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The room was dark and cold, the cell the young dragoness was being held in was small and smelt of damp, she was badly bruised, her slender arms bound to the wall by rusted chains that chaffed her whenever she tried to move. Her scales where angelic white and her underbelly and wing membrane were both an icy blue. This was odd for she was not an ice dragon but one of light, this was not uncommon in the dragon realms, however what was odd was that she seemed to control darkness as well. Her name was Luna.

After the weeks in this hell hole she no longer had the strength to try and escape and her mind had sank into the abyss that was darkness. Most of her days were spent in silence in her cell, even as those around her asked if she wanted anything to eat or drink, she just sat there in silence.

The dragons in the cells had all become close friends and before Luna had stopped talking she seemed to keep all of their spirits up and had organised a way that all of the dragons got the same amount of food and water. They would all pass their food into her age where she would divide it into equal portions however the dragons would always insist that she take a little more, i mean she needed it more than they did.

Yes the place where all the dragons were kept was a sight to abhor, if Lich could see her like this his heart would break in two and Luna knew it.

Back at the cheetah village

Lich sat in the courtyard and stared at the stars waiting for Spyro to come and join him so that they could go and scout the ape camp. He was so anxious, he knew that Luna was there but he didn't know what state she was in. He hoped she was alright but after the confrontation with the ape captain he knew better than to think that.

The stars and the moon were the only light out and Lich was tracing through past thoughts in his head, he didn't have many once Malefor was gone ha came into existence and that was only a few months ago, Luna had befriended him and she was close to the only family he had and he wasn't going to lose her.

A couple of minutes later Spyro snuck out of hit hut closing the door quietly, attempting not to wake Cynder he made his way slowly across the grass toward Lich.

"you ready"? Lich said eagerly

"as ready as I'll ever be" and with that the two dragons spread their wings and took off into the bracing night sky, the journey wasn't a long one but to the pair it felt like an eternity. On the one hand Lich was worrying about the state that Luna could be in and on the other hand Spyro was worried about Lich losing control again if the worst came true.

Just on the horizon the pair could see the fading, flickering glow of a fire. It had to be the camp.

There was some dense shrubbery on the outskirts of the camp, the two purple dragons landed there without a sound. Lich hurried over to the edge of the bushes to get a look at the camp while Spyro gathered himself.

Lich could see two guards sitting by the campfire, three in a tent and one stood guard near a makeshift gate. Lich turned round to address Spyro.

"there's a guard stood at the gate if we can scare him maybe he will tell us where Luna is"

"we've come this far we might as well try it" Spyro shrugged. And with that the two dragons slithered around the bushes as quiet as shadows until they were at the right side of the great ape. Poised and ready to strike Lich whispered

"on three. One, two, THREE!" the two purple figures grabbed the apes arms and pulled him violently into the bush, as his body slammed into the ground the ape coughed up a heavy mouth of flem which landed on his chest. "WHERE ARE YOU KEEPING THE DRAGONS" Lich asked sternly, the ape let out a whimper of fright "TELL ME" he demanded, the large apes physical structure obviously didn't match his bravery, no wonder he was on guard duty.

"They're in a cave, north side of the village"

"thanks" chirped Lich as he gave the guard a firm head but knocking him out "let's move, we only have seven hours till he wakes up" Spyro half closed his eyes and gave a sarcastic glare at his purple counterpart.

Sneaking through the village wasn't really much of a challenge because let's face it five drunk apes aren't really much of a challenge. They made it to the cave with perpetual ease which surprised Spyro but he knew that it wouldn't last.

They entered the caging area it was full of dragons, red ones blue ones tall ones small ones, there was a good 20 of them in total. However Lich was only looking for one dragoness.

"Luna! He yelled as he smashed the age open with his paw, he was so happy to see her he didn't notice that he has gashed his paw and blood was dripping onto the floor of the cell, he noticed the chains that bound her and lashed them off as easily as he had opened the gate. They made a loud clang as they hit the floor.

"oh Lich"

"oh Luna" they held each other for a few moments before moving away from each other and giving the other a small peck on the lips.

"QUIET DOWN YOU TWO... quick everyone hide i see some guards coming"

Two apes were walking down the steps laughing and joking, until they noticed the open cell

"OI!" his language was deep and brutish "WHICH ONE OF YOU SNIVELIN RAGS LET ER OUT OF ER CAGE"

"i did cama a voice from behind them, the two guards turned around as two ice shards darted into their stomachs" they fell with a thud, not dead but close. "it's ok Luna your safe" she was weak, after weeks of being mistreated and malnourished she was on her last legs. She collapsed "whoa whoa i got you, Luna?, LUNA? Spy we need to get her back to the village. Unlock the rest of the cells while i carry her out."

At this moment one of the guards began to crawl toward a word and rusted old bell that hung on the wall and with one shake of his wrist the whole of the ape camp sprang to life as the life drained from him and he fell into deaths cold embrace.

"SHIT, Spy we've got to go... NOW"

"hang on last cage" and with that the purple dragon gashed the lock off of the cage freeing the last two dragons " do you all think you can help me hold off the apes while Lich carries Luna" asked Spyro, no-one replied but a series of nods moved across the haphazard group of dragons. They all ran up the stairs and out into the camp where thirty, maybe forty apes stood there Spyro pushed his way to the front and with one rallying cry yelled

"CHARGE!" all of the dragons followed suit apart from Lich who only cared about getting Luna to the village healer. bolts of fire and the twang of blades filled the air as a distinct smell of wet and singed fur filled the night sky. Spyro lashed an apes neck while an ice dragon impaled an ape to a rock before sustaining a nasty gash himself, the battle roared as both sides vied for combat of the ground they fought on. twenty minutes passed before the bloodshed ended, there were one or two ape deaths and no dragon deaths however there would be plenty of battle scars to go round in the morning. The apes fled and the dragons cheered their victory.

Within five minutes all of the dragons were in the air and on their way to the cheetah village but none flew as fast as Lich who must have been a good five hundred metres in front of the pack now and was racing toward the village.

Hours passed before the village was in sight and by the time Spyro and his brood of dragons had landed Lich had already woken Cyril and the village healer and they were tending to Luna as he sat outside simply waiting for something to happen... anything.

"she'll be ok, i know she will" comforted Spyro and not ten seconds after he had said this Cyril paced out of the door and Lich rose to his feet

"well?" he said timidly, almost like he didn't want to know,

"she'll be fine she's just hat a broken rib and is tired, but we whipped up a potion for her and she'll be better by morning, now get some rest you've had a busy night. I will take care of the newcomers, NEWCOMERS FOLLOW ME PLEASE" the guardian bellowed

As the crowd dispersed the two purple dragons stayed "thank you Spyro, for everything" Lich said before leaving to his hut.

Spyro remained and watched the stars for a few minutes, he sighed "well it's been an eventful evening" he chuckled before returning to his hut to go to sleep.

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