Operation Pheonix

Epilogue: In Today's News…


" Another sighting of The Lone Ranger was witnessed earlier today as the faceless hero saved a civilian from an almost drive by shooting. The men involved in the drive by were later found to be involved in a major underground gang. Police were very thankful for this capture, as it helped them in solving the case of some of the violence that had been happening a few years ago. I'm Elizabeth Brennan, Channel 6, at six."


" The Hurricane, as she's now being called, recently captured four men who were involved in a massive bank robbery two years ago, stealing over seven hundred thousand dollars, and successfully getting away with it. Just yesterday, it was found that those men were planning another robbery, but were apprehended by The Hurricane before they even left their residence. When police searched the house of the men, they found many weapons, including some C4's. All of the men are now in custody and expecting trial sometime next week, thanks to The Hurricane."


" In today's news, another crisis has been averted thanks to the heroic actions of The Grizzly. Yesterday evening, at 9:45 pm, flight 218 to New York City lost a wing right after take off due to harsh weather conditions. At the last second, The Grizzly intercepted the plane, preventing what would have been a devastating disaster. Using his super strength, he set the plane down safely in a field just miles outside of Nashville. Unfortunately, The Grizzly was gone from the scene before our reporters could get to him. This is Sally Summers for the 10 o'clock news."


" Tonight's top story; The Golden Goddess makes another appearance. Late last night, the gorgeous but elusive hero saved a young teenagers life from an attack by three men. The Goddess captured the perpetrators before any harm could come to the young girl. This morning, the young girl issued the following statement, thanking The Golden Goddess:

'If it wasn't for The Golden Goddess, I don't know if I would even be here speaking to anyone right now. Thank you Golden Goddess.'


" And in more local news, The Singing Swan was once again at the scene when there was a shooting at a local grocery store. Using her powers, she created some form of a shield, potentially saving the lives of several police officers from being fired upon. Police Chief Charlie Swan was seen exchanging words with The Singing Swan, but when asked about it later, his response was that he was just thanking her for her bravery and hard work."


" Just this past weekend, The Emerald Dragon was honored at a small banquet where the mayor of Chicago made an appearance to personally thank the hero for all that he has done for our city. Most recently, The Emerald Dragon helped the FBI locate and infiltrate a drug trafficking ring that was based here in Chicago. The hero made a brief appearance at the banquet to shake hands with the mayor and greet those who came out to support him. Although our cameramen tried, we could not get a clear view of The Dragon himself. Shortly after he departed, world famous concert pianist and Chicago native Edward Cullen arrived to play a song he composed in honor of the hero. I'm Pat Hoffman with the eleven o'clock news. Good Night Chicago."