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V^^ To Teach A Vampire ^^V


Though asleep, Tsukune was somewhere else entirely.

Months ago, when this started, he had been unnerved. Nothing had changed since then.

While his conscious mind didn't remember any of what happened during the wanderings of his subconscious, there remained the slightest suspicion that he was trying to fit together a puzzle missing some rather important pieces. But he knew, somehow he knew that every time he visited the nebulous realm of his dreams, something was different. It was always subtle, hardly noticeable amidst the chaos of whichever scramble of inner turmoil he was forced to wrestle through that particular night, but the longer he spent sifting through the rubble of those scattered impulses, the stronger that feeling became. He had been here before, and this time the change was far more profound than it usually was.

It was the strangest sensation; knowing that he shouldn't know about where he was, and yet when he was there he couldn't help but remember similar times when he had thought the same thing. It wasn't so much that he 'remembered' the specifics of those previous times per se, but that he experienced the oddest impression of things he didn't think he had been through, yet 'knew' at the same time. Most of them didn't make the slightest hint of sense either, nor did they follow any pattern.

There didn't seem to be anything out of their limits. He had been hunter, hunted, and to completely contradict the first two, apathetic towards the whole cycle. He had thrived during day, flourished at night, and welcomed both dusk and dawn equally. He had been on four legs, two legs, no legs, what barely qualified as legs, wings, nearly everything in between, and even what seemed just a bit too unsettlingly reminiscent of tentacles for his liking. He had flown, ran, trotted, swam, walked, crawled, slithered, dug, roared, growled, barked, hissed, and called upon abilities both physical and metaphysical under what had then been simple intuition in that ephemeral realm. There it was like they were a part of him, like he was a part of them, instinctual all the same. Then again, it wasn't like he could do anything about it at the moment.

Right then he was host to what had once been familiar guests, but he wasn't so sure of that anymore. He had known them longer than any of the others, so much so that they eclipsed the lesser ones just like the blood-drenched desires of his nature as a vampire encompassed them all. But now, they were…deeper somehow. It was odd; the disassociation between his conscious and unconscious mind kept him from remembering too much about his dreams when he was awake, and the same paradox kept him from remembering too much about his life when he was dreaming. He knew his name and he knew what he was, but anything finer that might have shed light on his situation was beyond his grasp. Normally he just went with the flow of the experience, be it embracing the cold or shaping the formless, but the lessons he had learned from those experiences, the things they had drilled into the fiber of his being, they were nothing next to what was happening.

He wasn't just embracing the cold, the cold was embracing him. What had once been formless, waiting for his touch, was now touching him back. The sheer depth behind what he had thought he knew was enough to make him numb in surprise and amazement, but he wasn't given time to let it get to him. In fact, the thought was barely allowed to occur before whatever cognitive abilities he had were ripped away and he was turned into nothing more than a receptacle for those warring factions. Before, it was like he was given a rough outline of urges and left to blindly grope around in the hope that he could learn to correctly traverse the strewn minefield of rights and wrongs those urges responded to, but now, now it was like he had been thrust from the womb right into a world so much larger than what he had known.

It was the only analogy he could think of to do it justice. Blind, deaf, mute; lacking taste, odour, touch, even breath, and then suddenly he was gulping in his first lungful of air as every sense exploded into awareness. There was more to the cold than he had ever considered, ever suspected. Classifying it as merely Cold did it an injustice, for it encompassed everything that had to do with its element. It was the true Formless, for what he had originally thought to hold that title had shown a facet of itself far deeper than only giving life to imagination.


Passion, love, wanton lust. What had been formless was caressing him with the familiarity of a lover, the desperation of a being possessed purely by need, and even as he inevitably responded to those attentions, there was still more. It seemed to reach right through him, gently lavishing attention on his very heart itself to bask in the glow it created. It was not merely formless, it existed on an entirely different plane, on a level easy to comprehend but hard to remember, difficult to classify but effortless to experience, larger and more frightening than the strongest physical power.

They were no longer simple impulses, mere guesswork in an unknown reality, they were driving desires, foundational characteristics! He was drowning, being consumed by an enveloping ocean that was forcing the air from his body, driving into his lungs, his cells, forever foraging deeper, and at the same time being burned from the inside out by an emotional firestorm that was targeting a completely different part of him.

It was overwhelming—intoxicating. His body heaved for breath it couldn't gather even as pleasure coursed through it from invisible touches made by the Cold but drenched in the Formless. The already dark surroundings slowly started vanishing as unseen lips began trailing down his neck, as fingers so like the Cold moved to stroke down his chest and map the hardened muscle underneath until they were wrapped firmly around his straining manhood. Even as he shuddered in bliss and made soundless gasps as he was tortuously brought to that peak, the lips were moving along his skin, ever lowering, their destination clear. A very recognizable pressure was building and…

He shot awake with a strangled gasp, crumpling sheets between clenching fingers as he realized the pleasure was still there, and still growing. There was no chance for him to do anything when he felt those cool lips close over his pulsing erection, he was so close to the edge he could only arch his back and spasm as he came with a choked cry. The woman clearly didn't mind this if her satisfied hum was anything to go by, and as his eyes struggled into focus and he managed to convince his lungs they weren't filled with water, he saw a very naked Mizore Shirayuki grinning not unlike her duet partner as she slid up his body, though it was perfectly clear to him where one of her hands remained.

"Good morning, Tsukune," she greeted softly, her bright blue eyes twinkling.

"Gah…" was her lover's less-than-eloquent response, but her smile only deepened. He was more than aware of the slow, deliberate strokes she was administering to his throbbing sex, and even as his parched throat ached to break its lengthy fast, his nostrils were filled with the sharp, pungent aroma of the snow woman's desire. The fire in his blood roared to life at the ready offering being presented to him, and she moaned appreciatively when he reached over to pull her into a devouring kiss. His dreams forgotten, the worries of the day could wait for a little while; he had a wonderful woman that needed his attention, one whom had just awoken him in the most wonderful of ways.

As she wrestled her tongue into his mouth he fought back with vigor, and fell back with a harsh groan when she reminded him where her hand was with a quick squeeze. She used the opportunity to the fullest, and threw a leg over his waist as she moved to straddle him fully, effectively trapping him beneath her. He felt no reason to try and change that as she leaned down to resume their oral entanglement, and both moaned when she started grinding into him, rubbing his length into the cleft of her dripping womanhood.


The ice maiden decided right then that there was no better way to start the day.

"What do you want, Tsukune?" she whispered, her voice naught but a throaty purr as her kisses began to stray down his chin to nip at his neck. It was killing her to be so close to him and have to hold herself back, and though she knew it would only take a small movement on either of their parts to be complete, this was what she wanted. Drifting seductively upright, feminine fingers guided their masculine counterparts to her pert breasts, and as he heeded the wordless appeal she hummed in approval. With her full weight suspended on him, she rolled her pelvis lazily, taunting both him and herself with the static crackle of pleasure that crawled through them every time her sensitive slit traced the imposing girth of his arousal. "Can you feel me? Feel how wet you've made me, Tsukune. I'm yours, all you have to do is tell me what you want."

He hissed in a decidedly animalistic manner and threw his head back harder into his pillow as she continued her glorious torture. Mizore was nothing if not patient, and he knew she could keep them on the edge for a good long time if she ever felt so inclined. He had yet to find out just how long that could be—and part of him never wanted to—but he would be the first to admit that the explosion that came at the end was absolutely rapturous. For a woman that had once only looked and never touched, she had been taking great delight in closing that gap in her education. Ever since he was turned what had been common habits of hers had been changing, but it had never been made clearer to him than after they had taken that final step that it wasn't so much that they were changing, but that she was opening herself up more.

She was a shy person, but behind her inhibitions there was a woman that wanted to be loved in every possible way. She wasn't unaware of the figure she held, nor was she ignorant in how to use it. That calm confidence was shown in whatever she wore, be it a cheerleading uniform, bikini, or even a kimono adjusted to her own styling. No, for her it had never been about external beauty, it had always been about being accepted for who she was, quirks and all. In her friends, her new family, she had found that. Around them she didn't need to be afraid of rejection, even if they didn't always agree with each other. Around them she could be herself, and more than that, explore who she wanted to be.

But for the quiet, normally soft-spoken snow woman, the bedroom was the one place she could let herself go completely. There they were all on equal footing, discovering the new and beautiful world of their sexuality. She touched and was touched, kissed and was kissed; it was intimacy on a level once attainable only in her dreams, and she loved every single awkward, tentative, sometimes even painful second of it. It was those moments that led to the incredible. Even if she didn't necessarily know what she wanted or how to do it like Kurumu always seemed to, she didn't fear voicing it, and had quickly learned that to be one of her greatest weapons against Tsukune's restraint.

She wanted him, craved him, but in some ways Tsukune was even more shy than she was. If she could peel that away with a few well-worded taunts, she would do it, and gladly. Just remembering the look that appeared in his eyes when she dipped into her expanding repertoire of vulgarity made her shiver inside. For that matter, even Kurumu had been surprised by some of the words she had uttered during their memorable ménage à trois, but the succubus hadn't discouraged it either. The opposite, actually. Now she had never been quite as silent as their alumna friend Sun, for example, but she found being allowed to whisper, groan, even scream what she had once only dared write down in her most private diary extremely invigorating, not to mention arousing. Tsukune obviously thought the same, though it never failed to make him blush.

She considered turnabout not only fair play, but simply natural, and had made it a point to not let them continue before he told her what he wanted. His hands were sliding down her taut skin, trembling over the flesh of her firm butt as if fighting to keep from digging into it and holding her in place so he could sate the burning desire she was denying him. She knew he wouldn't though, not without her permission. If things went as planned though…

Caramel eyes almost black with need pleaded with her, but she just repeated her prior words.

He nearly whimpered. "Mizore…dammit…"

Just a bit more. She could tell he was close. As much for her as it was for him, she grabbed his wrists and shoved his hands onto her ass herself, then she ground down, hard.

He couldn't describe what overtook his mind. The situation wasn't anything that hadn't happened before, though they had only managed the occasional night together since he had returned, and honestly he genuinely enjoyed seeing Mizore so unburdened and playful, but from within the confines of his currently lust-ridden consciousness, something he hadn't known had been waiting snapped into place.

Mizore's back arched impossibly far as she motioned to scream but could only gasp, breathless and alight in sensation, as suddenly her lover was embedded fully inside her. She was plenty ready for him, but that didn't mean she wasn't still tight, nor was he inconsiderable in size. The slight sting of pain unusually made the pleasure coursing through her all the sweeter, but her breath was not so quickly recovered, and he used that to flip their positions, shifting deeper into her as his weight was added and—perhaps unintentionally—pinched her aching clit amidst their sandwiched bodies.

The snow heiress tried again to scream, and this time succeeded. "Oh my god!"

Even Tsukune Aono could allow himself a small surge of masculine pride at that exclamation, and watching her writhe under him only emphasized the exquisite pleasure playing havoc with his nervous system. It was indescribable. The instincts of a vampire knew well the desires of the body, but now…now he really knew. The desperation, the urge, the insatiable need she had kindled in him was still there, but all he saw was her, all he felt was her. Where before there had been the wall that separated soul from soul between them, instead there was only a veil. Far from transparent, as sturdy as any wall, but what it revealed… It was…it was…hypnotizing.

She was a corona of snow-white power, a nova of lust and love shining brighter than any sun, and he felt like he could spend eternity just basking in that glow. This was beyond reading auras, different from sensing youki; this was a connection. They were connected, physically, intimately, intrinsically, and it was familiar. He had felt something like this before, only then he had been on the receiving end. This was both so much more, and yet not enough. It could get better, he knew it, he needed it.

Clear blue eyes could only stare into their chocolate counterparts, so overcome at the intensity in his gaze they hardly noticed the changed shape of his ears or the leathery wings that had appeared on his back. As her lungs fought for oxygen and her ankles locked over the small of his back however, she just didn't care. He had finally taken the initiative. Like he was reading her thoughts, he dug into her using solely his hips, teasing her little bundle of nerves mercilessly, and she hissed, "Oh yes!"

A sensuous chuckle rumbled from his chest as he reveled in the tremors of her inner walls. "What do I want?" he asked lowly as he pressed his chest to hers, bracing one elbow under her armpit as his other hand began wandering down her side, back down to the firm swell of her ass. The tempo he started was agonizing to the snow woman, just small, toe-curling motions that did nothing but force him deeper momentarily before retreating. "That's simple, I want to make you feel as good as you make me. I want you everywhere, in every way. God, I want you when we spar, in the club room, on your desk, anywhere as long as you want it."

It took a second for that to sink in, but when it did, the smile that blossomed on her lips was positively beatific. Never had he answered her in so much detail. It almost seemed like a confession to himself as much as it was to her, and that was what she really wanted. But it wasn't enough. She had to keep pushing.

"And why don't you take me?" she whispered hotly, directly into his ear, and with their position she could literally feel the shudder go through him. It was the question she wasn't alone in wanting the answer to; even Moka had expressed her confusion on the point during their numerous girls' nights over his month-long absence.

"Aren't I?" was his cheeky reply, but before he could do another of those deliciously deep thrusts, she used the fact that her legs were already wrapped around his waist to lock him in place.

"I mean it, Tsukune."

And she did, he knew that with every sense that was attuned to her. More than that, she had him exactly where she wanted him, and it wasn't like he could just avoid the subject here. He relaxed slightly, allowing more of his weight onto her as he rested his head against her shoulder. Did he want to have this conversation? Not in the least. Could he do anything about it? He could, but those choices would universally result in an end he wasn't willing to consider. Let it not be said that Mizore Shirayuki didn't know how to pick her battles. Or her battlefields.

Quietly, the question came. "Now?"

She smiled as she planted gentle kisses along his neck, and jerked her legs just enough to move his length in her and make her moan. "What better time is there? I want to know, Tsukune. Didn't I tell you? Tell me what you want."

His response wasn't unexpected, and it held all the uncertainty of the regular teen he once was. "I just…what if… I mean…you're gorgeous, you all are, and god, I could spend all day in bed with you if I could…" She chuckled and kissed his collarbone in unspoken agreement, but she still had to strain her ears to hear what finally passed through his pride. "…Saying it out loud sounds…especially here but… But what if…well…you don't…you-know?"

There it was.

With strength that belied her small frame, she easily rolled them over so she was back on top, grinning all the while. At the first sign of discomfort he had managed to brace himself enough that his wings weren't completely pinned, but it put him in her mercy even more now that his arms were occupied. "And here we thought we were teaching you so well. Tsukune, I'm not saying it won't happen, but if you don't try you'll never know, will you? Be spontaneous, do something crazy; you've never said no to me, do you think we'd be so quick to say no to you? You are mine," she groaned with a sway of her pelvis that had him hiss out a sharp breath, "You are all of ours, and we're yours as well. Take that. You know what I want? I've told you. I want you, Tsukune. Did you think that applied to just that time, or just now? No, I want you. I want to do it when we spar, I want to do it in the club room, I want to do it on my desk, the teacher's desk, the headmaster's desk; Iwantyou, and you know I'm not the only one."

He hadn't thought he could get any harder, but he was proven wrong. Silently, he cursed himself for thinking he was being clever by started off so slow when Mizore was a master of the art, and not so silently cursed aloud when she raised herself up, tortuously dragging his erection out of her velvety sheath before slamming it back in.

"Language, Tsukune," she teased playfully, and he had enough of his faculties left to manage an incredulous glare at her.

"You're one to—gah!" What she knew he would say was interrupted by a skillful twist of her hips, and when she leaned down to tease his chest with her teeth his breath was stolen from him in a ragged cry that made her insides curl with delight.

"You want me too, don't you?" she pouted mischievously.

His teeth clenched. "God, yes!"

Her ascent started again. "You want to pound my little pussy 'til I can't walk straight?"

"Yes!" he moaned, and she dropped, tearing another harsh moan from his throat.

She grabbed at his tail, and when she licked the end he nearly lost it. "You want to bend me over my desk and do my ass so hard I can't sit for days?"

He threw his head back and growled, "Yes!"

Leaning down, she bit hard enough into his neck to leave an angry mark of red in his skin, and just before their lips met, she murmured, "Then do it."

And through their fledgling connection, that indescribable tie that had somehow weakened the bonds of self between them, Tsukune felt something he never would have expected. Behind the snowstorm of power, beneath the light that seemed to come from her soul itself, there flickered remnants of…frustration…apprehension…fear. It struck him all at once that they were just as afraid as he was, and that him not coming to any of them had been just as bad as them not coming to him. He could hardly count the times they had swallowed their fear and given form to their desires, and so too did they want him to do the same. He had spent a month growing into a predator that could be respected in the wilds, conquered the fear of himself and his life as a vampire, but not the much simpler, and yet so much more terrifying fear every human and monster had: that of rejection.

Mizore had chosen the one time that couldn't even be considered to teach that lesson, when they were joined, bound in both love and body, completely accepting of one another, and he found a wide smile stretching on his lips as he accepted her kiss. Supported as he was on his elbows to keep his wings from being crumpled under him, his options were limited, but he dug his heels into his futon and jerked his hips up, pressing himself even deeper inside her and gaining a high-pitched grunt of pleasure from his lover in the process. She responded in kind, but slower, tantalizingly drawing him only inches out before grinding herself back down, and he could see the curiosity in her beautiful blue eyes half-hidden beneath long violet lashes. If only she could see what he was seeing, feel what he was feeling…

Since she couldn't, he would have to show her.

Luckily for him, they were in the perfect situation for him to do that.

Though something deep inside was gratified immensely whenever he was able to watch her ride him, use him for her own pleasure, sadly that went against what he wanted to accomplish this particular time. His arms strained as he moved to twist them over and keep her from falling too quickly at the same time, and though she whined when she felt him slide out of her, his fingers soon kept her from feeling the loss. For him it was probably just as jarring, for what little there was of that amazing connection all but disappeared. Even with that, it still felt like his mind was operating on a different level, that he could see differently than he had before, and as he captured her resulting moan in a deep kiss he felt things, suggestions seemingly implanted straight into brain that he found himself investigating inquisitively, and was quite pleased—and shocked—at the reactions.

No more so than Mizore herself, whom was all but outright squirming under his assault. His fingers could reach so much farther than hers, and he was using two to plunder her body, search for new areas he had yet to discover that would make her scream and curse, and all the while his thumb traced lazy circles around her clit that made her legs tremble uncontrollably. She wanted to protest, wanted him back inside her totally, but she just couldn't bring herself to utter so much as a word of anything but praise as her lover laid beside her and licked at her oh so annoyingly sensitive nipples, as his fingers danced within her and his tail flicked teasingly at the underside of her breasts. Her chest was tight with pleasure, hardly able to fit any air through the gaps in her acclamations, and she knew she wouldn't be able to last as long as she wanted to. What made it even more unbearable was the scorching heat of his hard length pulsing with impatience against her hip, thick with blood and slick with remnants of her, and yet somehow he was able to ignore it better than she could.


Her back arched when he replaced his tongue with his teeth against her hardened pink nubs, and her eyes screwed tight even as she finally gained a hold of what she wanted. Her lover hissed in no small amount of bliss when her hand began running hard strokes up and down his neglected arousal, but to her profound disappointment it had the opposite effect of what she was going for, and she swore when he leaned out of her grip and off of her entirely.

"Language, Mizore," he chuckled as he crawled down her body, and blue eyes narrowed at him.

"Tsukune, I want that fuc—!" she cut herself off with a yelp when he spread her legs and unceremoniously lifted her hips so she was resting solely on her shoulders, which left her looking up at her own reddened slit as he leaned between her airborne legs. Her face flamed at the embarrassing position, but despite that she was more turned on then ever. Tsukune was not only showing her what he wanted, he was taking it. Of course, it probably had more to do with who she was that what he was doing was affecting her so much, but she was sure the others would enjoy it just as much. She knew for a fact Moka kept a secret stash of 'bodice-rippers' hidden away from her well-stocked bookshelf. Then he was attacking the folds of her womanhood with his tongue, and all thought was redirected to processing the wonders rushing through her body.

Watching him was nearly as arousing as what he was doing to her. Seeing his tightly muscled arms wrapped around her waist to keep her lower half upright as kneeled in front of her, licking and nibbling at her weeping sex; gazing into eyes the color of burnished copper while he tasted a uniqueness purely her own; it sent quivers through her. Her fingers clawed at his thighs as her clitoris became the focus of his efforts, but his grip on her made it impossible for her to push herself closer to his wandering mouth. She was so close.

"Oooh god, don't you stop, don't you dare stop, you hear me?! Shit, shit shit shit shit shit!"

Which was when she was promptly reminded he wasn't restricted to just two hands anymore, and any profanity that may have wanted to come forth was silenced into a shriek of pleasure as his tail pushed into her.

"Oh yes! Deeper, push it deeper, Tsukune!"

Mizore's eyes rolled back in her head when he did just that, his focus never wavering from her engorged pearl. There was no chance of her holding back. She came, reduced to a mass of trembling limbs as her orgasm ripped through her like a freight train, bringing blessed relief to every pore it passed through before new motions of the prehensile appendage inside her set off another wave…and another…and another. When she finally came down from the haze of climaxes she realized she was once again laying fully on the futon, and noticed with approval that her lover was busying himself kissing her stomach on the way up her body. She couldn't wait for there to be a slight swell he would be kissing there too.

"Mhmmm, you sure know how to make a girl feel loved," she rasped as she stretched beneath him, trying to will some strength back into her tingling extremities. His quiet laughter into her skin made her giggle, and when his face came before her at last she sluggishly wound a hand into his hair, greeting his smile with one practically glowing with satisfaction as she tugged him down to her lips. She had never been so glad to wake up so early in the morning. She wanted to enjoy this to the fullest before she had to face their entire school.

"Just returning the favor, Mizore," Tsukune replied when she let him go, and she quickly brought him back down for an encore.

It wasn't enough.

He choked on a gasp when her small hand grabbed his manhood none too gently and set it at her entrance. She would not be denied any longer.

"No more, Tsukune. I want that cock in me now."

He shivered, both from the order and the tone it was spoken in. Mizore was usually so cautious with her inflection and actions, though less so around members of their group, but when they were making love… He couldn't have said no if he wanted to, and that was the farthest thing from his mind.

The ice maiden moaned openly when he did as she commanded, and her vampire did the same as he sunk into her completely. He filled her almost to the point of pain, small as she was, but there was no feeling comparable to taking every inch inside her and having his hips rest against hers. She didn't bother restraining a deep hum of gratitude when he gave them a magnificent moment to savor the feeling, and then he was moving, long, deep thrusts that almost voided her of him entirely before she was full to the brim once more. The harsh slaps of their bodies meeting were no match for her gleeful cries as she took everything he gave her with joyful abandon, and did her best to brace herself appropriately when he hooked an arm under one of her legs and leaned over her, supporting himself with one hand as he started in on a new angle, one previously unexplored.

Even her growing collection of crudity failed her. A breathy whimper was all that would come off her strangely heavy tongue as she lolled her head back in a daze, and every time he hit that spot her toes would quaver and her fingers would clench as a new sound was coerced from her throat. He was so deep, hitting her just right so hard it was making her dizzy with pleasure; she swore she could even feel her womb trembling in anticipation. She felt every vein as he slid out of her tightening womanhood, and even as it fought to keep him inside he was pushing back in, electrifying every nerve on the path back to that spot she couldn't describe but desperately desired. It was as if her whole body was preparing to explode, and even if it was she had never wanted to die so badly.

Tsukune was so absorbed in her—her feeling, her energy, her spirit, her body—it was all he could do to remember who he was. The veil between them, the connection that had been hazy at best before, had never been so clear in his mind's eye, but the sweat-slicked beauty grinding herself into him demanded his full attention. White-hot bliss assaulted his senses from all directions as he strove to delve deeper, to satisfy the burning need he somehow knew wasn't his own, and the more he did the more she squeezed. It was agony in the most beautiful sense of the word.

"Tsukune—uh—so full…more…more! I'm almost…!"

Her hands wound under his arms, reaching up behind his back to his shoulders so she could pull him closer to her and feel his heated cold as she prepared to lose herself once more, but he had a different idea. She muffled a shout into his neck when he jerked down, curling himself over her as he shuffled his freed arm into position beneath her other leg, and with one solid flap of his wings had brought himself to his feet. Items rattled around his room from the displaced air, but she didn't hear any of that as blood pounded in her ears and her vision swam.


He was standing up, holding her only under her knees while her grip on him kept her supported. Somehow, it felt like he had gotten deeper. She couldn't bring herself to speak, could hardly move as his every step jostled her insides, and her overwhelmed brain only discovered there was a destination in mind when she felt the cool plaster of his dorm room wall press against her back. The deep, even tempo of before was discarded in the new position; it was hard, it was fast, and it was everything she could do to keep from passing out. When she felt his tail prod at her ass, her eyes had just enough time to widen before the spaded tip had pushed beyond the ring of muscle and was thrusting in dissonant harmony with him, spearing her from both sides.

"Oh my GOD!"

She really, really wanted to be upset at Kurumu for awakening her to the pleasures she could feel from such an unusual place, but that had been a lost cause ever since she had first tasted the fruits of that forbidden orifice. Besides which, she knew she had brought it on herself by doing it to the succubus in the first place, and she would never regret it. The explosion was building, gaining strength at an alarming rate with her so absolutely filled by her lover. She didn't know how long she was able to take the treatment, certainly not near as long as she would have liked, but the combination of his manhood pushing the limits of her stretched sheath and his tail doing the same from behind could only be endured so much. Every thrust felt twice as jarring with gravity aiding their force, and her nails clawed for purchase in his flesh as she felt the end near.


Two things happened as the blinding intensity of her orgasm overtook her.

For Tsukune, the veil which had allowed him to see the immaterial hidden under the physical suddenly vanished entirely, plunging him into the heart of the snow-white supernova burning with everything he had come to love about Mizore Shirayuki.

For Mizore, nothing could describe what she felt as that occurred, and she bit into his shoulder to mute the pitched shriek that was torn from her as it did. Hard enough to draw blood.

His blood.

Vampire blood.

The tattoo of twisted vines on her ring finger glowed like fire as she shook in renewed climax, harder than ever before, and Tsukune had no choice but to tumble over the edge with her as she milked him for all he was worth. Even as he filled her with the proof of his love, groaned out loud as he finally found release, another part of him was still basking in the ethereal blizzard of a power he knew had to be his lover's. It was that part of him that felt red tinge an otherwise colorless purity, bolster a blizzard already raging strong into a storm of epic proportions. And as he tasted the power growing so great it was leaking over their tie, it was that part of him that knew instinctively what had taken place…and what it was he was actually doing.

Frantically, he grabbed that connection, forced it as wide as it could go, then pulled as much of that cold into himself as it needed to return to normal.

It felt like his very soul shivered. A spasm rippled through him, almost painful as his body unexpectedly ached to match itself to the power rushing into it, and he nearly collapsed when for the second time that day, something in his brain cracked into awareness with a sound not unlike shattering glass. He was moving before he even knew what it was he wanted to do, and a throaty howl came from the woman in his hold as his fangs dug deep into her neck to prolong her stay in paradise. Not only was he drinking her blood, he was literally pulling from the fount of her essence itself in the deepest possible way. A wave of nostalgia washed over him, like memories from forgotten fantasies, and with it a sense of understanding so unfathomable it could only be described as instinctual settled over him.

So as they shared that moment—a climax between lovers, a bond between souls, an experience of shared blood—Tsukune did what Kurumu had yet to try. While he stood in the center of a snowstorm that would never hurt him, while his physical self licked her neck clean and began a tender kiss she returned with her whole heart, he reached inside where that connection linked to him and he pushed.

She could see what he was seeing. She could feel what he was feeling. Like he had first thought, it all lay in his ability to show them to her. Never in his wildest dreams would he have suspected he might be able to do that so…directly.

In that shared moment…in that singular, small set of heartbeats as orgasm turned to afterglow…the two communed in a way greater than any mere expression of words.

All too soon Tsukune felt the veil of individuality replace itself, and a soft sigh escaped him as he leant his forehead against the wall by his lover's head. In finding out how he had even become aware of such a thing, he knew he had once again gone far beyond what either of his trainers had suspected a Blood Sage was capable of. He had seen his ice maiden's inner strength for all that it was, mingled with the wellspring of her spirit and taken from its stores. He had been an incubus in everything but name. With the addition of her youki in so pure a form, however, holding the transformation had become a conscious decision rather than the near thoughtless transition it usually was.

Though reluctant to part with the indescribable sight of her through their connection he would always reverently hold in his memories, the part of his blood that sang to her nature wanted to be with her as she deserved, as one being of living winter to another. He couldn't deny that desire wasn't also his own. A soft whimper came from Mizore when his tail left her to disappear with the rest of his borrowed features, but he didn't stay normal for long. When their eyes finally met, it was just in time for her to see the last of his hair be replaced by crystal, and just in time for him to see the last remnant of ruby drain from her sapphire irises.

Terror like nothing he had ever known gripped him, but only for an instant. It was assuaged by the watery gaze she held on him, and the tracks of frozen tears glimmering on her cheeks as she lifted an inhuman hand to stroke his cheek. He hadn't even noticed that she had taken on her true appearance, or when she had done so. Her unsteady legs barely held her weight when he set her down to hold her close, but she didn't falter, nor did she question why his arousal had left him so abruptly. She knew the look he wore; something had startled him, frightened him, and badly. While some part of her knew she should be concerned about that, she couldn't dredge up the ability to dwell on it. She had bigger things to deal with.

"You do love me," she whispered, voice rough from overuse and thick with emotion as more tears thickened the stained trails down her face.

She had known it; he had told it to her time and again, showed her as often as he could, but nothing, nothing, could have prepared her to feel it with everything that she had been, was, and ever would be.

"You do want me."

More than any physiological response or heated look ever could, she had felt deep in the core of her soul how much she meant to him, how every new quirk he discovered only made him crave her more. He didn't just want her physically, he wanted her. How he wanted her happiness—to give her children just as much as she wanted to have his children. How he wanted her sadness—to know her fears just so he could fight them away with her. How he wanted her mind…her body…her. How desperately he wanted her to know all that.

A soft smile stretched over his lips as she tried to describe what she had experienced and only ended up moving her mouth.

"Of course I love you," he responded gently. Showing her how much had been easy after he had felt the depth of her own for him, and for their family. Feeling, knowing that Moka loved him through their blood-bond was humbling enough, being able to have that with Mizore—and eventually the rest of his family, now that he knew of the possibility—was nothing short of a divine blessing, and one he would thank the heavens for until his dying day. He kissed her tenderly, taking in her sob as he did while he reached up with a hand all but identical to hers to wind their fingers together by his cheek. The kiss strayed off course as he moved her hand over his scarred chest to rest on his hip, then rose to carefully brush the swell of her breast as his lips roamed down to her neck. "And I said it before didn't I? I could never get enough of you."

She issued a whine of discontent when his progress halted, but stilled when she felt him sigh into her collarbone. If there was one thing she knew, it was Tsukune's body language, and he was clearly trying to work up his nerve. While she tried to think of everything that might be bothering him, what fear he might be wrestling with, that thought almost instantaneously brought to mind the fear she had seen in his eyes just a few minutes prior. Now that she had the time to consider it in a more lucid state, it hadn't been a fear of something, it had been a fear for something. What could have possibly happened that she wouldn't have been aware of? It wasn't like she hadn't been with him the whole time. Biblically, even. Whatever it was, she was confident he would talk about it given the proper encouragement.

Her lover let loose the breath he hadn't known he was holding when he felt her arms wrap around him, and soon it was her lips trailing along his neck, mutely inquiring as to what was wrong as the palms of her icy claws rubbed soothing designs of no particular origin on his back. It was almost hard to believe how easily she understood him even when he didn't know what to say, but then again, Mizore could tell whole stories without ever saying a word. It wasn't like the ones he needed were hard to say either, it was just what they represented was so hard to deal with. Nonetheless, they needed to be said.

"…You bit me."

Of all the things she had been expecting, that hadn't even been on her radar. Still, she felt her already cold blood go that much colder. Thinking back, all she remembered was the bliss of climax, an alien yet familiar presence, and then…then…shaking, boiling over in pleasure and power and oh god the heat so cold it burned that made her come so hard she almost fainted.

Now that she looked, she could see the dried blood on his shoulder, from a wound long-since healed. No wonder he had been frightened; she couldn't blame him. Hell, she was frightened. Ingesting vampire blood was not something done lightly, and it certainly wasn't without its consequences. That begged the question though, why was she still alright?


He made the vocal equivalent of a shrug as he straightened to return her hug and just take comfort in her company. That may have been the intention, but she couldn't help but smile internally when she felt the renewed throb of his manhood against her stomach. She could definitely attest to fears being surprisingly easy to overcome when both people involved happened to be naked, and her insides fluttered at the thought of him within her again.

As she sought out his alarm clock to see if they had enough time for another round before school, she quickly realized there had been consequences.

Ironically enough, she noticed this just as Tsukune was saying, "I think I accidentally siphoned off the surge of youki that would have hurt you when you did, even with the little that you got, and that saved you from most of the effects. We got very lucky."

She chuckled weakly, though her eyes were filled with mirth. "Maybe not as lucky as you think."

He followed the motions she was making with her head to look behind him, and soon enough he was fighting off laughter with her.

The rest of the room was covered in a good three inches of snow.

A wave of her hand and the white powder was turned into humidity, and another wave, aimed at his washroom this time, was followed by the sound of water settling into place, leaving his dorm and all of its contents as dry as it ever was.

Her lover just smiled and shook his head. "You amaze me, you know that?"

"You're not so bad yourself," she replied with an impish smirk as she playfully pushed him away from her. "Now then, we've got a tub waiting for us and enough time to make sure we can get thoroughly clean. Let's not waste it, hmm?"

An ever-so-familiar grin split his face. "Wouldn't want the water to get warm, now would we?" he asked rhetorically as he easily hoisted her back into him, earning a giggle from the woman as she clenched her legs around his waist obligingly and crossed her long fingers together behind his neck.

"Don't worry, I'll make sure you won't even miss the heat," she promised, tone heavy with implications that made his cock throb into the crest of her ass. "One day I'll have you, just like this, surrounded by the shirayukis under the snowy sky. The only warmth I'll need is yours, the only heat on your mind will be mine. We'll take each other again and again in every way we can think of until the mountains remember the storm we make. Can you imagine that?"

The insistent pulse she could feel beneath her confirmed that he could, and her smirk stayed in place as she reached down to run her icy digits up the sensitive underside of his arousal, pressing him into the gap of her smooth rear.

"Doesn't sound so bad, does it?"

He shook his head in the negative while soft clouds formed from his tightly controlled breaths. "I don't think I'll ever get used to you talking like that, but god it's hot."

Her smirk widened.



After a bath where she had been scrubbed clean in ways that still made her tingle gloriously, Mizore Shirayuki could honestly say she was ready to face anything the day threw at them. Considering today was the day they would find out just how ready the rest of the Third Years were for a Safety Commission to be reinstated, that was saying something.

She had to admit, joining Tsukune for his little lie-in had been a great way to end their vacation. She might not have been as tired as him, but she had been given unrestricted access to his room in the meantime, and it was nice to be able to look around. He didn't have much in the way of worldly possessions, but every trinket he had been given over the years was proudly displayed where all could see. Most of those had been knocked out of place by the ill-considered use of his wings that morning, but somehow she didn't think he'd be too upset.

As it was, she was enjoying watching him dress as he belted his black slacks into place. It was amazing how deceptively slimming black was. Tsukune was by no means skinny anymore, but with the dark color covering him she would hardly suspect how muscular he really was unless he flexed. The pants hugged him in all the right ways though, and she made no effort to hide her uninhibited leer as she strolled up behind him. His hair was in fluffy disarray from their bath and longer than he had ever let it grow before, but something about him just glowed with charisma she knew he had but rarely showed. It was impossible to put her finger on, but it was almost like something had taken his base features, already impressive to begin with, and slowly started to…refine them.

Bronzed skin seemed softer yet firmer at the same time; dark hair was that much darker; the flow of his body, trained from awkward schoolboy to deadly predator, had shifted sensuously, just enough to accentuate the lethal grace he carried and combine it with the carnal knowledge he had been gaining in the bedroom. To be perfectly honest, he radiated sex.

It was right then she figured out Kurumu really had been getting more beautiful, and it hadn't been a figment of her imagination.

Still clad in only her underwear, they struck quite a sight in the mirror as she ran her pale arms down his chest. "How does it feel?" she asked.

He sighed as he wrapped a hand in hers. "How does it feel to be wearing the same uniform as a guy who nearly killed me? Honestly, I'm feeling a bit sick to my stomach."

She nodded sympathetically and held him tighter. "We said we'll change the Commission, let's start by changing the uniform a little."

His confusion was easy to see, but that was likely because all he mostly wore was the school uniform, and he had never dared alter it before. This case was the exception, and he gave no resistance when she unzipped the light jacket that would have normally served as the underlay for the blazer and pulled it from his shoulders. After a quick search through his closet, she held out the gold button-up she and Kurumu had all but demanded he buy on their trip to the Arcade months ago for him to put on, and gave an overly-dramatic sigh when he did it up normally. It would work for what she needed at the moment, so she allowed it, then shrugged back on the inner jacket over top. As she had hoped, it had just the right amount of movement available for it, and when she had loosened the cuffs it was a simple matter to push up the sleeves, which she then repeated with his shirt, though those sleeves she rolled up over the jacket's. Undoing just enough buttons on his shirt to tease at the tanned chest it concealed, she finished the look by zipping up the uniform only enough for it to fold outwards under his shirt's collar.

In her own opinion, biased though it may be, she was damn proud of her work. Such a minor alteration and Tsukune was able to keep the professional feel with a more casual demeanor. It was a given some of the members were going to change their uniforms a bit—within reason, as the headmaster had permitted—and she had to trust that theirs would turn out as well as his. That the headmaster allowed it at all was a statement more than anything. They wanted people to take the commission seriously, but they didn't want to come across as harsh as the original the Third Years would still remember. She was just glad Tsukune had a shirt that went so well with the gold-bordered uniform. At the time they had wanted it for him because the color went so well with his eyes, but right then it was just plain dumb luck.

"There. Much better, don't you think?"

He nodded numbly.

She giggled. "Want to see mine?"

After a quick trip to the gutter, his reply to that was much faster.

Tsukune slumped into his desk chair as Mizore sashayed into his bathroom to get ready, gifting him with a perfect view of her panty-clad posterior as she did. He had forgotten all about the multitude of uses she had for her ice puppets—getting her stuff when she didn't want to leave his side one of them. She could literally be in as many places as she needed to be at once.

I wonder what that's like? he thought distractedly, and started terribly when he looked down at his hands and saw they had already transformed. W-What the hell?!

It had been ages since it had just happened like that; it was always a choice! They quickly morphed back under his direction, but he was suddenly doubly aware of everything that had only gotten louder to his senses since earlier. His skin crawled, his body eager to demonstrate the newfound control he felt over the slightest bit of moisture in the air; his mind itched to play with reality, lustful and, more importantly, infinitely conscious of the bonds his blood had already established. It was almost as if he could feel every beat of Rei's heart through his own, and Moka…Moka was a presence by herself if he actually looked for her.

With just the slightest bit of focus he could easily feel the blood-magic they had exchanged, and what was steadily growing between them because of it. He could tell how nervous she was, not to mention anxious, a bit scared, and, deep down, proud. In fact—and here he didn't know what to think—he was sure he could practically tell the difference between Outer and Inner during the exchange. And that was the thing, there was a difference. Not that he had ever doubted the two were very much their own people though restricted to the same body, it was just…he didn't know how to describe it. Though the vampire within soothed her outer self with her usual cool authority, he was able to get a clear, if not horribly blurred, impression of singularity. Less like multiple personalities, more like…twins.

Before the thought had too much time to germinate, however, his musings were interrupted when a shy voice hesitantly asked, "Well?"

His libido took one look at her, then the clock, and whimpered. Loudly.

Gone was the pleated miniskirt he was so used to seeing; the baggy sweatshirt that had always hidden her curves from view was nowhere to be found. In front of him stood a woman every bit as dangerous as the uniform she was wearing.

A slit black skirt as short as its predecessor just barely preserved her modesty while showing off creamy thighs toned to perfection, where the belt known to her style was securely tied to her left, just above the black and gray striped socks pulled over what had to be miles of leg. The black button-up was a given, but somehow she had managed to find one fitted almost exactly to her and yet still had sleeves long enough for her to hide her hands in the open cuffs. Coupled with the dark yellow vest buttoned enough to accentuate her bust and the unfastened collar, he never would have guessed she was wearing her usual sports-bra if he hadn't seen it minutes earlier.

He very nearly succumbed to his libido. God did he ever want to.

For her part, pale lips curved upwards over her lollipop as she noticed his 'discomfort,' and she too had to fight off the desire his absolutely intense gaze was igniting in her. He made her feel positively radiant when he looked at her like that.

Purposefully letting her violet lashes hang low, she dragged the candy from her mouth in what was clearly an excruciating way to her lover, and just to make it worse, blew a gentle stream of frost over the glistening treat to keep it fresh before she deigned to meet his eyes. The thrill that shot up her spine made her weak in the knees when she did. She knew he wanted her, she would never be able to refute that after what he had shared with her, but damn if it wasn't gratifying to see him so riveting on her form.

"What do you think?" she murmured lowly.

His response was to march over to her and pull her into a kiss so passionate she had to remember how to breathe when it was done.


He grinned. "That's what I thought too."

Sometimes he was so sweet she felt like her heart would burst; this time her cheeks turned red. It was definitely time to move on, lest she get distracted again. A distracted Mizore would soon equal a distracted Tsukune, which would inevitably equal the two of them distracted from their clothing, which would then equal time distracted from a total they didn't have to spare on this particular day. It was a good thing patience was one of her defining traits. Besides, bottling it up made the explosion later that much sweeter, and oh did she ever love those explosions.

"Come on, we've got to do something with your hair before the assembly," she said as she dragged him back to the washroom.

"My hair?"

She had to chuckle at the absolute cluelessness in his tone. "Tsukune, trust me." She loved how she only needed to say those two words and almost all of his reticence disappeared, but just to make sure… "Tell you what," she told him coyly, "you let me do your hair…" And as her voice quieted, she tugged him down so her cold lips were right next to his ear, "…I'll leave the biting to the professionals."

The young vampire licked his suddenly dry lips, exposing eager fangs as he did.





The assembly was well underway by the time the twosome snuck in the back entrance to the gym hall, as had been planned by the headmaster. It had been decided earlier on in the summer that having the students see anyone wearing the infamous regalia of the Safety Commission before the announcement would bring nothing but trouble, and as such a school-wide gathering had been formulated for the first day back. It would be coordinated by the homeroom teachers of each class as to make sure every student was accounted for, and though their classmates would no doubt notice certain people would be missing, it was still better than the alternative. A veiled threat from the Dark Lord masquerading as a school administrator had curbed the desire for the members themselves to blab about their new position, and those in third year knew enough about the potential response to keep from doing so regardless.

The twosome hadn't met anyone on the way in, and as they made their way into the waiting room behind the main stage they could see why. Everyone was already there and mingling, chatting excitedly in hushed whispers and showing off their new uniforms to their colleagues. Tsukune noted nearly all of them were evidently paired up even in the larger groups of conversation, and smiled. It looked like the mentorship program the school board had initiated—after more than likely being introduced by the Exorcist—was taking off just fine. They were a small faction compared to the whole school, numbering just over forty for an academy that boasted an average of six hundred, but then again the original hadn't been that large either, and most of the reason they kept so many 'offenders' was because said offenders hadn't agreed to cede to the unreasonable demands put on them.

Even so, it was a lot of names to learn, and neither Tsukune nor Moka could reasonably say they knew everyone at a glance, even though they had been the ones going out to interview the members during the time the Newspaper Club had allotted themselves to work on formatting what had already been done. As the senior leaders, it was a foregone conclusion that they would be the ones building the first bridges, and it didn't hurt that many of the First and Second Years were enamored with Moka. He had gotten the strangest looks from some of the girls though…but he didn't pay too much attention to what they could mean. They had gotten it done with little fuss eventually, and it had been fun teaching Noriko and Isao the ropes of putting together a paper. He was confident they had gotten the copies ready for distribution the day before, but he regretted not being there to help.

A head of pink hair finally crossed his vision, and it came as no surprise that they found both Moka and Kurumu in what was easily the largest of the groups. The succubus was eating up the attention like she always did, happily chatting with the nervous but eager students around her, while Moka looked to be kindly offering her ear to those brave enough to talk to her. She was paler than normal, and clearly wasn't unaffected by what was going to happen, but was doing her level best to put up a strong front. Isao and Noriko were just off to their side, talking with Kokoa and adding their two cents every now and then, although the fair-haired youko was also admirably brushing off the glares sometimes directed at her back.

Mizore wisely decided not to mention the sideways peeks Tsukune himself was beginning to receive once people noticed they had entered.

Tsukune wisely decided not to mention he was sure most of those looks were for her, but he did edge a bit closer to her side.

Of course, everyone noticed them when Kurumu did, because she began to bounce up and down and made a run at him with his name on her lips. This time he was ready for her, and met her flying tackle with open arms—and wow, he had thought the looks some people were giving Noriko were bad; he could almost feel the hole being glared into him by the succubus' fans.

"G'morning, Tsukune!" she cheered happily, and smirked knowingly when she added a greeting to Mizore as he put her back on her feet.

Then her brain actually registered what it was seeing up close, and their replies fell on deaf ears.

Through the mad giggling she was doing in her head, there was only one thought: Mama like!

She walked around him slowly with her chin in hand, absorbing each and every detail with the scrutiny only a succubus could give. Most of the men were content to just absorb the sway of her gorgeous backside. The subtle call of attraction Kurumu knew well, a bestial siren song that appealed to the basest desires of man and monster alike, only grew in the air as her own heritage as a Nightwalker rose up to meet the delicious sensation her Destined One was sending out. It was magic that wasn't magic, something so physical it bordered on the mystical, a combination of pheromones and pure bodily sexuality that she had long ago found out to be a result of her taking from his immense youki stores. Since he was the one displaying the signs now…it didn't take much for her to figure out what had happened.

Lending further support to that theory was that, if she was reading him correctly, she wasn't the only one picking up on those signals. Tsukune's breathing was becoming heavier by the moment, his hands clenching at his sides as he reacted to something most monsters couldn't even consciously percept as their wills clashed. The charm of succubae and incubi was not so easily fought, and Kurumu had firsthand experience with having trouble controlling its intensity after the first time she had fed. Tsukune was obviously in the same boat. Men fidgeted and ladies squirmed, and not a few found themselves questioning their sexuality as their eyes fought between who to look at as the blunette finished her inspection with a decidedly lecherous grin.

"Oh Tsukune; oh Tsukune, Tsukune, Tsukune—what did you do now?"

Her lament might have been a bit more solemn had her eyes not been twinkling the entire time.

The brunet youth could only shrug apologetically, not even certain what it was he was apologizing for.

"And you," Kurumu drawled to her duet partner in a conspiratorial whisper, close enough to cut out any but the sharpest of ears, "you wouldn't happen to know why we walked to school in the snow at the beginning of September, would you?"

As she expected, Mizore's lily-white flesh practically lit up with embarrassment, but the snow woman gave no answer. That was fine; she suspected it wasn't a story she wanted to hear around too many witnesses anyway, and there were definitely plenty of those. Her lovers would be teased mercilessly, just at a later time. Judging from their expressions as she backed off, they knew that as well.

Twirling in place, she posed and cast a pout at the duo that would make models weep with envy. "Fine, be that way. Aren't you going to at least comment on moi?"

None of the comments that came immediately to mind were appropriate for polite company.

Black skirt molded sinfully to full hips, ornamented shirt—painfully similar to one once worn by a certain spider woman—filled to bursting; she was what criminals wished they would be arrested by. It didn't help matters that the shirt had been adjusted for proper 'breathing room,' or that the folded flap only brought more interest to her already impressive cleavage. The only things that stayed the same were her loose socks, but even they only added to her appeal.

Again, his libido was viciously squashed before it got him into trouble.

"It looks…good," he managed to choke out when he found his voice again. "Really, really good."

Her smile told him she knew exactly what he was actually thinking, and he was glad for it in that instance. He couldn't really kiss her senseless like he had Mizore when everyone was looking at them, not when they all thought Moka was his girlfriend girlfriend. It was safer that way, in any case. It was fortunate the kisses they had all showered him with after the confrontation at the dorm could easily be misconstrued into hugs from a distance. Even more fortunate was that many of their observers that day had stopped paying attention once the Valentine brothers had left, more focused on talking about what they had just seen, even if from far away.

Then again, it was entirely possible they had seen and the whole ploy was moot. In their minds he had been with the girls since first year, after all, so it wouldn't have been anything new. He preferred not to think of that one.

Still, better safe than sorry.

Apparently, Moka had decided it was a good time to remind their fellow students of that, because she walked straight up to him and pulled him down into a kiss so deep it took everyone's breaths away.

"Good morning, Tsukune, Mizore," the vampiress stated with a serene smile when she was done.

"'Morning," the ice maiden replied in her usual manner, but her lips twitched in amusement at the scene around them. "I think you broke them."

Moka only had to glance around for the spectators to hastily recover their jaws from the floor and scramble back into their conversations. That accomplished, she turned back to Mizore, unassuming smile in place once more. For some reason it filled the blue-eyed beauty with dread.

Walking them over to an as of yet unused corner, and shooting a warning look to Isao and Noriko to stay away for the moment, the sealed vampiress stared them down and said two words. "What. Happened?"

Mizore hummed thoughtfully. "Well, when a man and woman love each other very much, and when that woman decides to wake the man up with a blo—"

"Why you little—! You took my idea!" Kurumu interrupted in disbelief, before she grinned widely and mimed wiping away a stray tear. "They grow up so fast. I'm so proud!"

The snow woman reddened, while Tsukune simply looked between the two with wide eyes.

Moka coughed in surprise, but despite her blush was every bit as serious as they had ever seen her. "No, you don't get it; I felt you," she hissed. "I felt you here."

All three swallowed thickly when she put her hand over her heart. The meaning was clear.

They stayed like that for a long while, frightened jade irises staring into the brightest of blue, when unexpectedly Mizore's whole expression softened.

"You really did feel me, didn't you? You felt whatever it was Tsukune did."

When Moka nodded mutely, Kurumu's face lit with wonder. "You guys can feel each other's emotions with your bond, and a succubus, um…incubus, can siphon youki from its source…and what is youki but…oh my god…that's just… You were able to feel that?"

Moka just nodded again, and Mizore sighed wistfully. "I'm jealous. I only got to feel him for a few seconds, you get to feel him whenever you want."


Any words the pinkette had prepared died with the rise of a violet eyebrow as the young woman opposite her crossed her arms. "I don't know what you're freaking out about. I already told you I loved you; didn't expect me to mean it or something?" she questioned blithely.

Tsukune would have laughed at the look his blood-mate was sporting if not for the situation. He could feel the confliction in her spirit, just as she must have felt some of his amusement from the brief glare she leveled at him. Behind that lay the same cluster of emotions that had once nearly knocked him from the sky, and he was warmed by the realization. It was a nonissue, and now he was determined to do something about it.

Closing his eyes, he concentrated on the thin string nearly visible to him so close to his blood-bound partner. His body trembled, wings and tail a hair's breadth from breaking free as he felt for the abilities borrowed from a succubus, but he couldn't afford to let it happen. Literally—he'd never keep up with the uniform costs. The thing was, keeping it back was harder than he ever remembered it being. On the other hand, the imprint from Mizore was so fresh in his heart it was simple to call up the feelings, the beautiful snowstorm filled with anxieties and assurances, but strongest of all was love. Love for them. Not just for him, but for the family that had accepted the outcast, the stalker, the girl afraid to do more than just look. For the ones that had fought a whole society to save her from what would be a loveless marriage, and even death itself. The women in her life were just as important as the man, and he took that and he made sure Moka saw it for everything it was. Just as he loved more than just her, so did they love more than just him. It was virtually unavoidable in a relationship like theirs.

The vampiress suddenly had to clasp to Kurumu to keep herself upright as her knees buckled, and she stared at Tsukune in unmitigated astonishment.

He met her stare evenly, knowing that beneath the green, red eyes were just as curious.

"In a few minutes we're going to be standing in front of our entire school," he explained, gesturing at her outfit. Whereas the black and white duet had kept some semblance of the old PSC uniform, Moka had only kept hers to the bare bones. The tight ebony skirt hugged her proportions majestically, and above a belt of red beads she only wore a simple black blouse, unbuttoned at the throat for comfort and to allow space for her rosary. It was simplistic, beautiful, and entirely Moka.

He shot down the spike of desire, though from her reaction he could tell she still felt it. Unexpectedly, it calmed her.

"We're going to be put on display like one giant row of ducks in a shooting gallery, and I for one know that when I'm there I want to be able to think of my…my family," and what a feeling that was, to say it aloud, "and know that whatever goes down now or later, they'll be there for me. I have that, and I want all of you to have that same confidence. Don't worry about the little things, just give it time and see where it goes. I seem to remember someone once telling me we've got all of eternity before us, so don't rush yourself. If it's meant to happen it'll happen, at its own pace."

It was a quote that seemed so out of place considering all they had to do in such a short period, but in that and that alone they had time. Be it ten days or ten years, what they felt for each other needn't stay static.

No matter what, there was always room to grow.

Mizore could have kissed him right there.

It had the intended effect, as Moka's smile returned, stronger than ever. Even her skin regained some color, no longer overly pale with extra concerns only weighed down with the imminent exposure of the Safety Commission.

"Thank you," she said warmly, and Tsukune rubbed the back of his neck.

"Don't just thank me; I had some help. I would've been a wreck too if it wasn't for Mizore."

Kurumu tried and failed to hide her chortles under her hands. "If all of us could wake up like that I'm sure no one would ever be nervous."

As Tsukune did a very good impression of a tomato, the violet-haired woman beside him just smirked. "Jealous much?"

"Hell no!" the succubus exclaimed, though not loud enough to bring any attention to their hushed chat. "I just can't wait for my turn! Tsukune's always more open to doing things once he's had them shown to him."

The man they were talking about proved it was indeed possible to get redder than he already was, much to the blunette's delight, and she flat-out laughed at the color he turned when he noticed Mizore and Moka were contemplatively agreeing with what she had said.

Two could play at that game, and his libido was raring to participate after being denied so many times. If they wanted to play, he could play.

He gave them a second to revel in their victory, and more importantly to allow himself to recover, before he dipped into the charm of an incubus. He damn near jerked at how strongly his body reacted, but it wasn't long before he had the desired result. The lust of a vampire burned darkly in his caramel gaze as a smirk that made even Inner Moka shudder stretched on his lips, and his tone dripped with carnal promise only a demon born for it could conjure when a thoughtful hum rumbled up his throat.

"Should I show you what Ruby's been teaching me?" he growled teasingly.

Revenge was sweet. Their expressions were so much sweeter.

Then, for no reason readily apparent, Moka's eyes nearly tripled in size.

"URA-CHAN!" she shrieked, skin brighter than her hair, and since she had momentarily forgotten no one else could see or hear the apparition of her unsealed self, she had inadvertently gained the confused stares of all but six people in the room. Naturally, this led to the black and white duet chuckling uncontrollably while Moka wished for the floor to swallow her whole, but thankfully Tsukune was able to wave off the reacquired interest with little difficulty.

What was more difficult was not laughing himself sick when he felt the unfettered glee radiating from what he knew had to be Inner Moka, because the other part was mortified beyond belief. He could only imagine what she had said to garner such a reaction, but he honestly prayed she would tell him when he unsealed her next.

Or, if she was feeling exceptionally generous, maybe she'd even show him.

"Alright everyone, quiet down in here," a feminine voice ordered in good humor, where Ruby Toujou was revealed by the exit as if summoned by their previous comments.

The edgy energy of the occupants jumped to new levels with her appearance, for it meant only one thing.

It was time.

"We can do this," Tsukune whispered, his bluster gone, and squeezed the closest hand for reassurance. Mizore squeezed back gratefully.

Kurumu smiled softly, pleasantly surprised, when Moka followed their lover's example, and showed how much she appreciated it. Without warning, the vampiress found her other hand occupied by her sister's, and Kokoa's whole demeanor steeled when she felt the gesture returned.

"We can, and we're gonna show 'em that," the redhead declared quietly.

She turned away so quickly no one could tell, but Moka could have sworn pink dusted her cheeks when Tsukune smiled at her.

Like that would happen.

Shrugging, she fell in step beside her bonded mate as the group as a whole moved to follow Ruby's instructions.

Down the path to where the rest of the school waited.


Out in the rows upon rows of chairs set out before the stage, seating hundreds of curious students, two among them had discovered boredom and mortal terror could somehow go together. It could have even been funny, how Yukari and Rei shared in their family's anxiety as they simultaneously fought off yawns, listening to the headmaster list off the various announcements for the new semester, but it wasn't. It was agonizing, trying to sit still through the mind-numbing tedium knowing there were bombshells yet to be dropped.

Finally, the Exorcist tapered off, hiding a small grin behind his cup as he took a drink and listened to the murmurs that broke out in the crowd. Some might think it petty of him to enjoy the small things in life, like messing with the heads of his students, but it was one of the few things that never got old. For someone like him, that was worth its weight in gold.

"Yes, yes, I'm sure you're all wondering why this assembly was called if all I was going to do was repeat things you already know." Throughout the multitude, people nodded, and he nodded with them. "As this new term begins we also mark the beginning of what could become a new credit offered at this academy depending on its outcome, as well as the return of two concepts this school was once proud to have. It is my pleasure to announce that in two months' time, Youkai Academy will be welcoming back its alumni and your families for a school festival."

The sudden outbreak of excited whispers was almost deafening, but it stopped within seconds of him raising his hand for silence.

"Classes and clubs are encouraged to start their preparations as soon as they can, and there will be plenty of time permitted within school hours to prevent trouble in your studies. It only seems right to have it the week of Halloween, and we have decided to embrace the holiday like so many of you want to. In that regard, the student council has asked me to announce a costume competition free for any who wish to enter, but everyone is welcome and, in fact, advised to get in the spirit of things. Of course, I must remind everyone that it is to be all costume and in no part any kind of transformation." Ah, how he enjoyed watching them become so animated to the simplest of things. Who would have thought monsters enjoyed dressing up as much as humans?

"Now, the Third Years among us likely remember the last time a school festival was attempted, and what happened." The nods then were distinctly more apprehensive, and he acknowledged them solemnly. "It is for that reason that the school board and I have reinstituted an old program that fell that same year in the hopes that not only will their presence make you feel safer, but that they will also act as a deterrent against any potential problems that may arise from inside or outside the school.

"I'm sure some of you have noticed a lack of certain classmates or friends in homeroom this morning, and if not then you're noticing it now," he continued with a barely distinguishable smirk, as many sought out missing members they hadn't known were gone.

"Once upon a time there was a role in this institution students strived for. They were secret-keepers and guardians both, the ones who above all had to be held to the high standards I expect from every single one of you. Sadly, they weren't. They took advantage of their peerless reputation and previously unquestioned authority and made their name synonymous with fear and hatred. A sad tale, isn't it?"

As the dawning dread he had expected slowly started appearing, he smiled one of his infinitely creepy grins, the ones that spoke of untold experience and perverse gaiety all at once, like he couldn't wait for them to come to the conclusion of a puzzle he had finished long before. How he loved his job.

"Ironically, they were brought to the staff's attention at the same time they were rendered leaderless. Like so many others of their kind, they grew too arrogant to realize the instability of their position and they paid for it at the hands of those they victimized." He paused. "You might remember reading about it."

The offhanded comment was all it took for comprehension to light, and muted chuckles sounded in the audience as those that did realized the most prominent of those missing. He was quite pleased that there were at least some with more than just space between their ears.

"I am speaking, of course, of the Public Safety Commission, or Student Police as they were coined. The staff and I were content to let you the students decide your own form of law enforcement, and it served its purpose, for a time. It was not a bad decision, merely one left untended. Make no mistake, this time they will answer to an authority higher than their peers. It will not happen again."

He couldn't have said the words he didn't say any louder even if he had shouted them.

A Dark Lord had spoken, and there was one authority watching the Commission.


"Well then, I think it's about time for introductions, isn't it?"

The dark red curtain behind him rose, too slow for the inquisitive, too fast for the guarded, but rise it did, and eventually exposed a line of students dressed regally in variations of black and gold. Some faces weren't instantly recognized, some were, but almost everyone reacted in some way when they saw those who stood at the head of the line. Nearly the entire auditorium erupted into a sea of frenzied whispers, and the new Commission wasn't so optimistic as to think all of them were positive. To their relief, it didn't last long. With a simple motion for silence from the Exorcist, all but the most unobservant stopped within instants, and those that didn't got the hint fast enough.

No power was displayed, not in any grandiose sense, but the headmaster of Youkai Academy was a presence unto himself, and not one to ignore.

He began the roll call from the back of the line, allowing each student to step forward and bow before moving on. Of course, Kurumu couldn't let the opportunity go by unexploited when it was her turn, and winked flirtatiously as she waved, which predictably drew a great many sighs from her admirers and an amused eye-roll from Yukari. Mizore's deadpan salute was perhaps the perfect follow-up, and had both the little witch and the dragoness snickering as quietly as they could despite the occasion.

Finally, only two remained to be called. "…And the new leaders of the Public Safety Commission, Moka Akashiya and Tsukune Aono."

The duo was quite pleased to note that while all applauded politely, there were actually some genuinely enthusiastic. Tsukune attributed that to Moka. He had it on good authority that her fan club had only gotten larger since first year, but thankfully they were a lot more subtle in their appreciation than Kurumu's. 'Subtle' being a subjective term, unfortunately. It did have its useful moments, he could grant it that, as he looked out over their clapping peers.

"Now, before I let our young friends over here say a few words, I do have one more announcement to make. In line with the reformation of the Safety Commission and the festival coming up, the school has made plans to get rid of the old structures littering the grounds. To that end, we will be in the company of a construction and landscaping service until the end of autumn, and they have graciously allowed us to establish a work-experience course for our students over that time."

The response was anticipated, and it didn't disappoint. Too bad the headmaster didn't even give them time to get going, he just spoke over them, and no one was brave enough to continue over that.

"Depending on interest only a certain number of locations will be worked on, and if all goes well the board may consider expanding the project into later years, possibly with a focus on individual trades for those looking to specialize in the job market. For the time being, each group will be overseen by their own site manager, and you should treat them exactly how they are meant to be treated. You can and will be let go if they find your behavior unsatisfactory, and they would much rather pay people who want to be there."

He went on to explain that yes, they would be paid, about the landscaping suggestions and their hopeful inclusion in the festival, and the grade requirements to keep on working once accepted. Only after those things had been clarified did he go into the restrictions placed on the PSC and their format as compared to their predecessor, then eventually finished with a recap of the most important rules the Commission was there to enforce.

It didn't take long, but to the bonded pair enduring the curious and-or mistrustful glances of the whole student body, it felt like hours. In a way, they were both glad for it though. They had known they would be expected to speak at the 'unveil', and though they didn't plan to say anything original, they wanted to say it right.

Then that creepy, all-knowing grin was set on them, and they had to resist the shudders crawling down their spines even as they stepped forward to face the proverbial firing squad.

They had always been in big situations; scenarios which, if not life or death, involved a much bigger balance to maintain. They had been at the heart of a plot that could have thrown the world itself into disarray, and now as they stood before the generation they had helped keep out of what would have become the biggest war the planet had ever seen, all of that meant nothing.

Moka gripped the podium, her sweaty palms slick on the smooth wood as she licked her lips and tried to steady her nerve.

"I…" her voice cracked, and she hung her head as the sound echoed through the auditorium.

It was like something out of her nightmares. Everyone was looking at her, waiting on her, and she failed where her inner self would have flourished. Even as the disembodied spirit of that self voiced disagreements and tried to soothe her shattered sense of worth, the uncertainty was crushing.

What she forgot was she wasn't the only one who could feel that. Tsukune nearly staggered at the intensity of his fellow leader's panic, but honestly he had been expecting it. So, he shoved aside his own fear and put his newfound perception towards their bond to good use. If he was going to be the blood-mate, the husband she needed him to be, then by God he wasn't going to let her down in something so simple. She was beautiful, she was confident, she was everything the people in front of her could ever hope to be and she could do this. He merely reminded her of that.

When her head rose, the eyes that shone through candy-colored bangs burned with emerald fire.

"…I hate this uniform."

The students…stared. They had never heard Moka Akashiya speak like that before, her voice so full of grief and disgust it could be felt even in the softness of her declaration. It had been meant to get their attention. It worked.

"The headmaster can talk all he wants about how…how different this time is supposed to be, but let's face it, everyone who's in their third year here will have bad memories of a group that went by our name. Police? Safety Commission? Ha! Our old sempai referred to them as yakuza!" she spat, and many winced. "You know what's really funny though? Everyone thought they were bad, their reputation gave them that much, but only…only some of us really know how bad. Four of us up here have been in the Newspaper Club since we started as freshman, and out of all of you, even those in our year, whether you're…whether you've actually seen what the old Commission did up close, or, or even if you're just scared of what you've been told or what you'll be told, I can tell you we hate what we're wearing just as much as you do." She pondered that, and a rueful smirk crossed her lips. "No…no, I'm pretty sure I can guarantee you we hate it more.

"The Newspaper Club had a history with the Public Safety Commission we didn't even know about until they came by stomping our stand because…because they didn't approve of what we had written first. It wasn't the first time they had done it either; they had destroyed the Newspaper Club the year before, but our sempai Gin believed in it enough to keep it going. We did the same thing they had done, we stood up to them, and then they…they made up some charges and they didn't plan to silence us, they were going to kill us."

The power of Moka's personality was such that none even considered that what they were being told might be an exaggeration. It wasn't, and they knew it wasn't, because the truth could be seen in every shadow that passed over her face, every pause for composure, and the fact that not a single thing she said was being read from a prewritten script. This wasn't a story, this was a recitation of memories.

And she wasn't done yet. "I want you to picture your best friend; they don't have to be here, they can be a sibling or someone from home, but I want you to get their image in your mind. Do you have it?" As if on strings, the listeners nodded. "Okay. Now, I want you to imagine that you're fighting for your life, and you're losing, you're…you're not just losing, you're…you're going to die. You know you have no way to survive because of things you…you can't control, but there's one thing that could be done, and, and only your friend can do it. H—" No, she had to remind herself. Not 'he,' not personal; it was for them. Forget, but bring them in. It was as hard as it sounded. Nonetheless, she carried on after a deep breath, more determined than ever. "They know it too, you can see it in their eyes, but…but your best friend has been beaten so badly they can't even move." There were flinches all around. "Now think, 'what could make this worse?' What could be done to make your lives even more miserable before the end? Well, imagine the person beating your friend to death knows the only thing more important to them than their own life is you."

The flinches were stronger that time, and Tsukune's knuckles turned white at his sides.

No one noticed when it stopped being imaginary and took on a life of its own inside their minds. To them, Moka's words simply started playing out, bringing visions of cruel laughter and heart-clenching torment. Despair previously unknown felt impossibly genuine, dust and the lingering scent of sulfur thick in their noses as they struggled to see through a haze of tear-stained pain. It was their friends being hurt, them being persecuted. They would have cried out, but they had no words to speak.

But then again, only a few could even guess at what a succubus' illusions were capable of.

"So, what do they decide to do but make your friend watch you die first," she continued bitterly. "Then, fire's rushing at you, so hot you can feel it on your skin, but then your…your friend proves you mean more to them than their own life—they jump in the way. They save you, free you, even though they're as…restricted, sealed as you are and weaker than you've ever been. Now you have the power you need, but…they're…" The podium creaked ominously under her grip. "Imagine that. It's a gamble at best to try and save them, but if you could, you would do it, wouldn't you? You do what you need to, and then you turn on your tormentor with the stink of…of your best friend's burning flesh clinging to you."

It was too much. Too real. Tsukune had been hurt before, but that was the first time she had ever truly feared he would never come back to her. They had been through so much since then, but not even the damage he had taken at Alexander's hands could compare to when he lay, blackened and broken, clutching the key to her salvation in his charred hand. It hurt more to remember he didn't know how she felt back then, and had he died she never would have been able to tell him. She would never forgive Kuyou for what he had done, and what he had almost taken from her.

Spellbound, even some teachers found themselves overwhelmed by the images being provided to them.

"Every time you think of what we could be, I want you to think of that and know why we're going to do everything in our power to make sure we are never like the yakuza who used our name."

The trance was broken with those words, and there were hardly any who weren't left trying to recover and wiping away tears for an account that—to them—had never happened.

Kurumu just gaped at Tsukune's back, speechless.

Not many noticed the look that passed between the two leaders, or how he brushed her hand gently as she moved to let him take point, but they noticed him. Like Moka, he carried a weight about him that was impossible to ignore, and even those in the farthest rows could tell something had changed in him over the summer. His hair was longer, for one, and styled around his face in a mane of sloping spikes unlike anything he had done before, and yet traces of the old could still be seen in it. From his eyes, to his skin, to his very stance, everything about him seemed to scream warning to their instincts, but those warnings were so easy to disregard when they were tempered by the gentleness he displayed in every aspect of his being. Right then, that gentleness was tempered by sadness, and when he spoke, his voice was raw.

"I'm sure there are more stories like that out there, without the ending ours had. We weren't the only ones who suffered under them, but we were the last, and we're here to make sure we stay the last. We're not going to, to enforce made-up rules or make stupid punishments for them; we're here to protect the safety of everyone here and help you all have the best year you can.

"We aren't going to force you to wear your uniforms the right way; we aren't going to stop your club activities if you stick to the regulations. You wanna fight? Fight. Just be ready for us to get involved. Want to bully or humiliate someone? You'll have a problem with us. Transform for no reason? We'll be there. For some of us this'll be the last year we have here, then we're on to university in the human world, jobs…just, just life. The human world has…it has so much to offer, and we have so much to offer it. I don't want anyone to ruin their chance there by acting impulsively and paying the price.

"We can do this. We can do so much for both our worlds, and I…I want to be able to look back and know I wasn't the only one that found something special while I was here in this one. Most of all, I want to come back here in a few years and see people that found something special in that one. We have a…a responsibility to all those that'll come after us, so something like Fairy Tale never happens again."

There was mixed reaction to that, but Tsukune took heart in the nods outweighing the naysayers. Fairy Tale had messed up a lot of monster's lives in their rise, not just human ones. They tended to deal with those that disagreed with their ideals much the same as they would with humans, period.

He let Moka back to center stage to finish it off.

"By the way, the school newspaper will stay running even though we're doing this too. We've changed our operations a bit just in case anyone's worried about our…values. The headmaster's aide, Ruby Toujou, has been our assistant advisor for a couple of years now, and she'll be taking a bigger role with Nekonome-sensei to go over our papers before they're published. That's a direct line to the headmaster himself if we go overboard."

And there Tsukune needed to lean over her shoulder to add in their own little announcement. "Oh, and the Newspaper Club will always come first to us, so if we're ever accused of that and it's actually true, we'll quit this. End of story," Tsukune declared with fake cheer, much to the Exorcist's amusement.

Sometimes the kid could mess with his students just as good as he could. That was even more entertaining than him doing it himself!

Those illusions though…

He returned to the limelight as they stepped away, perhaps inadvertently joining their hands as they did so. Like he could resist such an opening. "Let's have a round of applause for our new Public Safety Commission,"he insisted, and the multitude obliged him with surprising enthusiasm. "Though I would like to remind the leaders that displays of affection are best done in a more private setting. Otherwise your first acts might end up being against yourselves."

Then everyone was looking at their joined hands.

Tsukune cast narrowed eyes at the headmaster, then seemed to think of something and swiveled his head to Mizore, whom cocked an eyebrow inquisitively. Then he grinned. It was small, but it was there.

And it reminded the headmaster so much of his own he raised an eyebrow as well.

That was when Tsukune Aono took Moka Akashiya and kissed her in front of the whole of Youkai Academy.

It wasn't a light kiss either, it was a deep, fully-reciprocated tongue-tangle that went on until the reignited applause and cat-calls had reached an all-time high. Oh there were plenty of murderous glares, but at least there Tsukune knew he deserved them.

When they parted, the look both Moka and her rosary pinned on him could have aroused the dead.

God had that felt good.

With a polite bow to his school's administrator, he retook his blood-mate's hand. "Guess I'll have plenty of time to answer any questions anyone might have while I'm helping the janitor then. Shall we go?"

That said, the two led the way for the rest of the Commission to follow, leaving snickering spectators in their wake. It was, by and large, the best showing the new PSC could have hoped for, even if it was completely improvised.

The headmaster could only chuckle. Yes, he could see the coming years being interesting indeed.


When they were finally alone after the many back-slaps and congratulations Tsukune received from their fellow members backstage, the young vampire looked at Mizore and smiled triumphantly.

"Crazy enough for you?"

She just smiled back. "You're learning well, apprentice."

Kurumu and Moka's eyes lit up, while Kokoa groaned quietly. Those old talks around snacks and pillows had seemed so innocent at the time.

Naturally, the blunette had to grab the startled Blood Sage and kiss him senseless.

"…But you are not a master yet," the succubus preened.

A pleasant tingle shot through him when he saw Moka's normally innocent grin filled with fangs.

Oh yes, they could live with that.

After all, practice makes perfect, Inner Moka thought hungrily.

And there would be practice.

Lots and lots of practice.



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