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"Serge, I need to talk to you"

"Hi, Sam, take a seat, I supposed, you would come" he was always good in observing people. He saw him react, when Jules was injured and he couldn't be with her. He also noticed the moment, when Spike stayed with Joy, and Sam decided he wanted to be able to be there for Jules is anything was to happen.

Sam took one last breath and started

"I want pursue deeper relationship with Jules, so I suppose, we wouldn't be able to work together longer" There, it was out "I just wanted to say" he continued "I want to be the one, who is to change Team and if there aren't any free spots, I'm willing to go with other forces" Greg was surprised by this, he didn't realized, Sam was determined to go that far.

"OK, and what Jules said about this?"

Sam considered answer for a while and then went with true.

"She has no idea, yet"

Greg smiled at that. "I guess you should have this conversation with her, don't you think?" but then added "I will check out opportunities and next Monday came both of you to see me and we will decide then" Sam left with thanks. Now, all that he had to do was talk to Jules, piece of cake. Well, maybe....he thought as he watched her hurting Lou in some terrible way on the ground of gym. Lou was first to notice him.

"Sam, help" was all he got off himself. Sam stayed quiet for little while more and just enjoyed the view. Finally, he interrupted:

"Jules, what are you doing tonight??" she was surprised by his question.

"I hoped I could come to check on Joy, we have so much to talk about..."

"I see, then, tomorrow, dinner, I'm taking you out" he was talking in such hurry she and Lou starred at him unbelievably. Jules had no idea what was it all about, they went out so many times they weren't doing big deal about it. She agreed with unsure nod.


Anyway, things never go the way, we are planning them. Jules spent nice evening at Sam's, but locked in Joy's room. First, girls had to throw out Spike, so Sam offered to take him out to bring them all some food.

Joy was totally exaggerating when she told the story about Spike apologizing and agreeing for living together. Despite her injuries, she was glowing and was obviously happy. They were so lost in conversation that didn't even notice guys returned. Joy was talking about some plans for her and Spike living together, when Jules supposing they were alone confided

"I would love to live with Sam, but...." Sam walking through door at this moment took chance.

"No buts, lets do it"

"What???" Joy and Jules both cries in the same moment. Sam blushed but was decided to go through with this.

"I mean.... if you want to....You know...I would also love to .....and...." Jules interrupted him at this moment with passionate kiss. Spike entering the room at this moment whistled loudly. They separated unwillingly and Jules smiled at him "So this is what you were so nervous about whole day"

"I wasn't nervous" he defended himself.

"I would argue with this" inserted Spike.

"C'mon, even I noticed something was off with him, and I have concussion" they all laughed.


Next Monday Jules and Sam went hand in hand to see Greg. When Greg saw them, he knew everything went well for them. He was happy for them, but was sad in the same time, he was going to lose one of his good men.

"Nice to see our two lovebirds together" he welcomed them. As Sam closed the glass door behind him, Greg started to talk.

"So, I have bad news for you, Sam" he decided the straight was is the easiest "I wasn't able to find place within the SRU for you...". Sam was obviously disappointed, but he was determined to go through with it.

"So, I guess, I will have to look for new job then" Jules starred at him shocked.

"We have never talked about it" she argued "I can...." but Greg interrupted her.

"Hey you two, before both of you resigne let me finish" They both stopped talking and looked at him curiously.

"I was able to find place for Jules..." Sam again was too impatient.

"There has to be other way, she has to stay with the Team"

But Jules was assuring him, she is big girl and is able to work for other team if it means they both can stay in SRU. Greg just starred at them in disbelief. Sam noticed his look and disclaimed

"Shutting up now" and Jules followed his example.

"So, as I said, I found spot for Jules with Team Two..." Sam again took breath to complain, but Jules pinching him painfully in arm stopped him "...Team Two needs new Team Leader and Jules was first on the list". Now even Sam stayed wordless.

"What?" Jules exclaimed...."Team Leader, me???"

"You are doing great work and people are noticing it. Keep up this way and you are going to make sergeant pretty soon"

Jules jumped with joy and hugged Greg immediately "Thanks, it is great" and then threw herself at Sam kissing him senselessly. At this moment rest of the team, without Ed, entered the room unable to stay outside any longer because of curiosity. Lou immediately noticed the happy couple.

"Eeeeeew, PDA, I thought it was forbidden" Jules just smiled at him.

"Not anymore, get use to it" and then they shared the news with them. Finally Jules guarded safely in Sam's embrace finally gave up to the celebrating mood.

"Okay, tonight, we are going to celebrate, drinks on me" guys cheered her loudly. But Greg warned her "Hey, Team Leader's salary isn't so much higher then you are getting now" the were teasing Jules little bit more when Ed finally arrived. He was surprised by uncommon noise from briefing room. He entered and noticing Sam and Jules together reacted immediately on autopilot.

"Hey, PDA??? You two are in work" and this comment started another wave of laugh. Lou already aware of situation warned him.

"Get use to it, man" Ed stared at him confused, Jules instead of explaining just announced.

"Drinks, tonight"

"Jules paying" Spike set things right very gladly.

"What is it, the Jules'es day???" Ed was still confused, but he knew the answer before he even finished the question....

"Everyday is Jules'es day"

So, this is it, it ended completely differently I was planning in the beginning. I never intended it to finish in such pathetic happy-ending. Honestly, I was going to kill Joy, I have soooo many painful ways in mind. Well, I can always write new story, can't I???

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