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When the Stars Turn Blue.

Isabella watched as the sky darkened, and how she waited for the Derricks to come. She couldn't wait to see the children. It's been weeks and she knew that the kids would enjoy a nice treat. She smoothed out her peach velvet dress that was long and poofy at the ends. She looked at the large clock that was at the far end of the east wall, it was eight... Almost everyone had already arrived.

Bella's hair was in french twist, single ringlets of curls cascaded down her shoulders, and she looked at her gloved hands. Peach silk with small pearls on the edges of the seams. She sighed, oh, it was wonderful being wealthy, but she couldn't help but think about all the others who have to do with out such fine things. She looked up at the clock, and then turned to the door, but felt someone's strong hand on her shoulder. She twirled around, hoping to see the person and smack him. Edward wouldn't be appreciative of someone grabbing his future bride in such a manner.

"I've recieved a notice." said the voice, which happened to be Edward's. She looked into the beautiful, but pale green eyes of Edward Cullen.

"What is it?" Bella asked, Edward sighed and shrugged.

"Mrs. Derricks has fallen quite ill. They wont be coming, Isabella." Edward sighed, "the doctor said it's just the baby making the woman's stomach go sour." Edward said as his view fell upon the doctor of the unwealthy, yet sick. Mr. Snow. He was a doctor, and he was good, but preferred to work on the less fortunate, just because it was a good idea.

"I see..." Bella sighed, she was deeply let down.

"Come now, we'll take sugared pineapple to the kids tomorrow, I promise it." Edward said as he pulled her by her shoulders into the ball room. Everyone was having a good time. The Elsie twins were singing in their drunken haze. They were old ladies, but kind. Both never married, both wealthy, though. Bella never really could figure out why, until she met them at a party. They were all too girlish, and they liked their brandy well.

"Edward, is Alice about to announce?" Bella asked looking around for Alice.

Alice had been hiding from the public eye for quite some time so nobody could figure out her so... delicate state. Her small body was fast to turn plump. She was so excited to be having a child. Very excited. How Rosalie and Alice loved babes. Now, Bella loved children as well, but she never had pictured herself a mother. No. She always saw her self much like the Elsie twins. Grace Elsie was a secretary for many years and she had worked until she was fourty four. And by that time, no man had ever wanted her, she was too old. For god-sake, twenty was too old... Lynda Elsie never fashioned herself marriage. She always wanted to explore. And she did. Lynda was the most interesting person Bella had ever met, however, she had liked her rum from being on ships with rather questionable men..

The Elsie twins were un-married, however, Lynda Elsie had two children, and Grace Elsie had one. Well... Nobody ever said they were saints. Grace had one child to her employer, which was why she never married, because everyone saw her as tainted. Lynda had two children to a pirate of sorts, and she never told anyone who. Everyone just assumed he had died and Lynda just hadn't wanted to talk about it. They were all boys.

Alice stood then, in front of all the guests. Her dress a powder blue, and it had matched her eager eyes. A large smile was planted on her face and Jasper's face. Everyone fell silent.

"The Duchess Alice Cullen-Whitlock and Duke Jasper Whitlock." Announced the footmen. Jasper smiled at the audience, as if he had just produced a wonderful play.

"Good evening, everyone." Alice greeted.

"We do hope you're enjoying yourselves. We've our brother ,Edward to thank." Jasper said smiling to him.

"We've some excellent news. If you cannot tell." Alice said holding her small plump belly.

"We're expecting." Jasper said smiling, his eyes on Alice, her eyes on him.

Everyone in the crowed was shocked except for a few.

"I told you, Gracy, I told you." Said Lynda Elsie to her sister. Lynda hick-upped and everyone had cast a giggle.

"On that note," Alice said with a small chuckle, "we hope you all a happy holiday, and I believe my brother, Edward, has something to say." Alice said smiling to Edward and Bella. Edward's eyes were shinning a wonderful jade color, and his smile was infallible.

"Good evening everyone." Edward greeted them gracefully as they walked up the stairs and stood on the landing. "We do hope everyone is enjoyin this party of Christmas," Edward paused, "I have grand news. Lady Isabella Swan and I are going to be married with in the new year." Edward said holding Bella's hand to his lips, and kissing it in front of everyone.

There were a bunch of awws, and ooos. Bella blushed as everyone had whispered what a wonderful couple, or she had frowned at the few people who had said she wasn't good enough to be a Duchess, but as always, the Elsie twins had made her smile.

"What wonderful beautiful babies those two will breed." Said Gracy Elsie. Lynda Eslie shushed her sister and smiled at Bella.

"Such a grand addition to the Cullen Family, I'm sure." Lynda said smiling at the two. Bella smiled back, the Elsie twins were into the brandy, and they were starting to feel the hearty effects of a good tot.

Carlisle came over, a long with Esme and hugged us both, Bella smiled and took a deep breath in as Esme hugged her, the smell of Lilac filled her nostrils. The smells she remembered from crying into Esme when her mother had fallen ill and died.

"Congratulations my darlings." Esme said stretching a hand to Edward's back of his neck and Bella's back of her neck. "You are quite a wonderful addition to this family, Bella." Esme said smiling. Carlisle shook the hand of Edward, and took Bella's hand and kissed it.

"Congratulations, my children." Carlisle said in his polite, beautiful manner. His beautiful blue eyes shinning bright, almost like a Sapphire. Rosalie and Emmett walked over, and so did Alice and Jasper. Alice looked amazing.

Alice wore a silver dress that had been tight, but not too tight to not show her belly. It was just a small belly, and you could tell it was a pregnant belly. She smiled, her smile so bright, so beautiful. Pregnancy did make a woman beautiful, well, that's what Bella had always heard. Alice did look radiant, and she was so cheerful, but according to Jasper she's been having rapid mood swings all week. Heat flashes as well, but Dr. Cullen said that that is perfectly normal in a young woman who is pregnant. He says it's a good sign that the baby is getting everything properly.

Everyone mingled, everyone talked to almost everyone. Bella wandered to an empty room which had a tray of coffee, black, tick, and very bitter. She looked at it a moment and then put some in a cup along with three lumps of sugar. She turned her head when she heard someone sneeze, she blushed as soon as she realized it was Edward.

"God Bless you." Bella said smiling to him, he smiled back.

"What made you come to a room where no one is, love?"

"Too many of people. Not that I mind, but I started to feel a bit.. spacious myself." Bella said trying to search for the word.

"Trying the European Coffee?" Edward asked.

Edward had a taste for coffee, as for most of the world still drank tea, but it did not have the kick that Edward so much enjoyed. He began to drink it once he came home from a trip in Italy when he was fifteen. His father had grown a liking to it, and so had his brothers. His mother and sisters still liked to drink tea, spiced tea, usually. Edward and his father and brother's would drink the bitter beverage by them selves during family meetings and what not.

"Yes, I've tried it before. Quite good." Bella said sipping her now sweet bitter concoction. She smiled, it brought a buzz to her soul, it made her want to jump around.

"Love, no one is here..." Edward said walking to her, placing her cup down on the tray of which she had gotten it. "No body will interrupt us.." Edward said quietly, "and I know this drawing room is your favorite." Edward cupped her face, kissing her lips gently.

"What would you like to do, Edward?"

"Bend you over this sofa. I think you'll look very beautiful displayed to me like that." Edward said, Bella walked over to the sofa and leaned over it, her belly on the edge of the back of the curved sofa.

"Yes, very beautiful." Edward said circling her, touching her bodice, her rear. He growled when he reached her skirts. "Curses." Edward mumbled. Bella could not control herself, she let a giggle out. She was wearing three skirts and a petti coat. "What was that Isabella?"

"Nothing Master." Bella fell silent.

"No, no I believe you snickered at me." Edward said in distaste.

"Yes Master. I am sorry." Bella said looking down, she closed her eyes.

"Do you deserve a punishment?" Edward asked.

"What ever you see fit, Master."

"Yes, I believe I've been letting you get away with far too much."

Edward bent her over the sofa more, and smacked her bottom. Bella let out a little yelp, but muffled herself with a throw pillow which was laying dully on the golden cashmere sofa. Bella's eyes welled with excitement as she felt his hand smack her bare bottom yet again. Pain, but excitement welled through her veins and saliva pooled in her mouth. Edward's eyes turned an electric green and all that mattered right now was his attraction to Bella, his hands felt on fire and itched to touch her with every smack he laid on her bare bottom.

After smacking her butt five times, his hands began to worship her back side, he smiled as he felt her legs quiver with under her. He smile and took a long inhale of her sweet smelling nectar. He smiled and put his hands to her wet centre where she needed him most. He smiled and then shoved two fingers within her. She moaned a deep moan.

"My, my. What an experience, you're so much tighter this way, love." Edward said as he let his fingers gently move in and out slowly and smoothly. Bella could only mumbled a moan. "I do believe you need something larger in there, to fill you up more, don't you, Isabella?"

"Yes. Please." Bella panted, she couldn't take it any longer. She pushed back onto his pelvis, but to her surprise, felt sudden sting at her buttocks. He smacked her, he had disciplined her. She gasp, she didn't expect that! But slowly, Edward pushed into her, his pelvis moving painfully slow for the both of them. As soon as he was all the way inside of her, they both let out a moan of Ecstasy.

"You've better hold on Isabella, I'm going to fuck you so hard you're not going to be able to walk." Edward whispered into her ear.

The sound made Isabella's body tingle and she felt like she could float on air. Making love with Edward, whether it be rough, soft, loving, it did not matter. It always got Isabella this certain high from it. She loved the feeling of being filled up with him. She loved the thought of perhaps making a babe by this, by having a child.

As Edward kept his pace up, faster and faster, pleasing himself and Isabella, Bella's mind went blank and she couldn't even say one word, She could barely let a moan escape. But it managed, which made Edward slam into her harder, faster, if even possible. Edward let out a groan and with the final thrust, him and Isabella both came and let a groan out. Edward laid on Bella's back, his forehead on the nape of her neck. He sighed into it.

"That was wonderful, Bella." Edward said to her, as he stood up and pulled up his breeches. Bella stood up and fixed her skirts. Her face was red, flushed with a small film of sweat on her forehead. Edward smiled and looked at her, lovingly.

"I love you, Isabella Swan."

"As I love you, Edward Cullen."

Edward kissed Bella's sweaty forehead and she smiled to herself, a smile which was brought on by thinking of a babe. The door opened, and in walked Jasper and Alice, both of them having an egar face on.

"Oh," Alice said, a blush turning to her face.

"It's alright, Alice, we were just leaving." Edward said smiling at his little sister, he patted her on her small little head, and he shook Jasper's hand, Jasper's face wasn't quite as silent as Alice's. They were there to do the same thing Bella and Edward were there to do. Only, they'd be gentler because of Alice having a baby and all.

"Ah, there is the Duke of St. Raven, excuse me, Bella." Edward said as he kissed her forehead, along walked a tall, handsome man with black hair and rather tan skin. He was a new heir. Twenty five, and he had a large plantation. His uncle had died, and left the family fortune to him, his only living descendant.

It was said that St. Raven had always been quite temper-mental, he was always a hot head as a child and he'd frequently have tantrums at where he'd destroy his possessions. Jessica worked for him for a short while, and told Bella that he never once hit anyone in the house for not a reason. He was very temper-mental, yes, but he only destroyed possesions which were in his way.

St. Raven was handsome. His dark black hair was wavy. His brown, tanned skin showed that he liked to ride horses, shirtless. His eyes were a faded grey and his lips were a thin line. However, those lips looked kissable, they looked very skilled, as well. He walked toward Edward, and they greeted each other, a smile appeared on St. Raven's face, and it became conclusive that he was happy, had a wonderfully beautiful smile and was comfortable in Edward's presents. Edward walked St. Raven over to Emmett, and they shook hands as well. Emmett smiled at St. Raven and gave him a polite shove, as if he was jesting with him. Bella sighed.

Was it wrong to be attracted to St. Raven?

Of course not, she told her self. It was perfectly fine to be attracted to someone, so long as she hadn't expressed the attraction and as long as she stayed true to her Edward; yes, she said to herself; everything will be fine.

Bella walked over to the refreshments and poured herself a small glass of brandy, she turned to leave the refreshments when she bumped into a rather large mass of muscle.

"Please excuse me!" Bella said in a shocked voice, she hadn't met to almost spill brandy on this nice man's suit. The man turned around, long black hair sleek and around his face. His skin russet and smooth, his eyes dark, almost black, looking down at her. His lips forming a smile, and his bright white teeth showing laughter.

"No, no, Dutches, excuse me." Said the man, Bella giggled and smacked the man playfully on the arm.

"Sir Black, I never would have guessed." Bella said smiling, her face heated.

"Ah, yes, 'tis I." Jacob said smiling at her, his hand holding a brandy as well. "I've some grand news myself," Jake said as he sipped his brandy.

"Prey tell." Bella said, leaning up against a piller in the large ball room, Jake smiled.

"I am to be married as well." Jake said smiling, Bella's mouth hung agape for a moment until Jake had kindly shut it for her by lifting her chin with the knuckle of his pointer finger.

"I.. I hadn't.. To who?" Bella stumbled on her words.

Suddenly her corset was too tight. Suddenly her hair was pulled back too tight, making her dizzy. Making her unable to focus on a single thread of cloth which was gracefully put upon Jacob's body. Her breasts heaved as she attempted to find air in her lungs which would help slow her quickening heart.

"To Lady Renesme of Clearwater Shire." Jacob said quietly, lifting his drink to a man across the room.

"She's a bit young." Bella said, as she sipped her brandy and still fought to find air.

"Sixteen, and she will make a wonderful bride." Jacob argued.

"If you go for someone who is that young to bore your children, then yes, I suppose so." Bella said looking at him, Jacob's smile evaporated, and a frown took it's place.

"That's what this is about, Isabella? Pride?" Jacob scoffed, "you would have rathered a Duke instead of a Sir, I am sorry I was not good enough for you." Jacob whispered in a harsh tone, Bella's face heated up.

"That is not-!" Bella fought to find why she hadn't accepted Jacob's marriage proposal. She found no logical explanation.

"Renesme is young, yes, but she will make a fine wife." Jacob paused.

Bella's face was flushed with color. Tears threatened the rims of her chocolate eyes, and her freckles just now appeared to be an amber color. She looked as if her skin was scorched with hot embers that had omitted from a fire. Her face looked as if she was struck hard against her face, or her back with a whip.

"Bella-" Jacob tried to fix what he had said, if he had hurt her, he'd intended to fix it.

"I.." Bella attempted yet again to find words. She could not find any, nor could she find air in her lungs.

"We both knew we'd never marry, Bella. We both knew you and Edward were destined to be together, ever since you were children." Jacob tried to cheer her up, a smile from his beautiful white teeth almost always did the trick.


Bella couldn't do anything. The only thing she was doing was looking up at the ceiling and breathing heavy, and perhaps blinking her eyes four times with in a minute. Bella felt paralyzed.

This is what it feels like, Bella thought to herself.

A broken heart, which is full of love for another, yet broken by a different man. She had said to herself so many times that she did not love Jacob, that they were friends, mates, but no, she had been wrong, because this should not hurt as much as it does. This should not feel like she is being broiled alive by white hot embers of a fire.

Bella felt a cold hand on her cheek, her eyes floated down, the cold hand soothing her face that had felt like a flame.

"Are you feeling ill, darling?" Esme asked, her eyes glazed with concern.

"Yes, yes, I'm fine. I just feel a slight bit faint." Bella said, her eyes searching for Jacob, but it would seem as if he had walked away, until she realized, he was behind her, and she had turned away from him.

Bella licked her lips and her eyes slowly returned to normal and so did her heart beat. She looked at Esme, who still held her hands with care, stroking them softly, as if she had known was was wrong with her, Esme smiled, her lips beautiful in the smile she had offered.

"We all love more than one, Bella. But we can only be with one we love." Esme paused, she looked at Jacob, "you understand?" Esme asked cautiously, Bella nodded her head.

"Yes," a weak voice said, Bella could not recognize it as her own, Esme smiled and a frost of tears went to her eyes. She smiled thoughtfully at Bella.

"I loved another other than Carlisle." Esme said, Bella's lips parted in astonishment. "Yes, astonishing, I know. I chose Carlisle, though. You're mother helped me figure it out. You see, you can always love one, but you love one more." Esme paused. "You love Jacob, but you love Edward more." Esme said, she shrugged. "Every woman who is as intelligent as us do find their selves conflicted with such a problem." Esme pushed her hair back behind her ear, her beautiful earrings hanging down to the hallow of her throat.


There was a voice behind them, a beautiful, melodic voice. Bella turned to see Edward.

"Yes?" Bella said quietly, avoiding his beautiful crystal green eyes.

"May I steal you away to dance?" Edward offered his gloved hand like the perfect gentlemen. Bella blushed and took his hand into her gloved hand.

"Why kind Sir, I'd love to."

"That is kind Duke, Madam."

"Well in that case, I am the Duchess." Bella said,

They laughed as he escorted her to the center of the ball room where all the couples were waltzing slowly.

"Something bothering you dear?" Edward asked, Bella looked behind him, and there stood Jacob.

Jacob's black eyes were on Bella and Edward. Edward just hugged Bella closer, and everything seemed right to them, the only thing that was bugging Bella was something that Esme had said.

'I chose Carlisle, you're mother helped me figure it out.'

Who was Esme in love with before?