I wrote this for fun and thought I'd go ahead and put it up.


It wasn't because he could offer her the whole of time and space.

It was in the way he grinned at her and she couldn't help but smile back.

When the world was burning and he offered her his hand and she took it, not even knowing who he was or where he came from.

It was when they landed in 1869 and he told her she was beautiful and she felt like blushing.

When he grabbed her hand, surrounded by dead bodies, and said that he was glad to have met her and she realized that she was too.

It was how he struggled to choose between her and the world as Slitheens took over Downing Street.

When she heard the Dalek's cold mechanical voice ask the Doctor what use emotions were if he couldn't save the woman he loved and she couldn't help but hope that he really did.

When he told Adam that he only took the best and she felt proud to be by his side.

When he held her after she said she was sorry and she felt like everything might just turn out okay even though she could hear those horrible creatures outside screeching.

How the Doctor danced with her, smiling as they moved together.

And she realized it when Mickey asked if they could get a hotel room .

How it broke her heart when he sent her back and she knew he would die alone on some space station without her there to hold his hand.

When she woke up in the TARDIS and saw him standing at the controls and she didn't care what had happened because he was there with her and he was safe.

But then he changed.

And she cried over her loss, not understanding how he could be gone and yet still there, lying in bed in a fever as a Sycorax ship filled the sky.

She ignored the part of her that was happy when Cassandra kissed him passionately.

But she couldn't stop it from happening again.

She found it again when she met Sarah-Jane Smith and immediately felt jealous because he was her Doctor.

She felt it when he said alright, and helped her to see her parallel father.

When she wakes on a space shuttle and realizes as she points a gun at Zach that she'd rather die than leave him alone.

And she tries to let him know when she says that they'll always be alright. Always.

Because it was in all these things that she came to love him. But she would never tell him because he would never let her. Because she knew it would break his hearts.

So instead, as she stares at the creatures that fly across the orange sky she answers his question with the only answer she could ever give.



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