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'Voice in thoughts'

The echoes of shouts and screams dance along with the raging flames, engulfing everything in its path that underestimate its fury. Black smoke penetrates the nostrils and darkens the night sky. The full moon's light buried beneath the black smoke, the stars seeming extinguished for the night. A compound of some sort was making the horrible sounds, sounds that would make anyone cringe or frightened. Warm blood mixed with charred skin, declaring death.

A house, one of the biggest houses in the compound burned as a young couple held each other in their arms. The woman had long and beautiful silver, white hair, snow white skin, and forest green irises that glowed brightly in the dark. The man had short and messy maroon colored hair, tanned skin, and grey irises staring back into hers. "Kana….please stay with me!" the man urged the woman as he held her hand tightly; dark red blood seeped into his clothes as the wound on his chest bled.

Kana smiled up to her lover as he held her close, the wound in her stomach bleeding and rapidly leaving her body. "Tenchi….I'm sorry" she whispered to him weakly as she brushed a gentle hand on his cheek as blood rolled down her chin.

Tears rolled down his face at her apology and shook his head slightly. "No Kana….there's no reason for you apologize. You are the best mother and wife that I could have ever asked for! Just…just please don't leave me!" he cried out to her as his strength began to leave his body.

His wife could only smile back at him with her beautiful and loving eyes. "No…we will always be together….I love you…." Her hand fell limply as her eyes closed to an eternal slumber.

"No….please come back…please…" he hugged her to him as his eyes began to droop.

"Daddy?" a trembling voice of a child reached his ears, he looks up to find his daughter staring back at them petrified. "What—is…is Mommy gone?" tears rolled down her cheeks as she took a step closer to her parents.

"Yeah, Baby….Mommy's gone. I need you….I need you to take care of your little brother okay?" he asked her as looked back at her hopefully. She says nothing; instead she bites her lip to keep it from trembling and shuts her eyes closed. "Hey….did you hear me? Take care of your brother…." The life in his eyes began to dwindle away. "Take care of him…..Sakura".

Sakura's eyes snap open with a short gasp; she blinks her eyes to recover her vision. She sits up on her bed and looks around at her room. Red painted walls, a desk in the corner of her room, scrolls scattered everywhere, her closet, bathroom, and her white bed backed up against another corner.

She took a deep breath as she tried to forget the horrible nightmare that she had recently had. 'That was….odd' she thought as she wiped her sweaty forehead. She brushes her hand against her cheeks and finds them damper than her forehead. 'I was crying in my sleep…' she noticed as she tried to wipe her face. She looks at her digital clock which read '6:15' in bright red block numbers.

She stares out the window next to her and sighs tiredly, then gets out of her damp sheets and into her bathroom. She walks up to the mirror and stares at her own reflection and sighs, washing her face then brushing her teeth. 'I have enough time before I meet up with the guys for training. Might as well take a shower' she sheds her clothes and steps into the shower to scrub herself clean. After about a half hour bathing she gets out and gets dressed. Combs her hair and catches her eyes again in the mirror.

They seemed darker than usual and it scared her, she smiled at herself in the mirror and it seemed to do the trick as it made her look more happy and proud. 'Proud? Of what, being weak?' she asked herself she shakes her head from side to side to rid herself of pointless thoughts. She walks back into her small bedroom and looks back the clock that read '7:04'. She straps on her ninja gear and walks downstairs quietly as to not wake her parents and into her clean kitchen. She snatches a ramen to-go from a food cabinet, pours water into the cup and places it in the microwave to heat. 'I've been hanging around Naruto too much' she admitted as she scolded herself. Her eyes wander around the kitchen she finds a note on the counter and reads it.


Your mother and I are gone on a mission. We will be back by tomorrow and when we get

back we can celebrate for your 13th Birthday! I know you don't like celebrating but it'll

be fun! Happy Birthday sweetie!

-Mom and Dad

"Hmm…I forgot. It's today….Awesome." she told herself sarcastically as she rolled her eyes. Sakura never really cared for her birthday; this day to her seemed not worth celebrating. It was just becoming a year older, what's so great about that? Her parents (her Dad, Mom was a total bitch) have always tried to celebrate by having small get-togethers but she always told them that she didn't want any party or anything for that matter. The day of her birth just didn't feel like a day to be celebrating over, but she never understood why she felt that way.

The sound of the microwave's chime that the soup was done brought her out of her thoughts. She gets the soup out of the microwave and slurps it down quickly. She tosses the cup away and heads out to her front door, puts on her ninja sandals and walks out of her home, locking and closing the door in the process.

She squints as the sun hits her eyes but continues her walk. She looks down at her wristwatch which reads '7:20' she tsks "Man I'm going to be late for training. I'm supposed to meet them at 7:30" she muttered to herself but she continued to walk her way to her team's training grounds. On her way her thoughts lead back to the bloody dream that she had had that night. 'That man in my dream called that little girl Sakura…' she shrugs her shoulders 'Oh well it was just a dream anyways, it doesn't matter'.

"Sakura-chan!" an annoying yet familiar voice shouted, her eyes snap up to greet her teammate but is met with being tackled to the ground. She opens her eyes to be met with a blond idiot with ocean blue eyes leaning over her and scratching the back of his head nervously. She glares at him, making him let out a nervously laugh as he offers her his hand after getting back on his feet.

She takes a deep breath and takes his hand and smiles back at him "Thanks" she tells him for the help up.

Her smile lightens the mood "Sorry Sakura-chan! I sort of tripped. You're fine though, right?" he asked her as if nothing had ever happened.

"Yeah I'm fine" she smiled once again. He grins at her as he begins to laugh but then Sakura's fist collides with his skull and he falls flat on his face eating dirt. "Next time that happens, I'll beat you so hard you'll be left in a coma you idiot!" she steamed as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"I see you decided to come after all Sakura" her sensei's voice reaches her ears and stands beside her.

She rolls her eyes at her sensei "Well at least I wasn't hours late Kakashi-sensei" she told him.

Sasuke then joins the two as Naruto begins to get back on his feet with a big bump on his head. She only smiles at him brightly to the black haired and onyx eyed boy as a greeting. "What I miss?" she asks Kakashi as she yawns and stretches sleepily.

Kakashi could only shrug in response and begins to walk back to the village "Come on guys. How about I invite you guys to a snack?" the offer was so random all that the three could do is stare at his retreating back in confusion.

Naruto is the first to recover and cheer "Yes! Finally Kakashi-sensei buys us some food! Ramen, Ramen, Ramen!" and runs after their silver haired sensei.

Sakura could only roll her eyes when Sasuke could only mumble things about Naruto being a loser or a dobe as Kakashi tells him that they weren't going to eat ramen; it crushed his spirit to hear those words. Which Sakura found funny as she giggled to herself and they both caught up to the two "Hey Kakashi-sensei, what about team training?" she asked him as them stopped in front of a café.

"Who cares Sakura-chan! Kakashi-sensei is going to buy us food!" Naruto smiled broadly at her and frowned deeply as he mentioned ", but not ramen!"

"Oh didn't I tell you guys? Training for today is canceled" he told them in a as a matter-a -fact tone.

"Canceled? What For?" Sasuke finally spoke out, clearly annoyed by this as he let his eyes slide over to glare at their sensei.

"Yeah. Why?" Sakura looked from Sasuke to Kakashi, confused.

"Well isn't it obvious?" he asked them with a single smiling eye. The three could only shake their heads from side to side, clueless.

Kakashi sighs "I would have thought that you would have known Sakura!" he stated which made her raise an eyebrow in question. "It's your birthday! Surely you remember!" he told her.

Naruto and Sasuke look back at her curiously as Sakura groans and pouts "Well yeah I know that, but there's not any reason for you to cancel training for that!" she tried to reason with him.

"Sakura-chan, today's your birthday! Why didn't you tell me? I would have gotten you a present!" he began to blabber on which she tried to ignore as she glances in the direction of the café and sees two men having a cup of tea and sweets.

"Sakura?" she hears her name called and looks back to her teammate, Sasuke as he looks at her weirdly.

"I just thought it didn't matter. It's no big deal guys, really" she looks back to where she saw the men and all that was left was their unfinished tea and food.

"Well at least let us do something special?" Kakashi continued as he also glanced in the direction where she had.

"But I don't wanna!" she whined to Kakashi who sweat dropped and made Sasuke roll his eyes at her childish behavior.

"Oh come on Sakura-chan!" Naruto tried to convince her which got on her nerves, so she agreed.

"Fine! Fine" she finally agreed, not by choice at least.

Which made Naruto beam and Sasuke smirked and Kakashi did his famous eye crinkle and clapped his hands together, "Oh good because I know you love dango and tea!" Kakashi made to walk into the café. The two boys followed right behind him as she sighs in defeat and walks in behind them.

As they eat their sweet meal Sasuke and Naruto begin to bicker about stupid things. "Yeah right Teme! You wish you can beat me in a spar!" Naruto boasted as he chewed on a dango, it was a very loud and disgusting sight to see.

"I don't need to wish because I already did beat you in a spar you loser!" he shot back calmly as he shot Naruto a look of disgust at his eating manners.

"So…Sakura, what do you plan on doing for your birthday, any parties or anything?" Kakashi began to speak to shut the two boys up and listen to the conversation.

"Nope. Nothing." she told him as she took a small bite of her dango stick.

"Nothing?" they all repeat what she had said and looking at her skeptically.

"Yeah, why is that a surprise to you guys?" she asks them.

Sasuke actually answers "Well you seem like the type" he admitted which Naruto and Kakashi agreed to with their added nods.

"I wouldn't really call a birthday a 'special occasion' but okay…well to tell you the truth I never really liked celebrating it. It's annoying, having to keep track of something that only takes you closer to the day of your demise" taking a sip of her Jasmine Tea. All the boys could do is stare at her with indifference.

After their small snack, Kakashi pays for the food and they exit the café. "I'll see you guys later. I have to go take care of some business. Happy Birthday Sakura" and with that he disappears in his usual way.

"Hey Sakura-chan—" Naruto begins when a man with long, white and spiky hair lands right in front of the three.

"Naruto there you are! I've been looking all over for you for the mission!" the man that appeared to be like 50 yelled at the blond almost comically.

"Oh yeah, I forgot! Aw man, sorry Sakura-chan I gotta go on a mission with Ero-Sennin!"

Sakura leans over and whispers to Sasuke in hopes of him enlightening her "Ero-Sennin?" she asks Sasuke who shrugs; also not having a clue as they both stared at the two.

"How many times have I told you not to call me that!" Naruto ignores the man's shouts as he looks back at her with a goofy grin on his lips.

"Bye Sakura-chan! Later Teme!" and looks back to the man "Ero-Sennin, meet me at the gates in five minutes! I'll be right back!" and he took off.

Sasuke and Sakura are left with the man as they watch Naruto trips and fall and continue on to wherever he was going which causes Sakura to giggle at his clumsiness. "So you two are the Twerp's teammates? Sasuke and Sakura right?" the man turns to look at them.

They both nod in confirmation "You must be Jiraiya-sama, one of the Three Legendary Sannin?" Sakura smiles up to the man.

"Yeah, you know your stuff kid" he commented dryly, an odd grin on his lips that kind of creeped her out.

She blushed awkwardly at the sort-of compliment and said a quiet, "Thanks, I read a lot".

"Naruto talks a lot about both of you. Especially about you Sakura" he told her suggestively.

Sakura's face began to burn at his meaning and scowled back at the man "That Baka talks too much then" she said hotly as she crossed her arms and turned her blushing face away from the older man.

Jiraiya guffawed at her reaction and his grin grew even wider "I see why he talks so much about you, your smart and feisty." he spoke through his chuckles, which only made to make her face get even more hotter and her eyebrows furrowed from the embarrassment.

'This old fart is flirting with me! Ew! At least I think he is' she thought as a shiver ran up her spine.

"Pedo" she bit out, which made his jaw drop at her proclamation. Sasuke smirked and continued to stay silent throughout the whole exchange between the two ninja.

"WHAT? NO! I- uh..." he explained lamely, and just gave up. He breathed out in defeat looking deflated "Never mind" he finished.

"Whatever you say Pedo" Sasuke spoke up FINALLY!

The genins didn't bother to suppress their amusement as they say a vein pulse violently on the old man's forehead.

"Both of you are evil, just like Naruto." he deadpanned, as he watched them laugh silently at him through their eyes. " I guess I'll see you kids later then" he said as he began to walk away from the two genin "Nice to meet the Twerps teammates" he finished sarcastically with a short wave over his shoulder took off to the gates.

"What an old perv" Sakura commented as they both watched him walk away from them. "Now I see where Naruto gets it from" she shook her head at the irony of Naruto having two perverted senseis.

"Later" Sasuke begins to walk away and she moves to call out to him but thinks otherwise as he was already too far away from her.

'Oh well, I guess I could buy some dango while I'm here!' she walks back into the café.

When inside she hears Kakashi speaking just outside of the shop "Kurenai, Asuma" the silver haired sensei calls to the other two jounin.

"Kakashi why did you need to meet us?" the Kurenia's soft voice reached her sharp ears.

"There are rouge nins in the village and we need to find them. I think it might be…him so let's hurry" they both nod in understanding and they run off in the same direction.

'Hmm…what was that all about?' she walks back out of the café and checks if the coast is clear, which it is. 'Aw crap! As much as I love dango, my stupid curiosity just has to get the best of me' she thought. "Stupid curiosity getting in the way of me and dango" she cursed to herself and runs off in the direction that they had gone to.

"Damn it where could they have gone?" she continues to talk to herself when she hears weapons clashing and splashing water. She hides in a nearby bush and takes a peak to see what was going on. There she sees Kakashi on his knees with Kurenai and Asuma right behind him. 'You know I think something is going on between Asuma-sensei and Kurenai-sensei, they're always together when I see them' she wonders as she stares at the two.

"Dynamic Entry!" she hears an all too familiar voice of a certain man with thick eyebrows similar to his student's which makes a chill run down her spine. He kicks away a tall shark looking guy with a black cloak that had printed red clouds on it that was charging at Kakashi.

She looks at the other guy with black hair and with the same cloak on as well. 'Hey those are the guys I saw at the café!' she realized as she stared at the two intently.

'Whoa! These guys must be real good considering the condition Kakashi-sensei's in…' she watched amazed by the two cloaked men. Kakashi then passes out and begins to sink on the water they were all standing on. 'Uh oh, this is bad!' she looks back to the guy with black hair and stares at him as he talks, she strains her ears to hear but fails to hear anything. 'Hey that guy sure does look like Sasuke-kun….could they be related? No they can't be, the Uchiha clan was massacred and Sasuke-kun was the only one left alive well except….' she wondered as they turned to leave.

That man who she just realized had Sharingan catches her eyes, piercing red eyes clash with emerald green for what seems like an eternity until he broke the stare and takes off. She blinks confused at what had just happened 'He knew I was here…and those eyes….' Guy's voice brings her back to reality and she jumps out of the bushes and next to Kakashi's limp body who was being held by his 'rival', Guy-sensei.

"Sakura?" the teachers stare at her confused "We'll settle this later. First let's take Kakashi home to rest" Guy suggests and they leave to Kakashi's apartment.

"That man….he's Itachi Uchiha right?" she spoke as they looked down at Kakashi as he rested in his bed. No one speaks so she continues on "He's the one who killed off the Uchiha clan. Sasuke-kun's older brother" she stated as the information sunk into their minds, hers as well. She sighs and looks down at her sensei "Don't worry…my lips are sealed" she reassured them as they let out breaths that they didn't know that they were holding.

"Yeah that's him. And the shark looking man was Kisame Hoshigaki. He and Itachi are affiliated with an organization called the Akatsuki and are both S-rank criminals. Which are after the hosts to all the Tailed Beasts" Asuma explained as he chewed on a cigarette. Sakura looks down at Kakashi's unconscious form in concern 'If Kakashi-sensei couldn't beat him then Sasuke-kun doesn't have a chance'.

"Why were they even here in Konoha? They seemed to be looking for something. There aren't any Tailed Beasts here in Konoha that I know of" she looked back up to them and searched for any kind of answer on their faces.

"The Kyuubi" Guy told her with a serious expression on his face.

"The…the Kyuubi…but the Kyuubi was defeated by the Fourth years ago, wasn't it?" her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. They must be confused.

"The Kyuubi couldn't be defeated so the Fourth sealed it in a child. Your friend Naruto…." Kurenai told her as she stared at her dead in the eyes.

Sakura's eyes widen 'Naruto…he has the Nine Tailed Fox sealed inside him? Goofy, idiot, and slow Naruto?' Sakura couldn't believe what she was hearing…but then realization hit her "Wait why are you guys so willing on telling me these things? If you kept this a secret from the village then why tell me when you could just lie?" she narrowed her eyes in suspicion.

Guy could only smile with that special twinkle when Kurenai and Asuma looked at her appraisingly "You really are a good at observation and analyzing…" Asuma complimented and Kurenai continues to answer her question

"You're Naruto's and Sasuke's teammate and you seem like the understanding type. Sakura, we're telling you this because those two are your teammates and you can't be left in the dark about this anymore."

Sakura could only look back down at her sensei 'I have been for the past year now'.

The door opens and in comes Sasuke looking for Kakashi only to find three other jounins in the room, Kakashi asleep in bed, and Sakura kneeled beside him looking up at him.

"What's going on? What happened to Kakashi and why are you people here?" he looked at everyone in the room but his eyes lingered on Sakura the longest.

"Sasuke—" then some jounin runs in the room unaware of Sasuke's presence in the room.

"Hey is it true? Is it true that Itachi is in the village?" Guy smacks his forehead with his hand.

Sasuke's body freezes as Sakura stares at him, waiting for him to react to the news. He then runs out of the room "Sasuke-kun!" and she follows in tow.

Sasuke seems to be looking for someone but when he arrives at Ichiruka, Sakura realizes that Sasuke is looking for Naruto. 'I'm guessing since Itachi is going after Naruto then Sasuke must be looking for Naruto to get to his brother!' Sasuke then sprints out the village gates and Sakura is quick to stay behind him and soon arrive in a small town. "Sasuke-kun!" she calls out to him and he surprisingly stops with a look of surprise on his face his Sharingan activated. 'He must me pissed if he has the Sharingan on' she noticed.

"Sakura, what are you doing here?" he asks her as she stops in front of him.

"I followed you, but that's not important! We need to find Naruto and I know a faster way than to look for him everywhere. Just hold on!" she explains as he continues to stare at her disbelievingly.

"How?" he asks her as she forms a hand sign and begins to concentrate with her eyes closed.

"I'm sensing for either Jiraiya-sama's or Naruto's chakra by stretching my chakra across this small town" she explained as she continued her search.

Her eyes snap back open and look back at Sasuke "He's a couple of blocks away from here on the second floor of a building. This way!" she urges him as she takes off and he follows close behind her.

'I didn't know she could do that' Sasuke was fascinated by her skill of sensing chakras.

'I didn't know I could do that!' she thought amazed with herself and cheered mentally that she was able to help Sasuke.

They arrive at a hotel; Sakura is left behind not being able to keep up with Sasuke's speed. Sasuke speeds his way to the second floor when he sees Itachi and Kisame in front of Naruto who was in his hotel room. "It has been a while Sasuke" Itachi greets him with Naruto between him and his back facing him.

"Itachi Uchiha" Sasuke simply says, the rage and hate clearly shown in his pale features.

Naruto takes a step back, away from Itachi in disbelief."Itachi Uchiha?"

The shark guy named Kisame seems amused by the ordeal. "Hmm….Sharingan he resembles you a lot Itachi. Who the hell is he?" Kisame mused with a sick smile on his face.

"He is my younger brother" Itachi spoke still facing Naruto and keeping his back to Sasuke.

"I'll kill you!" Sasuke remarked as Itachi finally turned to look at him. Sasuke charges him with his Chidori but Itachi dodges it by getting a hold of his wrist before it could hit and instead destroyed the wall beside him which was a hotel room since they were in a hallway or doors that led to rooms.

Sasuke glares at him hard as Sakura finally arrives at the scene "Sasuke-kun! Naruto!" she calls out to the two. Itachi's and Kisame's attention goes to her as she skids to a stop at the end of the hall.

A flicker of recognition sparks in Itachi's eyes which Sasuke finds odd "Sakura-chan! You have to get out of here! You have to get away!" Naruto warns her but she stays put staring at the two Akatsuki members.

"Damn these brats just pop out like roaches!" Kisame whines with the razor smile still on his face and securing the sword on his back.

"You're in the way!" Itachi tells his brother as he snaps his wrist, successfully breaking it and sends him flying towards Naruto. He looks back at Sakura and greets her "Sakura-san, it has been a long while".

Sakura stares at him skeptically 'What's he talking about?' she glances over to the two boys to find them already on their feet looking her over. "Kana and Tenchi would have been thrilled to see how much you have grown" he continued.

Sakura froze, 'Those are…the names of those people in my dream…how does he…? How does he even know MY name!'.

"How do you know those names?" she questioned him but he didn't answer. Flashes of their faces covered in blood flash through her mind and she shuts her eyes closed to rid of the thoughts. "How?" she shouts as she stares at him in the eyes and in blind fury she charges him with her fist ready in such a speed that leaves Naruto and Sasuke in such shock that all they could do is watch and not try to stop her.

'I couldn't see her. My Sharingan couldn't keep up with her!' Sasuke is lost for words; he couldn't see her movements even with his Sharingan on.

'Wow! Sakura-chan is so awesome!' Naruto watched more in fascination than in shock. In seconds dust is obscuring their vision and a loud explosion is made "Sakura-chan!" Naruto calls to her now out of his shock.

Kisame chuckles "Oh…she's fast" he praises darkly.

When the dust finally settled Sakura is there with her fist inches away from Itachi's face and her wrist caught in his hand and….her fist was imbedded into the wall behind him, a large dent was left in her wake. She takes deep breaths to catch her breath but still keeps her glare fixed on him.

'What the HELL!' Naruto, Sasuke, and even Kisame were completely bewildered that a small girl like her could do that to a wall and came inches away from getting a hit on THE Itachi Uchiha.

"Naruto, Sasuke" a familiar voice reaches the boy's ears as the white haired Sannin shows himself.

"Eh? Ero-sennin you're here!" Naruto shouts in his ear.

"I didn't know your teammate had such insane strength" he ignores the name and keeps his eyes on the scene before him.

"We didn't either" Sasuke admits as he stares at his brother and Sakura stare each other down.

'Could she possibly...' Jiraiya wondered.

'There is seriously something wrong with this girl!' Kisame thought with somewhat of a hint of fright.

'Damn it! I missed!' Sakura cursed herself and continues to stare into his eyes when another flash of that dream came across her mind of the room covered in those people's blood again and he punches her to the wall just behind her. She hisses in pain and holds her head in her hands to stop the pain as she slides down to the floor, supported by the wall.

"Itachi….Kisame I thought you were after Naruto, what did you do to Sakura?" Jiraiya asks the criminals. "Akatsuki is quite busy right now aren't they? Looking for the Jinchuurikis and all" he commented when Sakura suddenly screams in pain and slams her head against the wall to make the pain go away, he turns back to her.

'What the hell is going on?' she thought as the pain subsides for a bit and she tries to catch her breath behind gritted teeth. The tears start to burn in her eyes as they fought to come out.

"Sakura?" Sasuke calls out to her as sits there in pain, she glances at him momentarily but in that one second he saw so much pain that it made him flinch.

Her head felt like it was being ripped to shreds. 'He's coming!' a sudden voice calls out to her .

"What?" she looks up to see Itachi pin her to the wall just in time, she tries to pry his hands off her throat but is too weak. 'Shit! We're in big trouble!' thevoice yells again.

'What the hell? Who are you?' the mysterious voice doesn't answer.

'Don't look into his eyes!' the voice warned.

'What?' Sakura looks up to be met with the Mangekyo Sharingan red eyes and everything goes black. The last thing she hears is an annoying blonde's voice that follows in after her.


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