Miss. Miss. Near-hit. Miss. Dodge.

"Hah! Some master archer of Renais you are, old man," Colm snickered under his breath as he filled his sack with the stolen apples. He heard Zethla swear, saw him shake his fist and storm off, bow in hand. "Looks like I win!"

"Oh, Colm, you're so silly!"

He hurried down from the tree and turned to see an amused Neimi, trying to hide her laughter behind her hands. Colm frowned.

"Hey, I was in some real danger there! Sure, he missed me, but one of these days he might finally get lucky!" he griped. "You won't be laughing then!"

"He's not trying to hit you," Neimi laughed, "he's just trying to scare you. Y-you're always stealing our fruit..."

"No, this was the first time I got away with any," Colm said smugly, holding out the sack. "Want some?"

Neimi sighed good-naturedly, taking an apple and rubbing it on her skirt.

"Why do you always do such silly things, Colm?"

"Cause it's fun," he said, taking an apple of his own, "and it makes you laugh." He smiled at her. "You look good when you're laughing. Much better than when you're crying."

At that remark, Neimi's eyes watered and she bit into her apple, hard, to stop the tears from falling.