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The Feast

By Sentarla

~Cough ~Splutter ~ Cough~

"You okay, Jim?"

~Cough ~Hack~ Cough~

"What happened, big guy, something go down the wrong way?"

"What ...~Splutter~...What did you put in that bowl?!"

Looking over to the bowl Jim had just eaten from, Blair smiled innocently and answered.

"Oh, my trail mix; nothing harmful, all quite tasty in fact. There's unsalted organic nuts, trail mix, granola, dried witchery grubs, thanks to Conner, and a handful of carob green ants. What's wrong, don't you like it?"

Shaking his head at the sheer audacity of his Guide, Jim walked over to the crockery cupboard and pulled out his hidden stash of chocolate covered sultanas. Walking past his stunned Guide, the large, nearly starving Sentinel sat down and tucked in for a feast.


My first attempt at a drabble, what do you think?