Inspired by my friend Harri, when we were discussing a Torchwood musical (in music, because she thinks of John Barrowman in a Joseph Cape whenever she hears Wake Me up by Wham... anyway.) She accidently said "I'll be Ianto-you can be Captain Jack." Surely the best chat up line ever? :)

It didn't matter that his idea of a chat up line was often simply: "Ianto, my office, now."

It didn't matter that his idea of romance was practically non-existent.

Or that he could never tell that Ianto was often lying, in those simple conversations that went something like-

"You alright?"


It didn't even matter very much that Ianto knew he'd never say that he loved him.

What mattered was that he wanted Ianto, even if he wasn't subtle.

And you didn't need romance when it was someone who'd saved the world and seen other planets.

It mattered that he asked if Ianto was alright, and cared.

And it didn't matter that he'd never say it, because they both knew.