I've been working on this character for a long time. This story begins at the beginning of the anime and is just gonna keep going. The main character is named Ginny Ketchum and she's Ash's twin sister with a passion for Pokemon and is also in love with Gary. (Quick side note: she looks just like Leaf from FireRed and LeafGreen except that she wears blue jeans and a red tee shirt) Enjoy!

7 year old Ginny Ketchum smiled and ran out into the sunlight. "Don't stray too far, Ginny." Her mom called after her. "I won't, Mommy!" Ginny called back cheerfully before running toward the tall grass that grew outside of Pallet Town. She looked around. 'Ash said he saw Pokemon in here yesterday…' She thought to herself. 'And I'm gonna find one!' She pushed some grass aside and smiled at the cool feeling of the wet dew against her skin. 'It'll be great! Then me, Ash, Gary, and the Pokemon can all play together!' At that moment, she heard a buzzing noise. 'Is that a Pokemon?' "BZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!" A Beedrill shot toward Ginny with blinding speed, aiming its powerful stinger. Ginny let out a yelp of horror before diving to the side.

Charmander looked out the window at the three trainers outside and breathed a sigh. He did not want to go with a trainer. He did not want to be stuck in a Pokeball. He did not want to go into Gym battles. All he wanted was to have a friend and to stay in Pallet Town…at least until he was older. Sadly, he had little say in the matter. He was to be a Starter Pokemon this very day. He looked at his friends, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. They were so much more eager to go. They had talked of nothing else for weeks. Why couldn't he be brave like them? At that moment, he noticed that Professor Oak hadn't closed the door completely. Maybe he could… He glanced at the Professor who was outside talking with the trainers. He looked at Bulbasaur and Squirtle to check that they weren't watching before squeezing out of the door and running off.

"Help me!" Ginny shouted fearfully. She had apparently strayed into a Beedrill nest area. At least a dozen bee Pokemon were shooting at her left and right. "Ouch!" She shouted as their poison sting attacks began to hit her full force. "Stop it!" She sobbed. Intense burning pain was spreading through her whole body. She felt her vision go blurry. She was done for…

Charmander paused and listened. There was a loud buzzing noise toward the tall grassy area outside Pallet Town. 'Just some Beedrill.' He thought to himself before starting to walk away. A scream reached his ears and he froze. 'Just some Beedrill and a little girl!' He turned and started running toward the tall grass as fast as his small legs could carry him. When he finally pushed aside the grass he gulped nervously. 'That's a lot of Beedrill…' He thought nervously. Then, he saw the girl. She was on the ground and in pain. Anger shot through Charmander's veins. He stepped forward. "Leave this girl alone!" He shouted boldly at the Beedrill. They all turned toward him. 'No good…' He thought as he looked at their faces. 'They're too angry to reason with…I gotta fight them!'

Ginny heard a voice shout. "Char! Charmander, char-char!" She looked up and gasped. Standing only a few feet away from her was a Charmander. The Charmander walked over to her and placed himself between her and the Beedrill. "Charmander, go!" She said desperately. "They sting!" Charmander ignored her and let out a yell. "CHAR!" A huge stream of embers shot out of his mouth at the Beedrill. In the back of her mind, she remembered Professor Oak telling her that Bug type Pokemon are weak against fire. He had been right! The Beedrill were now buzzing and flying around in agony. 'I don't wanna be around when they stop!' "Come on, Charmander! Let's run!" She whispered. Charmander nodded and followed her out of the grass. Once they were safe, Ginny sat down. "Thank you, Charmander! You saved my life!" She said gratefully. Charmander smiled at her. "Char-char!" "Do you belong to anyone?" Charmander shook his head. Ginny felt her heart leap. "Do you wanna stay with me?" Charmander jumped up and nodded eagerly. Ginny smiled. "That's great!" She threw her arms around Charmander and hugged him close. "I think I'll name you Flamindude! Do you like that?" Flamindude nodded. "Char!"

Flamindude felt a new warmth spread through his body. He had a new friend! He was going to stay in Pallet Town with her! He had a name that distinguished him from other Charmander. She still had five years until she had to become a trainer. They would be great friends by then and he was sure that he would be ready by that time! He was torn from his thoughts when Ginny reached into her pocket and pulled out a photograph. "Look at this, Flamindude." She said. Flamindude looked at the photo and was filled with awe. There was a dragon like Pokemon in the photo. It had powerful wings and a determined look on its face. Also…it reminded Flamindude a little of himself. "That's a Charizard! It's my very favorite Pokemon!" She put the picture back into her pocket. "I loved it ever since Mommy read me a story of a magical Charizard that saved a princess gold from an evil Gengar. Professor Oak gave me this picture along with this." She reached around her neck and pulled off a necklace with a large white fang as the pendant. "It's a Charizard tooth." She placed it around Flamindude's neck. "This is my lucky day, Flamindude! I promised myself that I'd get a Charmander so that I could evolve it into a Charizard someday. Now I got you!" Flamindude stared at the tooth. It was as big as one of his paws. He thought of that picture. 'That beautiful Pokemon…I'm gonna be that someday! Wow!' He stood up and nodded. "Let's do it!" While he knew that his words sounded different to Ginny, he knew that she understood.

Ginny hugged Flamindude again. Everything was going to be perfect! At that moment, she heard footsteps coming toward her. "Ginny? Ginny, where are you?" "I'm over here, Mommy!" She saw her mom walking toward her, followed by Professor Oak. The Professor smiled. "Well, well! They're both here! I guess we've found what we're looking for." Ginny noticed Flamindude starting to back away as she turned to her mom. "Mommy, this is Flamindude! He's my new friend! He saved me from a bunch of Beedrill! Can we keep him? He's very nice!" Her mom looked nervously at her. "Honey…this Charmander belongs to Professor Oak. He's going to be a Starter Pokemon for a new trainer. I'm afraid you are going to have to say goodbye." Ginny felt her eyes well up with tears. "No…" Professor Oak put a hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry, Ginny. In five years, I'll give you a Charmander." Ginny shook her head and pushed Professor Oak's hand away. "I don't want another Charmander!" Her mom picked her up. "I'm sorry, Ginny." Professor Oak picked up the struggling Charmander. "Say goodbye, dear." Ginny patted Flamindude sadly on the head. "Bye, bye Flamindude. Keep the necklace to remember me by." Flamindude sniffled sadly and a tear ran down his cheek. "Char…" Ginny buried her face in her mother's shoulder as the Professor took Flamindude away.

Flamindude glared defiantly at the boy in front of him. 'I am not going!' He thought bitterly and turned away. The boy seemed dismayed. "Come on, Charmander! Get in your Pokeball!" Flamindude shook his head. "No way! And my name isn't Charmander! It's Flamindude!" Professor Oak sighed. "I'm sorry, Tommy. This Charmander just went through a sad farewell and is feeling very bitter about it." Tommy blinked. "A farewell?" Professor Oak nodded. "Yes. He saved Ginny from some Beedrill and the two seemed to share quite a bond. I hated taking him but I knew that you were waiting." Tommy looked down at Flamindude. "You already have a partner, don't you?" Flamindude looked up and nodded. "Nothing against you, but I'm a one human Pokemon!" Tommy sighed heavily and turned to Professor Oak. "I think I can wait a little longer to begin my journey." Flamindude stared in shock. 'Is he really…'

Ginny sobbed into her pillow. Everything was going wrong. She had a perfect Pokemon and lost him. To make things worse, Gary and Ash had gotten into a fight over a Pokeball and weren't friends anymore. Her mom didn't understand anything either. All Ginny could do was cry. At that moment, she heard her mom call her. "Ginny, come down please." Ginny sniffed and walked downstairs. She blinked in surprise to see Tommy standing in the doorway. "Hi Tommy. Weren't you starting your journey today? Which Pokemon did you choose?" Tommy smiled. "I chose Charmander but I think that this one is already taken." He stepped aside and a slightly weepy Flamindude rushed into the house and hugged her. Ginny felt tears welling up in her eyes and hugged him back. She looked up at Tommy. "But what about you?" Tommy shrugged dismissively. "I can always get another Pokemon but this little guy and you are a perfect match. Take good care of him." Ginny nodded. "I will! Thank you, Tommy!" Flamindude ran over and hugged Tommy's leg gratefully. "Char-char!" Tommy nodded. "You're welcome! I'll see you guys around, okay?" Ginny nodded. "Okay!" Delia Ketchum smiled at her daughter. "Well, Ginny! It looks like you have a new Pokemon. Remember, he's your responsibility!" Ginny nodded. "I know!" At that moment, Ash rushed in and froze. "Hey, no fair! How come Ginny gets a Pokemon and not me!" Ginny smiled. "Don't worry, Ash! You can play with Flamindude whenever you want!" Ash grinned. "Really?" Ginny nodded. "Really!" She walked out the door. "Come on, Flamindude! I wanna introduce you to Gary!" Ash huffed. "Go ahead! I'll pass." Ginny rolled her eyes but said nothing as she rushed out the door. She saw Gary sitting on a rock staring at his half of the Pokeball. "Hey Gary!" She called out. Gary looked up. "Hey Ginny. Whoa, is that a Charmander?" Ginny nodded. "This is Flamindude! He's my new partner!" Gary frowned in a sulking manner. "My Grandpa won't give me a Pokemon… How do you get all the luck?" Ginny smiled! "Don't worry, Gary! I told Ash this too. You can play with Flamindude whenever you want!" Gary smiled. "Thanks, Ginny." He paused. "Hey, Ginny…we're still best friends right? Even though Ash and me aren't friends doesn't mean we aren't right?" Ginny grinned. "We're still friends, Gary! Though maybe you and Ash could apologize…" Gary turned away with a huff. "No way!" Ginny sighed. "Okay." 'He's so stubborn…' She turned to Flamindude and smiled. "We're gonna be the best team ever!"

Flamindude nodded his head with determination. "Yeah!" He held the tooth on his necklace in his paw. 'This is gonna be the adventure of a lifetime.'

Yes I know that Ash and Gary were older when they found the Pokeball but I don't care. I'm changing it! This is sort of a prologue so everyone knows how Ginny and Flamindude meet. I don' t want anyone being confused by me just sending Ginny off with her already acquired Charmander. Chapter 2 will come soon! Bye!