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Chapter 1: The facts

I could feel it all around me the cool breeze on my skin as I lay here. Outside, birds were chirping away annoyingly. Pulling the covers closer to myself in hopes of maybe, maybe falling back asleep. My eyes still shut refusing to wake up and start the day.

Why can't I be normal and sleep in on the weekends?

Sighing I know that I should probably get up already. Slowly if not surely making my way out of bed and into the washroom. Nice hot showers to jump start my system. Another all nighter followed up with an early morning, wonderful. Stepping out the shower and following the regular routine of getting ready. Many minutes later I'm staring at my reflection; I see a tired girl. With messy dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, who was squinting at the mirror far too much. Me, being the very definition of average.

I walk back to my bed and see my glasses on the nightstand, making a grab for it and putting it on. The world became so much clearer, the paint in my room was turning into a nasty yellow and was in need of a new coat of paint and the furniture was old and beaten. Everything looked so much better without glasses. Grabbing the brush and taming my hair to look presentable was fairly easy. Well I was ready, walking downstairs and heading straight to the kitchen.

Let me give you a typical morning for me.

1.) Make coffee
2.) Cook breakfast
3.) Grab a small bite as I cook

this is my usual morning.

"Lizzie did you cook breakfast again?" came a voice from behind me. A woman in her fifties stood there in her pajamas. Her face showed signs of age, her hair was starting turn Grey from time but her eyes still twinkled with youth.

"Morning mom"

"I told you so many times already to leave the cooking to me. It's your health that makes me worry." said Allison Ayre as she sat down at the table.

"It's nothing mom" I cheerfully make my way to her, placing the plate of food on the table.

"Besides I want to help out. Anyways I better get going to work now" quickly giving her a quick kiss on the cheek and a hug.

"Take care Lizzie and remember don't talk to strangers on the way to work" she warned. As she takes a bite out of the scrambled eggs.

I couldn't help but laugh at this statement.

"Mom I'm seventeen and I've been working at the same place since I was fifteen. I'm pretty sure walking to work won't be any different." As I make a grab for my bag at the far end of the room.

"Lizzie you will always be my baby little girl in my eyes. Is it so wrong to worry?" she asked sternly.

"Of course not"

"Why don't you just go out and date that nice David boy already. At least I would know that the chances of you getting jumped on the street would lessen" she says in a tired manner.

Unless he rapes me first, that little pervert.

"Not this whole dating speech again" I groan.

"How can I possibly not bring it up? One day me and your father won't be around. Your brother is living in another state. That leaves you with no one Lizzie"

"Can we finish this later? I'm going to be late" I interrupt. Annoyed that she was bringing this up again.

She nods. Taking that as green light, I walk to the entrance of the house and head out.

The wind is blowing and it's pretty nice out. Walking out, I start my daily 20 minute walk to the floral shop. Looking around, I see everyone starting out their morning. Slowly but steadily everything will just start to rush for no apparent reason. It was maybe 15 minutes into my walk until I see them. They can't see me because they're way into the training program but it's been like this for the longest time.

Biking past me at a moderate pace is Doc and behind him in a pink tracksuit is his new protégée. Stifling a giggle from coming from my mouth as they pass me. Seeing them every morning really did make my morning walk. I can't help but smile at the duo, working their hearts out to become the best of best. Show the world what they can do, kind of deal.

Before I know it, I'm at the store putting my bag away in the back with a large smile placed on my face.

"You saw them again didn't you?"

Breaking me out of my revere, I see Catherine the owner of the store standing before me. She was a rather plump woman who was around the same age as my mother.

"Yeah, still taking the usual route. You would think after awhile they would decide on something new." I laugh softly.

"So how are you auntie?" me trying to change the topic.

"Don't you try and change the subject god daughter"

Ignoring her, I go straight to watering the plants and counting our storage.

"If you like him why don't you just let me introduce you to him?" continued Catherine.

"To who?" ahh playing dumb was always my favorite card to annoy her. Rolling her eyes at me and my immaturity.

"Don't play coy with me Elizabeth Ayre. I've noticed that glow that comes to your face every time someone mentions his name or every morning when you see him jogging past you."

I smile at her innocently still acting as if I don't understand.

"Mac!" she says almost growling at me.

"Oh, him?" I say, waving my hand in the air to dismiss the subject.

"Baby girl don't you try and pull that 'I-don't- give-a-crap-attitude' on me" she says in a haughty manner. I know she's really just being playful with me. I would really hate to see her angry.

"I just find it funny that he wears pink of all colours" I say as calmly. Ignoring the rapid beating of my heart.

"Uhuh, darling you've been going to all his fights since he started out! Following his career! Now he's becoming a rising star. You need a little recognition. Don't you think I haven't noticed those treats you've been slipping into Jerome's lunch bag."

"I don't know what you're talking about Auntie"

"How about an example, would that help freshen up your memory? That one time after he lost a fight you slipped in a fortune cookie for him that told him 'he would win the next match'. Do you remember now?"

For a moment I paused mid-step. How in the world did she remember that? The glasses on my face almost fell off in shock.


"Darling trust me, I know"

I could feel a blush coming to my face.

"Why don't you let me just do this one thing for you?"

No one spoke for the longest time. I continued doing my tasks in silence. My mind buzzing with activity about the topic, trying to ignore the nagging voice in my head demanding that I take up the offer. The day passed without the topic being brought up again. My shift finished and it was time to head home and start dinner.

"See you tomorrow Auntie" giving her a hug before leaving the store.

"Take care Lizzie" she says affectionately, her embrace almost cutting of my oxygen supply.

Walking home gave me the opportunity to just relax. The sun slowly making its way to the other side of the planet. With the sky being painted in various colours of orange, purple, pink, and red. It was beautiful. It was one of those moments that I wished that I could paint but art wasn't really my forte.

Entering the house and automatically starting to make dinner. We all ate that night; me, mother and father. After cleaning a bit more, I walk upstairs to my room and try to study.

My brain isn't absorbing all the information that I'm reading and all I could think about is how I got this way.

Why don't I just date David? He was no slouch in the looks department. Slightly built, short blond hair, light blue eyes. To make the whole package perfect he was rich.

'He would buy you anything you desired' said a voice in my head.

Sighing I knew why every time he asked my out the answer was always the same. It was all because of one person. Closing my eyes, I remember how this mess started.

Catherine insisted that I come and see Docs newest project in action. Me, being the complaisant person agreed to go with her. The moment he stepped into the ring, I knew that I was in trouble. There he was in all his glory known as Little Mac. Which hardly made sense to me; he was a hunkering 5'7, heads taller than me. His short jet black hair, stunning blue eyes, it didn't hurt that he was extremely well built. There he was standing in the ring ready for a fight.

I remember asking Catherine who he was. She smiled proudly at the boy and informed me that was Docs newest boy. I could barely look at him, my heart kept racing at high speeds and this was just from looking at him. My eyes were dazzled believe it or not. But I had to look, I needed to know how the fight went. He was amazing; I couldn't help but cheer for him loudly. Although the people around me would glower at me occasionally. He was knocked down rather roughly at one point. It looked like for a moment he wasn't about to get back up.

At the time, I remember thinking he must be better than this. His eyes, there's fire in those eyes. He was destine for greater things.

"Get up Mac! Get back up! Your better than this!" I screamed. My throat getting scratchy from all the screaming but I ignored the uncomfortable feeling.

Maybe he heard me, maybe he didn't. Only me, Catherine, and a handful of people were cheering for him. He looked at the crowd for a moment and stood up.

'Yes get back up! Show them how much better you are!' I thought.

The matched ended with Mac knocking the opponent down. My heart swelled at the sight of him standing in the middle of the ring smiling. How I wanted to treat his bruises. Everyone was crowding them. Looking at Catherine, I made an excuse of how my mother told me that I needed to be home the moment the match ended. She tried to stop me from leaving but I was determined to go. I was far too nervous to meet him in person. She let me go.

After that, I attended all his fights. At the end it was the same story every time. For the longest time I did this. Slowly though people saw the potential in him and soon he had his own fan club, who followed him around. He even picked up a girl. They have been dating for a few months now but I have sufficiently observed her to consider him a trophy boy. Something nice and famous to hang off her arms as she walks down the streets.

Her name Isabella Taylor. Considered to be the belle of the ball if we ever held one. A shapely person, attention whore, obnoxiously rude, long cherry red hair, 5'5. Yeah that was her.

Shall we compare?

Elizabeth Ayre. The observer. Petite, plain, a bit anti-social, medium length dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, wears glasses, 5'1. Yeah that's me nothing too exciting.

I didn't trust her. Maybe I was just jealous but I know that I'm not crazy. She has that look in her eyes. One that I didn't trust every time I saw her. The weird thing is at the start of their relationship she was at every match but now she rarely ever comes. When she does she looks impatient for it to be finish. Sometimes she looks as if she doesn't even get worried about the bruises he was receiving.

Groaning I open my eyes and look up the ceiling.

Can't help but ask aloud "what ya doing with a girl like that?"

Sleep, Sleep. That's all I want. And so I try. Eventually the darkness came and took me away.

Morning came quickly and it was exactly the same as yesterday. I see them pass me again. But I resolve to myself not to care not anymore. I'm nothing special. Besides it's against my morals to steal a person who is committed to another.

Arriving at the Cathy's floral store. I go in, my bright smile nowhere to be seen. Auntie doesn't ask and knows better not to. The day goes by and finally my shift is over. Me and Aunt Catherine were in the back of the store. I decide to tell her.

"You have to stop Aunt Catherine"

She looks at me confused. "Stop what Lizzie?"

"Telling me I should talk to him. Or that you want to introduce me." I answer seriously.

"And why not?" She asks.

"Because Auntie! Right now it's superficial, I don't even know him."

"Exactly let me set it up then" She says exasperated with me.

"Auntie, he' taken already!"

"Oh that hussy? He deserves better! Lizzie baby you're an amazing person. I know this person, I know him, and I know you. Between the three, his personality is better suited with you"

I don't know when I started to cry. But I was bawling my eyes out. Maybe it was because I felt so inferior to Isabella Taylor. Or because I knew that I had no chance. Or because the truth hurt me so much. Me the one who shows no emotion, me the one who is always so composed. I'm so stupid.

"I'm nothing compared to her!" I blubber out.

This was so stupid. All because of my superficial adoration for him. So what if I got worried every time he got hurt? Everyone got worried as well. So what if I wanted to be the person to cheer him up when he's down? Everyone wants to cheer him up. So what if I want to be another reason to fights for. Everyone wants to be the driving force of someone.

Everyone wants this don't they? Everyone feels the same right? I'm so superficial.

The tears blurring my vision. I need to go home and cook. Me, Elizabeth Ayre shouldn't get so caught up with guys. I'm better than this.

Grabbing my bag, I leave the back area. Walking out the front, I see we have a customer. My eyes are wide, the tears are still falling.

Why god? Of all days! There he is in all his glory and here I am in a complete mess, crying my eyes out.

In a hoarse voice I call out to Aunt Catherin.

She quickly comes out to greet the customer.

I can't look at him. For him to see me like this for the first time and it's like this. I need to leave.

"Mac! What are you doing here?" she asks in a surprised voice.

"I need flowers for Bella" he says uncertain if this was a good time.

'It's for her, it's for her, he must love her, you have no chance.' my mind whispers over and over to me.

"Give me one second" Auntie replies

I'm already trying to walk out. Get out of there; get some sense and control of myself. He's there to buy flowers for her. Reality is setting in. I really had no chance with him.

"Lizzie!" Auntie calls.

Making me stop mid-step to look at her.

"I have to go home. Dinner still needs to be cooked, rooms need to cleaned, and I'm falling behind with my lessons. I can't stay for dinner this time."I knew she was going to insist I stay for dinner.

My voice was shaky but I tried to keep a composed face despite the tears. Auntie sighs for a second. He stands there curious at the exchange.

"I'll see you tomorrow Auntie" I say, offering her a forced smile to not worry her. Before I know it, I'm out of the store running. I feel his eyes follow me as I leave the store. Running home.

Home reaches my vision and I enter. Mom asks what's wrong but I tell her its allergies. She doesn't believe me but doesn't press further. Finish all my chores. I walk into my room and collapse on the bed. Not even bothering with trying to study it was so pointless. Placing my glasses on the nightstand.

Laying there in my bed. Closing my eyes, just feeling the cool breeze on my skin.

"You're so stupid Lizzie" I say to myself.

Why did I suddenly lose composure like that?

'Maybe you've been bottling this up for the longest time' whispers a voice in my head.

Maybe the voice was right. Get a grip Lizzie. I chided myself. Tomorrow, I apologize to auntie. That's it. I'm going to forget about him. This idolism is getting out of hand and it's interfering with my life.

"Tomorrow I get him out of mind" I say resolutely to myself.

But as I fall asleep I still can't help but think he belongs with me. Talk about obsessive crazy.

"Stupid crush" I murmur. Finally falling asleep.

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