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Chapter 5, Chocolate and Lace Panties

Near stretched, getting up off his bed. Like always, his bottom was sore and he was still tired, but he would have to deal with it. He was used to it anyway.

Looking out the window, the boy noted it was early morning. He began to slip his clothes off, letting them drop onto the floor and picked them up, tossing them into the hamper. He reverted his gaze to the full-length mirror at the edge of his room. Gazing at the nude figure blankly, he studied himself. A frail, thin figure and pale skin marred with bite marks, scratch marks, bruises and hickeys looked back at him. Near held back a hiss of pain as he always had, running a hand across all of the imperfections in his skin.

All because of Mello..

Grimly, he reminded himself that he would never be anything more to Mello than he already was. Only a toy, much like the ones he played with each and every day when the blonde didn't lock him in his bedroom and continued to use his body even further. Nothing would happen even if he did happen to fall in l.. lo.. No, he wouldn't even think of it. He couldn't love Mello because Mello didn't love him.

Near walked over to his dresser, intending to get dressed. He tilted his head to the side upon seeing something folded into a neat square and a small note beside it. He opened the note and read it silently. Two words, written in what Near had come to recognize as Mello's writing were printed neatly on the paper.

'Wear it.'

Near picked up the square, feeling upon touch that it was a sort of fabric and watched as it came unfolded. Oh joy. Mello had left him panties. With an inaudible sigh, Near slipped the poor excuse for an article of clothing on, looking at himself in the mirror once again. Lace, see-through panties. Like he couldn't tell what was gonna happen today.

The white-haired boy pulled his regular clothing on and left his room, closing the door behind him quietly. He headed toward the kitchen to get something to eat before he would head back to the common room for Mello to find him and do whatever he pleased with his body.


I made my way to the kitchen, which was easy since nobody was awake at this time. Opening the fridge, I bent over and searched for something to eat, almost expecting Mello to jump out of nowhere and begin to dry-hump me like a dog in heat. After a few minutes of just bending over, looking through the fridge and having the panties ride up into my behind, I stood up, deciding on a peach for breakfast.

I opened my mouth to take a bite of the fruit and felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist and a pair of lips to my ear.

"Morning, sunshine."

"Good morning, Mello." I responded, looking back at him, expressionless. He slipped a hand down my pants, running his fingers up my thigh and then around the small ribbon on the side of the panties he had left for me.

"So you wore them for me?" he asked, kissing my neck. Nodding, I let his fingers roam. They rested around my tush, squeezing gently which made me yelp. He knocked the peach out of my hand and shoved me into the nearest room, cupping my mouth with his hand to keep me silent.


"Mine.. Mine... Mine... Mine..." Mello repeated this again and again as he thrusted into me. Now that I think of it, he had done this for the past couple days. He refused to say anything else to me during our little interludes. He had also abandoned all notion of trying to be gentle. It was rough and it hurt, but the pain made it feel better somehow.. I didn't even understand my own body anymore. It was pathetic.

"Mello..!!" I whimpered, my hips moving forward to meet his strokes eagerly. Mello, in response, leaned closer to me, biting down harshly into my neck until I drew blood. I moaned as the red substance trickled down my neck and arched my back, looking for some kind of relief for the pressure as the blonde thrusted harder, faster. I was on my hands and knees, the panties around my knees. My arms began to tremble when Mello put his weight onto my back. The boy decided to claw his nails all the way down from my shoulder blades to my lower back at that point. That was when I felt the blood run down my back. And there was a lot of it.

The pain flooded in, so suddenly and all at once.. The blood loss made my head feel woozy. I felt myself losing consciousness as my arms collapsed and my top half fell to the floor, unsupported with a small thud. I whimpered and arched my back further, pressing his erection deeper inside me. Mello had made me a masochist. Oh, how wonderful was this?

"All mine.." Mello grunted as he came inside me. He had came hard into me and I had climaxed along with him. The rest of my body collapsed just as my arms had as I laid there panting. I couldn't lie down on my back for some time, that was sure.

Mello looked around expressionlessly, observing his surroundings. We were in the supply closet beside the kitchen. Around us were boxes filled with all kinds of confectioneries; dried foods, canned meals and.. Mello rested his eyes on a box full of containers of chocolate syrup. I caught my breath and shakily sat up, looking at the other boy curiously, his back having turned on me.

"Mello, what are you.."

Mello turned around then. He had opened one of the syrup containers, traced the chocolate over his lips and kissed me, easing my mouth open with his tongue and tempted me to devour the chocolate off his lips. I sucked and licked it off greedily.. After all, I was hungry and Mello was delicious. Even if my body was on fire from the pain that emanated from my back.

I pulled away, licking my lips and gazing at him through half-lidded eyes. Mello didn't seem happy.. He seemed angry if anything. No, I wouldn't say angry. I'd say frustrated. Yes, very, very frustrated. I pouted, exhaling sharply. What could I possibly do to relieve stress.. Naked.. In a supply closet.. With a gorgeous boy and a container of chocolate syrup? … Wow, what a stupid question.

I dipped my hand into the chocolate container, sucking only on my index finger, if only to try to satisfy my hunger a bit. After I was content with sucking on my finger, which Mello had found to be quite an interesting show, I ran the palm of my hand flat against Mello's bare chest, smearing it with warm chocolate syrup. I leaned forward and ran my tongue along the line of his clavicle, savoring the taste of the sweet liquid immensely. Chocolate made me light-headed, but if licking it off him would stop the scratch marks, the bite marks and the blood, even for a bit, it was worth it.


Near's tongue was soft and it left a burning trail of skin wherever it flicked against. I threw my head back and tried to bite back a moan, the strained sound out still coming out rather noticeably.

I was getting turned on too quickly. This would not do. Near couldn't take advantage.. He was mine to play with. And only mine. But damn, this felt way too good..

Near's tongue eventually circled around my bare nipple, licking and sucking just as he had with my lips. He had learned a lot since he had just been that cute little virgin who had bled for days when I had taken his innocence. I was teaching him very well..

My erection was painful. It hurt like hell.. Near had taken notice of this and had obediently began to take care of it, dipping his finger into the can of chocolate and tracing it down, leaving a line of chocolate trailing down my arousal. He had dipped his head down and licked up the length, making me shudder and moan.

If only Matt could see us now.

Near took me into his mouth then, getting back on his knees and bending down. He was so obedient.. My dominance over him wasn't indefinite anymore. I have control of this boy. Complete control.. I was drunk with the power; power over Near, power over my supposed superior. Power over.. Over the boy l.. Needed.. Craved..

Near brushed his tongue over my head and I moaned slightly louder, trying to keep my voice down so anyone in the kitchen wouldn't disturb us. Hell, even if they did at this point I'd probably just kick them out and fuck Near senseless. I didn't want him to stop though.. His mouth was so hot, so wet..

Near bit down gently on my shaft. A small nip, nothing too hard, but it was enough to make me come into his mouth. Swallowing, Near coughed slightly, sitting up once more.

"You're mine.. You got that?" The boy nodded and I smirked. I leaned forward and kissed his lips, which still had the slightest hint of chocolate on them. The aroma of chocolate was intoxicating to me. Even more so when it was on Near. I was careful to avoid all of the new-found bruises and lacerations on his sensitive skin when I pulled him closer and kept my lips against his tenderly. Near pulled away for a moment and whispered something under his breath which I couldn't make out.


It wasn't like it was intentional.. It wasn't like I actually meant to say it out loud.. It just sort of.. Blurted itself out.. I had said it so softly, I could barely make out what my lips had formed myself. Mello looked back at me with piercing ice blue eyes laced with curiosity. "What was that, Near?"

"N.. Nothing.." I said, burying my face into his neck like a scared little puppy.

It was nothing. Certainly not an I love you.

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