm just trying to cuddle, Isabella. I'm not trying anything."Edward said in an exasperated voice.

"I'm sorry, It's just new for me." Bella said, "a man has never undressed me, never took my hair down, or played with it for that matter. No man has ever held me so close, not while being this naked."

"Well I am, and I want you to know, this is okay, this is fine. We're fine." Edward said holding her, "please cuddle back." Edward almost pleaded, he wanted to feel the warmth that was Bella. Bella finally gave in, and cuddled back with him. Finally drifting off to sleep when she felt Edward's hands on her stomach, stroking her stomach, humming a lullaby as if to sing a baby to sleep.