Warnings: Only short, much left open for interpretations. Occurs the day of the big dip as one author named it. g

Authors note: Okay, this is a little strange. Sort of a POV, but then it is not. Please send any comments. Yes I know it is open for interpretations, and if you are dying for explanation, then email me.

Silent Thanks



Standing in front of the wooden door he wondered why he was here, why was he standing on the doorstep, his insides screaming to break the door down, to get inside. What had happened to his tough guy image? Where had his strength gone?

As a deep sigh left his lips, the troubled man turned around and rested his back on the door, slowly sliding down its solid length till he was sitting on the ground. Pulling long legs up, the man wrapped his arms around his knees and lowered his head.

Whenever he closed his eyes, flashes of memory threatened to drown him. Drown, what a horrible word. No one, least of all an enthusiastic, vibrant young man should meet death that way. Feeling a small tear escape, the man thanked God for not allowing such a fate to pass. Silently the man prayed, thinking over one of the worst and happiest days of his life. With his back leaning against the door, he felt a sense of peace and warm vibes soak through the wood and into his chilled body.

The shrill ring of his cell phone pulled the quiet man from his thoughts. Wiping his moist eyes with his coat sleeve, he answered the call; it was time to return to the real world.