The next morning Nami walked into the forest alone. She still couldn't believe what she saw yesterday - her nightmare staring her in the face. Why is he back? She kept asking herself as tears streamed down her face. Luffy was following behind her with Arlong close behind him and he could feel himself fading away. It was now only a matter of time before he was gone. NAMI!! he called out as loud as he could. Nami stopped on a dime and spun around desperately.

"Luffy?" She asked the air. Looking around she soon saw Luffy - the real ghost Luffy – and he was using what strength he had left so she could see him. She couldn't believe her eyes. She just wanted to hold him tightly and never let go.

"Luffy..." she uttered with tears streaming down her face. He nodded to let her know it was him, Yes Nami. She never saw his mouth move but yet she still heard him. Her hope quickly returned as she realized he had been there the entire time and that she still had time to save him. Don't be afraid, I'm here, he told her as he faded away. She would have begged him to stay with her but then she felt warmth surrounding her. So that was you all along, she thought to herself. The bushes began to rustle and Arlong walked up. Nami pulled Luffy's hat on her head, grabbed the climatact and got ready to fight. It was either fight for her life and to save Luffy or go back to Arlong. The last choice clearly wasn't going to work.

"My dear Nami." He said sweetly. Nami realized his voice was Arlong's and that brought up all her courage.

"I'm not yours," she said with clenched teeth.

Arlong laughed, "Might as well be!" He suddenly let a fist fly and she dodged it. Good thing you always watch me fight she could hear Luffy say laughing. She smirked, Hell yeah. She could only dodge though and couldn't think of what to do.

"Damn-it!" she yelled as she took a bone crushing hit to the arm. But then suddenly an idea came to mind: Though it may be Arlong he's still a rubber man… he holds no power underwater!

She ran as fast as possible.

"Running as always Nami?" She heard Arlong say from right behind her. Her legs were tired from everything but she forced herself to keep going. She soon found her way to a cliff with a waterfall (that) she had seen a few days back and she came to a halt at the cliffs edge.

"Trapped," Arlong said stopping in front of her blocking her way. He readied another punch, rushing her. "So says you!!" She ducked down right at the last minute and the momentum carried him over the edge. The instant he hit the water she yelled out: "Cool ball! Heat ball! Thunderbolt Tempo!!"

Lightning hit the water electrifying the whole lake and she felt that warmth that had surroundedher leave. Oh no, she thought terrified. Did I kill him?? Did I not make it happen in time?? She quickly stumbled down the cliff to the edge of the lake.

"No…LUFFY!" She called and on complete impulse, she jumped in the water after him. She winced as electricity flowed through her body. Many of her old wounds from her fight with the girl, particularly the really deep ones, had opened up and she could feel the pain in her arm from that one hit increase with each stroke. But she couldn't let that stop her; she had to get Luffy.


Back on deck everyone was beginning to wake up and walk about the ship. Zoro however stood still, looking out over the deck towards the area Nami was.

"Breakfast!" Sanji yelled out and everyone went inside except Zoro; he still stood at the railing as if frozen in time.

"Hey, marimo!" Sanji called out, walking over to him, "I said Breakfast."

"I heard you," he said with a grunt, but he continued to look out unmoving - focused and ready.

"Then why aren't you co-"

"You can't feel that?"

Sanji sighed. He felt as if something big was going on and he guessed Zoro felt it as well.

"Yeah," Sanji agreed.

"Something's wrong."

Sanji sighed and lit up his cigarette.

Finally, after a long moments pause, he responded: "This is Nami-sans battle we have to let her fight it." Even though it pains me to admit it.

"Let's go," Sanji said again. "I'm going to get a warm meal ready for her."


Nami came up and gasped for air as she held on for dear life to her captain. She started swimming towards shore with nothing but care and adrenaline keeping her going. When she finally reached shore she laid him down gently and immediately stared on CPR.

"Breath Luffy!" she cried out desperately. Tears started down her face. "Luffy you have to live," she pleaded, her voice cracking. She was getting weaker by the minute but kept trying. Finally, she heard a cough.

"Luffy," She said in a sigh, smiling as he opened his eyes - they were normal again.

"What the Hell?!" He said sitting up. He looked himself over. "YOSH! I'm me!" he exclaimed.

Nami couldn't help herself; she hugged him tightly, burying her face in his shoulder as tears of joy streamed down her face. He hugged her back a little more gently conscious of her wounds.

"Thank god," She said into his shoulder. She moved her face off of his shoulder and rested her chin on it looking out over the lake.

"I thought I had lost you," she whispered before passing out in his arms. Luffy smiled giving her one last quick squeeze before gently lifting her up and walking back to the ship. While walking, he thought about what Nami had just done: He realized the electricity part of the whole attack is what forced Arlong to leave seeing as how he was still technically a merman. However, though it harmed Arlong, it did not harm Luffy's body physically because he was rubber.

Upon reaching the ship, Zoro walked out right as Luffy stretch his arm out to grab the railing. Zoro grabbed the hilt of his sword as Luffy hit the deck. He eyed Luffy suspiciously until he saw his eyes and Luffy gave him the real Luffy grin.

" OI!" he shouted, "I'm starving!"

Zoro chuckled. "I'll tell Sanji to whip something up," he said walking off.

Luffy nodded and walked to the infirmary. He laid Nami down gently and covered her up.

"Thank you," he whispered to her. He gently took his hat off her so she didn't choke herself and laid it down beside her. He walked out and Sanji was standing there in front of the kitchen door - he couldn't believe what Zoro said. So she really did save the knuckle-head. Sanji smiled as Luffy said he was hungry again.

"How much Luffy?"

"The whole fridge!" Luffy replied without a moment's hesitation.

Sanji chuckled and walked inside to make a big meal for Luffy. He was so happy he was back that he didn't even scold Luffy for his table manners. Everyone talked and laughed until sundown with Chopper joining in after he had tended to Nami.

Usopp started the yawning and one by one the Straw hats started to file in for bed, and a well deserved good nights sleep.

Luffy however wasn't tired so he stayed up, sitting on his special seat. He heard a noise behind him and he quickly spun around to see his navigator smiling at him as she stumbled towards him. He got up and met her half way. She looked up into his big, brown, friendly eyes.

"Luffy, I'm so happy your back!" She embraced him into a tight hug. He hugged her back being gentle. She couldn't express her joy enough - she had her captain back. He whispered in her ear, "I never left."

That warm embrace she felt when she fought Arlong was back and she didn't want it to leave. She backed up a little taking off his hat and reached up to put it on his head.

"No," he said stopping her. "I want you to keep it…" he put it back on her head, "that way no matter what you will know I'm always here." Then pulled her back into his embrace and kissed her deeply. Both of them knew that one day this would come around; they've had strong feelings for each other. She was surprised at first but then relaxed and kissed him back, wrapping her good arm around his neck. They knew right then and there without even having to say anything that this was the way it was supposed to be… and Nami's nightmares were finally over.


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