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Russia wasn't sure how to approach Belarus.

He wasn't a people's person, that much he knew himself. For him, talk was cheap. He had seen enough bloodshed in his lifetime to know that. If he was going to build his nation up, he was going to have to build it literally from the ground up. If his people did not listen to his boss's wishes, he had to force them. To him, that was the only method he knew.

Every time he tried to make new 'friends' they all seem to back away or resent him. But why? He thought to himself, doesn't everyone want to be one with him? Probably not. His place was much colder than most other nations would have liked. The only ones that didn't mind too much were his fellow cold nations like Canada, Finland, Sweden and Iceland. But that wasn't the point. He needed to talk to his sister, but what was he going to say?

It was quite easy for her to approach him, however. She had absolutely no problem in trying to attach herself to him at any given moment, especially as of late. Hehe, ironic that the one person who wants to be one with the big nation, is the one nation that Russia did not want to be with.

He was thinking this all wrong! He needed to go talk to his older sister about this. He approached his sister's room and hesitated before knocking. His relationship with her was rather strained at the moment due to her boss's wishes, but that wasn't going to stop him from trying to get some information from her.

"Ukraine? Are you there? Can we talk?" Russia knocked the door with a large fist. He heard her infamous chest boing boing sounds, so he knew she was there.

"Wah! But my boss forbade me to talk to you about trade and the economy! I'm sorry!"

"This isn't about that Ukraine, calm down! It''s about Natalia...."

"Oh I see! Never mind then, come in!"

Ukraine unlocked the door and allowed Russia in. Even for Russia, it was not easy for him to not notice how much Ukraine's large chest seemed to bounce around at the slightest movements. She had been made fun of because of that by the other nations although she didn't seem too bothered by it.

Russia and Ukraine first began with some small talk and to get reacquainted with one another. Hehe, his sister was still as adorable as ever, if also still a crybaby.

"So, how are you doing brother? I hope you've been taking care of yourself lately?"

"Da, I've been doing better. I got a new boss about a year ago, and he seems alright. He wants me to become more democratic during his term in office, I'm not sure how that's going to turn out. How about you sis? Have you been well yourself?" the big nation asked.

"Ah! I have been doing much better myself! My GDP is finally growing at a steady rate and agriculture production is up!" Ukraine said happily. They both laughed and chatted some more while sipping the tea Ukraine made. His older sister was better than him when it came to these little things. He never really learned how to make good tea, or cook. No, his former subordinates and his two sisters took care of that and they had grown quite good at it.

After a while, Ukraine asked, "Oh brother? How is our little Natalia doing these days? I haven't heard from her for a long time, ever since we left."

Russia nearly dropped his cup at the sound of her name and said, "W-well, she's doing....okay I guess. The other nations seem to feel she is....too authoritarian though....

"Ah, too authoritarian?"

"Well, I don't know much about it, as too how she's been....I'm...I'm not sure!"

"EH?! What do you mean you're not sure? I thought you were taking care of her?" Ukraine said.

"Ah's like this!" Russia stuttered. He didn't know why he was scared right now, because Ukraine never once gave them a death glare or scolding, and they have never known her to lose her temper like Belarus did. Still.... "Well, after the war ended, she stayed at my place most of the time, until we got her home fixed up. After she came back to me in 1996, well....she changed....a bit."

"Ah...she finally started to grow up then?" Ukraine asked.

"W-well uh...not exactly like that....she wanted me to marry her...." Russia replied somberly and took another sip of tea to calm himself. Ukraine however did not seem to catch on.

"Well isn't that sweet of her? I do think you make a great couple! Hahaha!"

"Th-this is serious! She was acting all creepy and such! She kept chasing me around my house trying to get me to sign a marriage license! No joke, she was serious big sis!" Russia cried out. He apologized right afterwards for shouting at his sister however.

Ukraine didn't know what so say to Russia. She had always assumed that Russia was taking care of Belarus, and he was....sort of. Second, she could not make heads or tails of this situation and have never heard or seen her sister out of control like that. Sure she got pissed off a few times at Russia's subordinates, but that's not like she did either. There was something wrong here.

"Ah, well...maybe Belarus just misses you? You really should talk to her. You have been talking to her right?"

"N-no....I never really noticed...I should have...." Russia said quietly and averted his eyes from Ukraine whose stare he felt on him now. "I just know that she's become really scary! I....I don't know why...."

"Well...she is the last one of us Europeans to have the death penalty. None of us have it anymore, not even you brother. Maybe that's why she's scary?"

"Da....I don't's right for her....."

Ukraine merely walked over to him and placed a consoling hand on his shoulder and told him to go talk so his sister as well. After an hour of talking, Russia excused himself and bade farewell to his older sister until next time.

With the Council of Europe meetings finished for this time, Russia had more time to focus on his younger sister. He spotted Hungary down the hall and ran up to her. Hungary could feel that distinct chill at his very presence but nonetheless turned around to greet him.

"Ah, excuse me? Have you seem my sister Belarus anywhere?" Russia asked as politely as he could.

"Oh yes I have! I believe she is downstairs in the gym right now. Said something about getting taking her anger out or daily training or something...."


Russia walked downstairs through the halls until he found the gym that was located in the basement floors of the hotel. This place was really big it seemed, he should have toured this place more when he wasn't busy. As he walked through the halls, he noticed signs that said 'Massage Parlor,' 'Indoor Spa and Pool' and various others. He passed by the game room, where several pool and billiards tables were set up and even several large ballrooms.

He found the gym, which had glass windows facing the hallway. As he walked towards the entrance, he noticed a small crowd gathered around someone. Apparently, there was quite the show, as someone, presumably really strong, was lifting weights that seemed no human could lift. Heh, probably was some crazy buff guy trying to show off, he thought to himself. He moved closer to have a look thinking his sister might be one of the crowd and talk to her. As he walked through the doors and got a closer look, his jaw practically hit the floor. His sister was not in the crowd, and the supposed crazy buff guy lifting weights....was his sister.

Belarus didn't notice her brother and merely continued to lift the impossible load. She loved to train and work out every day; one might never know when she'd fight alongside her brother or when he might call her. Ever since the end of the 'The Great Patriotic War,' Natalia had told herself that she needed to be stronger to protect her older siblings.

She went through several secret government experiments to increase her strength, stamina, and speed after the war and into the early 1950s. The researchers responsible injected a combination of steroids, vitamins, painkillers, and other classified substances that the person who is writing this is not authorized to say. But this person can say that Belarus enjoyed her newfound strength. Ah, how much Belarus enjoyed the feeling of strength coursing through her veins. No one would suspect someone as tiny and fragile-looking like her could harbor such power. She wished to please her older brother of course one day.

As Belarus finished and finally set the weights back on its rack which creaked and got up, she was slightly embarrassed and slightly filled with pride at the site of her brother. There was a brief round of applause for the girl before the crowd went about their business.

"Ah dear brother! I'm so surprised to see you down here! I'm just finishing up my daily workout and training!" She said happily.

"Well...I wanted to see you. I wished to talk to you..."

Russia barely started talking when Belarus cut him off, "Brother, let us speak else where, do you mind if I shower really quick and change?"

"Ah....that would be fine da."

Russia waited outside and began to think about what he was going to say. He could feel his heart beating faster and faster as the clock ticked. Before long, he thought, she would be asking him to marry him and the sounds of her 'marriedmarriedmarriedmarried' chant would fill the corridors.

But that wasn't the case as she came back out about fifteen minutes later in her usual blue dress. Russia motioned for her to follow him to an empty ballroom to which he closed the door behind them.

"Brother, what is it that you wanted to talk to me about? Could it be that you've finally decided to marry me?" she asked.

The big nation had to hold himself back from running. His sister's voice was so soft and full of love, it wasn't scary at all, and had no harsh undertones.

Russia took a step closer to Belarus and almost unconsciously grabbed hold of her and pulled her closer to his body. Belarus herself was almost shocked that she didn't have to chase her brother to get near him and felt the sensation almost out of a dream.

The big nation then started to cry. Tiny, white tears came down his face a little at a time.

"Natalia..." Russia's voice began, his voice was quivering, but he knew he had to say this. "I...I'm so sorry!"

"Eh? Sorry for what brother?" Belarus looked up at her brother with her usual expressionless face.

"I...I should have been there for you...." Russia trailed off and sobbed a little harder as he tightened his grip a little on Belarus. She in turn, reached up with her own arms and held Russia tightly as well. To her, it was the moment she had been looking forward to for many years. Her big brother had finally come to her of his own volition.

The big nation continued the sob and said, "I...I have been a terrible older're always trying to....protect me and big sis....and I-I feel I have burdened you too needn't shoulder so much...."

Belarus was quite shocked by his words. She patted his large back and stroked it gently. She had never noticed that point of view before. It was true, that when it came to actual physical protection, she found herself protecting herself and her older siblings. Although in theory, it should have been reversed.

"I hear you big brother....I really do..." Belarus said softly.

"I'll...I'll try and be more considerate of you sis....."

The two continued to embrace for some time before heading back out. Ivan invited Belarus for a drink at the hotel bar and even decided to take her out on a walk around the city. Sadly it was not snowing that day, but Russia did not mind so much. He had never knew that being nice to his sister would have stopped her from being so....insane. As it came time for the nations to head back to their respective homes and work, Russia talked to his bosses about a treaty that was almost swept under the table.

"Do you really wish for this Rossiya?" President Medvedev asked the nation.

"Da, I feel this may be best for the Union State, and I think we should start the training as soon as we can." The big nation said.

"Very well, I'll see what I can do, that will be all for now."

Russia hoped Medvedev and Putin would see this treaty through. It was the least he could do for his sister and hoped it would improve their relations.

On September 29th, 2009, Russia and Belarus, along with their bosses, came together to Belarus' house to conduct their first joint military operations. Belarus was so happy she got to fly her old jet fighter again. She felt so alive when she was sparring or piloting. She lived for the thrill of battle, the adrenaline rush, the beauty. Russia too felt happy that he was flying in the skies again, and felt no problem talking to his sister. She seemed so different today, far from being the crazy, insane stalker he had come to know in recent years.

As Russia and Belarus landed and stood next to their bosses, they looked on and saw their planes soar across the skies in perfect sync, and looked at each other and nodded. This was not too much different than many years ago. Maybe this Air Force Integration was a small step further to her becoming one with him.....

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A/N: For those of you who do not know. The training exercise was found in a article about the joint military ops between Russia and Belarus. From my point of view, it was a nice change of pace for the two and I feel that perhaps in 20 years or so, Belarus may finally get her wish, but until then, time will tell.