She took a deep breath, but began with a question. "You remember that we were planning on leaving and going to live off on our own, right?" I nodded,

"Of course, I remember everything leading up to…" I couldn't bring myself to speak of her death even though she was standing before me.

"Now, I trust you remember what my talent is as well," she said.

"Happiness," As I said the word I could feel her happiness take hold in me.

"Exactly." Her voice grew cold and she had a far off look in her eyes. "It's obvious that your talent is much more useful than my talent. Especially obvious to the one that created us both, the one the Volturi is practically founded from: Aro. You know Aro loves power, it's his obsession, and he will do whatever it takes to achieve it. In order to achieve control he needed talents, gifts, special vampires so that he would win whatever obstacle in his way easily. For him, during our time, it was the Romanian's that ruled our secret world. They were strong, and he knew he would need every last talent he could get; the more potent and useful, the better.

"Now, compare the gift of being able to induce happiness to the ability to see relationships and which one wins?" she asked. I was starting to see things more clearly, but I realized I didn't want to, it was painful, but also so…obvious that I felt so stupid for not seeing it back then,

"Relationships." My voice was empty.

"Correct," she sighed, "Aro thought so too. So, if two talented vampires are leaving your coven, and you want their talents, how are you going to possibly make the more important stay?"

I knew what she was saying but she was his sister and I said as much.

"Aro wasn't looking at me as if I was his sister; he never looks at anyone as family. Everyone is all just pieces on a game board, like chess. Some pieces are more valuable than others." She looked down slightly before taking another breath and speaking again. "You were more valuable than me and he decided you were the one that was worth more to stay. The only way to make you stay, since we were leaving, was that I be removed from the picture. So I was killed, well, that's what the intention was."

"Who did it?" I hissed, "who tried to harm you?" She hesitated slightly before she whispered his name.

"Aro." The name rang through my ears but I did not comprehend. How dare that…monster call me his 'brother' all these years knowing what he had done. "But listen to the rest of the story Marcus."

Her words seemed to cool down the flame of anger that was one degree from igniting a wildfire within me. "So, Aro took me to a remote place one day, explained to me why he had to kill me, and then proceeded to attack me." She smiled wryly now, and I couldn't possibly understand why since she was talking about her death! "Now, my talent of happiness served me well. I projected so much happiness to Aro, so much that he became delusional. He saw what he wanted to see, so according to him he killed me and everything went according to plan, while I really escaped."

"Looks like he was mistaken about the potency of your talent," I said dryly.

"That's what I was just thinking," she agreed. "And, after my supposed 'death' I don't think I have to tell you what happened. Now, for the reason I didn't come earlier.

" For the first hundred years I lived in fear I never came out, I moved far away and only came out to eat, which even then was rare. After that I was cautious when I went out; I never knew if Aro had figured out I had really survived. Then, after I was more comfortable coming out, one of Aro's spies saw me and must have reported it to Aro or something because from one day to the next the defense perimeter around the castle was strengthened and more spies were sent out. I went into hiding again until Aro seemed convinced that the spy must have been confused or something and that it wasn't really me. Those were the first 1,000 years since my 'death'."

"I doubt I have to tell you what I did," I said, a bit embarrassed at my apathy for the past 2,000 years.

"No," she laughed, her black curls bobbing up and down. "I tried to watch out for you as much as I could but I was limited and it was hard to find willing vampires that would try to help me. Alistair was one, and he always lives in constant fear of the Volturi finding out he helped me as well as a few other rebels. Well anyways, to make a long story short, I was spotted again and this time Aro sent Demetri after me. My salvation was that since Demetri traces by tenor of mind, if you change how you think and he doesn't witness the change then how he traces is flawed; if it weren't for that I would have been found captured, and probably killed a long time ago."

Didyme had lived the past 2,000 years in hell and I hadn't had a clue, nor tried to find any that my love was still alive. I felt horribly guilty, and my emotions must have been displayed on my face.

"Marcus Volturi," she said sternly, "if you even think that this was your fault I swear I will slap you."

"Then you should slap me," I admitted, smiling. She scowled and raised her hand as if to strike me, but instead wrapped it around my neck, pulling my head down and kissed me; it was definitely better than a slap. Time hadn't changed this perfect moment; her lips were still soft against mine and as soft as this kiss was, there was so much passion and remembrance behind it. As softly as the kiss began, it ended, but it left us both wanting more; it felt impossibly good to know that we would the rest of forever to fulfill our passion. I still, however, was furious at Aro for what he had done, or what he had planned to do.

"Forget it," Didyme said deathly serious.

"How did you know what I was thinking?" I asked.

"You forget that I know you very well," she explained, "you're…part of me; I can tell when you're going to do something stupid."

"I don't think killing Aro is stupid," I said.

"It's not," she agreed, "but I think you know what the chances of you actually succeeding are. So trying to, would be stupid."

"You're right," I sighed and took her hand in mine. We began to walk north in silence as snow gently fell, blanketing everything in white making everything so peaceful, so right, and with Didyme by my side, so perfect.