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Inuyasha ran as fast as he could. Everything was against him, keeping him from escaping. The darkness of the night was against him in more then one way. It was a moonless night. The night he turned into a human, a pathetic human.

He couldn't see in the dark. The wood was a black hole of branches and sticks trying to get hold of his fire rat clothing, slowing him down. He couldn't hear clearly and worst of all he couldn't smell the hunting youkai behind him. They wouldn't give up on him, they were coldblooded killers. He had killed almost all of their pack. The Jewel shard, their leader had possessed was now in the hands of Kagome, but the sun had set too fast. They hadn't dealt with every killer-ant youkai. Sango, Miroku and Kagome were wounded and exhausted from the fight. Then when the sun was setting the most sensible thing to do was to retreat. Run so fast and far away from his pack as possible, to keep them safe.

Inuyasha was getting tired. His human strength was failing him. He wasn't running anymore, he by now was more stumbling forward at a desperate pace. They were gaining on him. He could hear the sounds of their spiky feet coming closer. There, he was sure he had seen something white in front of him, maybe a house where he could find refuge. Inuyasha focused on the white. Then spiky tentacles grabbed his sleeves and he slammed on the ground. Inuyasha twisted around and knocked the youkai ant with his heels on its head. He kept hitting the foe until it let go of his sleeve.

Inuyasha jumped up and with a frantic energy burst he ran. He looked around but couldn't see the white anymore. He had lost it. He ran and a sharp twig scratch open his face, Inuyasha felt disheartened. The sound of feet closing in thundered in his ears. He couldn't go on anymore. He stopped and faced his pursuers. He would go down fighting and not like a coward. He stared into the darkness, dark silhouettes circled around him. Inuyasha wrapped his fingers around the hilt of Tetsuseiga. He would die with his father's fang in his hands. But before he could unsheathe the fang a blow in his face by an ant tentacle send him flying backwards and he slammed into something very hard, most likely a tree. Inuyasha turned and got trapped into the 'branches' that slipped around his waist.

"Insolent brat!" The cold even voice was as music in his ears. "Sesshoumaru!" Inuyasha was relieved. His brother may be a bastard, but he had claimed his death, so he wouldn't allow someone else to kill him. Inuyasha had already determined that he would only die by the hand of his brother or by natural causes. His brother wouldn't kill him. Not tonight, when he was a human. Sesshoumaru was all about honor. He wouldn't kill him in his weakened state.

His chest heaving to catch breath, Inuyasha looked up at Sesshoumaru and leaned into his brother's unintended embrace. The golden eyes were gleaming pools in the darkness. Inuyasha felt the arms around him move. He curled his fingers in the haori of his brother. The armor of his brother didn't adorn his body. He must have been relaxing or sleeping when he was disturbed.

If his brother decided to push him away, he would be dead meat to the ants. Then he relaxed his fingers on the masculine chest. If his brother wanted to toss him away, he wouldn't object. "What's the matter Inuyasha? Are you too bigheaded to ask your brother's aid?" Sesshoumaru asked coldly. He bent his head a little and his golden eyes stared into the deep violet eyes of Inuyasha. "No, but I won't ask so you don't have to reject." Inuyasha tried to move away from his brother.

Sesshoumaru looked at the blood flowing out the wound on Inuyasha's face. Inuyasha got almost a heart failure when a wet tongue trailed over the steady stream of blood to clean and heal the wound. His heart pounded fervently, but that was because of the youkai chasing him.

He could hear the ants moving around, circling closer and closer. Then one of the ants made its move, jumped and was about to slash with his razor-sharp leg through Inuyasha's back, when a green eerie light flashed through the night and Sesshoumaru's whip beheaded the ants crawling around them. The movements caused the arm around his waist to tighten its hold. Inuyasha's smaller form was pressed against the bigger form of his brother. An unfamiliar exiting feeling gushed through his body. He could feel the muscles of his brother's body tense and relax when he slashed the whip around. A moan escaped Inuyasha's lips. His body reacted on the heat, the body against his radiated. He felt safe.

Unconsciously Inuyasha relaxed and curved his body to that of the taiyoukai. When none of the ants moved any more Sesshoumaru retracted the whip and felt the soft human body of his little brother almost melt against his. An inaudible growl rumbled through his stature. A shiver ran through the soft body. The small movements were enough to want more of the delightful feelings running through his body. "Thank you for saving me." Inuyasha mumbled and kept his eyes fixed on the haori of his brother. "Don't offend me by thanking me, half-breed. Your death is claimed by me. Nothing and nobody can tarnish my claim." Sesshoumaru's voice was as cold as always, but the voice trembled a little when Inuyasha tried to wriggle himself loose from the hold his brother had on him.

The friction between their bodies was creating wonderful feelings that needed to be explored, but this was his little hanyou brother. He had to end this madness. "Stand still Inuyasha." Inuyasha froze. He breathed heavily, his body was all tingling and he wanted to feel more of the body against him, feel more of the delicious sensation the lean body was sending through his own. Even the more then casual contacts with Kagome's body didn't trigger these unknown delightful feelings. He wanted them to linger on and even drown in it. Why did it have to be his brother that caused these sensations? Yes, he was gorgeous. Yes, he was sexy as hell, but he was his brother and a pain in the ass.

"Let go of me, dammit." Inuyasha spread his fingers and pushed against the chest in front of him. A finger touched an erect nipple of his brother. Sesshoumaru gasped softly and his golden eyes narrowed a little. Inuyasha let his finger purposely brush against the erect knob, pinching it gently through the silken haori. Sesshoumaru's eyes lidded a little more, he couldn't resist the delicate touch of his little brother. Inuyasha had anticipated at least a killing strike, separating his head from his body. When his brother didn't do anything to stop him he boldly rubbed with the palm of his hand over the erect nipple. Sesshoumaru moaned deeply and lowered his head to look in the eyes of his little brother.

"You have to stop this invidious game you are playing." Sesshoumaru tried to remain in control and push the enchanting nuisance away, but his arms didn't obey him. They pulled him even closer. He could feel his length grow when the frail form of his little brother almost merged with his.

"I'm not playing a game. All you have to do is to let go off me." Inuyasha breathed heavily. His body was thrilled by the feeling of his brothers perfect body pressed against his. He could feel the arousal of his brother grow against his own growing arousal. One of the hands around his waist loosened a little. Inuyasha expected to be let go any time, but the hand ran smoothly against his chest over to his collarbone and then to his throat. It paused there for a moment. A dangerous claw brushed against a vein. Inuyasha gasped. He anticipated a slash through his neck, but after an almost caressing brush the hand moved upward until it cupped his chin and pushed it up.

Inuyasha didn't dare to look into the golden eyes of his brother, but when he felt hot breath flow over his lips, his wide eyes locked with the narrow ones. Then the world stopped turning, stopped existing. All he was aware of was the lips pressing against his. Inuyasha had never been kissed like this. The kisses of Kagome and Kikyo were meaningless compared with this breathtaking kiss with his brother. Inuyasha wrapped his arms around the neck of his brother. He felt the slick tongue of his brother brush against his lips and he immediately opened his own to let his mouth be invaded by the delicious sneaky tongue. Only the eventual lack of air had them tear apart their lips. Inuyasha heaved for air a few times and again pressed his lips on that of his brother. He couldn't get enough of that delicious taste his brother had kept from him.

Sesshoumaru gladly devoured the willing mouth pressed against his. He let his hands wander all over the scrumptious body offered to him. He squeezed and caressed every inch he could reach. He cupped up the firm behind of his little brother and the legs wrapped around his waist. Their rock-hard length was squeezed sensationally between his body and the body of his little brother. Sesshoumaru grind their members against each other, causing the younger inu to gasp in his mouth. Sesshoumaru eagerly swallowed the erotic sound his little lovely seducer was making. He walked over to a tree and carefully lowered his load on the grass.

Inuyasha blinked up, not knowing what to do next. Sesshoumaru loosened his obi and let his haori fall open. Inuyasha relished his eyes at the sight of the masculine body in front of him. He got up on his knees and batted the hands of Sesshoumaru away from his clothes. "Let me do the honors." Sesshoumaru looked excited at the dark haired boy on his knees in front of him. His manhood felt hot and trapped in the fabrics of his hakama. With slow movements and feather light touches Inuyasha undid the hakama of his brother. The bulge in the fudoshi was impressive. Inuyasha gulped once. His hands were moving on them own now. They wrapped around the bulge and let the content roll sensually in his hands.

The appreciating moan was clearly audible. Inuyasha felt the hardness of his brother pulsate. The hands of Sesshoumaru pushed through the black hair of his human brother and got a firm grip on his head. Inuyasha wasn't sure if Sesshoumaru wanted to proceed with the ministrations or stop. Tentatively he sneaked a finger into the fudhosi and let it brush over the rock-hard member of his brother. An uncontrolled buck of the hips was a tell-tale that Sesshoumaru wanted this badly. Inuyasha hooked his finger into the straps of the fudoshi and pulled it down. The very hard and excited hard one of Sesshoumaru sprang up.

Inuyasha gasped at the length of his brother. He licked his lips and struggled against the hold his brother had on his head. He wanted to taste that delicious looking cock. When Sesshoumaru kept holding him back from his prize, Inuyasha wrapped his hand around the manhood dangling in front of his eyes and pulled it towards his lips. A deep guttural sigh erupted from Sesshoumaru and he let go of his hold. Abrupt freed from the hold Inuyasha crashed into the length and swallowed it whole at once.

"Inuyasha". His name had never sounded so sexy. Inuyasha gagged by the length poking in the back of his mouth. He pulled back a little and swirled his tongue around the delicious shaft. He sucked and blew on the tip of the length. Sesshoumaru was euphoric. He thrust his manhood at a slow pace in the wonderful hot cavern of his little brothers mouth. Inuyasha adjusted a little and let the length of his brother delve deep into his throat. He let Sesshoumaru fuck his mouth and undressed quickly. His own length was not as impressive as his brother's but even in his human form the length was still amazing.

Inuyasha let his fingers stroke over his arousal. He wrapped his fingers around it and massaged it in the same slow pace his throat was fucked. Inuyasha wet his fingers with his precum and let go of himself. He cupped the half-moons of his brothers behind into his hand. He felt the muscles erotically tense and relax. Smoothly he delved a finger between the full half moon shapes. His fingers touched the puckered entrance of the beautiful taiyoukai. Inuyasha forced his finger through the tight ring of muscles. The thrusting in his mouth picked up speed. Inuyasha delved another finger into the hole. And began to stretch the tight muscle. Sesshoumaru was breathing heavily.

Inuyasha pushed in another finger and after a few scissoring movements the muscle was stretched enough to be invaded. Inuyasha sucked vigorously on the shaft of his brother. His own arousal was weeping precum. "Inuyasha". Sesshoumaru moaned once again his little brother's name and thrust his length deep in the throat of the younger brother. Inuyasha didn't want Sesshoumaru to come yet and with one more suck he abruptly pulled away from he delectable shaft. Surprised and annoyed Sesshoumaru groaned his disapproval. He collapsed with his hands against the tree trunk for support. "Inuyasha?" He panted with need. He had been very near a massive orgasm.

"Shush, big brother. You will get your release, but first allow me to mount you." Inuyasha maneuvered himself behind his slightly bend over and startled taiyoukai. He again plunged his two finger in the ready to capture hole of his brother and searched for the sweet sensitive spot of his brother. With his other hand he grabbed the huge erect manhood of his brother and pumped it at a slow pace. A convulsive movement was a give away that he had struck the pleasure bump. Inuyasha smirked gladly. The golden eyes of Sesshoumaru were once again half lidded and he softly bucked his hip towards the intruding fingers. "I knew you would like this. Say yes and I'll fill you with something more massive." Inuyasha let the tip of his own weeping hard one push next to the prodding fingers in the puckered entrance.

"This…Sesshoumaru…cannot…let…a…filthy…hanyou…aaaah…mount…aaaah…him." Sesshoumaru panted and moaned as he was stimulated merciless from behind and affront. "Say yes, you beautiful perfect dog. Say yes and I promise you won't regret it." Inuyasha voice was deep and sensual. He kept a slow pace in rubbing the huge shaft of the taiyoukai, but delved vigorously into the wet hole, bumping each time against the sensitive spot. He didn't want Sesshoumaru to come yet, but have him excited enough to consent with his actions. He pushed the tip of his hard one against the entrance and felt the muscle lurch to devour him. "Say yes, you god damn sexy bastard." Inuyasha breathed heavily and needed all his willpower to keep him from delving his cock into the delectable looking hole.

He counted on the insatiable curiosity of Sesshoumaru to give his approval. If he wasn't willing, he would have been killed by now. "Yes." It was very soft, but Inuyasha heard it even with his human ears. "Yes!" Inuyasha pulled his fingers out the alluring entrance and with a quick shove he saw his manhood disappear into his big brother's hole. The tightness was overwhelming. Inuyasha stayed completely impassive for a moment. He had to let the gorgeous taiyoukai adjust to the foreign appendage pushed in his opening. Inuyasha bend over his brother's back and whispered.

"Promise me you will not cum yet." Sesshoumaru nodded silently. He was cooping with the feeling of something that massive filling him. It felt exquisite. Inuyasha grabbed with both hands the hips in front and slowly began to ride the opening of his big brother. The taiyoukai was perfect in all means. The tight walls were massaging his erection delightfully. Inuyasha couldn't control himself anymore and slammed in and out the tightness. He heard the deep moans of his brother and exploded in the captivating warmth. Panting he collapsed on the back of his brother.

"Don't move, I'll be right with you." Inuyasha breathed huskily in Sesshoumaru's ear. Sesshoumaru had almost cum when he felt the burst of his little brother's seed in his throbbing hole. It had taken a lot of his control from cumming with the hanyou. His dick was erect and pleaded to cum. Sesshoumaru was curious what his brother had planned. Inuyasha let him slide of the back of Sesshoumaru and pulled his shrunken manhood out and plunged his tongue into the hole. He sucked his one seed into his mouth and crawled under Sesshoumaru. Locking eyes with the taiyoukai he spit his cum on his fingers coated them with his seed. He pulled his legs up and pushed his fingers in his own puckered entrance. He kept his eyes locked with the golden ones above him. Sesshoumaru was slightly panting again. The sight of his little brother fucking himself was very erotic.

"What are you waiting for? Fuck me!" Sesshoumaru didn't hesitate and plunged his huge hard one in the tight opening. He heard a sharp hiss of pain escape from the delicious lips under him. He shoved himself all to the hilt into the tight sheathe of his little brother and pressed his lips on the enchanting lips under him. He vigorously pumped the tight hole and relished on the sweet cavern of his little brother.

Inuyasha tear his lips from his brother. He needed to see the face of the gorgeous taiyoukai fucking him. Even while fucking him almost through the ground, the serenity of the pale face of the beyond beautiful face didn't evade. Inuyasha felt his arousal weep for release. The friction between their bodies had readied him fo the second time. "Fuck me! Harder!" Sesshoumaru grunted and enhanced his pace and fucked his little lover yet faster and deeper. His balls slapped against moist flesh. He was on the edge of cumming. "Cum with me Inuyasha." The deep silky voice was disastrous for Inuyasha's restrain. "Shit, I'm cumming." Inuyasha released his fluid all over his stomach. The throbbing of his tight entrance send Sesshoumaru over the edge and with a deep thrust he filled his little brother's hole with his cum.

Sesshoumaru collapsed on the inviting body underneath him. Inuyasha wrapped his arms around the bigger body on top of him. He closed his eyes and inhaled deep the musky scent of Sesshoumaru satiated in the sex filled air. The scent was to kill for. Sesshoumaru recuperated fast and was on his feet in a blink of the eye, Inuyasha moaned at the loss of the warmth of his brother's body. He pulled himself up to sit. The taiyoukai was standing in his full pale impressive glory scrutinizing his little brother. Inuyasha felt more and more uneasy. He had fucked the great taiyoukai of the West and in a few seconds he would know if he would live to enjoy the feeling the next morning.

"What?" The silence was unbearable thick. "If you want to kill me, just do it. I don't mind. After our lovemaking I shall die happy and content." Inuyasha smirked and braced himself when sharp clawed fingers shot down. He kept his eyes fixed on the stunning face of his brother. He wanted to die with that gorgeous face edged in his mind. The claws dug in his flesh but didn't puncture it. Inuyasha was scooped up in the arms of the taiyoukai and with demonic speed he was carried away. Before he could ask where Sesshoumaru was bringing him, he could hear the sound of flowing water.

Clinging Inuyasha to his chest Sesshoumaru stepped into the warm water of a hot spring. "Aaah, this is great." Inuyasha writhed himself out of the strong arms of his brother and lowered himself in the warm relaxing water. "Say something, you bastard." Inuyasha glanced sideways at his ethereal looking brother relaxing in the warm water. The silence was hurting his ears.

"You don't stop to amaze me." The deep silky voice send shivers up and down Inuyasha's spine. Inuyasha quirked up an eyebrow. "I wasn't aware you have such an active eh… love-life to be this experienced." The words were used to express his thoughts and not as an accusation. "You unfeeling big lump, I'm not experienced. In fact … eh… you are the only one I have been with." Inuyasha didn't feel offended, but proud for having been able to pleasure his big brother. " Hmpf, maybe I have to explore more of this new discovered talent of yours." The deep silky voice send shivers up and down Inuyasha's spine. Inuyasha raised an eyebrow.

"I wasn't aware you have such an active eh… love-life to be this experienced." The words were used to express his thoughts and not as an accusation. "You unfeeling big lump, I'm not experienced. In fact … eh… you are the only one I have been with." Inuyasha didn't feel offended, but proud for having been able to pleasure his big brother.

"Hmpf, maybe I have to explore more of this new discovered talent of yours." Sesshoumaru grabbed Inuyasha and pulled him in his lap, facing him. Inyasha's legs were straddling Sesshoumaru's hip. Inuyasha felt the arousal of the taiyoukai already be hard enough to perform for another round. He smiled when the sweet juicy lips crashed onto his and the slick tongue filled his mouth. He was maneuvered a little and his other hole got filled with a thicker appendage of his brother. Sesshoumaru reinstated his ability for control and let Inuyasha come twice prior to him filling his little brother to the brim of his hot throbbing entrance.

Inuyasha was exhausted after the second round. He fell limp in the arms of Sesshoumaru. With a genuine smile Sesshoumaru looked at the pooped human in his arms. He cleaned and dressed them both and laid Inuyasha in the soft grass to sleep. The next morning Inuyasha woke up revived, but missing the warm arms wrapped around him.

His eyes shot open, in time to see the retreating back of his brother. "Wait!" Inuyasha extended an arm towards Sesshoumaru. He was amazed that Sesshoumaru actually stopped and turned. A delicate eyebrow was quirked up. "Your human night has expired. You don't need my protection." Sesshoumaru cold voice sounded as always, nothing indicated their wonderful night together. "Eh… I…eh… you…You are wrong. I need you. I want to be with you." Inuyasha blurted out. "Don't you dare to foul our fantastic time together!" Inuyasha wasn't allowing Sesshoumaru to keep him away from him.

"I had considered the possibility that you, being a human last night, would regret your actions and my response to you. I had anticipated you denying of what had occurred last night. Leaving before you wake up would make things less complicated." Sesshoumaru tried not to sound relieved that his little brother wasn't appalled by their actions the last night. Inuyasha had, being a human, some kind of excuse to act like that, but he, Sesshoumaru, had none.

"My desire for you is not something only restricted to my human side, but if you want to leave I won't stand in your way." Inuyasha felt pain creep up in his heart. He had hoped that Sesshoumaru would accept him if not as a mate, at least as a lover.

"Your special talent has indeed captivated this Sesshoumaru, but for now we have our separate responsibilities to attend to." Sesshoumaru watched a red blush creep up Inuyasha's face. The boy was truly enchanting. Why didn't he see that earlier?

Inuyasha blushed. He had no special talent. He was in love with the taiyoukai for almost forever. He wanted to pleasure him the best he could. "When shall I see you again?" Inuyasha expressed his need, without reserve. He always was a straight forward kind of guy. "Rest assures Inuyasha. I shall be back. I can't help to wonder how your hanyou form will affect your capabilities. As human you were exquisite." Sesshoumaru smiled in remembrance. Inuyasha gasped at the amazing and rare sight. His brother had the most sexy smile he had ever seen or probably would ever see.

Sesshoumaru strode back to right in front of Inuyasha and cupped his chin to push up the beautiful face of his little brother. He locked his eyes with the wide golden eyes. Inuyasha didn't dare to move. He was totally captivated by the hypnotic low voice of his brother. His heart was beathing too fast. "You and your magnificent competence have captured by interest. Nothing and nobody could keep me away from you now. I shall not allow someone else to touch you. Not even death will touch you. So don't think you can get rid of this Sesshoumaru. I'll be a whisper away from you." Sesshoumaru pulled the smaller willing body against his own and bend his head to capture the soft lips of the hanyou.

Inuyasha opened at once his lips, to invite the sweet tongue of his brother to examine his mouth. The searing kiss went on for almost forever. When they parted Inuyasha panted for air. Sesshoumaru slowly let go of the magnificent body. "I have to go now to gather my pack. I shall find you." Sesshoumaru dashed away with his demonic speed. Inuyasha smirked. He wasn't sure that last sentence was a promise or a threat. "You messed up sexy bastard." He mumbled.

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