I don't normally like twisting the Kingdom Hearts Universe so drastically, but I wanted to do this for some reason. Don't ask why. I blame Jodi Picoult novels. If you have read Just One More Chance, you will be familiar of my OCs Lex and Maximus, but in this drabble set, they are not twelve and nine or any older. Rather, their ages are deduced - Lex is a very young child and Maxi is just a baby. This not at all canon to JOMC: this is all just for fun.

If you have ideas or prompts, I will love to hear them.

Characters/Pairings: Lexaeus-X-Zexion, Lex, Maximus. Time Setting: Random - will have flashbacks to the beginning to the relationship. Location: Radiant Gardens.

Ratings/Warnings: K+/PG-13 - Homosexual relationship, familial and other issues, slightly AU, fan-children.

Midnight Feeding.

The only way that the shrill yells of a distressed infant crying for someone to come to them can sound even worse then it already does, is when those shrill yells are sent through the crackling speaker of a baby monitor. Zexion groans out of his slumber, blinking slowly, feeling like crying too but forces the childish mood anyway. He never thought such a tiny, fragile child would make so much noise when he first had Maxi, but the child proved him wrong. He turns over from his stomach to lay on his back, giving his older lover a kick under the covers, speaking with a tired moan to his voice.

"It's your turn…"

Lexaeus grumbles, furrowing his brow; he was enjoying his sleep too. He buries his face into the pillow, this cushiness muffling his gravely voice.

"He's your child…"

"What's that got to do with it?" Zexion gives him another kick, this time harder. "We agreed to equal responsibility of the children. I got up last time so it's your turn to see to him." He narrows his blue eyes at the man. "Last time Lex was sick, I was up all night with him, mopping him up after every puke. All by myself. With my own child too."

"I was working that time. You can't blame me for that…"

They fall silent for a few moments, the only sounds heard through the darkness being the continuing howling through the small speaker, which shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. After a while, Lexaeus sighs, sitting up.

"Fine. I'll go." He sits on the edge of the mattress, kicking the blankets away. His head becomes disoriented for a moment from getting up too quickly. He groans again and staggers to his feet, running a hand through his messy hair. "I'll see to Maxi."

Zexion smiles, closing his eyes, tugging the sheets around his slim frame.

"Thank you, darling."

"Yeah, yeah," the man yawns. He shrugs on his nightgown and sleepily shuffles his way down the cold upstairs landing. The crying leads him to the smallest bedroom: A powder-blue and cool-white room which smells like talcum powder and baby lotion. He looks over into the crib, pushing the hanging mobile of yellow ducklings and puffy clouds out of the way. Inside, Maxi is still bawling, face flame red from crying and small limbs flailing every which way. He has Zexion's lungs, and he has plenty of air to spear.

Carefully, gently, Lexaeus reaches down and picks the child up, cradling him in his strong arms lovingly. He rocks him slowly, making soft, wordless sounds and shushes, running his fingertips lightly over chubby cheeks and the thin mop of bluish hair. It isn't the same slate colour of Zexion's locks, but it will likely darken when he is older.

After a while, the tears subsides and Maxi calms down, softening his wailing to sobs and whimpers. He blinks up at the large man with weepy, pretty eyes, trying to reach up towards the craggy features with his stubby, tiny hands. Lexaeus chuckles at the tyke, pulling him close to his chest, cradling his delicate head in the palm of his hand. He kisses his crown, nuzzling his hair ever so lightly.

"There, there, little one. Lexaeus is here." He sees the second baby monitor standing on the set of drawers by the opposite wall and scowls at it. "Although your own daddy should be in here" he says sternly at it, hoping that Zexion can hear him, but knowing his partner, he would be asleep again, snoring.

He turns his attention to the babe again, working out what is wrong with him. He smells fine so he doesn't need a nappy change - Lexaeus isn't in the correct state of mind to get him out of his baby-grow to do so anyway - and he doesn't have a fever so he isn't ill.

"You must be hungry, hmm?" the man sooths. "Shall I get your bo?"

Maxi widens his eyes. To him, "bo" means bottle, his feeding bottle to be precise, which means nice, warm formula milk which will fill his empty tummy. "Do you want your bo?" the man asks again.

"Bo" Maxi mewls quietly, pawing at Lexaeus' shirt in a begging manner. Lexaeus smiles and carries him down the stairs. In every baby care book they have (Zexion bought them all with him from his old place of residence), it says that breast milk is the best for a baby's growth and development, because of the antibodies and health benefits. However Zexion and Lexaeus are both lacking in that department, so infant formula is the next best thing.

It's always a task making it though, especially with only one free hand. Lexaeus has to fill the kettle with water, pop the lid off the tub, find a clean bottle and teat, stir the mixture, all the while cuddling Maxi close. He is tired too and has a horrible feeling he is going to drop something, fearful that it will be the baby but he keeps everything from falling over. Satisfied with the temperature, he places the bottle into his nightgown pocket and carries Maxi back upstairs to the master bedroom. He shakes Zexion awake, who is not too happy about being woken-up.


"Equal responsibility" Lexaeus says, puffing his chest out like a proud cockerel. He holds out the child to the boy. "I got him and made his formula. You can feed him and put him back."

Zexion smiles slightly, chuckling as he sits up and takes Maxi into his arms.

"Very well. Give me his bottle."

Lexaeus fishes the warm milk from his pocket, and throws off his nightgown, crawling into bed again.

"He will just awake up in a few hours complain about a wet nappy."

"I know," Zexion smirks, not really caring at the moment. He is just focusing on feeding his tiny boy, keeping the bottle up so he doesn't swallow any air. Maxi just makes mumbled noise as he drinks, finally settling down. "Was your son ever this fussy and cranky at night?"

"No." Lexaeus lays down, fluffing up his pillow. He thinks about the dreaming child in the next room, wrapped up in green sheets and his earth-coloured curls that are untidy from rolling around in his slumber. "Lex has always been a quiet child."

"Lucky you." Zexion sighs, leaning back against his pillows, with Maxi sucking and gurgling peacefully now. For months, the nights have always brought with them one, if not two rounds of feeding for him. All those dark hours of stumbling into his old kitchenette, praying that he still had some powder left, with a screaming banshee of a infant in the bedroom wanting daddy to come back. Those cold, miserable rainy nights when it was just the two of them. No mummy, no help. Zexion had to juggle everything by himself.

He frowns at the memories, not because they were bad times, just hard and trying, and he had no idea he was doing back then, consulting books and advice for most things. He glances to the side, seeing that Lexaeus had fallen asleep again, his face a picture of content and tranquillity as he snores quietly and he smiles. He looks down at Maxi again, forcing to keep his eyes open as the tot nurses the teat, his soft hands grasping at the tough plastic container and the man's slim fingers holding said container in a weak grasp.