Wassup ya'll? I know that my readers are dying to know what happens to Skywing and Ginny, right? I know I'm right! I just read something online that struck me as odd. It turns out that Pidgey can't learn Peck! How weird is that?! I know I had Skywing use Peck but, in my defense, the anime doesn't exactly keep in context with the game so I figured I didn't have to either! ^_^ Okay, we left off with Skywing seemingly down and out. Arbok was going in for the kill! Are you all on the edge of your seats? Good!

"Say goodnight!" Arbok opened his jaws wide and shot forward toward his helpless prey.


Skywing couldn't move! She felt Arbok's jaws sinking into her soft feathers. His fangs were piercing her skin. It was over! Then, she heard Ginny's cries, her friends' struggles. 'They're counting on me!' She realized. 'If I go down, that's it!' Her eyes narrowed. 'No!' "Don't count me out yet, Arbok!" With a shriek of rage, she opened up her wings and whipped up the sawdust that was scattered around the room. 'No sand for a Sand-Attack! I'll have to improvise...'

Ginny's eyes widened as she watched the beginning of Skywing's attack. 'There's no sand or dirt! Just dust!' Then, she noticed the other Pokemon and Rocket members covering their eyes and coughing. Quickly, just as the dust reached her, Ginny pulled her hat over her face. The Rocket members who had been trying to hold her down backed off as sawdust and bits of wood flew into their eyes. 'Now's my chance!' She darted toward the crates and began to look for a crowbar, while keeping a hand on her hat, which was threatening to fly away. "Don't worry, guys! Skywing and I are gonna get you out!"

"Char!" Flamindude shouted happily!

"Nido!" Prince sounded slightly surprised.

"Pika!" Lightning could be heard jumping up and down in her crate.

The dust was going around and around in a huge whirlwind! Ginny had never seen such a powerful Sand-Attack! 'No...not Sand-Attack...Dust-Attack!' Smiling at the newly discovered attack, she felt her fingers close around something long and hard. With a sinking feeling, she realized that it was Arbok's tail. 'Of course...' She thought angrily. 'Why would I expect any different?!' Arbok turned on her, his eyes scrunched shut and his nose tightened, but his ears sharp. Blindly, he dived down at her and she barely dodged.

Skywing noticed Raticate coming at her from the side, his eyes closed. With a squawk of fury, she sent an especially large cloud of dust his way, sending him into another flurry of coughing. "Take that, Raticate!" Skywing shouted before starting to cough as her beak filled with dust. "Can't-keep-flapping!" She gasped before falling to the ground, hacking and coughing like crazy.

Ginny, as the dust cleared, snatched up an iron bar and jammed it into the crate. 'Okay...I just need to thrust enough to open it.' She thought, gritting her teeth. 'Come on...'

"CHARBOK!" Arbok wiped the dust out of his eye with his tail before barreling toward Ginny. Ginny leaped to the side and Arbok slammed into the iron bar. The impact knocked it out of the crate.

"PIDGEY!" Skywing jumped up from her position on the ground and flew toward Arbok, flapping her wings menacingly. Arbok turned and sank his teeth into her wing. Skywing let out an earsplitting shriek.

"GET AWAY FROM HER!" Ginny grabbed the iron bar and tried to attack Arbok with it but it merely bounced off of his tough hide. Arbok spun back around and prepared to sink his teeth into Ginny.

Skywing flew back and stared down at the attacking Arbok. 'There has to be a way to get everyone out...' She eyed the crates and then the bar in Ginny's hands. 'I wonder...' She remembered Arbok barreling into the bar and knocking it out. 'If hit at the right angle...'

Ginny jumped to the side, narrowly avoiding Arbok's fangs. Skywing swooped down and pulled her to her feet by her hair. "Ouch! Thanks, Skywing!" She noticed Skywing flapping her wings desperately. "What is it?"

"Pidgey! Pidgey!" Skywing pointed her beak at the bar before turning toward the crates finally, Arbok.

"...I see what you're saying! We'll trick Arbok into freeing everyone!" Skywing nodded excitedly. "Okay, but we only have one shot at this. Arbok won't be likely to fall for it twice." She eyed Arbok, who was turning around for another attack. "We'll put the bar into Flamindude's crate. He'll be able to help get the others out. Ready?" Skywing nodded. "Okay! Let's do this!"

Skywing watched Ginny jam the iron bar into the crate. As she had predicted, Arbok immediately tried to attack. Ginny just barely dodged. Skywing flinched a little despite herself. 'No! Can't chicken out now!' She waited until Ginny had Arbok in just the right spot. 'Now!' She flew over in front of the bar and flapped her wings loudly. "Hey, Arbok! Wassamatter? Is a little Pidgey too hard for you? Because I'm still here!" She let out a loud, obnoxious, caw.

"You'll eat those words, you little chicken!" Arbok snarled, zooming toward her.

'Almost...almost...' Arbok was nearly upon her. 'NOW!' She flapped her wings with all her might and flew over Arbok's head. She heard the dull thud of tough hide on metal, followed by the sound of a falling metal plank. 'Got it!'

Flamindude leaped out of the crate and shot a huge Flamethrower at Arbok. "You caught me on a REALLY bad day!" He roared as he began slashing mercilessly at the snake Pokemon with Metal Claw.

Ginny grabbed the iron bar and jammed it into the second crate. "Flamindude! Over here!" Flamindude spun toward her. His eye caught sight of the bar and he nodded in understanding. With a roar of anger, he jumped at the bar and practically threw half of the crate to the side.

"Pika!" Lightning jumped out of the box.

Ginny quickly jammed the bar into the final crate and watched as Flamindude freed Prince. "Come on, everyone! Let's get out of here!" They all turned to find the way out barred by at least twenty Team Rocket members. "We can break through them! Everyone, attack-"

"STOP!" The woman from before stepped forward and pulled a Super Potion out of her pocket. Calmly, she walked over to Arbok and sprayed the healing liquid on him. She tossed another one to Ginny. "Let's not cause any more needless harm. Why not solve this dilemma like adults?"

"That ship has sailed!" Ginny shouted angrily.

"I'm offering you a chance to walk out of here unharmed."

"I don't follow."

"Why, I am challenging you to a Pokemon battle, of course." The woman chuckled. "Free for all, all of my Pokemon versus all of your Pokemon. If you win, we will let you and your Pokemon out of here unharmed."

"And what if you win?" Ginny asked, dreading the answer.

"You will still keep your Pokemon." Ginny let out a gasp of shock. "BUT," The woman's smile widened. "you must join Team Rocket!"

Ginny started to tremble. Join Team Rocket? Steal Pokemon from others? Use her power for evil? 'That's what'll happen if I lose...' She looked down at her Pokemon. 'But if I refuse, I'll be giving up on my own Pokemon...' She sighed quietly. "If we lose..." She was interrupted by an indignant squawk in her ear. She turned to see Skywing perched on her shoulder, staring sternly at her. Lighting jumped up onto her other shoulder and glared expectantly at her. Prince growled softly, undaunted by the leering Arbok. Flamindude let out a flurry of embers and nodded his head. Ginny smiled. "You're right! We won't lose!" She turned back to the Rocket member. "I accept your challenge."

Ginny looked at her Pokemon. They looked fully healed. 'Okay...this is it...' She stood up and locked eyes with her opponent. "I'm ready!"

"Good! Go, Golbat!" She threw her first Pokeball and a large bat-like Pokemon flew out.

Ginny pulled out Dexie.

"Golbat, the Bat Pokemon. Its fangs easily puncture even thick animal hide. It loves to feast on the blood of people and Pokemon. It flits about in darkness and strikes from behind."

'Since he's a Flying type, my best bet would be to use Electric attacks.' "Go, Lightning!"

"Pika!" Lightning eagerly rushed forward.

"Lightning, use Thundershock!"

"PIKACHU!" Lightning sent a wave of electricity at Golbat.

"Dodge and use Confuse Ray!" Golbat dove down and sent a Confuse Ray at Lightning. Lightning started walking in a tottering fashion. "Now, use Bite!" Golbat swooped down and sank his teeth into Lightning. She looked down and out when Golbat suddenly froze and fell off.

'He's paralyzed!' "Come on, Lightning! Now's your chance!" Lightning shook her head a little before hitting the fallen Golbat with a Quick Attack.

"Come on! Get up, you worthless Golbat!" Finally, she reluctantly brought her fainted Pokemon back into his ball. "Don't think you'll get off so easily! Go, Graveler!"

"Uh oh...Lightning, return." Lightning bounded back to her side. "Flamindude, you're the only one who can handle a Rock type. Go for it!" Flamindude grinned and walked out onto the field.

"I knew you'd send your Charmeleon! Graveler, use Selfdestruct!"

"Selfdestruct?! What's that?!" Ginny's question was answered by a large explosion and a blinding light. "WHOA!" She shielded her eyes and turned away. When the dust cleared, both Flamindude and Graveler were unconscious. "Flamindude!" She rushed out and picked up her beloved Pokemon. "Steady, boy. It's okay. She only has four more. Take a good rest." She carried him over to a patch of grass where Lightning immediately began tending to him.

"Go, Beedrill!" In a flash of light, the black and yellow horror manifested itself in front of Ginny.


"What's going on?! Why isn't she sending one of us out?!" Prince scratched at the ground impatiently.

"She's...very...scared...of Beedrill..." Flamindude gasped, trying and failing to move. "Ouch...I saved her from...a swarm...when she was only a little kid...she's been terrified of them ever since..." He groaned. "I gotta get up..."

"No!" Prince narrowed his eyes and stepped forward. "If she can't send someone out, I'll go out myself! Lemme at him!" He bounded out onto the field. "Get ready, Beedrill!" He shouted, sending out a Poison Sting.

"That won't have any effect!" Lightning called from the sidelines. "Use Peck!"

"Right..." As Beedrill swooped toward him, he jumped onto her back and jabbed his horn repeatedly into her. "Take THIS! And THIS!" Beedrill let out a pained buzz before falling to the ground. "YEAH!"

Ginny snapped out of her terror in time to catch Prince as he leaped into her arms. "Prince..."

"Nido, nido!" Prince nuzzled her affectionately.

Ginny's face broke into a smile. "You are amazing." She hugged him close. "Ready for another go?" Prince nodded eagerly. "Great!" Their next opponent was a Poliwrath. 'I really should be using Lightning in this situation...but...' She smiled and placed Prince on the ground. "Let's knock him dead!"

"Use Hypnosis!" In a flash, Prince was fast asleep.

"Oh no! Prince! Wake up!"

"Bubblebeam!" A stream of bubbles barreled into Prince, knocking him a couple feet into the air and then landing him hard on the ground.

"Okay, Prince. That's enough." Ginny ran out and picked up Prince. "It's okay. You were wonderful." Prince blinked blearily and smiled weakly. "Go get him, Lightning!" Lightning cast one quick glance at Flamindude before running out onto the battlefield. "Use Quick Attack!" Lightning ran in super fast circles around Poliwrath before knocking him clean off of his feet. "Finish him with Thunderbolt!"

"PI....KA...CHUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!" A huge wave of lightning struck Poliwrath, effectively taking him out of the battle. The Rocket lady was grumbling as she recalled him and pulled out her second-last Pokeball.

'It's two-on-two now. We definitely can win this one!'

"Go, Machoke!" A huge Machoke jumped out of the Pokeball. "Use Karate Chop!" Machoke slammed a hard hand into Lightning's side. Lightning growled and jumped back up again.

"Use Slam!" Lightning jumped into the air and threw herself full force into her opponent. She merely bounced right off.

"Finish her with Low Kick!" Machoke's foot came in contact with Lightning stomach and knocked her out cold.

Ginny rushed over and picked up Lightning. "There, there. You did a good job!" She placed her Pikachu tenderly next to Prince and Flamindude. She then turned to Skywing, who was perched close by. "I kept you in reserve for a reason, Skywing. It's all up to you." She stroked her Pidgey's feathers. "I have complete faith that you can do this. You just need to believe in yourself." She looked Skywing in the eyes. "Can you do that? For me?"

Skywing felt her eyes well up with tears as she nodded her head vigorously. 'Yes! I can do this! I gotta do this! I will do this!' With a resolute look, she flew out toward Machoke.

"Use Tackle!"

'She wants me to get close...' Skywing threw herself into Machoke and felt the dizzying impact of his hard muscled body. 'Ow...no wonder Lightning's attack had no effect...'

"DUST-ATTACK!" Skywing opened her wings and send a blinding cloud of dust into Machoke's eyes. He howled in pain and jumped back, rubbing his eyes.

"That won't help!" Skywing called tauntingly. "That'll only rub the dust more into your eyes!"

"Use Gust!"

Skywing opened her wings once more and made a huge tornado, which she sent spinning toward Machoke. 'Flying type moves are super effective against Fighting types. This should hit home!' Sure enough, when the cyclone finally cleared, Machoke was on the ground, unmoving. "YES!" She did a twirl in the air.

"Don't get cocky, brat! I still have one Pokemon left!" The Rocket lady shouted.

Skywing almost dropped out of the sky. 'Oh...right...now I need to fight...' She gulped a little as Arbok slithered forward.

"Finally." He hissed. "I've been looking forward to this for awhile now!"

"Me too!" Skywing felt a surge of boldness. 'Finally, I'll be able to put this criminal in his place! I can't lose!'

"Use Gust!" Ginny shouted.

Skywing shot another tornado at Arbok, who nimbly dodged and came at her with a Bite attack. She flew up into the air, just out of reach.

"Are you going to run away again?" Arbok taunted. "Or are you going to fight like a real Pokemon?!"

"I can fight!" She flew down at him with an intended Tackle attack. At the last second, Arbok jumped out of the way and Skywing hit the ground REALLY hard. She was seeing stars. 'Ow...' She felt Arbok's fangs in her wing. 'No...'

"I'll take you down and your precious Trainer will be one of us." Arbok snarled through Skywing's feathers. "We'll give her all the worst jobs. She'll fetch things for everyone, be given the worst of the Pokemon, and take out the trash. That should be easy enough. All we need to do is find a garbage bag you'll fit in!" He chuckled at his own joke.

"Leave...Ginny...ALONE!" Skywing let out a loud caw and jumped out of Arbok's grasp.

"That's it, Skywing! Use Gust!"

"TAKE THIS!" Skywing opened her wings and, summoning all of her power, whipped up the biggest swirl of debris she had ever seen. This Gust seemed different though...it seemed almost...shiny. 'Wait...' She watched as the attack hit Arbok and he began to cringe. 'That's not Gust...That's Twister!' She let out a screech of excitement and dived down at Arbok. "You're going down!" She hit him from all sides with a series of Quick Attacks before spinning in midair and shooting a final Twister at him. As he fell to the ground, she knew that victory was hers.

"Return..." The Rocket member sighed sadly and turned to her cronies. "Well, that's that." She muttered. "Do any of you guys have any Pokemon left?" They all shook their heads. She narrowed her eyes and turned toward Ginny. "Don't think this is the last you've seen of us! We'll be telling Giovanni about you, you little brat! I'd like to see how it'll be if you ever meet him!" She turned and followed the other members onto their balloon.

As they started to take off, Ginny was struck with sudden inspiration. "Say, Skywing? Do you think you could..." She glanced up at the balloon. Skywing smirked and nodded before flying up toward the balloon. As they went higher, she jabbed her talons into the rubber, splitting the balloon. She dived back down toward Ginny as the balloon went spiraling off into the sky toward the rising sun.

Ginny walked over to Lightning, Prince, and Flamindude. "How are you guys feeling?"

Flamindude smiled weakly and stood up. Prince and Lightning also forced themselves to stand.

"I'll get the Potions. I think they left a few behind." She ran back into the warehouse.

Flamindude turned to Skywing. "That was really impressive, Skywing. I've never seen such battling! For a second there, I thought Arbok had you! Great job!"

"Yeah! It looked really bad but you pulled through! You're really growing!" Lightning nodded in approval.

"I never doubted you for a second!" Prince smirked. Everyone else gave him a withering look as Ginny walked back out and began healing them.

Ginny finished healing her Pokemon before gazing tenderly at Skywing. "Skywing, if it weren't for you, I never would have been able to free everyone and I'd be stuck in Team Rocket right now." She held out her wrist for Skywing to perch on. "You've come a long way, Skywing." She gently stroked Skywing's head feathers. "I'm so proud of you!"

Skywing felt immeasurable joy swelling up within her. 'She's proud of me...' Her wings began flapping. "I DID IT!" She shot up toward the sky. "I DID IT! I DID IT!" She did a loop-the-loop in the air. As she entered a dive, she noticed an odd change overcoming her. She was glowing with excitement! She felt so strong! So happy! Nothing could stop her! "WHOO-HOO!" She flew back toward Ginny and fastened her claws around her Trainer's outstretched arm. It took her a moment to note Ginny's stunned expression. 'What's up?' She tilted her head. 'Wow! Ginny's face has never looked so clear!' She looked around. 'I can see everything so clearly now! My sight...what happened?' She turned and watched Ginny's face break into a grin. 'Wait a second...' She looked down. 'My feet shouldn't be big enough to fit completely around her arm!' Her eyes widened. 'Did I...'

Tears streaked Ginny's face as her emotions threatened to overpower her. She buried her face in Skywing's feathers. "Oh, Skywing...you truly are magnificent." She drew back and gazed into the face of the most beautiful Pidgeotto in all of Kanto.

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