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Inuyasha slammed to the ground. He whimpered and cursed the young priestess. Then all at once, dangerous youki flared around them. Sesshoumaru! His muffled 'No' alerted the others, but he was already there. Inuyasha saw the black leather shoes and white pants strode by. He could smell poison in the air. He is going to kill Kagome. With an immense power surge, Inuyasha resisted the pull of the enchanted beads, managed to crawl out the hole and clasp on the feet of Sesshoumaru.

He had to prevent him attacking the girl. Sesshoumaru looked down and his youki flared up even more. The poison was dripping from his claws. "She deserves to die." When he saw that Inuyasha clasped more onto his feet and did not let go, he kneeled next to him and took a hold on the chain of beads. The poison dripped excessively on the string and a red glow flashed from the necklace in an act of defense. Sesshoumaru grabbed the necklace and pulled. The string broke with a sharp pang.

Sesshoumaru picked Inuyasha up and turned towards Kagome. She was about to yell at them when her mouth dropped open. Sesshoumaru had a hard cold look in his eyes and lashed out without mercy. Horrified Kagome stepped back. Regardless of that, the claws still hit her. She shrieked, but she was lucky the claws only graced her cheek. Sesshoumaru looked impassive at his little brother hanging on his arm. He had managed to divert the attack.

"No Sesshoumaru. For my sake don't do it, don't kill her. I beg you." Kagome shrieked and shrieked. The poison was eating away in her flesh. Sango quickly grabbed some water bottles out her backpack and emptied them on her face. The burning stopped and she comcluded that the damage was not that big. It would heal.

Sesshoumaru was furious, his eyes were blazing pools of red and gold. Danger flared up all around then. Kirara transformed to her youkai form and growled. Shippo jumped on her back for cover. A deep dangerous growl rumbled in the taiyoukai. Sango and Miroku stepped in front of the crying girl. Inuyasha was worried. He could lose his friends all at once. They were no match for Sesshoumaru. He took a hold on his brother's hands and hissed when the poison burned his flesh.

"Let go of me Inuyasha." Inuyasha held on to the hands. "Please let her go. She can't hurt me now the necklace is destroyed." He looked with big pleading puppy eyes at Sesshoumaru. The taiyoukai calmed down and his eyes turned into golden icicles. He scrutinized his little brother. Inuyasha was getting uneasy under the glare. He moved a little closer and dismissive lowered his head. He was afraid that Sesshoumaru was angry with him or even worse disappointed in him. He had to keep him from killing his friend. He owed that to them.

Sesshoumaru cupped his chin and tilted it up to look in his eyes. "Are you alright?" The deep voice was warm and concerned. Inuyasha nodded dumbly. "You are not angry with me?" Inuyasha needed to know. For a split second, the eyes were warm before they turned into their cold selves. "You are honor bound. It is your duty to defend your pack. So are the taiji and monk. I'm not angry at you. I'll leave it to you to execute the appropriate punishment for her abuse. You have suffered enough."

That last sentence was a whisper against his lips. Once again, Sesshoumaru pressed a chaste kiss on his lips, turned into a ball of light and flashed away. With his back still towards his pack members, he let a happy smile brighten his face. Sesshoumaru was not angry with him and the wretched necklace was history. Life was good. He wiped the smile off his face and turned around. Kagome had fallen to her knees and Sango and Miroku were comforting her.

He walked to her and tenderly pulled her hands off her face. "Let me see how bad it is." He sighed relieved. The minor cuts and the superficial burns would heal fast enough. Sango applied some healing cream on the wounds. "This will take the burn out and it will heal faster." Kagome kept crying. "Your brother is a monster. How could he do this? It hurts." Between sniffs, she kept accusing Sesshoumaru of all kind of cruelty.

Inuyasha tried to stay silent, but when Kagome continued to complain and accuse his beloved bother, he could not help to yeel out. "You are a monster. If this hurts you so much, how much do you think it hurts me when you 'SIT' me time after time?" Kagome looked startled at Inuyasha and stopped crying. Sango and Miroku decided wisely not to interfere. "But you don't bleed. It only matters when you bleed and besides, you are a hanyou, you can take it and you heal fast enough."

Inuyasha was shocked by this much ignorance and insensitivity. He listened to her childish remarks and wanted to yell to her, that even though he was a hanyou, it hurt physically and mentally. It was humiliating and painful to be slammed down on your face in the dirt. He took a few cleansing breaths and turned away. She would not listen. She was convinced she was right and nothing would change her mind.

"When you are ready to continue the journey, you can call me." Kagome sniffled a little more and when she did not get the attention she expected, she stood up. "You do not need to act that high and mighty. We can go." With the air of a martyr, she walked away.

Weeks went by and they managed to gather six pieces of the shattered jewel. The fights they got into were fierce and dangerous, but Inuyasha fought more controlled then ever. Everyone fought at his or her best. Inuyasha wanted to complete the jewel as soon as possible. His heart ached for Sesshoumaru. His body shivered in need, every time he thought about his beyond beautiful brother. He was constantly aroused by the thought of their lovemaking. He had by now mastered handfucking to release himself.

'SLAP' the sound of the hand of Sango hitting the cheek of Miroku pulled him back to reality. "You perverted monk. All you can think all day is rutting with a woman." For once Inuyasha could relate to the monk. He needed the touch of his beloved, but there the similarity stopped. He would never substitute Sesshoumaru with someone else. His body, soul and mind belonged only to Sesshoumaru.

Miroku soothed his reddened cheek and walked over to Inuyasha. "Inuyasha, there is something bothering me quite a while now." Inuyasha looked sideways at Miroku. "What?" Miroku walked closer to him. "Your brother is the most intriguing being I met." Inuyasha did not know were the conversation headed. The girls closed in a little. "So maybe he is what it's to yeh?" His composure was not very inviting to go on, but Miroku persisted.

"It is quite clear that your brother and you are more amiable towards each other." Inuyasha blush a little and scoffed. "So what? We are brothers and we have put our differences aside and started all over." Miroku was not done yet. "I wonder what has triggered his sensible decision." Inuyasha scoffed. "That does not concern you. This is something between my brother and me." Everyone looked surprised at Inuyasha. He even began to talk like his brother.

"I'm now over 200 years old. I had a life before I met you guys. My brother and I were not always fighting. He took care of me." Inuyasha did not like them to think Sesshoumaru was a murderous beast. "So, my young, no old friend, that could explain a lot." Miroku saw he straight face of Inuyasha and knew he was not willing to continue the conversation, but Kagome was not that sensitive.

"But he tried to kill you over and over again." She was yelling in the process to convince him. Inuyasha stopped walking and shouted at her. "Are you stupid? He never tried to kill me. I would be dead if he ever tried. He loves me. By running away and interact with human I disappointed him. He despises human." Inuyasha turned away from her.

"But why did he kiss you?" Kagome almost shrieked the question. She was afraid she was loosing him. They had to work fast and complete the jewel, so Inuyasha could wish himself to become a human and go with her to her time. Inuyasha could not hold back a smile. He sounded a little dreamy. "A kiss to say he accepts me." Kagome childishly stomped her feet on the ground. "He did not have to kiss you. He is manipulating you. He is wicked and cold hearted. He is using you." Inuyasha smirked and looked pitying at the girl.

Sango decided it was time to interfere. "Kagome, you should be happy for Inuyasha. They are not fighting anymore. Siblings are supposed to care for each other, not fight." Inuyasha reached out to Kagome. She calmed down and took his hand. He pulled her in a warm embrace. The others turned away and gave them some privacy.

"You do not have to worry I always will be your friend. Nothing and nobody can change that." They stood there for a while, then he cupped her chin and looked in her bright shiny eyes. He saw the trembling lips and pressed a little kiss on them. Kagome gasped and her eyes widened for a moment, then closed. Too soon, the kiss ended, but he kept her in his embrace. "Are we good again?" He could feel her nod against his chest. He loosened his hold on her and gently peeled her from his chest. He locked eyes with her.

"You are very sweet. I'm hungry for your … Ramen." The dreamy eyes turned into horrifying murderous eyes. Kagome pulled away from Inuyasha and he bolted away. She chased after him screaming she would kill him and would have 'SIT' him a thousand times if the necklace wasn't removed. Inuyasha ran laughing past the others. Sango and Miroku exchanged a look. "Some things will never change." Sango agreed. "It's good everything has returned to normal." Shippo jumped on the ground and joined Kagome on her chase after Inuyasha.

After a few hours, they heard a thundering growl and the sound of enormous paws rampaging through the forest. They all looked at Kagome. "I can sense a shard. Let's go." Kagome jumped on Inuyasha's back and Sango, Miroku and Shippo on, the already transformed, Kirara. They did not have to search very long. An enormous armadillo youkai was tearing apart the forest. When it noticed the friends it stopped trashing around, fixed it gleaming with anger eyes on them and made ready to attack hem.

"So you want to fight?" Inuyasha lowered Kagome on the ground and drew Tetsuseiga. He was about to release the "WINDSCAR' when Sango put her hand on his arm and stopped him. Annoyed Inuyasha turned towards her. The straight face of her stopped him from scolding her for her interference. "Kagome, how many shards do you detect?" Kagome looked at the monstrosity. "Two shards and they are tainted. They are imbedded in her forehead."

Inuyasha looked at Sango. "What is the matter Sango? Let me kill that abomination and gather the shards." Sango shook her head in denial. "I know that youkai. She is Sasukhan. She is a harmless creature. I think those shards in her forehead are deliberately planted to make her a murderous and disposable weapon. We must help her." Inuyasha was not happy with this twist. It would be easier to kill the beast.

Sasukhan shook her head vigorously. The shards imbedded in her forehead were burning and pulsated. A command ringed through her mind. "Kill them. Kill them all." She tried to fight the order, but the more she fought it off, the more the pain became unbearable. She snapped with her teeth and looked with reddened eyes at them. She could not take the pain anymore and capitulated to the dark voice in her head. "Kill them."

Sango pushed Miroku from Kirara, grabbed Kagome and flew as close as she dared towards the agitated youkai. "Sasukhan, it's me Sango. We are your friends. Let us help you." Miroku crawled up and looked worried at them flying so close to the dangerous teeth. Sasukhan growled at Sango, but did not attack. Sango urged Kirara to fly closer. "Sasukhan, let us remove the shards, so you can return to yourself." For a moment, it looked like the monster calmed down and would allow Kagome to get the shards.

Then the wretched dark voice thundered through her head. "Kill them now!" Sasukhan shrieked, staggered on her feet and attacked. Kirara dropped like a stone to avoid the deadly teeth and flew away from the swiping tail. "Sango move away, so I can use the 'WINDSCAR'. Sango looked at the struggling beast. "No, Inuyasha, Give me one more chance." Inuyasha sighed heavily and put the Tetsuseiga in it's sheathe. "Stupid females," he muttered and jumped high in the sky and landed on Sasukhan's back.

The armadillo youkai bucked like a wild horse trying to throw Inuyasha off her back, but he was not budging. He crawled slowly from her back to her neck. Sasukhan shook her head vigorously. It almost threw Inuyasha off her, but he clasped on the edge of an armor plate of the armadillo. "Sango wants you to live, so stop trying to get killed and cooperate already." Sasukhan heard him, but the voice in her head was more demanding. Even if she tried to oppose the voice, she could not anymore.

"Kill Inuyasha." With a loud roar, she jumped, flipped over and landed on her back. "Inuyasha!" Kagome shrieked his name. She looked for any sign of live and hoped Sasukhan did not crush him. The impact on the ground disorientated Sasukhan for a moment. Sango used the advantage and maneuvered Kirara closer for Kagome to get the shards. Sasukhan growled again, she snapped at the girls. Miroku jumped and hit the beast with his staff. Sasukhan roared in pain, but kept snapping at them and turned on her side. Inuyasha was nowhere to see.

"Get off me." Inuyasha pushed the beast up and crawled unharmed from under her. "Inuyasha!" Kagome was relieved he was all right. "Shut up, you wrench. I'm not deaf, but I will be if you keep shrieking like that." He jump up and tried to injure Sasukhan with blows with Tetsuseiga. Now it was Sango's time to call out his name. "Inuyasha, don't kill her." Inuyasha scoffed annoyed. "I'm trying, but she is not willing to fall down. Her damn armor is too thick to penetrate with the minor attacks." Sasukhan jumped and snapped around like a wild beast.

"I'm ending this now!" Inuyasha jumped in the air and landed with his feet on a spot just behind her ear. Inuyasha jumped off her and walked away without looking back. For a moment, the monstrosity shivered and struggled to stand on her feet, then collapsed silently to the ground. "Go get your shards." Everyone looked in awe at him. "Don't look at me like that. She is still alive and can regain consciousness any moment now, so hurry and get your precious shards."

Kirara flew over to Sasukhan and Kagome carefully pried the two tainted shards out the poor unconscious armadillo. She turned instantly to her normal seize of almost five feet. "Inuyasha that was impressive." Miroku with Shippo on his shoulder padded Inuyasha on his shoulder. "How did you know where her pressure point was?" Inuyasha scoffed irritated. "I'm not stupid you know." and then in a murmur. "Sesshoumaru taught me when I stayed with him in the castle a long time ago."

Shippo jumped on Inuyasha's shoulder and wanted to know everything about the castle. The short visit was, well unsatisfying short. He wanted to know more, if there were any fox youkai, if they would go back soon. If his brother will not mind them staying in the castle for a longer time and more. Inuyasha smiled. "Yes, yes and no. As soon as we defeat Naraku we will return to the castle and you will get the proper education and become the most fearsome fox youkai."

Shippo bright eyes became even brighter. "I would like that very much." He gave Inuyasha a big hug. "Thank you." Miroku smiled at the two. "You are sure your brother won't mind?" Inuyasha nodded. "I'm sure he won't mind. Back then, all kind off youkai found refuge in his castle. He expects everyone to obey the rules. He is strict, but fair." Miroku smiled teasingly. "I know he is fair. Not only fair but downright beautiful. It is clear you have noticed that."

Inuyasha felt a blush creep up his face. Shippo looked from Miroku to Inuyasha. "It is impossible not to notice that lord Sesshoumaru is beautiful, but why is Inuyasha blushing? Oooh, now I get it Inuyasha and Sesshoum..." Inuyasha glommed both Shippo and Miroku on their head. "Shut up you runt. One more word out of you both and I won't take you back with me to the castle." Shippo wisely shut up. Miroku smiled lecherous. "You dog. Did you two …?" Inuyasha looked fierce at him, but the smile on his face betrayed him.

"I'm going to catch some fish." He ran away to escape the curious eyes of Miroku. "Hmm, so young Inuyasha has finally grown up." Still smiling he walked over to the girls standing next to the unconscious armadillo youkai. Sango inspected the youkai for wounds, but except for a few scratches, the youkai was not hurt very much. "Is she alright?" Kagome closed the glass bottles with now eight shards.

"Yes she will recover soon. I am glad Inuyasha did not kill her. I have a bad feeling about this. I do not think Sasukhan has voluntarily put the two shards into her head. I am sure someone forced her. Sasukhan was well aware of the danger of being overwhelmed by the jewel shards." Miroku agreed. "A bad aura was hanging over her. This was definitely the work of Naraku."

They decided to stay the night and made camp. Inuyasha was lucky and returned with enough fish for everyone. Not long after that, Sasukhan regained consciousness, but did not have more information for them. She had felt a sting in her forehead and a voice ordering her to destroy and kill everyone. After their meal, they went to sleep. Inuyasha jumped high in a tree. His mind drifted off to his brother. With a smile on his lips, he closed his eyes.

Earlier that day Sesshoumaru walked into the dense forest. He went to see the ancient magnolia tree, Bousenu. He would be able to give him some answers. "Lord Sesshoumaru, this is the way to the tree youkai." As always Jaken stated the obvious. "Master Jaken, is this tree a friend of lord Sesshoumaru?" Jaken scoffed irritated. "Lord Sesshoumaru has no friends. He does not need friends." Rin did not like the answer. "Everyone needs friends and lord Sesshoumaru has friends. I know lord Inuyasha is now his friend. Aren't you his friend, master Jaken?"

Jaken eyes became all watery, but he collected himself. "I am lord Sesshoumaru's retainer." Rin wasn't giving up. "And his friend." Softly Jaken repeated. "And his friend." Sesshoumaru listened to their conversation and almost sighed. Sometimes he pitied Jaken. Rin was too smart for him. "Jaken you stay here with Rin and Ah-Un."

Rin jumped off Ah-Un and ran into the bushes. "Come back insolent girl. It is not safe out there. Lord Sesshoumaru will have my hide if something happens to you." He was just about to run after her when she shouted back. "I have to pee." He immediately stopped in his track. "You are not supposed to say that. That is no language for a young lady like yourself." Sesshoumaru walked away from their antics.

"Sesshoumaru, what brings you here?" The face of the tree youkai materialized in the great ancient magnolia tree. "I have a question for you old Bousenu. It concerns my little brother." The ancient tree looked at the pup in front of him. He could detect nervousness under the impassive mask. "Is this the same little hanyou brother of yours." Sesshoumaru almost scoffed. "I have only one brother." The tree smiled. "I know young Sesshoumaru. What do you want to know?"

Sesshoumaru was not sure how to ask the question, so he said it as it was. "My little brother and I am now more than brothers. We are lovers. We want to mate, but he won't be able to handle my blood." Bousenu was surprised, if not shocked. "Correct me if I am wrong. You want to mate your hanyou brother. The hanyou brother you detested?" Sesshoumaru confirmed. "And we are lovers."

Bousenu repeated automatically. "And you are lovers."


"You love each other?"


"You are sure we are talking about the same hanyou brother of yours?"


"Inuyasha is his name. Isn't it?"


"Congratulations. I hope you will visit me someday with him and your offspring."

"That won't be happening."

"Why not?"

"He will not be able to conceive."

"Why not?"

"I cannot mate him."

"Why not?"

"He won't be able to consume my youkai blood."

"Why not?"

"My youkai blood will kill him, if not immediately, then eventually. That cannot be changed."

"Why not?"

Sesshoumaru had reached his limit of patience. "Old Bousenu keep up this invidious answering game and I will kill you." The magnolia tree youkai smiled. "You started it. You are so tense. You need to lighten up." Sesshoumaru looked with ice-cold golden eyes at the tree. "Obviously your age has finally caught up with you. I will search for the answer elsewhere." He was about to turn away, when branches of the tree closed around him. Sesshoumaru reached for his sword.

"You do not have to use your sword. You won't find the answer elsewhere. Answer my last question." Sesshoumaru recalled his last remark.


Bousenu looked anticipating at him. "Yes, go on."

"Something has to change."

"Yes, go on."

"My blood has to change. No, that cannot be done."

"Yes, go on."

"Inuyasha has to change."

"Yes. You finally got it. Inuyasha has to change into his youkai form." Sesshoumaru was not satisfied yet. "If he changes into his youkai form he becomes a mindless killer and I cannot bear my throat to him in that state." Sesshoumaru was not afraid, but he was not suicidal. "You say you are lovers. I suppose you love each other." Sesshoumaru was getting frustrated by all the questions he already answered. "Yes."

Bousenu pulled away the branches. "Then you have nothing to worry. He will bite you first and your blood will instantly help him to control his youki. If he loves you, he shall not harm you. When you mark him, his youki will summit and his youkai and human part will finally stop competing and work together to please his mate."

The next morning Inuyasha went for an early hunt. He managed to catch a few rabbits. He cleaned them in the stream nearby. He wasn't hungry, but the others would be. "Hey, mutt face. Where is Kagome?" Inuyasha did not falter his steps. "She is not your business, airhead. So go chase your tail. " He knew Kouga wasn't going to butt out, but was supposed to act all possessive and he would do his part.

Besides, he loved to pester the wolf boy. Kouga grabbe Inuyasha's shoulder and spun him around. "She is my business, I love her." Inuyasha smirked. "Get your filthy hands off my shoulder, wolf shit or I slice your hand off." The dangerous low voice startled the wolf youkai, but he did not show it.

"Have I scared you, stupid?" Inuyasha growled a little less intimidating. He was not interested in becoming Kagome's mate and should not act so possessive, but it had become a sort of a habit. Kouga was all cocky again. "Scared? I'm shivering in fear." He said mockingly. Then all of a sudden a shiver actually ran over his back. Inuyasha's nose also caught the obnoxious scent of Naraku and they hurried back to the others.

Inuyasha burst out the bushes and saw Naraku stand in between his friends and him. He felt his blood freeze at the sight of the tendrils of Naraku shooting out and grabbing Kagome. Sango threw the Hiraikotsu at them, cutting throw them. That endangered them even more. Gushes of miasma poured out the cuts. Sango helped Kagome up and forcedly pulled her behind her. The human covered their nose and fell back. Kagome was not as helpless as she they thought. She shot a sacred arrow into the threatening cloud of miasma and the ominous cloud disappeared.

Naraku shot a few more tendrils towards them. Inuyasha pulled Tetsuseiga out its sheath and transformed it to its Red variety to break through the barrier surrounding Naraku and his minions, Khanna, Kagura and Kohaku. He swung the fang of his father high above his head and let it crash against the barrier, but unfortunately, nothing happened. "Your sword is as worthless as you, flee bitten mutt." Kouga flashed past him. With much force, he crashed into the barrier and bounced back with the same force. He was hurled back and crashed against a strong tree.

They managed to draw the attention of Naraku. "So Inuyasha you finally decided to join us. Oh and you brought assistance." Naraku mocked them. Kouga growled and jumped in a fighting stance. "I'm no assistance of 'dog-pup'. Let me in and I'll wipe that smug grin of your face." Naraku looked contemplating at Inuyasha. "Is your precious brother not here to defend you?" Inuyasha felt anger flare up, but that was what Naraku expected so with all his might he calmed himself.

"So, so. You surprise me Inuyasha. You actually have learned something from your brother. I wonder what you have learned more from that fabulous brother of yours. But for now I have no interest in you." Naraku turned his attention to Kouga. "Maybe today is your lucky day. I will grant you the possibility to take revenge." A part of the barrier changed color. Kouga was about to storm into the opening, when Inuyasha grabbed him by his shoulders.

"No, don't go in. It is a trap. He is after the shards in your legs. " Kouga looked at Inuyasha with a determinate gaze. "I know, but that will not keep me from taking revenge and try to help Kagome. Let go of me!" Kouga pulled his shoulder out the grasp of Inuyasha. He walked towards the opening in the barrier. Just in front of the barrier he turned. "Take care of Kagome for me. Will yeh?" He turned away, turned into a whirlwind and burst through the opening in the barrier.

Inuyasha swiftly jumped after Kouga, but he bounced off the barrier. The entrance was selective to the wolf youkai. He landed on his feet. He had anticipated this. The last time the barrier was also selective. Horrified he saw Kouga blindly attack Naraku. He was no match for the evil hanyou. Naraku shot several tendrils towards Kouga. Kagura send the dance of the dragon towards him. Crescent moons of energy sliced merciless into his body. They slowed him down considerably.

The tendrils of Naraku curled around his legs and pulled him up, high in the air. Kouga was still fighting upside down, but to no avail. He was out the range of anything he could hit. Tendrils wriggled and crawled over his leg towards the jewel shards. The tendrils dig with a sharp thrust into his legs and pried the shards out. With the shards in his possession, Naraku lost his interest in Kouga. He tossed him away towards the others and he came down with a sickening sound of breaking bones.

Inuyasha charged time after time at the barrier. Naraku was now again concentrating his attention on Kagome. He was after the shards in the little glass container around Kagome's neck. Inuyasha could hear the sly voice of Naraku demanding Kagome to turn over the shards. Miroku stepped in front of the girls to defend them. He unleashed the 'WINDTUNNEL'. Immediately samijoso's formed a wall in front of Naraku. The pesky insects were sucked in. Miroku got more and more poisoned by them. He would not stop even though both Kagome and Sango urged him to stop.

Blood began to ooze out the eyes and mouth of the courageous monk. He tried to stay on his feet and keep the 'WINDTUNNEL' directed towards Naraku, but his legs could not carry him anymore. With immense strength, he closed his hand to avoid others to be sucked in and dropped down. Sango glanced worried at the monk, but she knew she was not able to help him now. He had used too much of his energy. She jumped on Kirara and threw Hiraikotsu towards Naraku.

Kohaku interfered by throwing the metal ball on a chain over the Hiraikotsu so it faltered and fell harmless to the ground. "Kohaku, he will kill you. Do not defend him." Naraku glared at Sango. "He died a long time ago. He is no longer your little brother. But I will show you mercy and return his memory to him." Kohaku screamed and fell on his knees. Kirara landed next to him and nuzzled him reassuring. Sango jumped of Kirara and fell on her knees in front of her little brother. She wrapped her arms around the small body. With tears pouring out his eyes he looked up at Sango.

"Forgive me, sister." A tendril dug into his back and pulled the life supporting shard out. "Nooo." Sango tried to snatch the shard out the tendril, but could not. The small body of her little brother slugged in her embrace and she tightened her hold. Hot tears flowed out her eyes. She felt devastated. "Kohaku, my little brother. You have done nothing wrong. I love you." Kohaku looked up, smiled and closed his eyes. Sango clutched the lifeless body of her little brother in her arms.

Kirara mewed sadly, but was aware that Sango was in great danger. Naraku shot another tendril towards the Taiji. Kirara snapped the thing in two and carefully but firm pulled Sango away from her dead brother and helped her on her back. She was airborne again and flew to pick up the Hiraikotsu. Sango pulled herself together and picked up her weapon and Kirara landed in front of Kagome. She would fight until her last breath to keep the last remaining shards from Naraku.

"Psst, young hanyou. Maybe I can help you." The voice came from behind the bushes. Inuyasha tore his eyes from his friends and focused on the armadillo youkai. He could use all the help he could get. "How can you help? We are stuck here outside the barrier." Sasukhan stepped closer to the barrier. "My armor is sturdy and capable to deflect the barrier. Crawl under me when I penetrate the barrier." Inuyasha did not hesitate. He crawled under the armadillo youkai.

In a very slow pace, Sasukhan moved through the barrier. The barrier hit the armor of the Armadillo, but could not stop the youkai's progress. Inuyasha could feel Sasukhan bite through the agony of the inflicted pain by the barrier. He mentally tried to comfort the brave, but suffering youkai. Once they were in the barrier Inuyasha crawled from under the fainting armadillo youkai and pulled her into the barrier. "Stay here and rest. I'm forever grateful to you."

Sango had maneuvered Kirara between her friends and Naraku. She looked fierce and determined. Inuyasha was worried. She looked like she did not care whether she lived or died. Kagome had pulled Kouga's head into her lap and Shippo was crying next to Miroku. "You won't harm my friends." Sango pulled Hiraikotsu up high above her head, ready to throw it to Naraku's head. Kirara snarled dangerously. "Kuhkuhkuh. I would admire your courage, if not for the pathetic display of incompetence. You already failed your little brother, now you will fail your lover and friends."

With a mighty burst of energy Sango threw Hiraikotsu at Naraku. The powerful weapon cut through the air, sliced through tendrils like butter and returned to her. Naraku laughed again. "Is that all you are capable of? I have no interest fighting a weak emotional wrench like you. Kagura take care of her." Kagura nodded. "This will not take long. 'DANCE OF THE DRAGON'." Whirlwinds of destruction swirled towards Sango. As a shield, Sango held the Hiraikotsu in front of them.

The whirlwinds crashed against the powerful weapon and lost strength, but the impact was devastating. The force of the impact threw Sango and Kirara back. With a painful expression on her face and wobbly legs, Sango stood up leaning heavy on her weapon . "As long as I live, I won't let you kill anyone else." Naraku smirked evilly. "That can easily be helped." He gestured to Kagura to finish her off. Kagura hesitated to obey the order.

"Kill her, or else your punishment will be severe." Slowly Kagura wielded her fan. Sango steadied herself. She knew she would not survive the next attack. Both Inuyasha and Kirara acted the same time. Kirara jumped in front of Sango and Inuyasha jumped in front of them. With his formidable sword, he swung towards the swirling whirlwinds and unleashed 'BACKLASH WAVE'. It picked up, reinforced and smashed the whirlwinds back towards Kagura. The numerous whirlwinds hit Naraku, Kagura and Khanna.

Khanna's body was splayed out on the ground. Kagura's had cuts and a big hole in her body. She was still breathing and down on her knees. All of Naraku's tendrils were cut down. Only his upper body was floating in the air. "That was clever Inuyasha, but not clever enough. Your skills are insufficient and your powers are too weak to kill me." Even as he was talking, his body was regenerating. He never glanced at his minions. Kagura crawled to Khanna and checked if she was alive. When she distinguished a pulse, she dragged her little sister out the danger zone. She was done helping Naraku, even if it would result to her demise.

Inuyasha swayed his mighty sword and send 'ADAMANT BARAGE' towards Naraku. The foe merely scraped the segments of adamant out his body and grew more tentacles. He towered over the friends. Tentacles were crawling all over the place, Inuyasha and Sango had a hard time deflecting them without cutting them, the miasma would kill them. Kagome shrieked when one of them curled around her waist and pulled her high in the sky. They turned her upside down and the glass bottle on the chain around her neck flipped out her blouse.

Another tentacle snatched the glass bottle from her neck. Inuyasha jumped and could get his hand around the jar. He grabbed it and pulled it away out the grasp of the tentacle. Tentacles curled around his legs and arms and pulled him down. "Sango. Catch!" Kirara with Sango on her back dove down and caught the bottle. The tentacles slashed out to her. She quickly threw the bottle back to Inuyasha. He jumped and caught the bottle, but a tentacle hit him hard against his leg and at the same time they wrapped around the girls.

Inuyasha fell down and tried to hold on to the bottle, but the tentacles wrapped around his arms, legs and body. He could not move anymore. "Are you done playing Inuyasha? It was fun as long as it lasted. But even this game I have won, so surrender the shards to me."

"No, you will never get it." Naraku laughed his evil laugh and pried the fingers of the bottle. The laugh resonated through the tentacles when he finally got the bottle. Inuyasha held on to Tetsuseiga and searched for an opportunity to wield his sword. "What? Have you finally shut up, Inuyasha?" Naraku broke the glass bottle and merged the small pieces to one larger piece. Naraku held his piece in his other hand.

"It is a real pity, your brother is not present to witness my victory and your demise. Once I merge the two pieces he will come crawling to me." Inuyasha sneered. "You bastard. Go fuck yourself. You are so full of yourself, maybe that is exactly what you are doing right now." Naraku laughed again. He glared at Inuyasha and moved his hands to bring the two pieces together. With a burst of strength Inuyasha pulled his hand free from the clutches of the tentacles and slashed through them. He would worry later about the poisonous miasma.

Naraku's limps shuddered and tentacles pierced through Inuyasha's hand, wrenched the sword out his hand, and tossed it away. Mortified Inuyasha saw his sword laying on the ground, out off his reach, He could not move at all. "Kuh, kuh, kuh, kuh." Sounded the evil lugh of Naraku. "You have lost Inuyasha. You and your friends can witness the completion of the jewel and the beginning of my conquest of the world.

A burst of light blinded them all. The hands holding the two pieces of the jewel shards fell to the ground. They were cut in two. "So, my lovely lord Sesshoumaru. I see you have decided to join the fun." With an ugly glare directed at Sesshoumaru Naraku grew another pair of hands. Inuyasha felt his heartbeat pick up. Sesshoumaru looked breath taking and incredible serene, He was surrounded by tentacles, but the youki swirling around him was so powerfull that they stayed away from his body.

"Naraku this is your last day in the world of the living." The coldness in the deep alluring voice was chilling. "No, my gorgeous inu. This is the last day of the world of the living. I intend to wish for the merger of this world with the nether world and with me as its ultimate ruler. Join me and I promise you a place next to me. We will rule together." Sesshoumaru looked uninterested at him. "Vermin, I would never join forces with filth like you."

Naraku laughed his evil laugh again. "You cannot stop me. I will be the ultimate ruler. The jewel is mine." Sesshoumaru leaped forward and plunged his dripping with poison claws into the torso of Naraku. "From this close you are even more breathtaking." Naraku voice trembled. The injection of the substantial amount of poison directly in his body was affecting him. He curled his tentacles around the body of the taiyoukai and tried to suffocate him.

In horror, Inuyasha watched his brother being engulfed in the numerous tentacles. When Sesshoumaru did not budge, the tentacles pierces through his body. Shivers of pain rippled through Sesshoumaru's body, but he kept injecting poison in the wretched body. Inuyasha saw the once white attire of his brother change into crimson red. He felt the strong hold of the tentacles slowly lessen, but it was too slow. By now, the blood of Sesshoumaru was dripping on the ground.

His brother was strong, but Inuyasha was not sure how long Sesshoumaru would be able to continue. Inuyasha pried his arms out the loosening grasp of the tentacles and cut through the ones still holding him. The miasma poured out the cuts. Covering his nose with his sleeve Inuyasha jumped over the new charging tentacles. His sword was tossed away out of range. Jumping from tentacle to tentacles, slicing through them at least as possible he tried to reach his sword.

The muffled but desperate shriek from Kagome urged him to stop. The tentacle around her mouth was suffocating her. He glanced at his sword on the other side of the only obstructing tentacles, but turned and ran towards his friends. With a few slashes with his claws, she was free. He caught her in his arms and carried her out of the miasma cloud. He put her on the ground next to the still unconscious Kouga. He hurried to Sango and freed her and Kirara.

"Stay away from the miasma." Sango nodded once and hurried to the side of Miroku. She sighed relieved when she saw that he was weakened but awake. "Inuyasha, the miasma is retreating. Your brother is weakening Naraku." Inuyasha looked at Sesshoumaru. His face was impassive and pale as always, but the massive blood lost must have effect even him. Naraku kept trying to get the two pieces of the jewel, but the poison in his body was hindering his movements.

"Are you okay Kagome?" Inuyasha was concerned for his brother, he needed to know that his pack was all right, so he could go and help his brother. "Yes, I'm alright." Inuyasha jumped away to get his sword. The tentacles kept moving in front of him and hindered him to get it. He heard a deep sigh escape his brother's lips. Inuyasha knew Sesshoumaru was getting weaker. He felt more and more frustrated. His beloved brother was going to die and he could not reach his sword to help him.

His blood began to boil over. He could feel his youki surfacing. Another sigh and he could not take it anymore. The distress of his brother tipped him over the edge. His eyes began to bleed red, his teeth elongated and his claws grew longer. With a growl, he turned towards Naraku and his brother. He felt all control slip away. All that mattered now was his lust for blood. The smell of his brother's blood was intoxicating. The heady scent of the blood lured him closer to the source.

Naraku had managed to collect the pieces of the jewel. The taiyoukai's poison was destroying his ability to regenerate. He had hoped he could convince the beautiful being to rule next to him, but it seemed the taiyoukai was not interested. He could not escape on his own now. He had to rely on the power of the jewel. Slow but certain he brought the pieces together. Sesshoumaru saw the movement but he could not stop him. He was injecting his poison into him and his blood was spilling constantly.

He had to admit, although reluctantly, that even he was reaching his limit to his potential, but he was not there yet. Suddenly the smell of his little brother changed. He could smell the potent smell of a full youkai. He smirked. This was what he had anticipated. He freed one hand and slashed through one of the tentacles holding the now merged jewel. The jewel launched through the air. With another slash with the whip he changed the direction of the jewel. It flew towards the human girl, Kagome. Naraku hissed in surprise. "Nooo, that is mine. I won't allow you to take it from me."

Sesshoumaru smirked. "It was never yours." He felt Inuyasha cut his way towards him. He needed more time to deal with the evil hanyou and then confront the bloodthirsty hanyou/youkai, Inuyasha. Naraku's tentancles began to crumble and fall. He focused his eyes on the red glowing eyes of his opponent. "You can't kill me, Sesshoumaru. My heart is in a secure place." Sesshoumaru looked impassive in the eyes in front of him. He could hear the others move behind him. They were trying to calm down Inuyasha. The monk and the awakened wolf youkai joined the girls in their action. They surrounded the enraged hanyou/yuokai.

"Sesshoumaru are you willing to die for those pitiful beings? Join me and we could reach unimaginable heights." Naraku could not move anymore. He would not die, but his body was rendered motionless. He had a hard time talking. "Naraku, reaching imaginable heights with you is not my ambition. Dying is not an option." His impassive voice trembled a little when he felt the aura of his little brother closing in. The scent of his little brother was invigorating.

Then his heart stopped beating in expectation. Would his little brother recognize him? Inuyasha plastered himself against his back and with a feral grin sank his teeth into his neck. Sesshoumaru felt the sharp teeth dig in his flesh and waited what would happen next. Would the teeth tear his veins out? Slowly Inuyasha removed his teeth out his neck and lapped up the potent blood. "You are mine." Sesshoumaru smirked inwardly.

Inuyasha had marked him, he needed to do his part, but first the evil hanyou had to be dealt with. Naraku looked in shock at what had happened in front of his eyes. He felt uncontrollable rage seep into his mind. This was the second time the horrible pup claimed the one he desired. First Kikijo and now the godly taiyoukai. He should have killed the pup when he had the chance. Inuyasha felt the rage in his mind dim down. His youki was still enraged and needed to preserve what was his, but he could think rational.

The sole objective in his mind was saving his brother. He tried to pull Sesshoumaru away from the lusting for his brother, foe. The growl from Sesshoumaru stopped his attempt, but he was not giving up. If he let this linger, his brother would die. The rage in his mind was trying to take over again. Inuyasha lapped up all the blood seeping out the wounds on his brother's body. Sesshoumaru shuddered. Inuyasha felt his mind clear up again. The amount of youkai blood in his system controlled the rage and clarified his mind.

He watched the wounds on his brother's body heal. But the danger had not cleared. His brother was loosing valuable life energy. He turned towards his friends. Immediately Sango, Miroku and Kouga moved in front of Kagome. "You don't have to be afraid. I'm alright now. I won't hurt you." He walked towards them in a controlled pace to prove his words. Kagome pushed Kouga away and wanted to launch herself into his arms. He caught her by her arms and held her at arm length. His youki would not allow her to come too close and would kill her.

"I'll explain later. Sesshoumaru has paralyzed Naraku. It is now up to you to destroy him." Kagome looked up to him and with a determined look in her eyes, pulled the purified jewel out her pocket and picked an arrow from her quiver. She carefully imbedded the jewl into the arrowhead. She concentrated and aimed the arrow. "Get you brother out of the way." Her voice was a mixture of her own and Kikijo's. Inuyasha acted immediately.

He rushed to his brother and forcedly pulled him away from Naraku. He wrapped his arms around the imperceptibly trembling taiyoukai. The moment the poison was not injected anymore Naraku began to recover. He looked around and fixed his evil beady eyes on the young human girl, ready to shoot the arrow. "You are too weak to kill me. Your pitiful attempts to kill me will fail. Shoot the arrow and the jewel will be mine." The determinate look in Kagome's eyes faltered.

What would happen if he were right? She would be giving him the one thing he desired the most and it would mean the destruction of all she knew and loved. She looked at her friends for help, but they could not help her. What must she do? Then a cold even voice interrupted her troubled thoughts. "Search for the answer within yourself." She closed her eyes and the vision of Kikijo's face appeared in front of her. Kikijo's face changed into Sango's then Miroku. Shippo, Kouga and finally the vivid face of Inuyasha came to mind.

All the strength she needed was around her. She pulled the arrow back, wished on the jewel and released the arrow with the jewel imbedded in it. The arrow carved a fiery path through the air and hit Naraku exactly where his heart supposed to be. For a moment, it stuck to Naraku's chest, but then pierced through the front of his chest until it completely disappeared, but did not come through his back. The arrow made an invisible path through distance and pierced through the discarded heart of Naraku, miles and miles away. Naraku looked for a moment in utter disbelieve at Kagome, and then his body began to crumble and disintegrated to dust.

They had done it. They had finally defeated Naraku.

Kagura and Khanna retreated quietly. Sango ran towards the dead body of her little brother. She fell on her knees next to him and with tears in her eyes she pulled his head on her lap. Lovingly she stroked his hair out his face. He did not deserve to die. Sesshoumaru felt tensuseiga pulsate in it's sheathe. "Move away from the boy." Sango looked startled, but hopeful at him. She tenderly laid her little brother's head on the ground and moved back.

Sesshoumaru looked at the imps from the netherworld and cut through them. Kohaku made a convulsive movement and gasped for air. He was alive. "Sango hurried and embraced her little brother. Miroku kneeled next to them. "Sister, what happened?" Sango hugged him tighter and cried. Miroku smiled. He was happy for her, but she was suffocating the poor boy. "Sango, it won't do if you kill him now lord Sesshoumaru gracefully awakened him from death."

Sango instantly loosened her hold and let the boy breath. She stood up and walked over to the distant taiyoukai. She kneeled down in front of him. "Thank you, lord Sesshoumaru." The simple words expressed her feelings better than any other words. For a moment, Sesshoumaru looked down at her and then turned his eyes away. "This Sesshoumaru does need your gratitude. Tensuseiga choose to revive your little brother." Sango stood up and whispered. "So cute." Inuyasha hold back a smile. Sesshoumaru arched an eyebrow. Inuyasha blew a kiss at him.

When he turned into a youkai he felt emotions rampage through him. It consumed and dominated the rational part of his brain. He felt distressed and enraged. He had felt the draw of the blood of his brother and relished his thirst. He knew the blood he lapped up helped him to gain control over his emotions. He now understood that his youki was more sensitive than his human part. When surfacing it panicked and needed to be controlled to be reassured.

The sword of his father kept his youki dormant and the blood of his brother kept it in control when awakened. However, he needed more from his brother. He needed him and he would fight for him. The human girl was standing too close to him. He growled inwardly. He knew Sesshoumaru had no interest in Kagome, but his youki did not want to take the risk. Sesshoumaru looked contemplating at Inuyasha. He then turned and walked away. His form was as regal as always.

Kagome walked over to Inuyasha. "Inuyasha are you alright? Maybe you need to take a nap to return to yourself." Inuyasha did not hear Kagome. His attention was fixed on the back of his departing brother. Kagome grabbed his sleeve to get his attention. "Inuyasha, Naraku is dead, the jewel is now useless. It has granted my wish to destroy Naraku. We are free. We can do whatever we want." Sesshoumaru had almost reached the edge of the clearance.

Inuyasha panicked, his youki flared up. "Sesshoumaru, you can't leave without me." The pain and longing in his voice was audible for everyone. Sango looked up from the face of the sleeping Kohaku and Miroku smiled. Kouga, Kirara and Shippo looked understanding, they had seen Inuyasha marking his brother and Kagome was confused. "Inuyasha, I do not understand. You can't go with your brother. We, you and I, belong to each other." Her voice was almost pleading.

Sesshoumaru stopped and turned. He slowly opened his arms. Inuyasha pulled himself free from the grasp of Kagome and ran into the welcoming arms. The arm closed possessively around the young body. Inuyasha pressed his body against his brother. He wanted to stay forever in these arms. He looked up and relished his eyes on the sight of his brother's warm eyes. He felt loved and wanted. "Do not look at me like that. I would have to kiss you, right here, right now."

Inuyasha wrapped his arms around his brother's neck, tiptoed and with his lips almost against that of his brother, he whispered. "Who is stopping you?" With a deep growl, Sesshoumaru lowered his head and pressed his warm soft lips on the ones under his. Inuyasha melted into the kiss. He opened his lips and invited the sweet tongue into his longing cavern.

He did not hear the gasp in disbelieve from Kagome. He focused on his brother and his own needs and was not aware of anything else. Sesshoumaru on the other hand heard the gasp and the thump of knees on the ground. He tore his lips from the delicious lips of the younger inu. Inuyasha looked heartbroken at him. "Sesshoumaru bend his head and pressed a little kiss on his lips.

"I am not leaving you, but I think you have to talk to your friends before I take you with me." Reluctantly Inuyasha stepped back from his brother. He turned around and he was confronted with the sight of the devastated figure of the girl from the future. His youki did not want him to leave the secure, loving arms of his lover and tried to convince him, that although he felt sorry for her, he was not responsible for her misinterpretation of his feelings.

Kouga walked over to Kagome and tried to pick her up, but she swatted his hands away. Inuyasha walked back and crouched down in front of her. For a while, they said or did nothing, but stare into each other's eyes. The eyes of Kagome were overflowing with tears. The golden eyes of Inuyasha were full of compassion. Then Inuyasha reached out and pulled her in his arms. She let him hold her.

"Inuyasha how could you do this to me? I love you so much. I thought you loved me to. No, I'm sure you love me. You are making a mistake. He does not love you. He has always tried to kill you. Inuyasha please come back to me. Do not make this mistake. What have I done wrong?"

His fire rat kimono muffled her voice, but he could hear her clear enough. He let her cry her eyes out and then pried her from his chest and looked into her eyes. "Kagome, I want you to know this has nothing to do with you. I have always loved my brother. I have tried to fight this feeling for my brother, not because I was ashamed or something like that, but because I was afraid." Kagome interrupted him. "If he is forcing you, we can flee to my time and start a new life."

Inuyasha smiled sadly. "No, that is not what I meant. I was afraid that I was not enough for him, a full-blooded taiyoukai. Afraid he would not love me the way I loved him. Now I know he loves me as much I love him." The tears kept flowing out her eyes. "But I love you. I need you. We belong to each other. You promised." Inuyasha felt sorry for her. He wanted to make things all right for her, but he wasn't giving up his love, his life. "I never promised you my life. I can't ask you to understand or accept my decision right now, but I hope you will understand some day."

Kagome shook her head in denial. She kept trying to convince Inuyasha to come with her and that it was wrong to be with your own brother. Sango and Miroku saw the distress of their friends. They stepped closer to help. Sango explained to Kagome that the youkai community had different rules and values then human. She should not judge their relationship. Kouga and Shippo confirmed Sango's statement. Miroku was all about accepting Inuyasha as he was.

With tears in her eyes, Kagome kept looking at Inuyasha. Inuyasha felt sorry for her. All the while Sesshoumaru kept an eye on Inuyasha. Eventually the suffering of Inuyasha became too much for him. "Inuyasha." The deep alluring voice sent shivers over the body of Inuyasha. The rigid stripes on his face, the elongated teeth and the red eyes could not mask the happiness written all over his face. Everyone else, but Kagome, smiled at him. He jumped up and rather sexy walked over to his brother.

Miroku smirked and grasped Sango's hand. He felt a little aroused at the sight of Inuyasha's suggestive walk and the predatory look on Sesshoumaru's face. Inyasha wrapped his arms around Sesshoumaru's neck and pressed a kiss on his lips. He enjoyed kissing him and his youki urged him to do so. His human part was a little shy and reluctant to do so in front of everyone. His youkai part would do anything to please his to be mate.

Sesshoumaru gently broke the kiss and looked impassive at his friends. Inuyasha understood and let him go. Sesshoumaru turned and walked away. "Inuyasha?" Kagome couldn't help to ask. He turned and smiled. "We will talk tomorrow." He hurried after his brother. He easily caught up with his strolling brother. He glanced at him. God, he so longed to make love with the beautiful and strong taiyoukai.

Inuyasha sniffed the air. His nose was much keener when his youki surfaced. They were walking towards a hot spring. His pristine brother obviously wanted to bath. Inuyasha bend and picked up, bridal style, his larger, but surprisingly light brother. "Let me down, Inuyasha." The cold glare was impressive, but Inuyasha was not impressed. "Nobody is around. So your reputation as a big bad taiyoukai is not at stake. Relax and let me take care of you."

He pressed a soft kiss on the lips under his. He could not get enough of those soft lips. Sesshoumaru actually relaxed in his arms. He must have been truly drained out. Inuyasha moved now much faster towards the hot spring. Sesshoumaru wrapped his arms around the slender neck of his little brother. Inuyasha felt gratified. It felt great to have his beloved one in his arms. He knew this was probably a once in a lifetime opportunity. Once by the hot spring he was so aroused he could not focus on the bath they supposed to have.

Sesshoumaru lowered himself out the arms of Inuyasha. "Hmm, I could need a rest before I bathe." He smirked when he saw the disappointed look in Inuyasha's eyes. "Eh, yes sure. You take a nap and I….." Inuyasha couldn't finish his sentence. Sesshoumaru pulled him closer and passionately claimed his lips. He plunged his tongue in the longing mouth and relished on the new taste of Inuyasha. A deep rumbling growl was so sensual it let every part of his body shiver in need.

With a deep sigh Inuyasha surrendered to the heavily feeling of his lover's sensational tongue probing, caressing and mapping his cavern. Sesshoumaru wrapped his arms tightly around the slim waist of Inuyasha and pulled him against his chest. Inuyasha tiptoed to grind their arousals together. Inuyasha moaned when dangerous claws began to undress him. His kimono and haori fell to the ground. The lips unlocked and Inuyasha bent his head backwards for better excess to his body.

Sesshoumaru licked and placed hot little kisses on his throat and collarbone. He began to tremble on his feet. The feelings were overwhelming him. "Aah, Sesshoumaru." Hasty Inuyasha removed the upper clothing of his lover and ran his hands over the smooth back. His brother was perfect. He felt the muscles roll under his fingers. Sesshoumaru tormented his nipples with his fingers. He rolled and pulled them. Inuyasha, squirmed, moaned and gasped in sheer pleasure.

He thrust his hips against the delicious bulge in Sesshoumaru's hakama and arched his back to feel more of the body against him. Sesshoumaru lifted him and laid him down in the soft grass near the water. Inuyasha worked fast to remove their remaining clothes. He looked in awe at the huge salivating cock of his brother. It was even bigger then he remembered it. His hole began to ache to be filled. Sesshoumaru did not give his little lover the time to admire his body and draped himself over the smaller, but well build body of his little brother.

The arousal of Inuyasha got trapped between their both hot bodies and Sesshoumaru's hard big one slipped between Inuyasha's thighs. Inuyasha wrapped his arms around the naked torso above him and pulled him as close as possible. He loved the feeling of their naked bodies brushing against each other. Sesshoumaru caressed with his tongue the furry little triangles on top of Inuyasha's head. A beam of desire flashed right to his hard one.

Hands and lips explored and caressed the other's body. Sesshoumaru kissed his way down to Inuyasha's belly button. Inuyasha arched his back to feel more, to experience more. The lips trailed to the silver curls around his manhood. Inuyasha moaned and bucked his hips. The delicious tongue licked tentatively on the tip and Inuyasha almost came. Then without any warning his whole manhood disappeared deep into the hot burning throat. A long sensual moan escaped his lips.

"Yes…, yes…, yes." Inuyasha pushed his brother's head onto his manhood and pumped his throat as deep as possible. He wriggled into the tight passage. Sesshoumaru fought the hand on his head to draw some air. He pulled his head up so the tip remained in his mouth and then again and again deep throated his little brother. Inuyasha was euphoric. Sesshoumaru sucked, blew, bite and deep throated him. Inuyasha bucked his thick cock into the sweet hot mouth and felt the tight wall captivate him.

"Ooh…oooh…I'm cumming." With a deep thrust he pumped his hot juice into his brothers waiting mouth. Sesshoumaru pulled the hips towards him and buried his face into the lush silver curls. He kept sucking the softening cock, until he drank every drop. With a satisfied look in his eyes he let the milked out member slip out his mouth. He kissed his way up and plundered the panting lips. "You are magnificent."

His lips had a hard time leaving the sweet succulent lips of his little lover. Inuyasha grabbed the hard one of his brother and pumped it leisurely. Sesshoumaru sighed velvety deep. Inuyasha flipped his brother over and was now on top. He kissed and caressed him less controlled then his brother. He did not have the same restrain as his brother and was impatient to suck his manhood, taste his cum again and relish his desire. He closed his lips around the big tantalizing cock and sucked intensely.

Sesshoumaru gasped and grasped the head of his little lover. Inuyasha tried to deep throat the huge cock, but gagged when it hit the back of his throat. Concerned Sesshoumaru wanted to pull him from his huge one, but lusting for the taste of the cum Inuyasha stubborn kept sucking and licking. He sighed satisfied when he tasted the delectable precum leaking from the tip. "Inuyasha." The deep velvety groan was all he needed to harden again.

He looked up with his mouth full of the throbbing flesh. Sesshoumaru sat up and had to use some strength to pull the sweet mouth from his manhood. "I want to plunge deep inside you. I need your warmth." Inuyasha smirked around the manhood in his mouth . "Yuz havz to prezaiz me fiz." For a moment Sesshoumaru looked perplexed at Inuyasha, but then he got the message. "I have to prepaire you first?" Inuyasha nodded with his mouth full.

Sesshoumaru licked his fingers and when the saliva dripped from them he plunged two at the same time in the presented hole. Inuyasha had turned and swayed his tempting behind in his face. He scissored his fingers and worked as fast as he could. His manhood was delightfully tortured by the sweet little mouth and he wanted to penetrate the sweet enticing hole. He plunged the third finger in the hole and brushed against the sensitive bump inside. Inuyasha bucked and finally let go of his prize.

"Aaah. I'm ready for you." And before it could get cold, he impaled himself with the big member of his beloved. Sesshoumaru felt the tight wall close over his cock. He remained impassive and let Inuyasha do the work. Slowly Inuyasha began to pump his big brother. His hole was so wonderfully filled. Sesshoumaru supported each up and down. Sesshoumaru pulled Inuyasha towards him and licked his throat. "Inuyasha you have claimed me and I want to do the same. Will you allow me?"

Inuyasha was not sure why Sesshoumaru was so humble. "Yes. I want you to claim me." He panted and worked his ass to feel every inch of his brother in his hole. "Inuyasha this will hurt a little." Sesshoumaru wrapped his hand around the manhood of his little brother and pumped it in sync with the boy in his lap. "Do it now Sesshoumaru, do it now." Sesshoumaru did not need anymore encouragement and sank his teeth into the smooth throat.

"Sesshoumaruuu." Inuyasha grounded his hole on the big cock of his brother and came all over their stomachs. His clensing hole pushed Sesshoumaru over the edge and he shoot his cum into the tight hole. He clasped Inuyasha to his chest and pushed him even more onto his lap. The deep guttural sigh was as music in the ear of Inuyasha. He wrapped his arms around his brother and buried himself in his chest. Here he belonged.

After a while Sesshoumaru peeled Inuyasha off his chest and they both washed up. After a good meal off raw rabbits, Sesshoumaru relaxed against a tree. Inuyasha walked over to him and layed his head in his lap. Sesshoumaru looked at the face of his little brother and the claiming mark. He felt worried. Inuyasha let his fingers trail over the magenta stripes of his brother's face. "They are beautiful." Sesshoumaru captured the finger with his lips.

"No, you are beautiful." He strolled with his fingers over the dark blue ragged stripes on Inuyasha's face. "You know I'll miss them when I return to my hanyou self." Sesshoumaru looked contemplating at his young mate. "Do you know the meaning of a mate?" Inuyasha scoffed and traced with his finger over Sesshoumaru's lips. "Yes, I know. I've lived in the castle and know what my duties are. I would love to bear you pups. How many do you think we should have? Two, no maybe four, no definitely five."

Sesshoumaru felt a smile bubble up in him. The bright smile captivated Inuyasha. "I was afraid you would not be comfortable with that." Inuyasha looked not understanding at him. "Who would otherwise bear your pups?" Shocked with an idea he jumped up. "You were not planning to impregnate a bitch do you?" Sesshoumaru smiled again and pulled Inuyasha softly back in his lap. He loved his fiery mate. "No, only you are eligible." Inuyasha presumed his ministrations.

"What the hell do you mean you were afraid? You are never afraid." Not at ease Sesshoumaru grabbed Inuyasha's hand and held them in his own. "Promise you will never abandon me." Inuyasha was to shake his head and promise when Sesshoumaru locked his lips with a finger. "Do not promise me heaven that easily." Inuyasha looked amazed at Sesshoumaru. "Why would I ever want to leave you?" Sesshoumaru blinked uncomfortable.

"As a human you are an exquisite and demanding lover. As a hanyou you are exquisite and caring. As a youkai you are exquisite and fiery. You are everything anyone would want in a mate. You are so unpredictable I could never get tired of you. My worry is that you would loose interest in me and want to move on." Inuyasha felt tears gather in his eyes. He pulled himself up and buried his face in his brother's chest. He felt him change into his hanyou form. The youkai in him did not know how to react and retreated.

Sesshoumaru cupped his little lover's chin up and looked in the watery golden eyes. "I hate you." Sesshoumaru's heart skipped a beat. "Why do you always have to put me down? Why don't you believe me? Without you I will die. You are my heart and my soul. Even Naraku could not discard both and live on." Inuyasha jumped up and yelled at Sesshoumaru. "Why do you think so little of me? I hate you. You are… you are… you are a freaking bastard."

Sesshoumaru smiled happily and rose to his feet. "Wipe that stupid smile of your face. You won't win me over with that dazzling smile. I have my pride. Nobody calls me a liar." Inuyasha turned away from Sesshoumaru and angrily pushed his hands crossways in his sleeves. Sesshoumaru plastered himself against his mate's back and whispered seductively in his ear. "Five will do. The first one must be a girl, then two boys and we'll round it up with two girls."

Inuyasha scoffed. "What's with you and girls. You should mate a female." The anger and insecurity had not yet left him. "I would have, but you bewitched me." Inuyasha pushed his impudent mate off his back. With a dangerous growled he turned and tried to punch Sesshoumaru in his face. Sesshoumaru effortly stepped aside. "I bewitched you? Go back to your stupid bitches and mate them." Sesshoumaru caught the fists of his little mate in his larger hands and wrapped them on his back.

He bend forward and whispered in the cute puppy ears. "You are so cute when you are angry and I love cute." All the anger melted away. Shivers of delight ran over his spine. Inuyasha relaxed his fists and tilted his head up to kiss and forgive.

The sweet kisses changed in hungry searing kisses and soon their clothes flew all around and they made love various times that night. Sesshoumaru sucked every drop of the cum of Inuyasha and pumped his ass until he was sore and after that he pumped the tight throat. Inuyasha complained teasingly that he could not handle so much Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru gracefully changed places and moaned his approval when he was pumped.


The next day they both felt sore, but happy. They met up with the gang and after a heated discussion with Kagome, she left and returned to her own time. She scolded Kouga when he asked her to mate him.

Sesshoumaru invited Miroku, Sango, Shippo, Kirara and even Kouga and his tribe to his castle.

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