Part 2: Alice POV

"Oh, come on, it's not like I'm going to murder you or anything. I just want to pluck your eyebrows a little. Everyone does it, really." I tried desperately to convince Bella I wasn't going to do anything drastic. People pluck their eyebrows every day. Well not me because I'm a vampire, but that's beside the point.

She asked me again if I was sure it wasn't going to hurt, with which I nodded eagerly and began plucking. She screamed when I did the first one, and I thought she would wake a napping Charlie with the noise. But, with my special hearing, I found that he only stirred and fell back asleep.

I guessed that she was ready to take the plucking, and she sunk back into her chair and closed her eyes. I plucked her eyebrows for a few more minutes, relishing the fact that I actually had someone to practice makeup on. Finally, after awhile, I got to a strand that didn't want to come out.

I pulled extra hard and, to my luck, it came out. But, when I looked back at Bella, I began to smell something delicious. Oh no, her eyebrow was bleeding! My hand went straight over my mouth and nose and I quit breathing altogether. This was bad, very bad.

I reined it what little control I had left and shouted "Bella, I'm sorry. I have to go!" I ran straight over to her window and jumped out, not caring about leaving her alone. If I were to ever hurt her, I couldn't live with myself. She was my best friend. Just the thought that I almost lost control was enough to send me into tears.

Not that I could actually cry, but I was sobbing dryly and I was devastated and disgusted with myself. I got back home quickly and sprinted straight to Carlisle's study, desperately needing my "father" to tell me it was all going to be okay. Bella was still alive. I hadn't killed her. I kept myself in control. I could be proud of that much.

I jumped into Carlisle's lap, frightening him until he heard me crying. "My dear Alice, what's gotten you so upset?" I tried to take deep breaths through my sobs and I managed to say, "Bella…she…bleeding…I almost killed her!"

He rubbed my back in slow, soothing motions and murmured to me softly. "It's alright, dear. As long as Bella is safe, nothing is your fault. I'm sure it was merely an accident. You're not a monster. You did the right thing." I took another deep breath, willing myself to stop crying.

"Answer it." I told him, thanks to my visions. He reached for the small silver phone and pulled it to his ear. "Bella, are you alright?" He sighed. "Yes, it's me. Could you explain to me why Alice just broke through the door and ran into my arms, crying her eyes out so to speak?"

"Ah, I see. Well, if you're all right then I'll go tend to Alice now. I'll see you soon, Bella." He quickly ended the call and went right back into comforting me. Just then I saw my Jasper at the door and I ran straight into a different set of arms.