Oh Legolas, Oh Greenleaf

Synopsis: Poem on the fate of Legolas Greenleaf.

A/N: Originally this was a song which was part of a story but I decided to bin the story and keep the song as a poem. Please review.

As the leaves did fall he went away,

Oh Legolas, Oh Greenleaf!

And whither he went we cannot say,

Oh Legolas, Oh Greenleaf!


And all around asked we then ~

Of tree, ground, river and fen:

'Oh where is gone our brother dear?'

Into the darkness south we did fear.

From linden leaf we heard the cry,

As bright sunrise did light the sky.

'Past our sight, beyond the door,

His path now leads to Mordor!'


And now we see with great delight

Ah Legolas, Ah Greenleaf,

For he has return'd unto our sight,

Ah Legolas, Ah Greenleaf!


Too short we walk'd beneath the tree ~

Alas no more, for you have heard the sea!

And yet so much here there is to see,

But never anymore to go thither with me.

And in our woodland home they protest,

To see their son go off into the West.

But not for us is the call of the sea,

As the light has return'd unto our trees!


Alas to short you were 'neath the trees,

Oh Legolas, Oh Greenleaf,

Oh what woe that thou saw the sea,

Oh Legolas, Oh Greenleaf

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