A/N: Okay, so I figured I would give this a go. Basically, this isn't your average Harvest Moon story. The twist is that the main character is disguising herself as a guy, which I am surprised no one has written about yet. You'll find out why she is hiding her gender once you read on! So let me know if this is something I should keep working on...I have some great ideas for it. By the way, this WILL end up being Gill/Angela. Enjoy!


Chapter 1

So begins my first official day on this new island I wound up on. I still don't think I'm in my right mind having come here, but I'm hoping that will pass. Why am I walking through the streets of Waffle Town with a small bag, containing just a few of my possessions? Well, allow me to present a flashback from only days ago.


I sat reclining in my incredibly comfortable lounge chair in my room, attempting to study for my finals the following day. I also was trying to drown out my brother's irritating pleas by cranking the volume up on my iPod to full blast.

"PLEASE do this for me. You have no idea how much I need this!"

"Axel, I won't give up my first year out of high school to take over Grandpa's stupid farm, just so you can go chase your big dream of getting famous with your band. Which in my opinion, has no talent anyway," I replied.

"You know Mom won't let me do anything else. That farm is meant for our family to inherit. I would gladly do it, but the band is supposed to play at one of the biggest shows of the summer! I know we have a shot at being discovered, and I just can't pass up this chance. You have to understand that." Axel pushed. "You have to follow your dream, no matter what, right? That's what Dad always taught us." He said that because he knew he would strike a chord in me. Dad had already been swelling with pride for the day that his son would inherit his father's farm. Because Dad died before Grandpa did, the farm was handed down to Axel, naturally.

"Even so, what would I get out of it if I were to take your place?"

He thought for a moment. "When my band makes it big, I will pay for your college tuition. And I promise if we don't make it in a year, I will take over the farm. And erm...You'd make Dad proud?"

"Yeah, IF your band makes it big..." I thought about this for a while. I wasn't planning on going to college until next year anyway, why not try and build the farm up for a year? I was always one for seeing new sights and putting myself to the test.

"Alright, you have yourself a deal." I've never heard him squeal quite like he did then, and never got squeezed so hard in my life.


So, here I am, after a long, sickening boat ride, on the quaint little island that will be my home for the next year. We agreed that he would keep in touch with Mom via cell phone to assure her that he was doing well on the farm, while I was supposedly his sidekick helping him. Back then, I didn't know why it was so vital that HE be the owner of the farm.

After wandering around the cobblestone streets for a while, I was approached by a short, stout man with a gleeful look about him.

"Welcome, welcome! You must be Axel!" He greeted me.

"Yes, that would be me," I replied.

"I'm Mayor Hamilton, the, well, mayor of Waffle Town. I hope you find it to your liking!"

"Thanks, it's my pleasure." I tried to shake his hand as firmly as possible.

"Yes, well. Allow me to show you to your home! If you come this way- oh! There's my boy! Gill-Come over here!" He started, waving on someone further up the road.

A young man about my age approached, clutching what appeared to be a diary, expressing a bored look on his face.

"Yes, father?" he asked monotonously.

"Gill, this is the new farmer, Axel. He will be taking over Mr. Coldwell's farm!" Hamilton explained.

"Hi, it's nice to meet yo-" I began. "Pleasure. Do you intend to stay more than a year?" he cut me off.

"Well, actually..." How do I answer that? "Yes?" I couldn't stop noticing the curl atop his head.

"Then you should have more confidence. You look pitiful. Don't slack off so you can get strong and work harder. That's my advice to you." he answered curtly.

"Well, thanks, I suppose." I murmured. With that, he waved slightly and walked away. I was too shocked at the moment to form an opinion on him.

"You'll have to forgive him, he can seem a bit anti-social at first, but Gill really does care about the island and the people on it." Hamilton explained. He almost seemed desperate to redeem his son's actions. Maybe Gill didn't have many friends. I shrugged.

"It's alright, really," I said in a hurry. "No hard feelings."

He smiled and nodded as we proceeded to my ranch.

After a brief introduction to basic farm life, he left me to unpack and explore a little.

I carefully walked into town, trying to steer clear of Gill, and entered the Sundae Inn. It was evening, so the place was bustling. Once I entered, I was overwhelmed with lots of delicious scents and rowdy noises. I let myself order a drink, apparently there was no drinking age here, and was quickly greeted while waiting. I believe the names were Kathy, Maya, Colleen, and even Mayor Hamilton was there. There was also an attractive boy with a unique hair color, almost peach-like, and bright, purple eyes, named Chase who sat at a table with us. I remembered him because he gave me a piece of shortcake on the house, as a 'welcoming gift'. I enjoyed their company and they all made me feel at home, unlike a certain someone whose name rhymes with "Kill". I was amazed at the contrasting personalities between the mayor and his son. Very odd, indeed. I was eager to find out more about the villagers here, though. I also had to remind myself to give my oh-so-beloved brother a call later. After socializing and sharing as much about myself as I was able, I started my walk home.

I tripped over a stump walking up to my door and was aware of the work I had ahead of me the next day.

"Don't slack off so you can get strong and work harder." His words rung in my mind once more. What a jerk.

Believe me, I was not planning on this to be a vacation. In fact, this was going to be one of the hardest years of my life.

I locked my door and closed my dusty curtains. Walking in front of my tiny mirror, I tucked my short locks behind my ear and yanked off my t-shirt. After doing so, I loosened my corsette-like vest, as I like to refer to as, "the suffocater", and was no longer bound by it so I appeared to be flat-chested. I sighed- "not a vacation, indeed."

"By the way, Sis, the inheritance is only given to the sons in the family... it's their tradition, and it's strict. Heh."

Did I mention that I also had to pretend that I was a guy? Axel owed me, big time.