George and Fred

Why was it always Fred and George? Why couldn't it be George and Fred? Fred was blamed first, Fred was picked first, Fred was always better than him no matter what he did. It was always Fred's idea, Fred and George's prank, Fred's snack boxes. Fred always got the girls too. Even the one that mattered most. George's thoughts had progressed from just knowing and excepting that Fred was the "known" twin to full blown jealousy as he had thought more on the subject, gazing at the one person that mattered the most. To both of them. Just another thing that wasn't just George's, but Fred's too. And it wasn't just friends, it was family too. Fred was always the one in trouble, Fred was the genius, and Fred's name always came first. On Birthday cakes, on Mum's clock, hell, even the alphabet was against him. She came up and sat next to him, her green eyes shining.

"What's wrong George; you look a little…distressed." She offered lamely. Distressed doesn't even cover it, he thought mutinously. He smiled at her, moving a shiny black curl from her face. Her cheeks pinked, nothing like the bright red he turned if he got embarrassed. Like Fred. He couldn't help the scowl that formed on her face and she glared at him.

"Come on you dumbarse, Fred holds in his emotions until he bursts and then starts screaming and breaking things, but you're just not like that…well, you're smarter than that too. Come on George, what's wrong." George's mind came to a stop. You're just not like that. You're smarter too. She thought he wasn't like Fred…and he was smarter too? George smiled widely and flung his arm around her shoulders.

"Nothing's wrong Ness, not anymore at least. Why don't we go get a snack while Fred's in History of Magic?" George stood up and offered his hand to Nessa. She smiled and took it, letting George help her up. Maybe he'd be alright if it was Fred and George on their birthday cakes, and if Fred got the girls, and if Fred got recognition for George's formulas for their products. As long as Nessa was with him, he'd be happy, even if she wanted Fred. As long as she was happy, he didn't mind it being Fred and George.