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Pairings: Tobirama (Nidaime) x Izuna, HashiMada, and so on.

Warning: Major lemons will come in later chapters.

Disclaimer: Characters are owned by Masashi Kishimoto. If I did, as I said before, I would be the happiest person in the world.


.: Prologue :.

There is nothing more frightening than to look into the face of death.

It was fear that made me cringe, when that pair of dark brown eyes held nothing but hunger. His lips gave a playful sinister smile which I somehow found attracting, but I wasn't quite sure whether he was messing with my mind or not. I didn't know.

The man cocked his head. His expression was highly amused and he seemed to have thought that I had entertained him. A pair of white fangs were shown slightly visible from beneath his mouth that were stained with crimson. Many innocent lives have fallen and become a prey to his meal. And now, it was my turn.

He immediately appeared in front of me before my eyes had the chance to blink. His ability of speed was so tremendous, that even I could tell I was no match for him. My breathing hitched and sudden chills ran up to my spine when his silky voice whispered against my ear.

"Any last words?"

He was the hunter. I was the hunted.

... Is this the end for me?


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