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December 13

by ChocolateFlavouredRobots

Darkness. Complete darkness. Near saw nothing but it, most likely because of the blindfold he couldn't take off due to the fact his wrists were handcuffed to Mello's headboard. When he told the blonde he was his to play with for his birthday, he didn't expect Mello to haul out the hardcore bondage equipment.

"M-Mello..?" the boy moaned his counterpart's name softly with uncertainty, praying for a reaction. He could hear the sound of leather squeaking and zippers fastening. Near gulped nervously. The whole orphanage was out to what supposedly was Mello's birthday party. A birthday party the blonde had skipped especially to play with Near.

He heard the sound of the bed's springs creaking at the movement of Mello climbing on the bed. Not soon after that, the blonde was sitting on his chest, his lips level to the thin albino boy's ear, whispering words coated with lust and temptation. "What is it, Near?" he asked, kissing the side of the genius' neck softly. "I thought you said you were mine, if only for today.. Don't tell me you want to chicken out now, after I got all dressed up for you.." Running down a gloved finger from his partner's collar bone along his abdomen all the way to his navel, the leather-clad self proclaimed 'sex on legs' licked N's neck and began sucking on it lightly, determined to leave its mark.

"N-no.. I meant that I was yours to play with.. It's.. It's just--" Near's sentence was cut short when Mello's fingers made its way back up to the pink nub of his nipple and pinched it tightly, provoking a loud cry.

"That's adorable. I love your screams.." Mello cooed parting his lips from his plaything's neck, gazing at the dark blur of the figure that was Near and at the hickey he had just left. The only light in the room came out from under the locked bedroom door; he could still make out Near's reactions and expressions and that was good enough for him. "Louder.. I need to hear you louder.." Mello mumbled to himself, gripping Near's sides and running his tongue down his rival's chest. Near shuddered violently and half-screamed again, the feel of Mello's warm tongue on his skin literally taking the breath out of him.

N bit down his lip, shutting his eyes underneath the blindfold. Emotions were a sign of weakness and no matter how much he loved being taken control of, he would never admit it and more importantly, he would never give up without a fight. Although this bondage thing was a turn on beyond belief.. Near tried crossing his legs awkwardly to calm his erection, hoping Mello wouldn't notice how hard he had gotten already and take things even furthur. Who knows what Mello could have in store for him.. Near was not a virgin but he sure as hell felt as helpless as one when he was underneath Mello.

Mello grinned, amused by the sounds Near made. Noises only he would hear, and he wanted to force the boy to make more. He wanted to make him scream louder.. Anything to make him scream louder. Mello's fingers ventured down again from Near's nipple only to be replaced by his mouth, his tongue flicking over the small nub until it was bright pink and swollen and the bearer was panting in ecstasy. "Moan my name.." Mello commanded in a soft tone, pushing his swollen, saliva coated lips against Near's. Near, took back in surprise by this sweet and sentimental gesture kissed back. He moaned his response in his dominator's mouth almost inaudibly. "Mello..~"

M smirked, still amazed about the effect he had on Near. He kneeled down between N's legs after he had coaxed them apart with soft reassurances and a gentle rub to the head of his cock through his underwear. Tugging down on N's baggy white pants, Mello licked his lips as he caught the full sight of his victim's arousal. It was beautiful. Near was very well endowed and to add to it, he was dripping in pre-cum. Mello tsk, tsk'd at this disapprovingly. "This'll never ever do..." he muttered as he took out a small device out of his corset, leaning down closer to the beautiful length that was Nia.

Near whimpered as he felt the cool air hit his erection. He could feel that hungry expression in Mello's eyes he did not have to see to know was all over his face. He let out a small 'nhn' as he felt something warm and plastic wrap around the head of his cock. As if he read his mind, Mello answered him blatantly, "A cock ring. It'll stop you from cumming before me, prolonging playtime, you big headed twit," Mello teased. His form of affection was either very sexual or somewhat harsh, which was fine to Near. He never saw Mello as a compassionate lover and that he definitely was not.

Mello's tongue broke Near out of his thoughts when it ran down the length of his boyhood. Crying out helplessly, the albino grew under the skillful tongue that Mello flicked softly here and there, savouring the taste of Near. He took the full length in his mouth and began bobbing his head. Near fidgeted, moaned, and whimpered, louder this time. He wanted so bad to cum inside his lovers mouth and get it over with but the damned restrainsts stopped him. Softly, he uttered a string of cuss words under his breath. He would get Mello back for this..

Mello pulled Near out of his mouth and smiled, kissing the head of him ever so softly. He brought his body back up over him and straddled him once more, his mouth to his victim's ear.

"It's time for the pièce de résistance," Mello whispered into Near's ear in his impeccable french accent, his voice raspy with anticipation and some other emotion he could not make out. It sent shivers up Near's spine. The blonde took the key to the handcuffs from his bedroom dresser and uncuffed Near, only to turn him around and to cuff him down once more with him lying on his stomach. After tucking the key safely into his garter, he pulled Near's bottom half forward, with his tush sticking up in the air. Near whimpered when Mello kissed it softly. "It's as adorable as ever.." he murmured just loud enough for Near to hear. Mello leaned over to his nightstand and took out a tube of lubrication he had been saving just in case he ever caught Near or any other visitor he happened to fancy in his room, alone. The boy opened it and squirted out just enough to cover his index and middle fingers then set it back down on the nightstand. "Get ready love, this will feel a bit cold.." he said as he slid the first finger into Near's entrance.

"Aaahh..!!" A loud and beyond arousing cry came from the albino's lips. His eyes teared up as he dug his fingernails into his palms and felt Mello's finger working its way up inside of him. Slowly, another finger was worked in, which provoked another whimper and groan. "Mello.. Me-llo.." Near repeated again and again as lubricated fingers slid in and out of the tight entrance, scissoring and stretching. Mello at this point was far past the point of trying to be coy. He was drinking in the heated moans of his name eagerly, his erection growing worse against the corset he adorned. It was leather too, which made the pressure even more delectably painful. As much as he loved torturing Nia, he'd have to relieve himself soon or he'd explode.

Giving up being gentle, Mello pulled off the zipper to his corset, slid out his fingers and pushed up inside Near roughly, moaning aloud at the warmth he felt inside of him. It felt even better than it had the first time he had taken Near's innocence in the boy's very own bathroom, which he thought was near impossible. He heard a surprised moan part from swollen pink lips and grinned, taking it as a plea to continue. Mello thrust eagerly into Near, each time hitting the area that he knew drove his companion crazy.

"Nnhn--.." Near groaned through gritted teeth when Mello grabbed his cock, fingering the plastic over the head of it. "Do you want me to take it off, Nia..?" Mello gazed at Near, his eyes half-lidded and chuckled at the genius' failed attempts at hiding his reactions. He knew that now Near didn't have the train of thought to form a proper sentence so he wasn't surprised that Near just responded with a simple nod. "Then beg me. I want to hear you plead.." Mello challenged, thrusting once more deep inside of Near.

"P--.. please, Mello.." he managed to whimper after that dirty trick his lover had just pulled. "Please what.." Near shivered when Mello ran his tongue along the nape of his neck, asking that same question once more. "Please.. The ring.." Nudging Near, he reminded him of the name he was instructed to call him, if only in the bedroom. "...M-master.."

Mello flicked off the handy device and began thrusting into Near once more. He was on the edge of breaking as well, though he'd never show it until the moment arose. He felt the familiar feeling strike his groin and began to rock his hips harder, wanting to get the most reaction out of his partner as possible.

"Ahh.. Ahhh... Mello!!" Near cried out loudly as he felt Mello spilling deep inside of him, his seed spilling all over the white once-pristine bedsheets as well at that moment. Mello rocked his hips back and forth again a few more times to ride out the last waves of ecstasy as he pulled out of Near. He took the key back out, finally releasing Near from his handcuffs. Near took this opportunity to pull both the blindfold off and Mello down for a passionate and vehement kiss, sliding his tongue hungrily against the other's. After a few minutes of that, he pulled his mouth away and wrapped his arms around his companion.

"Happy birthday, Mello..."

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