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.: Chapter 3 :.

***** Izuna's POV *****

A low sigh escaped my lips as I closed my eyes. I stood there for a moment, thinking to myself. What am I going to do until then? Go to the training grounds and practice? Should I stay home or go out? So many questions exploded into my mind, and somehow, I lost track of time about what was happening around me. Suddenly, I heard someone calling my name. It was then I realized I had forgotten about the other presence as I returned to reality.

"Hm? Did you say something?" I blinked, my lips formed into a smile. Kai gave me a concerned look.

"You were standing there since they left. You seemed to be zoning out as well. Something wrong?" he asked.

"No, not at all. It's nothing." It was a lie.

Kai observed my face, carefully searching for any hints that would show through my calm facade, but found nothing. He nodded. "I better get going then. It will be dark soon..."

I looked up. He was right. The sky used to be sunny, bright, and colorful blue, was now being eaten away by the darkness more and more for each moment passing by. I didn't want to leave the younger boy walking alone at night, so I called out for two of our bodyguards. We exchanged farewells and said goodnights before I watched the trio disappear from sight.

"Perhaps I should go to the city and see if there's anything to do...?" I murmured to myself. I couldn't decide whether to go or not, but I had this feeling in my gut that wouldn't stop nagging me to an end until it decided to settle on its own. Instead of ignoring it, like I usually do nowadays, I turned around and entered the Uchiha manor. I ran straight upstairs to my room, heading into another area on the other side. It consisted of both a closet and a dresser, together in one. Clothes, shoes, accesories, etc. There was everything I needed. I rummaged to a stack of clothes, looking for anything decent to wear.

"Maybe this..." I pulled out a white gothic drape shirt. It was long sleeved, neck collared, buttons that went from the top to a point above the stomach, and a drape patch hung on its left side around the waistline. As I brought a pair of black knee length pants along with it, I grabbed for a red towel from the shelf and went to my bathroom. Laying my new clothes aside and discarding my dirty ones, I got into the shower. After spending twenty minutes in there, I dried myself, and headed back to my room.

Taking my clean outfit, I slid on my pants, buttoned and zipped up, then my shirt last. I picked up a brush from my drawer, brushed my hair out and tied it back into a ponytail. Once I was surely done and ready, I went downstairs to the living room, grabbed my coat and keys, and set out. It was very chilly tonight, I noticed, when a sudden cold wind breezed in contact with my body, causing me to shiver and pull my jacket close for warmth. I strode around to a path, walking into another area and found my white horse resting next to a tree. The creature's ears perked up, raising her head and spotting me, and as if by instinct, stood immediately. I went over, petting her nose and it was returned with an affectionate nudge as I reached out to untie her. "Let's go out for a little stroll around the town, ne, Kaori?" I mounted onto the saddle, holding a firm grip on her reigns, and rode off.

In about fifteen minutes or less, I arrived, riding throughout the streets of town. Glancing from side to side, I looked everywhere for a place to go. To be honest, there wasn't a single place open, except for this bar I found nearby. Since I had already come this far, I might as well just stay there for a bit. I stopped at the front, climbing off of my horse and tying her down. I stroked Kaori's mane, planting a kiss on her nose before pulling away. After fixing myself one more time, I entered inside.

The moment I stepped in, a beer bottle was thrown in my direction, barely missing me by three inches and I grimaced at the sound when it smashed against the wall. I raised my head, turning my attention towards a couple of fights going on, which caused the whole room to burst into a riot of loud cheers and shouts. However, those who weren't even bothering to care had their eyes on me. My throat gulped slowly as I fidgeted uneasily in my position. It felt too awkward to move.

"You don't want to stand here and get hurt, kid." A silky voice said from behind. I jolted in surprise, letting out a small gasp and spun around. What stood in front of me was nothing I had ever dreamed of or seen before in my entire life. It was a man, about six foot tall, hair spiky and white as a pure snow, and the markings shown on his contoured face gave off a dangerous, icy look. He stared with those alluring dark brown eyes into my own obsidian ones, putting me into a mesmerized state. It felt like I was lost in a deep pool of heaven, I couldn't pry myself away.

My lips parted slightly and spoke something that caught me totally off guard. "You're beautiful..."

"I take it you're not from around here, are you?" he smirked.

When I gave no answer to his question, he leaned down. Now we were facing each other at eye level as his face inched closer to mine. I could feel his hot breath breathing against me, sending chills to my spine and my body squirmed uncomfortably. He repeated the same question over, and this time, I snapped out of my trance.

"W-what...?" I stammered, my cheeks flushed with embarrassment. I can tell that he was amused by my reaction. I blushed again.

"Nevermind. Let me take you out of here. It gets wild when they start rough housing," he said, moving away. My lips twitched into a pout, but hid it quickly. I hope he didn't notice that. If he did, well... I didn't even want to think about it.

He escorted me to a bar counter on the other side, leading me into an empty stool. I sat down, allowing myself to be comfortable and looked over my shoulder. There were two men arguing, for whatever the hell reason it was I didn't know. Both were drunk out of their minds, due to their slouchy movement and communication. Just then, as if things couldn't get worst, one had attacked the other and a fight began another riot. Tables crashing, glasses breaking, flying bottles and whatnot. It was quite a mess.

As the fight raged on, that same guy who attacked first, threw the younger man onto the floor and was brought down a minute after. What shocked me the most is this sound I heard. It was a hiss, like a snake of some sort, but a little different. I don't know how to describe it, but what I'm positive about is that it wasn't very human-like at all. My eyes widened when a blood curdling scream struck chords throughout the room, though it was muffled as soon as it happened, drowning out the noise it had once made.

My jaws dropped when the winner of two stood up. The man who won his battle had red liquid trickling down from the corner of his mouth and I knew right away it was blood. It was splattered everywhere on the man, staining his shirt and a bit of his pants. I cringed in disgust at the sight of how horrible it was. The fight, the screams, and the stench of blood. I'm was going to be sick. My body wouldn't react to my commands. I was too terrified at what stood before me.

I felt a hand placed on my shoulder, letting out a surprised gasp from my lips, then I was turned around facing the handsome white-haired once more. My eyes blinked a few times, trying to register in my mind what was going on as I stared at him. Without a second thought, I blurted out:

"What... WHAT WAS THAT?!"


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