He watched from the safety of the forest as She wandered through Her house. The sun rose behind him but he didn't move. He could watch Her for hours and never move. Once he thought She spotted him and he ducked into the foliage. Then he watched as She shrugged and looked away and he stood up.

He knew that he shouldn't be doing this. If She ever found out, he'd probably scare her off and he would have to go and scour the earth for Her again.

He forced his eyes away from the windows and was about to turn and leave when he saw someone, a male someone, ride up to the house on a shiny black bike. He stopped and narrowed his eyes at the potential threat. Potential Threat got off his bike, rang the doorbell and waited.

The door opened and She screamed in excitement before throwing her arms around Potential Threat. He growled and forced himself to turn and run before he did something he'd regret.