Aro, Caius, and I were 'conferring'. What that meant, was that Caius was arguing with Aro, and I simply gave my thoughts on how stupid this whole meeting was. Just let the child, Renesmee, live. If any problem should arise, then we could come back later, why complicate things? Simplicity…

Caius had finally shut up, after casting his hateful vote. Aro seemed a bit torn, but he waited for me to cast my own vote. I took a lazy breath and spoke in a dead monotone. Most of the Cullen's, their friends, and even some of the Guard looked surprised that I spoke. Even more surprising, was that I spoke in the Cullen's favor.

Aro was now prattling about how he had to make the deciding vote and I immediately tuned out his, and every other, voice. I returned to my thoughts of Didyme.

"Marcus, I love you." Didyme's soft, sweet, bell-like voice clouded my thoughts, and echoed in my ears. She would tell me this on an almost daily basis, and every time it had the same effect on me. My breathing, although it was fake, would stop and my eyes would simply lock on her face. That beautiful face, that no matter how much I tried to memorize would always have a new (beautiful) expression that would make me all confused again.

"I love you too," I whispered in her ear, even though I was at least a minute late in saying it. She smiled and kissed me, her own black hair tangling in my own and again, I tried to capture this feeling of complete contentment in my mind. She momentarily pulled away and gazed into my eyes, concentrating every single one of my thoughts on her.

"What are you thinking about?" she asked, slightly smiling. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. Her smile shone more brightly than the sun and it made me actually feel…warm. Yes, she was my sun.

"I'm thinking about how sometimes I don't think you're real," I admitted, looking away, and then quickly looking back so as not to miss her smile. How many times does one find an angel walking the Earth?

"Marcus, my love, I am very real." Somehow, after that statement, we ended up tangled in the sheets of my bed until morning.

I was probably nauseating Edward with my thoughts; it almost made me smile, but my features resisted the movement. Whilst thinking of my grossing Edward out, he suddenly spoke.

"Yes!" he exulted. I wondered what about my thoughts would make him happy; he had the fairytale ending that I never had, it put me on the borderline between hating him, or wanting to protect him, his wife and their…child

Aro was intrigued, well that was a mild way to put it. Aro had insatiable curiosity and the whole Renesmee case, as well as Bella and Edward themselves made Aro more curious. I, rather out of boredom or subdued interest, looked up to see what was causing the commotion. The first thing I saw was the entering company's relationships, and then the members of the company themselves.

Heading the group was a small vampire, Alice, who had visited Volterra, along with Edward and Bella. By the intensity of her relationship with a tall blond, I assumed he was her mate. Behind them came an exotic looking female vampire, who led a male…a male who was not human, but not vampire either. That complicated things for Aro, but immediately my attention turned to the golden eyed, black haired beauty, that was at the back of the group.

My breath stopped, and the apathetic façade that I always wore dropped. It couldn't be, but I knew I was not mistaken, for at the back of the group was Didyme, my Didyme. I closed my eyes, which vampire on the other side dare create the illusion of my love and think they would get away with it? My eyes flew open and I let out a hiss before I began to walk forward, shaking from fury.

I had killed a great deal of vampires, some even members of the Guard, for mentioning her name, but to make an illusion of her… I would make this foolish illusionist vampire pay! But which one, which one of the many vampires assembled with the Cullens was creating the illusion?

I was now in the middle of the clearing, between my own family and Carlisle's ready to attack and kill anyone and anything without a second thought.

"Marcus," Aro tried to call me back, but I was beyond listening to reason. With one quick glance I found what he was looking at; tracing his stare to Didyme. I heard Felix let out a small growl to tell all the other vampires that the new female was his plaything. Felix had not been around when Didyme was alive, very few of the current Guard had, leaving them with no idea who she was.

I whipped around giving Felix, and any other vampire who dared to think of her as theirs, a death glare. Felix looked confused, but knew not to question me, whilst all the other lusty males shrank back in fear. Didyme, or the illusion, ran over to where I was and traced her finger along my cheek.

"Still protective?" she laughed lightly. I caught her wrist as she traced the counters of my face. If she was an illusion I would not be able to feel her. Hope flashed through my mind for the shortest of seconds before I repressed it and tried to think reasonably. My Didyme was dead, she had died a long time ago, and this could not physically be her. I tried to pull away, to numb the pain of seeing her so vividly when she couldn't be real, but she held on, making me stay.

"What are you?" I asked, slightly scared, minimally hopeful, but mostly resigned. She laughed; it was the single most beautiful sound I had ever heard.

"Why, I'm your wife."

"But—" I stammered, "you can't be."

"It's a very long story, love, and there will be time to explain it all." She freed her wrist from my grasp, and instead intertwined her fingers with my own; her own delicate hand fitting snugly into my own. Everyone, even Aro, was surprised and couldn't seem to understand what was going on. I was partially with them on that sentiment, but was overrun by so many more emotions than they.

"I love you," I whispered involuntarily, not caring that everyone in the clearing heard.

"I love you too," she whispered back, and her all too beautiful smile once again spread across her face. I didn't know what had happened yet, whether she was real or not, but I would take it. I had lived through enough misery to deserve this minute of my own happiness.

My own personal sun had returned, and I felt warm again, like I had a reason to live for.

My eclipse was over.

(A/U: I have had this idea in my head forever. That during the Volturi/Cullen confrontation Didyme randomly appears with Alice and is reunited with Marcus, much to the surprise of all. Point is: Marcus needs a little love. I know it's not very well written, but I'm feeling sort of sick so tell me what you think. R&R)