(it is stormy outside Nick is laying in his bed Kevin comes over)

Kevin: (whispering) Nick

Nick: (groans and rolls over)

Kevin: (leaning in closer) Nick

Nick: (wakes up and rolls over) What ??

Kevin: I thought I heard someone downstairs

Nick: It's 1:00 in the morning I'm sure it was just your mind playing on tricks on you go back to bed

Kevin: that happens a lot but I don't think this is one of those times

(they hear a thump from downstairs)

Nick: If your brains playing a trick on you then mine's playing one on me come on

(he walks over to the corner and gets a baseball bat and walk down the stairs some)

(they hear the thump)

Kevin: There it is again

Nick: it's coming from the kitchen

(they run into the Kitchen were Joe is walking around)

Kevin: Joe

Nick: Joe what are you doing

Kevin: Why isn't he saying anything

(Joe turns around his eyes are closed)

Kevin: Oh no

Nick: Not again (walks over to where Joe is getting ready to open the cabnit) Joe

(Joe swings the door open and hit's Nick in the head)

Nick: (clenching his head) owww…(upset) JOE !! (starts to walk toward him)

Kevin: NICK !! (grabs him) I read somewhere that when people sleepwalk your supposed to wake them gently

Nick: He hit me in the head

(Joe walks out of the kitchen)

Kevin: Now where is he going

(they run back upstairs Joe gets back in his bed they walk up stairs)

Nick: We'll at least he's back to sleep now I'm going back to bed I have to gettt…(yawns) up early in the morning and finalize the new CD (climbs back in his bed)

(the scene switch's to the next morning Nick wakes up)

Nick: (looks over at the clock) Oh my gosh I over slept darn it now I don't have time to finish the CD (walks over to bathroom)

Kevin: Ummm…dude

Nick: What ??

Kevin: You might won't to look at your eye

Nick: What's wrong with my eye (walks in the bathroom) ahhhh…my eye

Kevin: (walks over to the mirror were Nick is looking in it with his new black eye)

Nick: This most have come from where Joe hit me last night

Joe: (walks over to the mirror where Nick and Kevin are) dude what happened to your eye

Kevin: Do you remember anything from last night

Joe: Yes sleep

Nick: Anything else

Joe: What are you guys talking about

Kevin: Oh I don't know…sleep walking

Joe: What ??

Nick: You where sleep walking last night you hit me in the head with the cabinet door

Kevin: What's wrong little bro

Joe: What do you mean ??

Nick: Joe you know when something's bothering you you sleepwalk

Joe: I do not now jus drop it (storms out)

Kevin: something's defently bugging him

Nick: Oh yea