Title: How to be a world-known superhero and convince your PA to be your girlfriend at the same time

Author: tony_edw_stark

Rating: PG13 (for the moment)

Summary: Tony's diary about his life, the suit and of course, his girl Friday, Pepper Potts.

A/N: This is taken from the livejournal account of my friend tony_edw_stark and it was first posted on the Tony/Pepper community. Since my friend doesn't have an FF account she asked me to publish it on my FF profile. I hope you will enjoy this and please review!

Day 1


Three weeks after the epic battle with Whiplash and she wasn't talking to me. It seems to be a habit of hers, I realized. Yes... pretty much a habit. I'm sick of her habits.

Today's what? Tuesday?

So I had a board meeting to attend at nine but who the hell does she think I am? I'm Tony Stark. I don't go to board meetings. I just hate them and the board members, starting with the bald one who reminds me of Obadiah. See, another reason for my absence.

I woke up from a strange dream - because I don't have nightmares anymore - and turned on the other side. When I saw that she was not there I sighed. A deep, melancholic sigh. I realized then that she was more than just a simple one night stand.

I stood there and thought about her. Because now it's just a her, not exactly a person. I mean I know that I deserved what she did to me, but it's still weird. After I had this... revelation about me and a specific girl being together I started thinking that I shouldn't sleep with anyone else. I was sure that Pepper was going to notice my lack of one night stands, but she didn't care... at least she pretended very well that she didn't care.

Pepper... well, she's my assistant and my best friend. She knows me better than I do sometimes and she's the one who's taking care of me and my company. She actually runs my company. I was dependent of her constant presence in my life. The thought of her gone for just about a half an hour or even less made butterflies run through my stomach.

After she turned me down cold I was broken. My hopes started to fade away slowly but securely. She wasn't just a someone in my life. Pepper was the one who ran my entire life.

Days passed, weeks passed and then weeks turned into months. Six months more precisely. And then I met Natasha. I sort of liked her and started dating. It wasn't that sort of dating which included romantic dinners, bouquets of roses and candles. It wasn't even a date. We just fucked like cats in heat. Natasha was so aggressive in bed that it occured to me that for once I wasn't the one leading in sex. When we finished the bedroom would look like a battlefield.

It didn't get any better though.

A few months into that and I was sort of falling in love with her aggressive methods.

That's why I didn't realize what she was up to. She and her friend, Ivan Vanko. Kidnapping Pepper was low even for her. This is why Pepper isn't talking to me. She accused me that I only dated women who were a potential danger for me and her and even the company.

So, here I stand. Three weeks after the battle and exactly that much since I saw Natasha. Or that much since Pepper last spoke to me.

I toss and turn in my bed, unable to fall back asleep. Even though I know it's past nine, Pepper doesn't come to wake me up. It hurts so much to see that everyone around you hates you and everything you do that you can't feel anything but an acute pain in your heart. I wanted to cry so badly that it hurt even more but I couldn't. What would Pepper say if she'd see me? That I'm a coward - yes.

Time passed quickly as I stood and sulked in self-pitty. I closed my eyes and pretended that the life I had was just a really bad dream. I was still awake when the door cracked open. I tried to regulate my fast breathing but anything I'd do wouldn't help. Instead I focused on snoring softly. I know it's Pepper because I can hear her stilettos clicking onto the marble floor. I'm surprised that she didn't yell at me or something.

I know I was dressed only in my boxer briefs but it wasn't like she hasn't seen me in any less. I was resting on my belly with my head propped between plushy pillows. The thin sheet didn't cover my back so I was glad that the purple bruise was almost healed.

I swallowed hard as Pepper gently sat down on the bed and brought her small, life-saving hand up to my forehead to brush away a strand of hair which stood up awkwardly. I almost held my breath but I figured that she would notice that I'm awake if I did so. She watched me for a couple of minutes before moving her hand almost imperceptible over my arm. Every hair on my arm stood up like it had life of his own and my heart was beating so fast I thought it was going to pop out of its place.

I opened my eyes slowly, like I did when I opened them for the first time in this morning. I noticed that I wasn't the only one who held his breathing in the room. Pepper looked at me with an open mouth, the curve of her lips forming an 'oh'. I wanted so badly to catch her arm and pull her slender form to me, but instead I blinked several times before I opened my mouth.


She looked as if she didn't believe that I was talking to her. She slowly shook her head and replied serenely.

"You are in big trouble, Mr. Stark."

The sudden change in her attitude made my stomach flinch. She was acting like she barely knew me and it hurt so much more.

"So now you decide to talk to me?" I ask, barely keeping my anger at bay.

"Yes." She replies without any hesitation. "I was saying that..."

I cut her off with a sharp glare.

"Yeah, I know what you were saying and it doesn't matter. I'm not going anywhere, least of all at some stupid board meeting. They can handle the company even if I'm not there."

"All right. If you think so, Mr. Stark. I'll be in my office if you need something, or you can bug Jarvis."

"Yeah, sure..." I mumble from between the pillows.

She sat up, ignoring my feelings and marched towards the exit.

In a sudden moment I realized I couldn't hold back any much longer, so I bolted upright and ran after her. She barely turned her startled gaze towards me as I grabbed her wrist softly.

"Why are you so mad at me?" I ask, feeling a little discouraged at the smirk she had on her beautiful lips I wanted to kiss so much.

"I'm not mad at you, Mr. Stark. I'm just-"

"You're just what?!" I insist.

"Not so sure of you anymore." She says softly and looks in my eyes, maybe hoping that I would understand, but I don't.

"Why aren't you sure of?" My question comes out a little dumbfounded but she decides to ignore it, apparently.

"Of your intentions." She replies quickly. This time I get it but she shrugs out of my hold and walks outside my bedroom.

"Yeah... that's absolutely helpful!" I yell back.


I decided to end this war even though I was sure I wasn't going to win.