Hi everyone! I just wanted to update you all on whats going on. I start college very soon and there is alot for me to do just to get that set. My laptop is busted so I'm trying to go mobile with my stories. I've been thinking on which direction I want my stories to go in and I would really like for you guys to tell me what you want from my stories. You never know, I might pick your idea and I might go in a total different direction. So on that note HAPPY NEW YEARS! I hope all of you were safe and had alot of fun.

I would really appreciate if you all followed Khleo Thomas on twitter Khleo_T and please tell him that _MizDsigner_ sent you. He has a website - khleothomas .com- sign up and become part of team khleo. Me and the rest of the team are trying to get him to 100k followers by his birthday which is in 28 days. He is Zero from Holes. He also raps, so if you could take a listen and follow him I would really appreciate it. And lets not forget he is an anime nerd. :)