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Chapter 1 – Better than Expected


I had seriously screwed myself. It was a week before my junior year of college, and I was effectively homeless! Stupid Alice and Jasper! I swear, I love my sister, but I cannot take hearing her and her boyfriend go at it through the paper thin walls of our apartment. So now I was trudging over to the housing office to see what I could scrounge up. To say my parents were thrilled with this revelation was an outright lie. My mother was a little worried about me shacking up with some random stranger, while my father was a little more afraid of what Alice would do without her big brother being down the hall. But Alice was ahead of them, as always, getting Jasper's twin, Rosalie to take my room.

I walked into the office and was met by the middle-aged woman behind the counter. "Hi, my name is Edward Cullen; I have an appointment to find housing."

The woman looked up and smiled at me. "Right, I'm Mrs. Cope. Now let me look at your file." She entered my social security number into the computer. "Let me see, it says here that you haven't lived on-campus."

"Yes. The place I was living isn't working out, so I was hoping that something might be available."

"Yes, we should be able to find something. But since you've never lived on-campus, all we can give you is a room in one of our off-campus housing buildings."

"That's fine; I just really need a place."

Mrs. Cope began typing and clicking on different options. "Oh dear, it looks like there isn't…wait…yes, I think I may have found you something. A new listing became available, now let me check one more thing…well Mr. Cullen, it's seems you're in luck. Your status as an upperclassman has given you priority, there's a room available in Masen, and I suggest you take it, the chance of something becoming available before November is unlikely this close to the semester."

Thank God! "I'll take it, whatever it is."

"Wait until you hear everything before you agree. Your roommate will be Isabella Swan." Mrs. Cope looked up just in time to see my jaw hit the counter.

"Isabella? My roommate would be a girl?" That would be interesting.

"Yes, Masen is a co-ed building, and everything above the fifteenth floor is co-ed rooms, now most students sign up with a roommate when they take these floors, but we do assign them occasionally. Your roommate profiles seem to match up well enough. And seeing as you seem desperate to get out of your current living arrangement, this would appear to be your only option."

I thought about it for a moment. My father always says that things happen for a reason, so why not this? "I'll take it."

Mrs. Cope began typing again and then went to get the page that had begun printing. "Very good, Mr. Cullen. Here is your room assignment, go to the RD of the building and get your key." I stared down at the paper. Room 1918. Well at least I was guaranteed a nice view. I walked out of the office and decided I'd go over and check out the apartment first, before going to get my stuff.

I pulled my car into one of the visitor spots on the second floor of the parking garage that was attached to my new digs…that's a nice perk; my old building didn't have any parking. I walked down to the first floor of the garage, because I didn't have one of those cards to open the door, and then made my way into the main entrance. I looked around the large common area, until I found the overly decorated door of the RD. I knocked and heard a voice call through the door. "It's open!" I went in and saw a gangly-looking Asian guy sitting behind a sweet looking computer. "Hey, I'm Eric, what can I do for you?" He looked up and smiled.

"How'd you know-" Before I could finish my sentence, he cut me off.

"You knocked, no one who lives here knocks unless they try to open the door and it's locked."

Nice to know. "Yeah, I'm new to the building, I was told to find you." Eric looked around and then his computer chimed and he looked down at it.

"Oh, here it is." He opened the email and printed it as he read it off the screen. "Let's see 1918, oh right…you lucked out boy, let me tell you. My home girl Bella, she can cook! Okay, seriously though here are the rules. All guests have to be cleared with your roommate; you can't have a guest spend more than four nights a week with you and no sex in common areas. That's just uncool."

I laughed. "Is that seriously a huge problem?"

Eric looked at me like I was crazy, before grabbing a manila mailing envelope off his filing cabinet. "This is campus housing, the only thing people think about more than sex, is how to get it. Okay, here's all your paperwork." He started pulling things out of the envelope as he was explaining it. "First are the house rules, read them, because ignorance doesn't save you. Next, is your housing agreement, mainly says you'll follow the rules, you have to sign that before you move in."

"So I have to read this before I get my key?" I looked at the booklet and gulped.

"I'll cliff notes if for you. No drugs, no underage drinking, no breaking the visitor rules, no being loud during 'quiet hours,' no breaking the roommate contract, and no overall dickery. And don't try being funny, I'm the eyes and ears of this place, and I don't miss much. Oh, and this is important, if you catch someone breaking the rules, and you don't report it, then if they get caught and it comes out that you knew, you're out too."

"Damn, well I'm 21, so I guess I'm in the clear. Let me sign that bad boy. What is that part about a roommate contract?"

Eric handed me the agreement and I checked off each of the rules before signing the bottom. "You and your roommate come up with a contract, the things that you're going to hold each other to, and you have to police it, if your roommate breaks it you come to me, and we go from there. Next are the rules about common areas, study rooms, and laundry rooms." Eric handed me another few pages with individual rules. "Are you getting all of this?"

"Yeah, I'm just anxious to get moved in."

"Broke up with your girlfriend?"

"Tired of hearing my little sister have sex."

Eric made a face like he felt my pain. "Ooh. Alright, well then if you're golden, let's get you set up." Eric grabbed a binder marked "19" and flipped to the end, slipping the email and my signed agreement into the page protector. Then he opened the locked filing cabinet and pulled out a card key, and a set of keys. "Okay Edward, So this card key gets you into the building when it's locked, and it also gets you access to the parking garage elevator, so you can ride up to your floor without having to walk around. Then this key gets you from the elevator vestibule onto the floor, and this gets you into your room. No copying the keys. If you lose a key come to me and we'll have another made up. Are we good?"

"Great." I said taking the keys and the envelope.

"Great, let's go give Bella the good news."

Eric and I rode up in the elevator together, damn was this thing slow, and finally made it to the 19th floor. We got out and walked to the last door on the hall. Eric knocked hard, trying to be heard over the blaring angry chick music playing inside the apartment. "That's definitely going on the contract," I remarked and Eric laughed.

He knocked again and called out, "Bells! Open the door or I'm coming in there after you!"

The volume went down considerably and the door flew open. Standing in front of me was a petite beauty in a tank top and cotton shorts. Her brown hair was pulled back in a messy know halfway up her head and she was holding a sponge in one hand and a bottle of all-purpose cleaner in the other. "You're not supposed to use your keys for evil, Yorkie." She smiled and my heart lurched. Damn, she was FINE!

Eric laughed and held up his hands. "Peace, Bella, I come baring news. This is your new roommate."

Bella looked me up and down and then threw her hands up in the air. "I always get the gays!"

I chocked on air, if that's possible, before spitting out, "I'm not gay!"

Bella laughed and looked at me again. "Damn, sorry, it's just most guys who look like you spend their free time trying to scam the guys I date. I'm Bella Swan."

I shook my head and smiled at her. "No problem, I'm Edward Cullen."

"So you want to come in and check out your room?" Bella motioned to me to come in and I walked past Eric.

"Okay kids, it looks like you'll be fine on your own. Bella, he has the blank contract, fill it out and get me the original by the end of the week."

"Sure thing, Yorkie." Bella closed the door on him. "Seriously, sorry about that comment, my verbal filter goes on the fritz every once in a while, but that wasn't cool."

I waved my hand, gesturing that it was no biggie. "Don't worry, my sister asks me if I'm gay once a month, but that's more her way of undermining whatever relationship I'm in at the moment."

Bella smiled and blushed. "Okay, well here's the living room." She waved her arms around. "My bedroom is right there," she motioned to the door in front of us, "the bathroom is in the corner," she motioned to the door to the right of hers, "the kitchen," she pointed to the half wall with a bar top and stools and the door next to it that led to the small kitchen, "and your bedroom is in that corner, and I'm gonna warn you, the sun is a bitch coming through that window in the morning, so get good curtains."

I turned to look at her. "That used to be your room?"

"Yup, I got screwed last time, so as soon as Felix moved out, I disinfected the room and moved my shit!" She laughed. "I've been on a mission to purge the apartment of him for the last week, and the bathroom is my final stop, that's why I didn't hear you knock."

"So, how bad did you screw me?" God Damn it! Why in the hell did you say that! Ass!

Bella blushed, but chose to ignore my phrasing. "It's not too bad, the room is almost the same size, it's just I wasn't a fan of the big windows on two walls, I'm not a morning person, but it has a great view, you see the water and the city."

"Okay, how about furniture?"

Bella laughed hard. "This is off-campus housing, they don't give you anything."

"That's fine." I pulled my phone out and called Rosalie, after her outgoing message, I broke it to her. "Rose, the bad news is I found a place, so you can move into my old room, the good news, I'm taking my furniture, so call your dad and tell her you're going shopping." I hung up and Bella was laughing again.

"Don't you have that backwards?"

"Nope, trust me, if you ever meet my sister Alice and her boyfriend, you'll understand, they make it their mission to be annoyingly lovey dovey. Plus, Rosalie loves to shop, and if I seriously have to take my stuff then her dad won't pitch a fit over her running up her credit card."

"Okay, you need help, because I have a truck, it'll probably take more than one trip, but it'll be a lot quicker, not to mention cheaper, than renting a moving van."

I smiled, that was a really sweet thing to offer. "Sure."

"Okay, give me like fifteen minutes to finish up in the bathroom and change, and then we can go."

"Go for it, I'll just check out my new digs." Bella went back to the bathroom and turned the music back up, although not as loud as it had been, while I walked into my room.

It wasn't bad, the walls were a pale blue, and it was actually bigger than my room now. My parents had decided that if we were going to skip the "college dorm experience" than we would be living on the same allowance that we would have if they were paying for a dorm. Crap, I better call my dad. I picked up the phone and dialed. He answered after one ring. "Yes, Edward."

"Dad, I found a room. It's in Masen; it's one of the off-campus buildings."

"Good, I'm sure they'll send the adjusted tuition bill. So, I guess I'll still be paying for the full rent for Alice though."

I took a deep breath. "Actually, she found a roommate."

"Absolutely not! That boy is not moving in there, he may be nice, but I don't want her shacking up with-"

I jumped in before he hung up and killed Alice. "Dad, breathe. It's not Jasper. It's Rosalie, Jasper's sister. Her lease was up, so she offered to move in with Alice."

I could hear my dad breathe again. "Oh, well that's different. So what's your room like? How about your roommate?"

I was the one trying to breathe right at the moment. "Okay dad, don't freak, but my roommates a girl."

"What?" There was the parental hysterics again.

"Dad, she's nice. And she offered to help me move in, because she has a truck, so we're going to do that in a little while. That's the way it is these days, the top five floors are co-ed rooms, and it was all that was available."

"Alright son, I trust you. I just get a little concerned about you two; you're all we've got."

"I know dad, but you have to remember, we're grown now."

My dad laughed. "Well, I have to get back to work; I'll see you on Sunday."

"Sure dad, Sunday." I hung up.

"What's Sunday?" I turned around and Bella was standing in my doorway in jeans and an "I'm using these to my advantage" t-shirt. Damn…just remember, she's your roommate.

"Family dinner. You ready to go?"

She nodded. "Yup let's do it." Bella locked up and we walked to the elevator. We got in and rode down in a semi-awkward silence until she looked up at me. "So, what's your major?"

"Pre-med. You?"

"English. I guess I should be grateful I got a med student, because I'm a notorious klutz, like I trip on air. So are you a junior?"

"Yeah, you?"


"Hey Bella, do you have a boyfriend?"

Bella looked at me a little shocked by my question. "Nope, what about you?"

"Free as a bird. Sorry if that was forward."

"Don't worry; we need to know if we're going to be seeing another face across the table in the morning." I tapped my fingers against the elevator wall until finally the doors opened on the fifth floor. "Come on, this is us."

"How do you get a parking space?"

"You have a sticker somewhere in your envelope, stick it to your windshield and park in any spot you can get, they're not assigned. Here we are." Bella walked over to a prehistoric, rust orange Chevy truck.

"Good God, that thing still runs."

"Don't make fun! Bertha's hauling your stuff, remember. Shit! Wait a minute." Bella ran to the building and came back a minute later with a hand truck and some rope. "Helps if we can get your shit to the car and then keep it from flying out once we drive off."

"Where'd you get that?"

"The crap closet. I'll show you everything later, let's get you moved in before it starts to rain."

We got into her car, and with a thunderous roar it started up and we were off to my old apartment. "Just warning you, I have nothing packed, I didn't know I was going to get lucky and get a place when I went to the housing office."

Bella smiled and turned on the radio, keeping it low so that it was simply background noise. "That's fine. Do you have luggage?"

"No. Crap, wow I'm really not prepared." I shook my head, trying to remember if I had anything embarrassing in my room.

"No problem, use garbage bags, and I'll hang out in your living room so you can pack up your stuff, I know I have things I like to keep private, so take your time, like I said, I have nothing to do today."

"Thanks Bella, this is really cool of you."

Bella laughed and I told her where to make the turn to my place. She parked the truck out front and climbed into the back of her truck to tie the ropes on one side of then leave them loose until we got my furniture. "Alright let's go." Bella went to climb out of her truck bed and slipped on the edge, falling right into my arms.

I laughed as I steadied her. "You weren't lying about the clumsiness, were you?"

"That's nothing, trust me, you'll be patching up a lot worse than that in the next few months."

We walked into the building with the hand truck and went up to the seventh floor. When we got to my apartment, I opened the door and let Bella in. "It appears that we're alone, which is better, because Alice would have just gotten in the way. Make yourself at home, I won't be long."

I went into the kitchen and grabbed the box of black garbage bags and dumped them on my bed. I threw everything in my dresser into two bags and then emptied my closet into another two. I threw my pillows and bedding into a fifth bag and then grabbed my suitcase out of my closet. That I filled with my porn collection, my CD and DVD books and my shoes. Just when I had that safely closed the suitcase, there was a knock at my front door. I opened the bedroom door and Bella was gone, I went to get the door and when I opened it Bella was standing in front of me holding a few boxes and some newspapers.

"Thought you might need some boxes for your breakables, and something to wrap them up in, and I remembered there was a bodega on the corner, so I went to see what I could scrounge up."

I smiled and let Bella in. "Well, all I have is some random stuff in my closet and knick knacks and crap, you want to help me knock them out?"

"Fine, let's go."

Bella and I put together the boxes and I started emptying the top shelf of my closet, while she threw my books from my bookshelf into another box. "Bella, how much do I owe you for this stuff?"

Bella turned and looked at me confused. "What the boxes and stuff, they gave them to me, the papers are day old, they'd just throw them out, so I did like my shirt said."

I laughed and shook my head. "You shouldn't sell yourself short. I've known you for an hour, and I already think you're cool."

"Better to be surprised than disappointed, I always say. Anyway, if you want to pay me back for helping you, buy the pizza tonight, because I won't want to cook after this." Bella looked around my room for a minute. "Okay, so we can get the box springs, your dresser and desk in one trip, and we can probably stow your TV and nightstand under your desk. Then the next trip should be your mattress and frame, plus your bookshelf, desk chair, your boxes and any of the bags we can't stow in the first trip."

"You think?" I didn't see how it would all fit.

"Trust me, all my friends take advantage of the fact that I have a truck, I've gotten really good at figuring out exactly what I can fit back there." We finished up in the next hour and then loaded my dresser onto the hand truck while Bella dragged the two box springs to the elevator. We got everything into the elevator and then out to her truck. We loaded the box springs first, wedging up against the side where the ropes were tied, then lifted the dresser up and slid it up against the rest of the load. "Bring down your desk next, I'm gonna sit here and guard your stuff."

"Okay, I'll be back in a few." I ran to catch the elevator and was quickly back with the desk. We lifted it up and Bella started tying the ropes.

"Bring down the bag that has your sheets, that way we can wrap your comforter around your TV so it won't break."

I made the next trip which was my nightstand and my TV very carefully and was soon upstairs grabbing my box with my lamps, my sheets, a bag of clothes and my suitcase. We got it all in the back and headed back to Masen. Bella got a few guys on the fifth floor to help us up with my stuff by promising to make them a pan of lasagna sometime this week and I was half moved in to the apartment in no time.

We headed back, and when we got there Alice was standing in the living room. "What the hell, Edward, you couldn't give me a little warning?"

FUCK! I forgot to call her after I talked to dad. "Alice, I thought you'd be here when I got back, and I'm trying to get everything over to my new place before it starts raining." Alice was no longer listening to me she was eyeing Bella, so I made the introductions. "Bella, Alice Cullen, Alice this is my roommate, Bella Swan."

Bella reached out and Alice shook her hand. "Cute shirt." Of course Alice would comment on her outfit.

"Thanks, it pisses off my brother, I usually only wear it for his benefit, but I needed something I could get sweaty in and I'm due to do laundry." Bella and Alice both laughed.

"You live to piss off your older brother too; I think we're going to be great friends."

I ran over to Alice and tapped her on the forehead. "No, bad Alice. No making friends with my roommate, I need Bella to like me, not laugh at naked baby pictures of me, like you did with Victoria."

"I don't know why you're still bitter about that skank. But I promise, I'll be good, we'll talk later Bella."

"Okay, well will you at least help move me out?" I grumbled.

"Sure." Alice followed us into my room and Bella and I carried out my mattress while Alice pushed my bookshelf out on the hand truck, dragging my desk chair behind her. We loaded it up and Alice and I went back up to load up my boxes and my other bags of clothes. We threw them in the bed of the truck and after Bella fiddled with the ropes; I helped her down and gave Alice a quick hug before getting in the truck so we could get back.

On the way back, Bella started asking more questions. "So do you cook?"

"I burn water." Bella laughed.

"Okay, I'll make the same deal I made with Felix, you give me money, and I'll buy the food and cook. How about cleaning?"

"I guess I can, but I clean like a guy, I use hot water."

Bella shook her head. "Okay, in the building all the utilities and cable are included, internet is $35 a month though, you pay that bill, and I'll clean. Deal?"

"Absolutely, you're sure making this easy on me."

"I'm a bit of a neat freak, so I'd rather do it myself, then wonder how you did it. No offense, I was the same way with Felix, I'm a little anal." Bella blushed and I chuckled to myself.

We got back to Masen and the guys helped us with the rest of the stuff and then Bella grabbed my envelope, pulling out the parking sticker. Then she dragged me to the elevator. When we got to the garage she stopped. "Go get your car and bring it up here."

"But there aren't any spaces?" Bella pointed to her truck, which was straddling the line of two spaces. "Sweet, I didn't even notice that, thanks."

"No problem, now get your car before someone complains." I ran to the elevator and went back to my car, quickly driving up to the spot next to Bella's truck, which she was now standing in, so no one could steal it. I pulled in and she smiled. "Nice ride, now I see why you think my truck is a piece of crap! Come on, I'll show you around." We went in and Bella showed me the "crap closet," where people stowed various common things, along with random items left behind by old tenants. Then she showed me the best common areas and warned me about which study rooms to avoid. Finally, she showed me the laundry room on the 18th floor, and our parlor across from the main elevator. "So that's all Masen has to offer. You ready to eat, Edward?"

"Sure let's order that pizza." An hour later, Bella and I were sitting at the table in the back half of the living room, eating pizza and laughing, while writing up our contract. "No loud music, that has to be one."

"Alright." Bella conceded as I added it to the list that already consisted of our cooking and cleaning arrangements, our promise that sex was to be kept to the confines of our OWN rooms, and that I was in charge of all medical emergencies. "Okay, I shower at night, how about you?"

"Usually mornings, but tonight may have to be an exception." Bella laughed. "Okay, we have to sit down tomorrow and come up with a bathroom schedule, and we have to stick to it, that's the next thing to add to the contract."

"Fine, but I call first dibs in the morning; I need something to wake my ass up before Organic Chemistry at 9am."

Bella made a face. "Ooh, that's why I'm an English major, no classes before 11:30."

"Lucky bitch."

Bella laughed and took another bite. "God, I'm glad I got you as my roommate, Felix was so high-strung, it's nice to have someone who gets my jokes and can call me bitch without meaning it maliciously."

"This guy was really that bad?"

"He was a true drama queen, with the theater major to prove it. He got some national tour this summer and then came back to tell me that he was going back on the road and dropping out of school. He thought I'd be sad, but I was excited, he was so over the top, and after two years of his shit, I was exhausted. Promise me something, if I do something that bugs you, tell me."

I smiled, "Only if you'll do the same for me."

"Deal. And no smoking, I hate smoking."

I wrote those two onto our contract. "Is that it?"

Bella smiled. "Yeah, let me sign that bad boy." Bella reached over and signed it, and I signed it too, then she got up and ran into her room and came back with two copies. "There's your copy, I'm going to run this down to Eric; you need anything?"

"Nope I'm good." And with that Bella lopped out of the apartment. I looked up at the ceiling, "God, I don't know what I did to deserve this, but I'm gonna try to keep it up."

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