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We Meet Again, Big Brother

Espace LĂ©opold Building, Brussels

Once again, the many nations of the world has gathered in the large conference room in the Espace Leopold Building in Brussels, capital of Belgium. Most of the time, the meetings were held in the United Nations Building in New York City, or in Strasbourg, France, but this gathering was for the Council of Europe.

The Council of Europe was founded in 1949 and is the oldest international institution working towards European integration. Currently, there are around 40 members with a few countries holding observer status.

A young woman was seen pushing a cart full of various cakes and drinks towards the conference room humming to herself. She had shoulder length blonde hair held back with a headband and bright green eyes. It was Belgium. She was wearing her green military uniform this time and was serving drinks and refreshments to the other nations. She was always excited when this time came. Although she did not stand out amongst the crowd of other nations, she was proud that it was her capital city that now served as the de facto headquarters for many European Institutions.

She set the refreshments down at a table and found her siblings, Holland and Luxembourg and said hi to them and chatted for a bit. She looked up behind her, and saw the many flags hung on the back wall of the room. Beneath that was a giant blue flag with twelve golden stars arranged in a circle, the flag of the Europe. She smiled wider when she saw the flag, it made her heart leap with joy each time she saw it because it reminded her and everyone else in the room how hard they all had to work together to rebuild their land together.

As other nations came in Belgium, the ever gracious hostess, greeted them politely and shook their hands. They would talk about just anything. Nothing was barred, everything from economics, to thie morning's breakfast was discussed about. Belgium noticed the big northern nation walk through the door and decided to greet him as well.

"Good morning Russia, I trust you have you been well this week?" Belgium asked cordially.

"I'm okay for now, da. Thank you for your concern, our economy is doing much better under the leadership of Misters Medvedev and Putin," the big nation said with a boyish smile. Then his voice became the slightest bit menacing and said, "Say, have you ever considered becoming one with me? The weather can be a bit harsh but you may get used to it..."

Belgium quickly looked around and made an excuse that she had to greet the other nations and slipped away from the still smiling Russia. As the many European nations took their seats at the large, circular conference table, the meeting got underway.

At lunch, Belgium was shocked to see America standing next to her in line. She was not surprised to see him holding a burger in one hand.

"What are you doing here America? I thought this meeting was for us Europeans only!" Belgium instinctively looked around so see if she had attracted any attention and reminded herself to lower her voice. "I don't wish to be rude, but I would gladly appreciate it if you didn't stick your nose into our business for once alright?"

The proud and somewhat narcissistic nation swallowed before saying, "Actually, I am here only to observe."

Belgium sighed to herself in relief and said, "Ah, that's right! I have yet to congratulate you on your new President, he seems a fine leader to me."

America had to do his best not to shout or pump his fist in the air, but nonetheless smiled back.

The afternoon meeting was about to start and Belgium hurried back to her seat. There were three chairs lined up against the wall for the observers, in which America sat down in the middle of the three. He looked to his right and almost screamed when he saw Japan sitting there. He could have sworn that this guy was a ninja or something. He didn't see or hear him at all!

As Germany, who was chairing the meeting today stood up, America quickly sat back down.

"Before we begin the afternoon session," Germany said with his usual deep voice and business-like tone, "I wish to introduce a new observer to our meetings." He motioned to the door and everyone stood up and turned to face the newcomer.

The door opened and in walked a small girl, a little over five feet tall, with light blonde hair and wearing a dark, navy blue dress, and white apron. Her face was stern as she walked in, but nonetheless bowed to the other nations who in turn bowed back. Well, almost all the other nations.

Russia let out a gasp and ducked under the table to try and to hide himself from the newcomer.

Whispers began spreading at this rather strange sight.

"Is it just me, or does Russia seem scared of that girl?" whispered Estonia to Finland who was sitting a few seats to Russia's left.

"Yeah I know! Who could she be?" Finland whispered back.

"Wait a sec, Russia is actually scared of someone?! That is an absolutely awful omen!" England heard the two and blurted out his sentence. With that the entire room gasped collectively.

By now, most of the room had forgotten that they had a meeting. At first Germany placed a hand on his forehead and shook his head at the mess, but then he started to become intrigued at his former rival. Russia was one of the most intimidating and scariest people he knew. He thought he was scary when he had most of Europe under his boot during the war, but that soon disappeared when Russia came plowing through his land and into his capital with his Red Army. But now, it seemed that Russia himself was scared and he never got scared.

Lithuania for some reason decided to try talking to the girl as no one else seemed to.

"Hi there miss! I'm Lithuania, I hear you will be observing our meeting of the Council of Europe?" He said cheerfully as he extended his arm to shake her hand. "I wish to welcome you hear one behave of......."

Crack! Poor Lithuania never got to finish his sentence as Belarus grabbed his right arm and snapped it like a twig. But for some reason Lithuania did not scream out in pain nor fight back. He just stood there looking at his arm and admiring how odd of an angle it was.

Belarus took note of a gap in the row of nations and looking down at the name plate in front the empty chair, she started walking towards that direction.

She finally spoke, "Big Brother..........I know you are there.......I've been looking for you........."

Her voice was rather girlish and high-pitched not unlike the other female nations and almost sounded sweet. At the same time however, her voice had an eerie creepy undertone that made a few of the nations, especially the Baltics shiver slightly.

Russia couldn't take it anymore. He covered his ears in an effort to try and block out her voice and hope this was all a bad dream. He tried humming Gosudarstvenny gimn Rossiyskoy Federatsii, his national anthem to try and block out her vision even more, but it was no use. She was already standing next to him.

"Brother........I finally found you again....." she said softly but it sent chills up his spine.

She moved a little closer and just as Russia thought it would be all over for him. A shrill whistle filled the room up.

"Hey everyone! Settle down! We have an important meeting to finish so let's get back to our jobs!"

Everyone turned to see Germany calling the group back to order.

Russia opened one purple eye up carefully to see if his sister was still there. She was. But she merely stared him down and walked across the room to where the guest seats were and sat down in the remaining seat next to America.

Russia could not believe his luck. He carefully worked his way back to his seat making a mental note to thank Germany sometime later today.

The meeting went for better or worse, relatively well, probably thanks to Germany's Chairmanship of the meeting and the rest of nations abiding by strict, efficient rules. There were few or no incidents that took place, and many topics that were on the agenda were covered. The nations voted unanimously to coordinate and work together on continuing construction of new roads and infrastructure, and to work on reducing global warming. There was one uneasy moment when it came to the topic of Europe's oil supply as Russia had not been supplying it as much.

As the other nations turned to the big nation, Russia simply did not have the strength to argue today. He merely nodded and said that he'll make sure that supply meets demand once again. After the meeting ended, several nations stayed behind to try and talk to Russia.

"So Russia.......it seems like you know this girl.......who exactly is she? Lithuania asked the big nation.

Normally, Russia would have said something intimidating to the Baltic, but not this time. "Oh......she's my little sister........Belarus......"

"NO WAY! She's your younger sister?!! You never told me you had a younger sister!" Lithuania cried. His arm had mended itself and as to why, no one knows.

Russia quickly glanced over at Belarus across the room and noticed that she was in deep conversation with Belgium, Ukraine, Liechtenstein and Hungary, her fellow female European nations.

Russia whispered quietly to the Baltic to walk with him outside. They gathered their papers, pushed in their chairs and walked across the room. While Russia was careful in avoiding Belarus's eye, Lithuania on the other hand kept trying to steal glances at her. Russia could not help but feel his sister's hawk-like eyes on him the whole time as he crossed from his seat the the door. When he was outside in the hallway, he picked up his stride and Lithuania had to job to keep up with the other nation.

"So......why were you so scared of her? I mean, you're Russia! You're not scared of anything!" Lithuania found himself poking subtlety at his neighbor.

"Da, its kind of a long story."

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