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Daddy Won't Hurt You!

Chapter 14: A Life worth Living.

They had been living on diet food, except when Bobby could sneak some fast food inside, water and crappy TV, according to Dean anyway, for two and a half month. But today, today they were able to leave.

Sam had healed perfectly; the speech therapist – which neither of the boys really liked – said exactly the same about his language. Sam still had problems and it would take time for him, but he was very eager to learn. Probably because he's ashamed of himself, Dean thought, Sam hated himself for not being able to talk like, as Sam called it, 'normal'.

The balance was a bit slower though, Sam could walk, yes, but with very unsteady steps, and once or twice while trying he would have fallen if Dean had not been there to catch him. And of course Sam had refused to use a stick or crutch, not that Dean blamed him, he sure as hell wouldn't have walked with those either, especially not a stick – he wasn't old.

And then there was the main reason for leaving, a reason Sam apparently had forgotten, but Dean had remembered very clear, he always had and always would. He had told Bobby, and he had agreed to follow the plan, inviting his friends; who Sam and Dean were going to meet anyway.

"Ready to leave Sammy?" Dean asked as he walked into the room again, he had giving Sam the space and let him change clothes in peace.

"As ready as I can be," Sam smiled at him, actually smiled all by himself, and Dean couldn't help but crack a smile too.

"Good, then jump in," Dean pointed at the wheelchair in the room, and Sam just gave him a puzzled look.

"What?! I might not be full on 'healed' but I do know how to use my legs Dean," Sam said with disbelieve in his voice.

"Hey man, it's not me, it's Fay and that old nurse, you know, the one who really hates me," Dean whispered, afraid she might be standing right outside the room. "And they demanded you sat in that chair as we leave the ship sir," Dean said as he lifted his hand to his head like he was greeted an officer – the act made Sam laugh.

"Okay then, I guess it's okay, wouldn't want to disappoint the sailors," Sam walked over to the chair with a smile, Dean watching every step carefully, ready to catch his brother if he should fall. Sam didn't, and Dean let out a sigh of relive. He got behind the chair as Fay walk in together with Bobby.

"Hi Sam, I can see your brother got you to sit in the chair," she smiled.

"Yeah, wouldn't want the raven to pick in Dean," Sam glared at Dean who hit him at the shoulder; Dean hated when Sam teased him about the nurse who had argued with him more than once, and won every time.

"Ouch…" Sam tried to play offended, but he couldn't stop laughing at Dean's facial expression.

Doctor Fay didn't get it, and she came with a small: "What?" She was smiling too, though, at the brothers bond.

"Nothing, Sam just talks too much… Now did you fix this so we can get moving?" Dean grabbed the handles on the chair and started to push Sam out of the room.

"Yes we did, have the meds and all, you're lucky I've got a truck, the whole trunk is full of pills," Bobby joked, and both of the boys shared a questioning look.

"Thanks for everything Jane," Bobby said and gave her hand a shake.

"You're welcome," she said while she gladly shook his hand back.

"Yeah, thanks," came a synchronic gratitude from the brothers.

"You're very welcome boys, now Sam, see you for the check up in a month, and take care. Next time I see you I want you to dance down the hall, okay sweetie?" She moved her soft hand to his chin and caressed it. Sam flushed at Dean's laugh and could barely give her a small smile.

"And you Dean, you better take good care of your brother; otherwise I'll have you dancing!" This time Sam broke out in laugher as he could almost feel the heat from Dean's face; see the red cheeks without turning around to face his brother.

"Shut it Sam!" Dean said, smiling at Jane and pushed Sam out of the door. "I might want to take the stairs and see how good you are to get this down them too, and I ain't picking you up when you fall," Dean threatened.

"Then I'll have Bobby push me," Sam simply said.

"Cut it boys, let's just get out of here, and breathe some air," Bobby hurried down the hall, making Dean breathless by the extra weight he had to push.

As they got to the car Sam insisted in walking by himself. "No one's carrying me those few feet, I'm not paralyzed."

"Huh, who'd guessed that," Dean mumbled, only getting an irritated answer from Sam.


"Boys!" Bobby stopped them before they got started, with just three month he had heard more brotherly fighting than he had ever had ever had with his dad – and that was quite a lot.

The ride home were mostly spent in silence, Sam was too caught in the nature around him that he didn't have the time to talk, and Dean was keeping silence on purpose, I didn't want to ruin his cautiously planed surprise. Even the road home had been picked special to Sam, Dean knew Sam loved the nature, he liked it too. But it's not like I'm gonna tell anyone! He quickly interjected.

"So Sam, this is your new home," Bobby said as they drove into the driveway. Dean had seen it a couple of times before, and found it okay, but Sam's eyes were full of admiration as he saw it. They had never lived in anything like this. Okay, it was a bit dusty outside, but boy the house was big.

"Wow, really?" Was all Sam could say through his long moment of surprise.

"You're taking this a lot better than Dean did, he complain about the dust before we even left the car," Bobby smirked at Dean's facial expression.

"I did not," Dean said irritated.

"Okay, he actually whined, but we aren't telling anyone, huh Sam?" Bobby wink at him before he hurried out of the door, just so Dean weren't able to do anything to him.

"Ignore Bobby; let's just get you inside, huh Sam?" Sam grinned, Dean said 'huh' just like Bobby, maybe they were more alike than anyone would have thought.

"Okay," he got out and grabbed Dean by the sleeve; he really hated the Ataxia thing, it made him loose his balance on total unexpected times.

"You okay?" Dean asked.

"Yeah, let's just go inside," he didn't let go of Dean's sleeve though; he kept a strong grab in it to steady himself, as they slowly walked to the front door. As Bobby opened, Sam, still not loosening his grip in Dean, moved behind his brother. He did trust Bobby, but not enough to feel totally safe, especially not in a new house.

"So… This is the entrance, nothing special," Bobby mumbled as he moved to the stairs. "Up here is your room and Dean's of course, c'mon." Bobby was carrying all the meds with him as he got up, Sam and Dean followed behind with small steps. Sam had problems with the stairs and even with all the struggling he didn't want to give up.

"You know, the doctors said stairs was a good way to train you balances," Dean almost whispered, like he was afraid of Sam's reaction. Sam only gave a weak smile, more to prove his gratitude for Dean's help than for Dean bringing up the issue.

When they finally made it up the staircase Bobby had, apparently, found a place to the meds, because he was standing in the doorway to a room with nothing in his hands.

"This is your room Sam, I hope it's okay," he said a little nervous.

When Sam looked in he almost fell back by the sight. It was a big room, walls freshly painted light blue, a big, wide bed standing right beside the only window in the room. There were a desk, a couple of shelves and a closet too, the closet full of clothes – in the right size, and on the shelves, and desk, were standing a few of the items he had had in the apartment, the only thing he had from their first home – the home with a mom.

"The police didn't need the stuff anymore, so I hope it's okay I put them in here," Bobby asked unsure on himself, which he usually never was.

"It… It's perfect," Sam's face was covered in a big, bright smile as he moved around the room.

"The room next to yours is Dean's, and the toilet is right on the other side of the hall," Sam just nodded and sat down on the extremely comfortable bed.

"Uh-huh Sam, we've got more for you, c'mon it's down below," Dean said and waited for Sam to grab his sleeve again, coming up the stairs was one thing, going down was a totally different.

"Just take your time," Dean said as they got to the stairs, Sam was hanging in his arm as he took one step down, but Dean didn't mind it. It had always been: Anything for Sam, and it still was.

Sam was struggling not to fall, and as soon as he was down on solid straight ground, he sighed relieved and gave an awry, shy smile.

"You did great Sammy! Boy do I sound like a love guru now," Sam gave a snort which was supposed to be a laugh. "Anyway, it's out here, the surprise," Dean had a puzzling glimpse in his eyes, and Sam couldn't figure out what it could be, it wasn't a special day today, was it? Except that he had been discharged from the hospital, of course.

They had moved through the living room, which looked like a professor's office, paper on more papers, books, maps and folder everywhere, and no order at all. They took a short look at the kitchen and moved to the back of the room. "I don't know if it's an act, or if you really forgot, but…" Dean opened the backdoor. Outside was standing three unknown men and Bobby.

"Happy Birthday Sam!" Bobby shouted, the other men turn around, smiled and mumbled a happy birthday too.

"It's… It's my birthday?" Sam curiously asked out in the thin air.

"Yeah, it is, sweet 17 Sammy, you really truly forgot?" Dean asked.

"I think…" Sam was looking at him with wide, amazed eyes, and then turned them out to the small crowd of people.

"Dean, who are they?" Sam whispered into Dean's ear and moved so he was standing with half of his body behind Dean – still holding Dean's sleeve, though even tighter by the sight of strangers.

"This is Bobby's friends, they helped with the adoption and all, I don't know their names though," the last he whispered back to Sam, he didn't want to offend any of the men, especially not if they knew the same things about the paranormal, they might be tough guys if they knew things like that.

Sam was trembling behind him, and Dean understood, after everything it was hard to trust completely strangers, Dean even wondered why he had trusted Bobby so fast, he might be just like John, he could just have hidden it. But then again, there was something really calm and good about Bobby; it was probably why Dean had trusted him.

The other three men though, they seemed nice but Dean wouldn't trust them right away. He had Sam to think about too, so he would act nice, but keep a skeptical eye on them.

"He boys, ready to meet the other fellows?" Bobby asked and spread his arm out and pointed at the others.

"Sure," Dean said and smiled; Sam did the same, but kept himself behind Dean, like Dean was a shelter, his shelter.

"Okay, this is Pastor Jim, he's, well a pastor, so you two better watch you mouths when he's around," the last was a whisper to the boys, and they both gave a chuckle as Bobby showed he meant it seriously.

"I heard you Bobby," Jim said as he glanced at Bobby, but then turned his attention back to the brothers. "Hello boys, as the man here said, I'm Jim, and I guess you're Dean?" He asked as he moved his hand out to Dean.

"The man?" Bobby asked, but all the other ignored him.

"Yeah, that's me," Dean shook the Pastor's hand and smile a bit unsure, he found Jim okay though. Who can fear a priest? ... You can when he's a 'hunter', Dean corrected himself.

"And you must be Samuel," it was like Jim knew what to do; he moved slowly a step forward and placed his hand on Sam's shoulder.

Sam first tightened his grip in Dean, but it slowly weakened the Pastor's touch where soft and gentle. "Ye-ah, hi!" Sam spoke, he was a bit hesitant, but Dean was there to protect him, if anything should happen, so he relaxed a little.

"You're a strong boy Samuel, you know that, right?" Jim was serious, and Sam only wondered if he really meant it, because he didn't really feel strong, nothing near strong.

Bobby saved Sam from saying anything with his interrupting. "Enough of you priest-talk we've got others to meet Jim," Bobby teased and Jim just stepped back and ignored Bobby.

"This is Caleb," Bobby pointed at a man, who looked younger than Bobby, with short cut hair and about 6 feet tall. He pointed at another man who had dark hair, was a bit lower than Caleb and just about the same age. "And this is Joshua, told you they were nothing to boast of," Bobby winked and smirked to the boys who couldn't help a smile creeping over the own lips either.

"Hey," Joshua said and hit Bobby on the shoulder. "We're the best, you said it yourself, just five minutes ago," Sam flinched a bit by the tone, but noticed they were only joking, so he fast calmed down.

"So you're the boys Bobby's been babbling about for the past few months, huh? I can tell you he's really proud of you, hell, I think we all are, and we don't even know you," Caleb said, dead-serious, as he looked at the other two men who nodded in agreement.

"Would you guys please stop embarrassing me in front of the boys, I am going to live with them for a while; I would like to be able to look them in the eyes too."

"Oh, Bobby feeling uncomfortable?" Joshua teased.

"Hey, I might take you down if you keep saying that," Bobby answered a bit harder.

"You've said that before, and hey, I'm still standing."

"Would you two babies stop it for a moment, sorry boys, they get like this all the time, you just have to live with it," Pastor Jim said and looked at the brothers who were amused by the little show in front of them.

"Anyway, Dean, you ready?" Bobby asked, changing the subject.

Dean was about to answer when a nervous Sam cut him off. "What is it Dean?" He whispered into his ear, just loud enough for Dean to hear it.

"A surprise of course, you got home, it's your birthday, there're guest, and over there the cake, we only need one thing," he paused to turn around and look at Sam. "The present of course!" Dean smirked.

"Pr-present… For me?" Sam asked with wide, stunned eyes.

"Wait 'til you've seen it before you get too upset," Dean said as he moved after Bobby. "Just stay here Sammy."

Sam felt a bit nervous as he stood with three strangers, and then men. Though they seemed nice, he didn't feel comfortable.

"So Sam, I guess I'll get in trouble if I gave you a beer, so do you want a soda?" Caleb asked as he handled one to Sam before he got to say anything.

"Thanks," Sam said, smiled and he sipped on it. Maybe I just get too nervous too easy.

Bobby and Dean appeared a few minutes later with a relatively large box. "What is it?" Sam asked as soon as they were beside him.

"Well, open and look," Dean said as he put the box down.

Sam eagerly opened it and inside was the cutest little puppy he had ever seen. It looked up at him with big puppy-dog eyes and its tail was wagging like it nothing he had ever seen. He grabbed it and felt the soft fur under his hands; it was black and had a little white spot on its neck. He hugged it into his chest and it stretched itself up to lick his chin.

"Is it really for me?" He asked, sounding more like a child than he wanted to.

Dean was standing with a big, bright smile on his face; he enjoyed seeing Sam being happy. For once in his life Sam actually laughed, and that's when Dean knew he had done the right thing, not just now, but everything.

"Sure it is, now you've got someone to compare those puppy-eyes with…" Sam just stared at Dean and raised his brows. "Anyway Bobby's got a dog too, old of course, like him…"

"Hey!" Bobby said, but Dean just winked at Sam.

"… It got puppies and I saved this for you, Bobby thought it was a good idea too. You like her?"

"Her? Do I like? I love her Dean, thanks!" Sam said as he hugged the puppy one more time. "What's her name?" He asked curiously.

"That's your call Sam," Bobby said, he looked just as amused as Dean and the others.

Sam looked like he considered a name, but Dean found it a bit funny to wait for, and his stomach was rumbling, so he broke the silence.

"While Sammy here decides a name, why don't we move over there, and that cake doesn't eat itself right?" He smirked and moved to the table, the other followed, and at last came Sam with the puppy in his arms.

As they sat down, Sam remembered a name, something he had never really had, but knew he could get now, one name which fit perfectly; he wanted to call her Joy.

"Hello Joy, the name sooth you perfectly," he told the puppy, as quietly as he could, but Dean heard him.

"Joy then? That's a nice name Sam," the brothers exchanged smiles, and then it hit Sam.

He looked from the three men, to Bobby, back to his big brother who was already going for his next piece of cake, and down on Joy on his lap.

The thought was clear; he was living a life worth living.

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