Right, This probably isn't my best work, but what can I say? I just wanted to write something angsty...


This is it. I can't do it anymore. It's too hard. She would have to find out sooner or later, anyway - I have to go away to university tomorrow. I almost told her yesterday...

She walked by, looking beautiful as usual. Her hair tied up in a neat ponytail, decorated with a silky red ribbon, carrying a pile of large, thick novels. I had planned to tell her that day.

"Hi Luke! Erm, are you okay? You look pale."

I just froze.

"Erm, Flora, I, erm, Listen, I, well, er..."

My throat felt like it had closed up, I couldn't breathe.

"Do you feel okay? Now you've gone red!"

Say something! I thought Anything! Just speak!

"Do you want to go for a walk, Flora?"

She smiled at me - I felt fine again...

"Of course! Just let me put my books away, then we can leave..."

We walked down to the river, where we used to play chase. It seemed so long ago, I guess it was. It was all okay back then. We were just kids - not a care in the world. We were both orphans, neither of us had the best start in life - but with a little help from the Professor, and, not forgetting, eachother - we had grown up to be happy and free. We had known eachother for seven years, since we were twelve - we had the same birthday aswell. And now, I was nineteen years old and so was she, but I was leaving the home I had lived in since I was three, and I was leaving her. I had to tell her right at that moment...

"Flora," I muttered, nervously "I need to tell you something."



I felt as though I was going to cry - I didn't want to, obviously. But I was going to. I needed to say something, but not that...

"I broke that picture frame you bought me for christmas..." I blurted out. She laughed.

"Oh Luke, Is that what you were scared of telling me? You can be silly sometimes! I don't mind about the picture frame - It's the actual picture that matters. " Then she kissed me on the cheek and held my hand. What did this mean? I had always wondered. She had always done this since we were thirteen years old, I had hoped that it meant that she felt the same as me, but I had a feeling that it didn't...

...So here we were again. I planned to tell her today - and I need to.

"Hello Luke!"

This is it. I have to tell her.



"...Oh, I, erm, forgot..."

"Oh Luke!"

- And she kissed me on the cheek...

I love you, Flora - Why can't I tell you?

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