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Warning: This story isn't so much 'aliens made them do it' as 'their alternate selves made them do it'. It's pure Jack/Daniel romance and contains explicit m/m sexual acts. If you don't like that kind of thing, if you're underage, if such acts are illegal where you are - please don't read this story. It's not for you. And in case you're wondering, everything explicit is in chapter 3.

'Come in, gentlemen. Shut the door and take a seat.'

Jack closed the door and dropped into the empty chair in front of General Hammond's desk. 'Sir,' he said cautiously. He glanced over at the other chair, answering Daniel's silent query with a twitch of an eyebrow that meant no idea.

Jack fidgeted, eyeing the manila folder under the General's folded hands, as the General looked steadily at the two men then cleared his throat.

'I expect you're wondering why I've called you in here.'

A barely perceptible tightness at the corners of Jack's eyes was his only reaction to the General's dispassionate gaze.

'You could say that, sir.' He flashed what was meant to pass as a smile, but his habitual slouch couldn't hide the tension in his neck and shoulders. He glanced over at Daniel once more.

The archaeologist frowned, pouted. 'I have to admit, I'm intrigued. I'm wondering what's so important and secret that you need Thor's little anti-bugging device turned on here, in your office.'

'Sometimes it's best to be safe rather than sorry, son.' Hammond cleared his throat again. 'I'm not entirely sure how to broach the subject, so I'm just going to say this outright and hope you'll trust me.'

This time Jack's eyebrow twitch was a very clear uh-oh, mirrored by Daniel's blink of surprise.

'Jack, Daniel, are you engaged in a homosexual relationship?'

For a second, both men stared at the General. Jack could feel his jaw drop. Then his tongue came back online. 'That's crazy! I'd never-'

At the same time, Daniel's voice rang out. 'What happened to 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'?'

Jack turned his surprise on the younger man. 'Daniel?'

'Jack? No, seriously, George. I mean, no, there's nothing of that nature between Jack and myself, but still, aren't you supposed to not ask?' Daniel stared defiantly at the General.

Hammond sighed. 'You're absolutely right, Daniel. But in your case, DA/DT has been waived.'

Jack's eyebrows shot up. 'Sir-'

'And before you ask, Colonel, this has come down from the President and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.'

'What the hell?' Jack leaned back, flabbergasted. 'Tell me Kinsey has nothing to do with this.'

'Senator Kinsey has absolutely nothing to do with this, and thanks to Thor, I'm hoping it'll stay that way.' A touch of warmth colored Hammond's voice. 'All right, Jack, Daniel. For the record, I believe you. However, something has... come to light concerning you both, specifically, and, for want of a better way of phrasing it, the fate of the world in general. Here.'

He took out a sheet of paper from the folder and slid it across the desk. 'This was delivered to Area 51 through the quantum mirror.'

Jack took the sheet. Daniel moved his chair closer and read over his friend's shoulder.

To: The Commanding Officer of the SGC (hopefully General George Hammond), Cheyenne Mountain


Greetings from an alternate universe. We recently had contact with our future selves, who provided us with data from a survey of 100 alternate worlds to either side of our own. The worlds were closely related, and apparently the scientists who undertook the survey were hoping to find some commonality which could be used to help tip the odds in favor of Earth's survival. Frankly, I was skeptical, but hey, have to hand it to them, they found it. Only it's not quite what they were expecting. No great honkin' space guns, sir. Sorry.

It's us. More specifically, it's the relationship between Dr Daniel Jackson and myself. In worlds where Daniel never joins the Stargate program, Earth falls. Every single time. And in worlds where he joins, but I don't, things don't go so great. Where we work together, as a team, as friends, on the whole we do okay. But the worlds in which Daniel and I are together, Earth's survival as a free, uninvaded planet is practically assured.

Now, I know rules and regulations vary from military to military, and laws vary from USA to USA. On some worlds, we're - I'm - so conditioned to heterosexuality that it never once occurs to me there could be anything more. And if this is one of the worlds in which that kind of relationship simply cannot happen, well, best of luck to ya.

All joking aside, this is the single best advantage you can give your Earth. I'm not saying success is one-hundred-percent-guaranteed, but honestly, could it hurt to give this a shot? Get your Jack and your Daniel together and you'll see that together they can do the impossible.

Yours sincerely,

Col. Jonathan 'Jack' O'Neill.

'Oh, my,' Daniel murmured, blinking rapidly. 'That's, uh...'

'God!' Jack dropped the letter back onto the General's desk and scrubbed his face with both hands. He looked tiredly at his CO on the other side of the desk. 'Respectfully, sir, how do we know it's not a crock? Something dreamed up by the NID to take out both Daniel and myself?'

The General regarded the men with compassion. 'It's been analyzed by our scientists and from the quantum signature, I'm assured the letter originates from some other reality.'

'How long have you known about this?' Daniel asked. He leaned forwards and balanced his chin on his fists, elbows digging into the knee that was crossed over his other leg. He looked uncomfortable.

'It came through the mirror around two weeks ago. Area 51 alerted me then and I alerted the President. When we got the results of the tests back, the President consulted with his legal advisors and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Trust me, gentlemen, when I say I've had more than a few late-night calls hashing this thing out.' Hammond said dryly.

Jack blinked, shrugged. 'So? What is there to sort out? Daniel and I are best friends. We don't have that kind of a relationship. We were both married, for chrissakes! To women!'

'And we are all very well aware of that fact, Colonel,' the General reassured him. 'If it had just been the letter, well... But they sent through the raw data from the survey.'

'Could I have-' Daniel began.

'It's on a CD waiting for you, Doctor Jackson.' The General smiled. 'I don't need to tell you to keep this to yourself, do I?'

'No, sir. Thank you,' Daniel subsided.

'There's more, isn't there,' Jack said, resignedly. 'Might as well lay it all on us now, sir.'

'Yes, there's more. In addition to waiving Don't Ask, Don't Tell, the President and the Joint Chiefs of Staff have also waived the regs concerning sodomy, fraternization and conduct unbecoming to an officer. Only, I hasten to add, in regard to your relationship with Doctor Jackson. In light of the other item which came through the mirror, they have also granted you both a valid, legal, marriage license and instructed me to place the base chaplain at your disposal.'

Hammond pushed a small polished wooden box across the desk. Jack stared at it as though he thought it might turn into a venomous insect and bite him at any moment. Daniel picked it up and opened it.

Inside the box were two gold rings.

'Wedding bands?' Jack's voice held a tinge of hysteria. 'I've heard of shotgun weddings, but this is...'

Daniel carefully lifted one of the bands out. 'Across worlds, throughout time, together always,' he read softly. 'It's in Abydonian.'

'Who'd have thought we'd be this sappy?' Jack looked at Daniel, who looked back at him, still holding the ring, and the breath caught in Jack's lungs. For a long moment their gaze held, and Jack wasn't sure what it was he saw in Daniel's eyes, but he felt as though he were going under for the third time when the General spoke.

'Gentlemen,' Hammond's tone was soft, but implacable. 'I realize you probably want nothing more than to head home and forget this over a couple of beers, but I can't risk word of this getting off-base. I've had Sergeant Siler prepare one of the VIP suites. The cameras are well and truly disconnected and you can take Thor's gadget with you. I've taken the liberty of getting in two early-bird specials from O'Malley's, which should be here any minute now. You have forty-eight hours to get this sorted out between you. Meals will be left outside the door, SFs will be guarding the corridor. You won't be disturbed.'

He sighed again. 'I know you've both given a lot for your country, for your world, and I'm very well aware this is not something we can order or expect from either of you. But please, go, talk it over. Let me know what you decide and whatever that may be, I'll clear it with the President. It's not easy, gentlemen. Not friendship, not marriage. Just... make sure it's worthwhile.' He took back the ring box, closing it carefully, then handed a CD in a plastic wallet to Daniel and Thor's anti-bugging device to Jack. 'Dismissed.'