A small black sparrow flew over the night sky, circling the huge house in the forest. the sparrow flew to low and was caught. the sparrow tried to brake free, but it was useless. the sparrow knew that. yet it kept attacking the hand of it's captive. the hand let go of the bird, gently whispering your free. freedom took over the bird as it flew to the closest tree. the sparrow looked at the one who had captured him. it was a boy, not yet to be called a man. his red eyes glowed with sorrow. something had happened to this boy. something bad.

i will watch over this boy. see that no harm will happen to him. it is the least i could do since he spared my life.


It was Bella's birthday party and we were determined to make it the best thing that ever happened to her. I was excited to have Bella over our house again. I haven't seen her in a while. Edward keeps saying he's worried that I might hurt Bella. That's bullshit, and he knows it. Both he and Alice knows I'm in control. I haven't slipped up in my diet at all. Ever since that day...

For some reason Alice and Edward make it seem like, at any time, i will slip up. I'm in more control than Edward. That's for sure. The truth is Bella smells like... I cant even explain it. She smells so good, but i never thought of killing her. He is still thinking about killing her. All the time. He can't hide it from me. We have sighs. Well, we had sighs...

In reality, most of the time I'm the one who tells him not to, and he keeps telling everyone else that Bella needs to be careful around me! Aw, well. Time to focus on Bella, she's here.

We all told Bella happy birthday one by one. Mine was a little awkward, because i wasn't aloud within a five foot radius from her. Edward told me if she takes a step near me, secretly take a step back. Which wasn't hard. She wasn't looking at me every time she took a step towards me. Yet she stepped towards me a lot.

"Time for presents," My Alice said... My Alice...

I looked at the look on Bella's face, and had to stop myself from laughing. she didn't look like she wanted to go to the presents. Well, with Alice here all I could say was 'sorry your out of luck!' No matter how much i wanted to say that it wasn't possible. Edward gave me a look. Great, now i cant talk to her. What else can I not do, oh great ring master?

Edward gave a quick glare, but went back to focusing on Bella. I secretly rolled my eyes.

I don't understand why I'm in such a bad mood about the fact that im not aloud to be around Bella. It just never happened before, I guess. They never used to say I couldn't come around someone. I don't understand...

Are they afraid that I'm going to fall for Bella? Wait, do i love her?

"Ouch," I didn't hear what Bella said next. I ran to her to see what was wrong. Edward gave me a look that I didn't quite understand and the next thing I knew Bella was on the ground and i was on top of the piano. Rosalie and Emmett pulled me outside without a word. Why do they feel disappointment? and pity? what the--?

They pulled me out towards the road. almost right by it but far away enough so cars couldn't see us when they passed. I yanked myself from their grasp, and stepped away from them.

Emmett looked at me funny. "Are you okay? Can you control your blood lust?"

"What? What are you talking about?" I asked. It didn't make since! They know I can... wait, do they?

"Jasper, you just attacked Bella!" Rose screamed at me like i was retarded. It was unnecessary. It kinda made me feel worse than I already did. I was so confused.

"No, I didn't. I went to Bella to see what was wrong 'cause she said 'ouch' and I wasn't paying attention, so I thought something happened. Then I got this look from Edward and..." I felt my face fall. "Oh my god. He heard my thoughts!" I said without thinking.

"What?" Emmett and Rose said at the same time.


"The reason I wasn't paying attention was because I was asking myself questions and a question about Bella popped up and ... Yeah.."

Rose was confused but it clicked in Emmett's head automatically. "You asked yourself if you loved Bella!!!" Rose gasped as she realized he was right.

"Yeah kinda,"

Rose laughed. "No wonder Edward pushed you onto the piano! He must be pissed!" She couldn't stop laughing.

"Yeah, but why did Edward push Bella," Emmett asked. I knew Edward would kill me if I said anything, but I'm going to tell them what I think, but first I have to ask a question that is very important to the plot...

"Emmett! How in the world are you being smart!"

Emmett chuckled. "I noticed that, too. It's weird,"

I sighed. Getting back to the point. "I think he was trying to make it look like I was going to eat Bella,"

"it worked," Emmett chuckled. He stopped once I gave him a powerful glare.

"I see," Rose said, she was the only one I could count on to believe me without a question. Us being 'twins' and stuff. "Why is he doing that, brother? I mean I always knew you wouldn't hurt her, and the fact that Edward doesn't want you around her made me think he was over protective," she stuck up her finger to make a point. "Which is the real reason i don't like Bella, for all of you who think differently," She crumbled up her nose. "He's is so over-protective of her it's sickening,"

I rose an eyebrow at her, saying. 'really? I don't believe you,' but then after reading her emotions, I understood she was telling the truth.

"Right know I'm thinking he doesn't want me to fall in love with her," I was looking down and thinking hard. I knew we were far enough away from Edward so we could think freely. And I was thankful for that.

"Did you see the look on Alice's face? She used to be worried about you when something like this happens, but back there she just didn't seem to care," Emmett had his hand on his chin thinking hard, making me and Rose look at each other like 'What the hell is going on!"

Rose turned back to Emmett. "Is your head hurting?" she said as she put her hand on his solder.

Emmett looked at Rose with a pained look in his eyes and face. "Yes, actually it is, can you kiss it and make it better?"

Emmett's okay, he just had some lucky moments. Rose rolled her eyes and kissed his head and he smiled. "Thank you I feel much better now, but still did you see her face?"

"No, I didn't look at her," I said. Both of them stared at me. "What?"

"You didn't look at your wife?" Rose asked. "Why?"

The truth is... I think I really am in love with Bella... I really didn't care how or what Alice was or thought...

"I don't know why, I just didn't," I lied. I couldn't tell them the truth. If I did, then the news would get to Edward faster. and I couldn't let that happen.

"Okay, so let me get this strait..." Emmett looked puzzled. "You can control your blood lust better than the family was lead to believe because Edward is over-protective of Bella?"

Nope, they didn't know as well as I thought.

I sighed. "No," I said. "Edward and Alice, for some reason, want the family to believe that I can't control it that well for some reason,but I don't think it's because he's over-protective of Bella," My eyebrows were probably forever mushed together. This was painfully hard on my vampire brian.

"Maybe it's some part of a plan?" Rosalie suggested. "You never know what they could do when they put their heads together,"

Yeah and I especially don't wanna know what happens when they put something else together... Why did I just think that? I really don't need to be thinking like that. Especially now.

We took in everything into consideration. We were silent as we thought. The only thing I could hear was the sound of the trees moving and the slight call of a sparrow...

"Okay this is what I think," Rose said siting on the ground. Emmett and i joined her on the ground getting close to her so she didn't have to speak loud. In case Edward was secretly eavesdropping.

"Okay how about this. Alice and Edward are planing something and the whole point is to keep Jasper and Bella from falling in love. They make it seem like Jasper will be dangerous around Bella so he has to stay away. You, Jasper, by thinking 'What if I like Bella,' Edward got mad. Then when Bella said ouch and you wanted to help her got him even more mad, so he made it look like you had blood lust he 'got Bella out of the way' and pushed you into the piano,"

"I think your right," I said as I stood up. Only one thing was wrong in their plan. By keeping me and Bella apart, they only make me want her more.

Then the sound of the Volvo got my attention. They were leaving. I turned to Rosalie and Emmett. "Thank you guys. I want to go talk to Edward about this situation. I'll be back,"

"Don't talk to him in front of Bella, it might hurt her to know Edward hurt her for no reason," I looked at Rose, she really did like Bella. she just hated Edward for being too over protective of her, and to think I thought, all this time, it was that Bella could have a child. Rose really wanted one.

I nodded to Rose and ran after the Volvo, keeping a safe distance away so that Edward could not read my mind. after Edward parked his car, he lead Bella into the forest, and I followed them. when they stopped I realized that, with the distance away from them I was, i couldn't see them with the trees, and I couldn't hear them too. It made me feel like Edward didn't want me to be there, so i said heck with it and jumped in a tree that was behind Bella. all I could hear was Edward talking. "this will be the last time you will see me,"

I gasped in horror. What the hell was up with Edward? The next thing I knew Edward had kissed Bella's head and turned around and ran off.

I quickly ran after the idiot. him being the fast one I figured it wouldn't be easy to get to him, but to my surprise, he was waiting for me.

"I knew you would follow me," he said.

"of course you did, you can read my mind! read my mind know Edward,"

you fucking bastard!

he shook his head. "that's not nice, Jasper. I did this for you,":

"well I," I stopped. "what?"

"Alice knew this would happen so we decided to do it for you, make it easier for you,"

"I don't understand, Edward,"

"Alice saw you fall for Bella and breaking her heart,"

"what? me? fall in love with Bella?"

"yes and breaking Alice's heart in the process. we found a way to get passed the breaking her heart part. Jasper, go, go to Bella. you and her will make a wonderful couple. and I'll go to Alice,"

I was taking it in. Alice saw me falling in love with Bella. and I broke Alice's heart. Edward found out and they, together, found a way to make it to where I don't break Alice's heart... But Edward just broke Bella's heart and...

Edward and Alice...

I then understood that thought back there with Rose and Emmett. I somehow knew. Alice and Edward were together...

"you... slept with my wife," i was shaking with anger. he violated my wife. who knows how many times.

"I did not violate her. it's more like she violated me, after she had the vision she was heart-broken, she jumped me,"

I let out a sharp growl.

"calm down Jasper. the good thing is that her vision was years before we met Bella so,"

"what!" I screamed. Edward ran to me and held my mouth closed.

"yes, Jasper, it was that long ago, but it was only once. as I was saying it was a long time ago so when I met Bella, the plan was easy to take to action because you didn't meet her yet and there was no spark. Alice had her vision again and there was no way to stop you from falling in love with Bella so we went to plan B. you get Bella. I get Alice. we made it to where you couldn't get close to her. it drew you to her and here we are,"

a long time ago? So when Alice and I were together. Edward how could you!

Edward seemed emotionless for every thought.

Once my thoughts calmed down, he let go of my mouth. I started talking again. "so, you never loved Bella?"

he sighed. "Alice knew I was going to at least like Bella, and I do love her, and seeing her with you will kill me. that's why the rest of the family, and I are moving. you will stay at the house, live there. what you do with Bella is your choice now. you can turn her and whatever," it looked like it hurt him to say that last part. "And after you turn her you can still live in the house so she could live by Charlie without him being... suspicious. with Carlisle and Esme gone it would look like normal. like well..."

"it wont really seem like I'm not aging,"

"yeah, you get it?"

"yeah," i turned towards Bella's sent. "so the rest of the family is leaving?"

"well, I know Carlisle, Esme, Alice, and I are. I haven't asked Rosalie and Emmett yet,"

"when did you ask?" I asked.

"i didn't, Alice asked after I left with Bella,"

I started to let my mind wonder on the conversation Rose, Em, and I had when we left the house.

"well, now you know what we were up to," Edward nodded. "go to her now, Jasper. you shouldn't keep her waiting all night,"

with that, I walked towards Bella's sent. with the shadow of a bird following me the whole way.


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