Okay people, this is a better, more improved version of my latest story, Angels. I had based that story losely {very loosely} on my girl friends. But when I told my dude friends, they wanted to be in it too. So, now this chapter just tells you about each charector before the story starts, and any other info you might need.

Names have been changed, and they are all thirteen.


Alexa Kaye - Daughter of Hades. Long blackish-brown hair, and tan. Her eyes are exactly what you would call dark chocolate. She's really tall, and really, really into dragons. She dresses in jeans and dark t-shirts most of the time. She ALWAYS wears wristbands, and loves music like Metallica, System Of A Down, and Scars On Broadway. Has one younger brother. Fights best with a sword. She can also control the dead.

Jacey Grace - Daughter of Apollo. Pale, with long reddish-blond hair, and eyes that change color. Short, or at least shortest person in her grade. LOVES horses, and the only girl in her group who wears skirts or dresses. She loves all kind of music, art, and loves to write. Wears any kind of clothes, depends on the mood, and lives with her mother and brother. Knows how to play most instruments. Fights best with a sword or bow and arrow. Her dad gave her the gift of manipulating ice.

Cassie Meriee - Daughter of Ares. Super-curly red hair, and pale with a lot of freckles, and blue eyes. Average height, and always wears basketball shorts and t-shirts, no matter what the weather. Always has a crush on a guy {They change weekly} and doesn't have the best temper. She only listens to Country music, and has one little sister, and one little brother. Fights best with a knife and sheild. Can control fire.

Bug Thomas - Son of Athena. Wavy blond hair and stormy gray eyes, and pale. He's tiny, and usually wears black clothes. Just like Lexi, he likes metal and rock, so can you tell that they're dating? He's super-smart, and reads a lot of books. Of course. Best with spears and sheilds. He can usually remember anything he sees, hears, or reads. He has one little sister. And a cute cousin!

Bobert Ryan - Son of Hermes. Blond hair and hazel colored eyes, and has lots of freckles. Always is making jokes, even if some of them are old. Wears whatevers clean, and is kind of a jack of all trades. He mostly listens to classic music, and is good with any kind of weapon. He has one older brother. Has the gift of being able to shift his hair color. Without dyeing it.

Matt Ian - Son of Poseidon. Messy brown hair and brown eyes, and usually really shy. He's about an inch taller than Jacey, so he's the second shortest. Listens to any kind of music, and doesn't read much unless it's an AMAZING book. He has two siblings, little brother and sister. He's probobly one of the best sword fighters. Ever. Can control water and talk to anything that lives in the ocean.

So, most of this story will probobly be told by me, Jacey. Yes, you have to put up with me as long as you read this. Boy do I feel sorry for you!

Have a great day!



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