Nick: What about my…

Stella: Come on

(they pull Nick out the door who is still wearing his pajamas)

(Kevin walks up to Nick who is standing at his locker)

Kevin: Here's your books (handing him his book bag) What's with the outfit ?? (looking at Nick who is still wearing pajamas)

Nick: monk me if you will but I actually got a good night sleep last night unlike you

Kevin: Where ??

Nick: (taking his book bag from Kevin) Stella's house

Kevin: Really (gets a look on his face as though he's thinking up a plan)

Nick: (confused) yea…well see ya

Kevin: Bye bro

( the scene changes to the next night the doorbell rings at Stella's house she walks over and opens the door)

Stella: Oh hey Nick come on in Macy will be here after she finish's up softball practice

Nick: Sounds good (walks over and sits down on the couch) can I spend the night here agine with mid-terms coming up I need somewhere where I can get a good night's sleep

Stella: Um sure let me just go ask my parents to make sure (she walks into the other room and comes back in a couple of minutes) they said you can did you bring you're stuff this time

Nick: Yea right here (holds up a duffle bag)

(the doorbell rings agine)

Stella: That must be Macy now (walks and opens the door to see Kevin) KEVIN !! (sarcastically) what are you doing here ??

Kevin: I need a place to stay

Nick: Oh no you don't this is my place to stay

Kevin: Look Joe kept me up all last night…I need this man

Stella: (walks between them) guys (they both look at her) I have an idea

(the scene changes to Stella, Macy, Nick and Kevin are in the boys room Nick and Kevin are tieing Joe down to his bed)

Joe: So you really think this is going to work

Stella: Defiantly

(later that night Macy and Stella are sleeping in Nicks bed, Kevin is sleeping in his bed and Nick is sleeping on the floor beside his bed)

Joe: (starts wiggling around and talking in his sleep) I need water !! (sits up and the ropes come untied) I need water (gets up and starts sleepwalking across the room and kicks Nick who wakes up and sits up half asleep) What's going on (stands up) where's Joe ?? (starts to walk across the room and falls into the hole were his fire poll is and lands on the floor below Joe hears the crash when he hit's the floor and wakes up) Whaaa… (looks down where Nick is laying on the floor) oh boy

(Stella, Macy and Kevin run over)

Stella: What's going on ??

Kevin: Joe what are you doing ??

Joe: I…uh

Macy: Where's Nick at ??

Joe: (looking down at the lower level) down there

(they look down)

Macy: Oh my gosh…I don't think your leg is supposed to do that

Stella: Nick are you ok ??

Nick: No

Kevin: I really need to learn to tie knots better

( they give him a look)

(the scene changes to Nick who is on crutch's and Kevin walk up to Stella and Macy who are standing by their lockers)

Nick: Any more brilliant ideas Stella

Stella: Yes actually

Nick: Dose it involve me breaking any more bones

Stella: No…we need to find out why Joe is sleepwalking

Nick: Well that's a good plan…but

Kevin: Joe want tell us why he's sleepwalking

Stella: Well then we'll just have to find out

(Joe walks over)

Stella: (sees one of her friends walk by) hey Christy

Christy: Hey Stella

Stella: Christy you know Nick, Kevin and Joe

Nick: Hey

Kevin: What up ??

Joe: hhh…I have to go

(starts to walk away Joe runs after him and Nick limps along behind him and jump in front of him)

Kevin: What's going on with you

Joe: Look I like Christy but I don't know how to ask her out

Nick: Is that why you've been sleepwalking

Joe: maybe

Kevin: Joe

Joe: Yes…ok it is

Nick: I know how to fix this

Joe: What are you doing ??

Nick: Christy can you come over here a minute

Christy: Yea sure (walks over to them)

Kevin: Would you like to go out to dinner tonight with Joe

Christy: Yea sure I'll pick you up at 8

Joe: yyyy…yea sure

Christy: Great see ya then

(Joe turns back around to face Kevin)

Joe: Thank you (gives Kevin a hug)

(The next night Joe walks in the door of their house followed by Christy)

Christy: I had a great night Joe

Joe: Yea so did I

(they lean into kiss)

Nick: How did the date go ??

(they pull apart and turn around to see Kevin and Nick standing in the doorway)

Joe: Good

Kevin: So dose this mean you won't be sleepwalking tonight

Joe: Yea

Kevin: Awesome

Joe: (to Christy) well see you later

Christy: ok see you tomorrow

(she walks out the door and Joe closes the door behind her)

Kevin: Well I'm beat

Joe: Yea me to come on lets go to bed

(they start walking upstairs and notice Nick is still standing at the bottom of the steps)

Kevin: You coming bro

Nick: No I think I'll stay down here for safety reasons

Joe: Good thinking