Ch.1 Nami's Past Fears

"Nami?" The young navigator heard her name called from the black abyss. "Nami!? Wake Up!"

Nami bolted upright, her eyes shooting open. "Nami you're ok!" the little reindeer exclaimed jumping up to hug her. She quickly began to feel the effect of her sitting up too fast and fell back onto the deck with a thud. She looked up at the sky and realized that the sky was getting lighter, she guessed she was out a good few hours.

"What happened?"

"You were on watch and Luffy woke up because he was hungry and found you here passed out!" Chopper said examining her. Luffy, heard her and turned around on the Sunny Go's head to look at her and even though he had a big hunk of meat in his mouth he still had a worried look on his face. He had been sitting there trying to figure out what happened. He bit off another piece of meat as he got up and walked over. "Joo otay??" he said with his mouth full of meat.

Nami gave him a look and he quickly swallowed his meat before talking "Sorry" he said and Nami let out an irritatable sigh.

"Yes, I'm just fine." She sat up to prove her point to them even though her head protested that she stay down. Whathappened to me?


"I'll do watch" Nami said at dinner. She needed to clear her head in peace and the best part would be to take watch when everyone was asleep. Zoro made a happy grunt (if possible) relieved he wouldbe able to get more sleep with someone else on watch. "But Nami-swan you might get cold. Marimo can take watch." He replied earning a glare from Marimo.

"What was that shitty love cook?"

"Why do you give a beautiful lady a dangerous job Sea Weed?"

"Look why don't you shut up. She wants to do it let her!"

Sanji, annoyed, delivered a kick to the swords man's head which was swiftly blocked by a blade and the fighting began.

One day! Can they go one day without fighting!? Nami screamed in her head. She walked over and knocked their heads together none too gently. "I swear you two!" she yelled as she stomped out the door.

Later on that night she sat in the crows nest wrapped in a blanket. A small shiver ran down her spine and she wrapped up tighter, hugging the blanket to ward against the cold. She was just thinking about everything that's happened so far on her journey. She giggled here and there remembering certain memories and her eyes watered from the remembrance of others; the wind helped with that one though. She was happy to be alone with only the gulls to keep her company. As she scanned the dark ocean she thought she saw something unusual but couldn't quite make it out. She stood to get a better look and instantly felt a sharp pain in her head as she got dizzy and the crows nest seemed to swerve beneath her feet. She backed up against the railing in the crows nest and started to try and climb down to the deck below. She was almost midway when she felt a presence wrench her hands lose leaving her flailing trying desperately to grab the rope rung, but was to late as she fell to the deck 7 feet below


She groaned remembering everything as she sat back up. Chopper had come back with bandages in his hands and was now preparing to wrap her injuries. She had gotten lucky; she had a good sized cut on the back of her head from the fall but nothing major. She looked over at Luffy, who now sat in front of her. "Hungry??" he asked showing the ham bone. Nami shook her head regretting the sudden movement as it made her dizzy again.

"Hey stop moving!" chopper exclaimed from behind her.


Luffy shrugged but in the back of his mind held some worry for his navigator. I wonder what happened. Why did she want watch anyway?

Chopper quickly finished wrapping her head "There you go Nami; be careful please".

"I will no worries." Nami stood up and started to climb back up the rope ladder. Wait! "Luffy! How did you get that meat!?!"

"I gave it to him" chopper said innocently.

"Oh…ok" Nami said continuing her climb up. Chopper went off to bed and Luffy watched quietly as his navigator disappeared in the crows nest. He went back to his post on the sunny go's head finishing up his meat. He tried to ignore the fact he wanted to know what happened but found that near impossible as he was just too damn curious. I really don't want to get hit!!! He made a small whimper noise rubbing his head as if he could feel the hit already. He looked back up in the crows nest growling at his own curiosity. "Ah!" he exclaimed as he saw something white up there with Nami. He squinted his eyes and saw what appeared to be a ghost; or so his mind thought. "HEY!!" he yelled waving the now meatless bone in the air. He got the ghost's attention instantly and it glared at him angrily. Uh-oh. The ghost shot down at him and stopped right in front of his face. Luffy's eyes got wide as he saw he was staring right into the face of Nami's nightmare…..Arlong